Vault 7’s Corroborating Witness

Considering the recent revelations of the Vault 7 Wikileaks, I thought this would be a good place to put this video from an NSA whistle-blower. A friend had sent this to me and considering it was made around 2014/2015, the facts stated here are backed up with the Vault 7 info dump.

An informed decision concerning a response can’t be made without being aware of the facts.


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So Let’s Talk About The States And “Federal Compliance”


So my Wife and I were having a conversation this morning, and she mentions that a friend at work told her that the PA drivers license wouldn’t be able to be used as ID to get into Federal buildings or be able to fly domestically after January of 2018. Of course my first response was, “That sounds like some internet BS.”. Guess what, the joke is on us and everyone who lives in the below illustrated yellow states.Nazi post1

Why didn’t I mention the red or green states shown above? Well, it’s simple. The green states have complied with the FedGov REAL ID Act. The red states are already required to show an alternate form of acceptable ID to board a plane or go in a Federal building as of Jan 2017, due to not getting an extension from the “ever benevolent” DHS . This is the Fed DHS site where I’m getting my info. Here’s some examples of what the site says about the “Red”, “Yellow” and “Green” states.

Nazi post2

Nazi post3

Nazi post4

Here’s what is considered an acceptable form of ID

Nazi post10

Note that a firearms carry permit is not an acceptable form of alternate ID, even with the background check that is required for a carry permit. This is from the TSA site.

Here are some of the Q&A items listed on the Fed site.

Nazi post5

This next one I found truly ironic, considering the election fraud we dealt with in this past election, and the amount of Illegals who voted (for you know who) in that election. So I need it to go into a Federal building or to fly, but I don’t need it to cast my vote that determines who will lead the country?

Nazi post6

Nazi post7

Below is another one that I found to be complete BS, considering the somewhat related info we have recently learned from the “Vault 7” Wikileak info. Of course they’re not using any of this to build a database, right? Look again at the “allowed” forms of ID. Are any of them not already part of a federal database?

Nazi post12

Nazi post8

Nazi post9

Here’s one simple reason why I think the majority aren’t complying. It’s called states rights, or the Tenth Amendment. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” In this case I believe the states in question (red or yellow) have state constitutions that don’t allow for this type of required federal compliance.

Another reason I think some  are not complying is that they are trying to hide their large “Illegals” population (REAL ID specifically stipulates that they have a mark on the ID that says, “These cards must clearly state on their face [and in the machine readable zone] that it is not acceptable for official purposes and must use a unique design or color to differentiate them from compliant cards”). I haven’t looked at those state constitutions (red and yellow), but it seems to be one of the only reasons (along with the “Illegals” issue) I can figure the state legislatures would not comply.

Is all of this a big deal? I think it is, and for multiple reasons. I knew the REAL ID Act existed, but was under the impression that a state issued ID was automatically considered a Federal ID (by default), since they were still accepted across state lines (for now). Although I am pissed that it appears the Feds are going to make it more and more oppressive (it’s in their nature), I like that half the states have said “No” to them in this instance.

Will it get to the point that we are going through permanent checkpoints laced throughout the states (Nazi Germany anyone?)? It’s anyone’s guess. But I am also emboldened to know that half of the states have not complied with this Federal mandate. Although I don’t think President Trump will address this (does he even know about it?), it will be interesting to see what will happen next January when it won’t be 5 states not complying, but 25.


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Joey “Jumped Off The Porch”

I heard Joey is starting a Risu Kobushi Bujutsu (Squirrel Fist Combat) school somewhere in Idaho. maybe near Meridian where he lives. I bet he’ll give the “non certified” instructors in Idaho a run for their money.

No blue guns or belts were used by this squirrel whilst kicking the bad guy’s ass.


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Worst Case Scenario: Alone In SHTF

Re-Posted from MDSA

Selco definitely gives you some points to ponder if you are a Survivalist planning on going it alone. Lonewolfing it definitely is a last resort. If you have no one else, well then you go it alone. If you have the option to have a partner or a group that you can trust (a big part of it), and you choose to go it alone, you are a fool. Learning how to do things on your own is fine, and I actually recommend it. Even just having one “Battle Buddy” can make all the difference.


Going it Alone… Some Things To Consider.



In one of my recent posts I wrote (answering one reader’s question) about perspectives of surviving SHTF between being alone in urban settings or being in wilderness settings and similar, and just like always, I concluded that it is very hard to survive alone when SHTF especially in urban settings.

I’ve written numerous posts about advantage of having a trusted group when SHTF.

Still I get questions about how to actually survive alone when SHTF, or how to be lone wolf. So it make sense to write a post about it.

Yes, people managed to survive alone when SHTF, but in much lower percentage and at much higher price (and effort).

So, based on the my experiences, of what I saw, and what kind of folks  survived alone (and how). Here’s some advice for all you lone wolves out there:


Mental Strength – Having A Cause


Being alone in hard times gives you much more chances to find yourself without emotional or psychological support when you need it.

SHTF situation will have huge impact on your mental state, your emotional strength, and since you are going to be alone, you will lack that everyday small and big support from your family and friends in group.

Do not underestimate the effect of this. If you forget, over time you may well just turn into an animal, or simply get yourself in a state where you going to make some basic mistake and end up dead.

I was in group during my SHTF, and I had support from other family members, but still I had moments when I had doubts about everything, when I was so deep down that I could not see and sense and reason to move on, I had my own method for coping with that, together with support from close family and friends.

What you can do if you are alone?

Find yourself a cause and purpose in the chaos that will unfold around you.

If you are believer, a religious man (or woman) you may have an advantage here, that can give you strength and sense in everything.

Other things help also, be sure to find out what helps in your case before SHTF, because remember – you are going to be alone with your fears and doubts.

I knew a man who was alone during the SHTF, and he wrote everyday a journal about things that happened around him , he told me later that he started with that without any plan, over some time it became almost ‘sense of everything’, to carefully monitor all what happening and to preserve it in written form. 




I already mention that if you are planning to be alone when SHTF you need to be mobile, very much, what does that mean?

It means that you need to be ready to move more, in any case , much more then if you had a group.

Acquiring information, getting resources, scouting etc etc it all come to you only, you are everything in your survival circle.

That can change lot of things.

For example how much firepower you can have alone in defending your home against invaders, let’s say against 15 invaders?

It simply mean that there is much more chance that you can not defend your home because you are one man, that equals that there is much more chance that you ll be forced to leave (run) from your home.

All that means is that you must be ready to have more. More then one shelter, more than one secret stash with ammo, weapon, food, etc more then one option for almost everything.

You need more options because you are alone.

It is simple- lone wolf needs to pay attention on same things just like any other group of survivalist, but much more and much deeper. Because you will pay for your mistakes much higher, and usually only once and you are gone.




Every survivalist need to have certain skills, group or no group. Lone wolf survivalist need to have skills to, but again on a much deeper level.

He needs to be expert in at least one (Relevant) field.  As a lone wolf you’ll be forced (especially in prolonged SHTF) to form some kind of alliances to get stuff, or simply you’ll be forced to join (for shorter or longer period) to some group.

When all you other „valuables“ are gone (and you have more chances for it to be gone because you are alone) you will have that precious skill as a bartering value. Your skill will be much more important to you because you are alone.

Choose today, before SHTF, some skill that you feel and find best suits you and learn everything about it.

Think about weapon repairing, gardening, medical skill, herbal knowledge…

Become a real master in it.

One more thing about being alone and skills. Simple fact that you are alone asks from you much more effort and skills then having trusted friends or group, and it goes like that for every aspect of survival.

It take much more time to gather firewood, start fire and prepare food for you alone, than if two or three men do that. Not to mention how many skills have three men combined together comparing to one survivalist.

Let me give you example, and it is real life experience based, if two survivalist travel through urban area and decide to spent night or few hours resting in some ruin it is easy more or less, they choose building, check it,and take rest with one man on watch.

If you travel alone, you will look for building, you will do that with more effort, it will take more time, you will look for a bit different type of building because there is one defender (you), you will have to make some traps (warning or killing) which will take more time, and you’ll sleep with „one eye open“ and so on…

As I said, both examples are from my experience and my SHTF. Being alone is not impossible, it simply requires more effort and skills.


Other People and You


You are lone wolf, but you will be forced to deal with other folks, that is for sure. You will come in situation to cooperate with other people, or to trust to other people.

My survival philosophy when it comes to urban survival is that urban SHTF means more people, and more people means more problems, because you’ll have to deal with people more or less in order to survive.

That „dealing with other people“ when you are lone wolf is much more dangerous then dealing with them while you are in group.

It is simply because you are more vulnerable, less protected.

For example if you are going to trade deal it is much more dangerous for you alone to make safe trade setup, as opposed to having you and two more group members with you.

With that in mind you come to the point where you may conclude that you’ll be forced much more to avoid people because you are lone wolf. It is simply safer like that.

There is reason why most of the lone wolves who survived SHTF were kinda weirdos who avoid people.


Aftermath and Consequences


Again let me explain through my experience and my example.

I survived SHTF.

I have PTSD for years, which drives my mind everywhere, from thoughts of ‘reasons for still being on this world’ up to the thoughts of writing the book.

I can say that I am pretty much not capable of living normal everyday life, I cannot stand crowded places, in nice cafes I look for possible exits… in exchange for this pain I am completely sure and ready for another SHTF.

But again that does not give me ease of living normal life, simply I have lost that ability long time ago because I went through SHTF.

I forgot names of people, or streets or places, I even sometimes forget when exactly my kid is born.

But I remember so clear how grown up people cried before they died, gaping wounds and blood that always gave me „how much blood is there“ thoughts, smell of building on fire, crackling noise of fire and glowing that mesmerized me.

And I remember much worse things, they are carved in my brain…

I am all that and I remember all that, even though I had support through my group of family members. We cared about each other, about mental state of each one of us.

I feel sorry for lone wolf survivalist who will survive SHTF, he is going to be mess.

There is reason why most of lone wolfs who survived SHTF were kinda weirdos who avoid people before and have terrible time with the aftermath after…

As you might conclude up to now, there is no magic formula about how to survive alone when SHTF.

Rules of survival are mostly same like being in group, but much harder or sharper in a way, with much less margins for error…


*Toby Comments* – Selco raises a REALLY important point today about the ‘aftermath’.

So many of us are focused on surviving bad times, but we have to think, what ‘price’ will that journey cost?

One of the reasons we do so many of our physical courses in the Balkans is to clearly show people the ‘aftermath’ of such events. Even now, 25 years after the war, you will see people, ‘regular’ people, just wandering in the streets and the towns, still clearly struggling with what they went through. It is ‘normal’ in this area.

Every village, every town, has the people that are ‘known’ (by the locals) to be ‘still fighting the war in their mind’, to visiting outsiders it is a often shocking, very clear and sobering indicator of the cost of living through terrible times… This is an aspect you cannot afford to overlook.



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A Helpin’ Hand


larrys-daughter1Starvin Larry emailed me two weeks ago, informing me of the accident his Daughter was involved in on Feb 2nd. God’s protection was evident when you look at the pictures. She was hit head on in the early morning (4ish) and had to be cut out of the car. The other driver died in the crash and, unfortunately for Amy, he did not have insurance. She is going to have a long recovery due to injuries she sustained. If you can find it in your heart to help with the monetary end of things, I know Larry and his family would be exceedingly appreciative. Here’s the Go Fund Me account for Amy.



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