Mason Dixon Tactical
South Central PA

Bio: Defense and Wilderness Survival trainer, consultant and owner of Mason Dixon Tactical. 14 years of Army (Staff Sergeant) Combat Arms (Infantry and Airborne) experience, to included combat service as a Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant. Military Occupational Specialties include Infantry, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare), Armorer (Small Arms repair) and Supply (logistics). Retired law enforcement with varied assignments to include the SOG (SWAT) team and the Academy as a defensive tactics instructor. Interest include history, as it relates to the pursuit of liberty, firearms, hunting, and survival related training and activities.

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  2. I would like to become a member of a militia group. I have sixteen years of security guard experience—-both armed and unarmed posts. I am a Christian patriot. I believe that those of
    one mind and one accord should band together for survival.

  3. Funny you should mention the truck burning up. It was my truck. I was house sitting for Steve over a long weekend. That happened about a week or two after Steve appeared on Matt Drudge’s TV show on Fox News Channel. He spilled the beans about the boys from B Squadron being up close and personal at Waco.

    Small world, ain’t it?

  4. A question … WHY are the feds, Oregon Gov., and Harney County Commission making such a huge situation of this??? I have to ask, is something bigger in play here, as in maybe the uranium thing might be real? I have seen articles both ways … Notes: how is it that ‘judge’ Steve Grasty is also a county commissioner?? He is a Deocrat and big in the Dem. machine out there in Harney also. (I researched Grasty a lot last night.) Isn’t that a huge conflict of interest not to mention separation of powers? Listen to former Fire Chief Briel’s account of his interaction with Grasty, makes me think Grasty might be the local godfather out there. The scent of corruption out there is quite noticeable. Why now is it like East Germany to travel on the roads out there, with armed checkpoints intimidating travelers? Why are Feds/OSP going so far overboard in their reaction out there? It really, really seems to me there is something far larger out there than anyone knows. Any ideas?
    (currently listening to a podcast on Boiling Frogs post, an interview with the attorney for the Finicum family, Todd McFarlane)

  5. Sir, have you ever considered collaborating with other, well respected, liberty-minded, and responsible bloggers, such as yourself, to form one central site?

    • Generaly speaking, you’ll see that a number of us have others from a core group listed on the blogrolls of our sites. WRSA is pretty much the “Clearinghouse”, and keeping it somewhat decentralized has some merit also, don’t you think?

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