Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade, 2017. The Show Must Go On

Gettysburg Parade 2017-05

So most of you have read about a number of the threats that have been directed at a number of Civil War reenactments or other events involving memorials or parades, and yesterday’s Remembrance Day Parade in Gettysburg was no exception. A credible threat was received a little while ago, and the Law Enforcement agencies responsible for Gettysburg made sure they were prepared for any possibility.

Various Federal agencies (it is a National Park), the Pennsylvania State Police, the Gettysburg PD, and the Adams County Sheriff’s Department were all in attendance, and the show of protective force on display was enough to make any person in attendance feel as safe as is possible in that type of atmosphere.

Gettysburg Parade 2017-04

Ironically, local moolisha types are claiming they “kept all of us safe” after they “coordinated” with the local Law Enforcement and deployed for their “Op”. Funny thing is, I was there, and there were no militia to be seen (and I can ID most of the guys that were supposedly there, and family that was on the sidelines said they didn’t see any of them either, and they walked the whole route). Well, that is except for the Civil Air Patrol Cadets that I saw while in one of the shops. Wanna hear something ironic, the moolisha is sayin’ they didn’t deploy with uniforms on this “Op”. LOL.

Dingayingaling BS04

The only ones who “Stepped out and put it on the line” at the parade were LEO’s and those who marched. You guys didn’t do jack.

OK, so let’s review,

You’ve got a ton of uniformed and plain clothes LEO’s in a relatively small area. The LE contingent includes a number of PSP Troopers on horseback, about three to four times that number of Officers on foot (a number of them were actually checking the trash looking for IED’s and other threats). I saw a number of K-9 Officers patrolling with their dogs, and last but not least, there were a number of snipers in several elevated and tactically sound positions.

Gettysburg Parade 2017-06

Now you have a guy claiming he is coordinating the use of his untrained and unidentified (no uniforms, remember) group with the local law enforcement to respond to a credible threat of attack. I don’t buy it, and I’m gonna call “Bullshit”. What self respecting Law Enforcement Commander would allow any of those moolisha morons to be involved in anything to do with the safety and protection of this event? The answer is “None of them”.

The point of this post isn’t to point out that there are a bunch of wannabe LEO’s posing as moolisha trying to make themselves look like they are the “protectors”, when they are nothing but attention whores. The point of this post is to show that it is important for people to stand up to the assholes making the threats. The point of this post is showing that there are some law enforcement agencies that are stepping up and doing the right thing to protect the people of their area.

As one of the marchers, I was grateful that the people who lined the march (more than normal) route were very vocal and very supportive. The support that was shown was even more than the years past that I’ve attended and It was a thumb in the eye to anyone who wants to intimidate Americans who value their history, and want to honor those who have come before us.

Ironically, in this situation, many of the marchers were better armed (and I’m not talkin’ about muskets with bayonets) and ready for a response to anyone trying to hurt us than any group of wannabe’s who say they inserted themselves into a serious situation. All the moolisha group did was prove they just want to get into a fight (like all the other times they’ve been present at protests and rallies), and not actually protect anyone.

Anyone who was there that had an ounce of common sense and a “clue” about the tactical deployment of troops would understand that using your guys in that over saturated and uniformed LEO environment would be tantamount to employing the polish firing squad technique. But of course we’re not talkin’ about guys with common sense and an understanding of the tactical, operational, and strategic deployment of troops, so it’s a moot point.

In summation, all I can say is this. Thank you to those that stood on the sidelines and gave encouragement to those of us who marched. Thank you to the Fed LEO’s, PSP, GPD, and the ACSD for your support and cover in a less than optimal situation. Thanks most of all to those that stepped up and marched, even with an unknown threat hanging over your heads. To the moolisha who only came to play “Protector” here’s a thought. Next time, why don’t you come to support what we were marching for, not just come to try and get your name in the paper.


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Brushbeater’s “First Call”

Brushbeater hits the nail on the head once again. Anyone who has served knows what “First Call” is, and what it means. You better get you’re ass up double quick and in a hurry because you don’t want to be the guy that the “Platoon Daddy” says, “WAITIN’ ON YOU!” to. It’s gonna be a long day.


Reveille in America

reveilleFirst Call, Americans. Out of your bunks. For a good portion of you out there, a year ago you went to sleep. That attitude driven by a very real fear of government out of control over eight years produced diamonds. For many, it meant getting serious about preparing yourselves, family and neighborhoods for uncertain times. And then, you went to sleep. Your guy got in, and he’d make it all right. Everything would be fixed, time to rejoice and rest on those laurels. He’ll undo all the wrongs and the lever pullers of power would truly yield to vox populi. And then, you went to sleep.

While you were sleeping a lot went on. The Left in America, pushed into a corner, has armed up. Keep telling yourself you’re better…after all, it’s entertaining to watch a kid posture in front of a camera with a half-cocked Nagant. Keep in mind, that same kid has all the fire you had 2008-2016, except that he’s half your age and has none of the aversion to violence that you do. That’s right. He has no social capital; no mortgage, no three kids and an SUV. All he has is a lifetime of debt and little hope for any future. Socialist revolution seems good, because after all, the same institution which holds the keys to history groomed him.

Symbology tells a story. Tell yourself again they’re not serious.

Those with no hope often make great suicidal fighters for a cause. AntiFa and all the little fingers of the Communist Party is not quite there yet…give it time. And while you might look at the traveling street show as a joke, understand that the losers posing on front of the cameras are only one arm of a much, much larger body. The media and entertainment arm is busy grooming the minority blocks based upon the ‘social research’ of academia, upping the ante nearly daily and reinforcing the notions that their way is the only way. There have been no ramifications, so why would they stop?

A country music concert was mowed down and we have no plausible story. None whatsoever. Two churches have been shot up. The first one was a blip on the ticker for a day, because it fit no useful narrative. The second is being diverted as a ‘mental health incident’, grossly overlooking the reality that the guy was a militant and virulent atheist, with a Facebook page that listed him as more than a passive supporter of several Lefty causes. Of course, you’ve heard nothing of ‘Together We Rise’, a Socialist group he was a member of, amid the standard talking points. In each case, as a man who judges terrorism by the target, I’d say the story is that one group, Conservative, White Christians, is wanted dead. Before the last shooter became a non-person and online presence scrubbed, his social media indicated that he was at least a passive supporter of Bernie Sanders and CNN. sutherland-springs-t.jpgAnd sure, his ex-inlaws may have went to the Church once or twice, but that’s hardly an explanation for the calculation and callousness exhibited aside from being an easy target. It took two armed observers to stop him. Where are the demands for real answers? Where are the boycotts, the rallies, the riots? Why is the CNN sign not being torn down in Atlanta? Why is there not a demand for Senator Sanders to relinquish his seat for his rhetoric and link to the shooter? What are the ramifications for a Left that cannot accept anything short of revolution? What has been gained by ‘compromise’? The list of ‘celebrities’ who spared no opportunity to mock not only Christianity but the victims themselves based solely upon ethnicity, long being the rally cry of the Left itself; what of them? They are a reflection of a social faction which explicitly wants us dead.

They are not going to stop. They have no incentive to do so. The power structure which exists should be vibrantly apparent to you now, as it understands the challenge to which it faces.

William Ayers told you what they planned to do. Did you not listen?

depugh.jpgIt will not go quietly; when such a challenge is issued, an exertion of force must be applied to re-assume control. And the Republicans would abdicate any and all power to restore the hands which feed them. How quickly are they folding on nearly every issue? They serve not your interest or mine- no purpose but a foil for the advancement of the Communists. And where does that leave you, American?

Rekindle that fire you had a year ago. Your five minute breather is over. Pick up your rucks and start walking again. You don’t have enough food or ammo for what’s coming. Prep harder, train harder. Go back to your Churches. And while your at it, seek out training from experienced folks even if you think you know it all- because I promise you, that outside viewpoint or different opinion may make a big difference. You can’t learn it by only reading a blog; you have to go and do. Your enemy is training, and they want you dead. Reveille is sounding, American.  Do you hear it?


Well said.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

We Are Expanding The Training Available From MDT.


For the last seven years, MDT has concentrated on teaching Wilderness Survival and Rural Buddy Team and Small Unit Tactics. I have been teaching the majority of the classes at Echo Valley Training Center  near Winchester VA. for the last six years. I am pleased to finally be able to announce that the live fire shoot house is complete, and while we’re at it, we can talk about the 650 meter range they built at EVTC this past year, and the long range marksmanship course we will be offering.

EVTC now has a live fire shoot house, so I will finally be able to conduct live fire room clearing training at that facility. Although the primary direction this class will go in is to help the individual or Buddy Team learn how to properly clear a building, we will probably have small teams/groups who also want to learn this important skill in a realistic, but safe environment. I think it is important to “Do it for real” with close quarters training, just like we do with the SUT training. Most facilities don’t have the ability to do live fire in a shoot house. We do.

EVTC now also has a 650 meter linear range to teach a long range marksmanship course (I’ve had a number of inquiries over the last 7 years). The intent behind this class is to teach the long range (anything beyond 300 meters is long range) marksman how to accurately engage a target with a high probability of a first round hit. Teaching how to select proper equipment, learning how to use that equipment, and understanding it’s general and specific internal and external performance and the affect different environments has on that performance will be part of the course.

The fieldcraft that goes hand in hand with realistic, long range shooting (for instance, position selection and development), will also be a part of the course that is being developed, but this course is primarily about teaching long distance shooting and how to get the most out of what you are using.

This is not a “How to be a sniper” course. It will be geared towards the Survivalist who wants to learn how to connect at long range on a small target first time, every time. Whether it is a deer needed for the freezer, or an “IDENTIFIED” bad guy who is taking pot shots at your group is not the important focus of this class. One of the things that will be discussed is “how far is too far?” for the cartridge you are using. For instance, I personally will not shoot a deer past 650 meters with my .308Win because of all the variables that can affect that bullet’s flight and can cause a miss, or worse yet, a wounded animal.

Both of these classes will start to be offered in 2018, and you will know they are available when they appear on the Mason Dixon Tactical website.


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The Protector And His Fighting Rifle

MDT Patches1-1As I watched the coverage of the tragic church shooting last Sunday, my initial thoughts covered how impossible it would be for me to even imagine being in that small town and losing that many friends at one time. My secondary thoughts automatically went to how this event would be used by the MSM and tyrannical politicians to try and push the anti-gun, anti-protection agenda that they are huge proponents of.

Then, something epic came out of that tragedy. A civilian plumber named Stephen Willeford, a guy with no military or law enforcement background was the one who had grabbed his rifle and engaged the killer outside of the church and ended up being the reason the bad guy died and killed no one else. Why is it important that Mr. Willeford was not prior Mil or LEO? It’s important because the media is a big fan of saying, “Well, the guy who took down the bad guy used his prior Mil training to do it.” or “The guy who stopped the shooting was an Off Duty/Retired Cop.”, and they try to use this as a qualifier for  why he was able to engage the bad guy and win.

Although Stephen had plenty of training on using a firearm from the NRA, he was not what one would typically call a “Sheepdog” in his every day life. As a plumber, I’d imagine his everyday mindset is not directed towards protecting those around him. From what he said in interviews, he has been an NRA Instructor for a while, and this goes back to one of the key points in why it is important that he was the guy to take down the bad guy.

Immediately after the shooting, politicians were calling the NRA “terrorists”, but as Stephen proved, the NRA was one of the reasons the bad guy didn’t kill anyone else once he was engaged by a good guy with a rifle. The training that Stephen received from the NRA gave him the tools he needed to be successful in stopping the bad guy. Stephen had no Mil or LE background, so there is no other place for the media to point concerning the training he had and used in this incident.

The media immediately made it about the AR-15 that the bad guy used in the shooting, and thug politicians immediately (before the bodies were cold) started calling for a ban on AR’s and their type of rifle. Unfortunately for the Media and politicians, Mr. Willeford was also using an AR-15 with an EOTECH sight, which he had pulled out of his safe in his home when they started to hear the shooting a block and a half away. Good guy with an AR trumped the bad guy with an AR.

Stephen said he ran out of the house with his rifle, a magazine, and a handful of ammo he had just emptied into his hand as he went out the door (so I’m guessin’ he had 20 rounds from the box he emptied). This man was so intent on saving everyone he could, that he even forgot his shoes and was barefoot. He said he was loading ammo in the mag as he ran to the sound of the gunfire (he mentioned every time he heard a shot, he thought it was probably a life of a friend or neighbor, thus the urgency of his departure).

Besides the complete “body slam” of the media and liberal politicians over their typical “NRA BAD!”, “AR-15 BAD!” reaction in this incident. Another point that this situation shows is that a typical 20 or 30 round magazine is not only something that might be nice to have, but that it is a NECESSITY!!!! An AR-15 or any other rifle designed for a martial or protective role is not for duck hunting. It is designed for reliability, durability, and extended firing and it is geared towards hunting down and stopping bad guys. A 20 or 30 round magazine is it’s normal capacity BECAUSE IT IS FOR HUNTING DOWN AND STOPPING BAD GUYS!

Stephen mentioned that if he had just had a handgun, the situation would probably not have turned out as well, and more people might have been killed. The accurate and powerful rifle cartridge (Most any centerfire rifle cartridge is more accurate and powerful than a pistol cartridge) was able to be accurately aimed at a small spot on the bad guy’s side that was not covered with protective plates or kevlar.

Fighting rifles01

Two typical fighting rifles with factory 20 and 30 round magazines. Note: Both rifles have low powered optics (Top is a 4x, bottom is a 1-4x). Optics at pistol range can make a huge difference when you are under stress and need to make that precise shot.

Something else I would add is that if Stephen had only had a five or ten round magazine (which he would have had to reload multiple times), the situation he was in might have turned out a lot worse (remember that the next time they talk about wanting to restrict mag capacity!). Although I understand most people keep their magazines unloaded when in storage, I think this is a good example of why you should at least have a few loaded at all times. This kind of a situation is why I am a fan of the three mag bandoleer and slip on or side zip boots.  My Buddy John at UWGear makes the bandoleers I have for all my semi auto fighting rifles, they are pictured below.

Load bearing post20

If Stephen had had a loaded, three mag bandoleer in his safe with his rifle, he could have been out the door that much quicker.  I am not disparaging Mr Willeford actions or preparations at all, but I know from what he said in the interview that he was in mental agony every time he heard a shot because he knew what it probably meant, and he probably felt like it was taking him FOREVER to load that mag.

Takeaways from this situation.

  1.  Stephen Willeford showed what a trained, good guy can do with a rifle against a bad man with a rifle.
  2. Stephen Willeford showed the importance of having a fighting rifle, and how important a standard 20 or 30 round capacity magazine is in a fight.
  3. It’s hard for the media to demonize the plumber, NRA Instructor, and “Santa on a motorcycle”, Stephen Willeford, and his actions have given us someone to point to as a role model and reason to not restrict fighting firearms and to also stress the importance of training.
  4. It’s hard for gun purchase restrictions to work when a Federal entity like the Air Force can’t even do their job and enter things like “Dishonorable Discharge” and “Domestic Violence” into the FBI’s criminal database to block things like gun purchases. The Killer’s ability to purchase the firearms he had rests solely on the shoulders of the incompetent AF data entry personnel who dropped that “ball”.
  5. If someone is a shooter in a mass shooting, they are more than likely a liberal, a Democrat, not a Christian, and are probably on some type of psychotropic medication, because…..Nuts…. Just sayin’….
  6. Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff are what the true unorganized militia is, and is supposed to be. Those multi cammed, “Want to be in a fight” moolisha groups we saw at Charlottesville VA just make all of us who have prepared for the fight THAT COMES TO US, look like a bunch of aggressive, wannabe, ne’er do wells trying to start shit.

Hopefully, unlike Stephen Willeford, the fight will never come to you, but the question you need to ask yourself is this, “If a situation like this does happen to me, can I respond in the same manner as Stephen, and what can I take away from this tragedy and his response to make my preparations more squared away for that eventuality?”.

P.S. I purposely did not mention the name of the dead POS bad guy who committed the murders of all those innocent people. I will not acknowledge who he is, and by doing so, give him any more fame than he has already garnered.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE






Decisive Factors: Ego And Mindset

Everyone has an ego, whether you want to admit it or not. Everyone has a mindset that has usually evolved throughout their life based on their training, experience, or system of belief. More than likely, your mindset is a combination of all three.


A properly controlled ego can be be a huge help to someone who aspires to do great things, but an out of control ego, similar to what many have seen in the “Tactical Trainer” arena, the moolisha scene, or from the “Lone Wolf” who is  always talkin’ about “Getting it on” , can be detrimental. Not only is it detrimental to those intimately involved with the guy, but it can be detrimental to anyone who is thought to associate with them or be of that “type”.

On the trainer side of things, we have all heard the bluster and bullshit of those who think they are the “Be All, End All” of the “Tacti-cool” world. “I’m the Best”, “I have the most You Tube views”, and the “I’ll make you into a Light Infantryman in a weekend” are all things we hear from egotistical trainers who try to sell their “product” to those who never served in the mil so those students can then say, “Well, now I’m just like a grunt”. Thinking this can get them killed when things  become real.

When their class sizes start to drop, and you hear they are bitchin’ on You Tube or at classes for 30 minutes or more about their former students not promoting them enough, or they are questioning why the “morons” aren’t knocking down their “Tacti-door” to attend their “Best in the world” classes, you might want to realize that if you weren’t there, you’d be the “Moron” too.

My favorite example is when you see enticements like “If you take enough of my classes, you can be OpFor for the ‘X’ that I ‘train’ (sure you do….).”. If you hear this, you should probably question why he has to sell it that way, and is what he saying a manipulation of the truth. When tactical trainers have to come up with a gimmicky name to try and get people into the “sport” of tactical training, they have lost proper perspective on the reason we train and why we train others. It’s not a Damned game, and that mindset will get people killed.

These guys don’t understand that most of the people wanting to get real SUT training don’t want to play games, are usually adults in their 30’s or more (mine are usually 40 or more), and due to one old injury or another or from being overweight, might not be anywhere near the physical shape or ability of the “20 year old Infantrymen” those trainers worked with in the military.

When I meet students for the first time, I usually do a quick, personal assessment of what I think they can do, and compare it to what they put on their class registration “about you” section. I will not turn anyone away from a class for their physical condition. What I will do is restrict someone who is obviously overweight or physically restricted due to prior injury from participating in physically demanding things like a ruck march (I have only had to do this once), but the individual still gets the full blocks of instruction everyone else does. Regardless of whether they “Did” it, they still “learn” it, and “Know” it.

Part of what I teach is about dealing with the realities of TEOTWAWKISTAN. In TEOTWAWKISTAN, we leave no one behind. If we do, it’s probably a close friend or family member and that’s just not happening.  Are we teaching a school for mercenaries (you know, the guys who will be raiding all the neighborhoods), or is it a school for everyone of the preparedness mindset? I see that Southern Prepper One is  stepping into the training arena, and I applaud him for it, the more the merrier I say.

If you are looking for a school that is not about preparedness, but will actually give you a good foundation for being a light Infantryman and some good leadership courses to boot, I suggest you contact Dr. Christopher Larsen at “One Shepherd”. I have had nothing but good feedback from people who have taken courses there, but as I said, they are of the military mindset, not the civilian Survivalist one.

On the Moolisha side of the ego issue, we have the “I know what I’m doing because ‘KERNAL and KOMMANDER’!”. right? I just read a rant from a Moolisha Kernal talkin’ about “See I told ya so!”, concerning the November 4th rumblings. Back in September he had said nothing was gonna happen on November 4th (I guess his crystal ……. ball told him so), and that you had no common sense if you believed bad things could happen. This is a case of his “Sperm whale mouth/ego over riding his hummingbird ass”. Do you have to panic people that look to you for direction? No. Should you look at historical examples to see what your priorities of work and specific preparedness actions should be? Yes. Should you err on the side of caution when giving out advice about a possible threat? Yes.

Anyone who didn’t take this crap seriously is doing a disservice to those who they are responsible for or who might look to them for guidance. Living a lifestyle of preparedness gives you the benefit of no last minute rush on supplies, and your only concern is to see where the trouble could be, and maintain the situational awareness that you should always be exercising anyway.

A response I gave to someone on social media concerning the possible November 4 events was, ” It pays to be aware and prepared. I can go about my day normally because I am both”. The “Kernal” I spoke of above is simply not in control of his ego. His concern was to say, “Look at me, I’m always right and I know better.”. Funny thing is he can’t decide whether he wants to be a “Cunsteetooshunal moolisha Kommander” or a cop (big difference and he’s not an LEO) and he’s having a terrible time determining who the enemy to this nation really is (Hint: Commies, and anyone who identifies with them).

His decisions are made by how much attention something can get him, not what the proper role of someone claiming to be part of the “Unorganized Militia” is (because “unorganized militia” is all he’ll ever be). Below is an excerpt from something I received in an email from a “militia” forum on Friday. This is how you tell your people to be aware. This is not the time to try and impress people with your “Prophetic skills”. Just give it straight with the facts and reality.


“The time now facing us is why we have advocated for so many years for you all to get your group as a part OF your community instead of apart FROM.  Our ONLY mandate as Militia, is to protect and defend YOUR community.  This means right where YOU LIVE.  Things get really rough, you will need your community in order to survive as much as they need you.  Not to worry compatriots, things get really bad the opposition will be coming to your hood as soon as they can.  Not to worry as you wont miss out on anything or be overlooked.  Remember, while your out running around saving the world in areas other than your own that your community is left wide open.  Let that sink in…

There is a time and a place to take it to them…

Now for the real groaner…

You and your group are NOT the first line of defense of your community, county and State.  At best we are the 5th line of defense. 

The order of defense is as follows:

1. Your city LEO

2. Your county Sheriff

3. Your State Patrol (Police)

4. Your States National Guard

   and lastly…

5. Your group

I strongly urge you all to read the comments to these blogs as there is a lot of good insight to be gleaned.

Our only duty and responsibility is to our Community, our County and our State in that order…”

In the third “Ego” category we have the guy who is always talking about taking action or pushing others to take action. Kit Perez wrote about this recently at TPHS. I’ve seen a number of people like that guy, and what I have noticed is that they usually have a few of the same traits. Usually, they have an ego that drives them to embellish or just outright lie about their past. They try to make it appear that they have been part of “The game” for a long time. Another trait, is usually they have not been in the military at all (they’ll hint towards “secret” backgrounds or alliances though), and for the small group of these guys that were, they are usually not combat veterans.

The last trait they usually have in common is their willingness to try and drive others to commit the acts that they are unwilling to do themselves. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know who the glaring example of this type has been over the last couple years, because “Jumpin’ off the porch” himself just isn’t HIS thing.


Having a proper mindset about life in general and preparedness in particular is developed through a maturing process that usually destroys the fantasies we had when we were younger. This “destruction” is due to a realization of what is “reality” and makes sense, versus what is “fiction” and just sounds good in a paperback. I believe that having a “Preparedness” mindset is the responsible one, whether it’s in life in general or anything else. I believe this because first and foremost, we have a responsibility to the protection of our families. Being prepared is the most sure way you can protect the ones you love.

Many of us that are Vets or in law enforcement have a mindset that was developed through our training and experiences in those occupations. Many also have a mindset that is generated from our spiritual beliefs. Many that are into Preparedness have come around to that mindset either because they were raised in a “Self Sufficiency” type home atmosphere, or  they simply have come to realize that something just isn’t right, and want to be prepared when things go sideways.

If your daily mindset is not that of the prepared and trained individual, odds are, you will eventually be caught in a situation that escaping from unharmed will be just dumb luck, and not because of your reaction. I wrote a post in September about the rumors floating around about the November 4th “war games”, and although I thought the chances of it going sideways were small, I still realized there are those out there who might look to what I’ve written for guidance. Saying “Nothing to see here, move along …” in that instance is inappropriate, immature, and unethical.

I have no crystal ball, and neither does anyone else. Hell, the “moolisha” guy I was speakin’ of earlier used to have a habit of listening to what knowledgeable (of which he was not one) people had to say in one conversation, then he’d put it out to his minions on Face Book an hour later like it was his personal epiphany, just so he could see the “Well said Boss” responses.

Not taking these real world situations as a chance to “War game” and conduct “PCC’s” (pre combat checks) and “PCI’s” (pre combat inspections) of your gear and your plans is the mark of an inexperienced Survivalist/Prepper or a “Wanna be” militia member or commander. There aren’t many real scenarios that present themselves, so why not use it to your advantage? Hell, there’s a reason the Feds were doing the Solar Flare/EMP drill this weekend. They did it because they do drill all the time. That’s how you get or maintain proficiency. Take Rahm Emanuel’s sayin’ of “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”, and shove it up their collectivist asses by applying it to your preparations.

The prepared don’t live with fear, we live with confidence. If you have someone in your group that has a serious ego issue, or has the “playing” mindset and is not serious about what your group is doing, you have some choices to make. Ask some serious questions. First is,”Is their ego detrimental to the overall groups preparedness status and cohesiveness?”, and second is, “Is the mindset of the individual that of someone not taking what the group is doing seriously?”. If you answer “Yes” to either question, you need to figure out who you need to talk to about it, and then, how do you address it with the group or individual. As to the trainers who have an ego like the Grand Canyon (we see it on YouTube all the time among other places), that’s a simple answer, find someone else. Getting training from an egotistical retard who tries to make you believe they will make you are something you are not will get you killed when the bullets are real.

Big, unchecked ego’s get people killed in a crisis. A lack of a serious mindset initially get’s people killed in a crisis. These are facts that are historically irrefutable.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE