Red Team Thoughts?

I saw this quote on Facebook this morning and thought there was some interesting analysis at work here,

“Former red team planner for the government here. If there was a revolution in the US, the rest of the world would get involved, fast. Depending on the type of uprising, there is a large chance that it would not be a quick affair. It would be brutal, it would be bloody, and the US government could start a global scale war. Here are the top ten issues that came up.

1) The US power grid can be taken down by a series of “surgical strikes” with the exception of the Texas grid. By surgical strikes, I mean a few marksmen (US army-tier Marksmen–the minimum requirement) hitting certain spots on the grid would fuck a lot of the military and government because they need the grid more than Bubba and his friends do. Additionally, while all government agencies have backup generators, they will be hard pressed dealing with the resultant looting and other madness that would come with power outages. This would effectively create another front for the military. It would also turn the people against the government more quickly and paralyze the government’s propaganda machine. Worse still–the key points of the US power grid are publicly obtainable information, and not only are the points too many to be effectively guarded, they are not guarded anyway.

2) The estimated desertion rate in case of a civil war is 75% in the case of a left-wing president. 50% of that would be assumed to immediately betray the president. The remaining (treasonous) military would be fighting its own. Yet another front created in the war. Additionally, there is an assumed 25-50% desertion or outright betrayal rate in three letter government agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, ATC, TSA, etc.). Additionally, it is assumed that 5% of the initial 50% betrayers would stay in their job and become saboteurs. 10% of that 50% would contain key information that would be of critical danger to the US government. Of that 10%, 1% would be able to deliver that information to the US’ foreign enemies. What you should get from this is that the second the United States government declares war on its own is the second it ceases to exist as the state we know it.

3) “Tea baggers,” “right-wing extremists,” and “oath keepers” which are considered untrained racists who aren’t “good with a gun” often are A) veterans who now have more time to have fun at the range, sometimes more than some Army units or Marine units. In addition to previous military training, B) often camp and do other outdoor activities–more than many in the military do, as the focus has gone away from field exercises, and C) often have better equipment–outside of armor and heavy weapons–than the military. However, C) is kind of irrelevant because many of the places in which these people could hide would make the kind of war the US fights with the equipment they use pointless.

4) Outside influence is a huge problem. Russia has already stated they would back a Texas separatist movement, and right now we already have enough problem keeping Islam in check. The second the US has to fight in a “civil war” is the second it becomes a proxy war between NATO and whoever wants to mess with America. While America has amazing nuclear and air defense, if it comes to a civil war you have to assume that in a best cast scenario the US military is going to be operating at 50% capacity at best. Shit would go down. Hard. And fast. And if Russia–spoiler alert: one of the best militaries in the world at fighting in an urban environment–sent trainers and helpers to rebels, you can reliably bet that they would also possibly deliver weapons to them. So instead of fighting “Timmy TeaBagger,” you are fighting “Timmy TeaBagger who is buddies with Vlad.”

5) A civil war is not just the US versus the rebels. There will be looting. There will be rioting. Cities will burn. The National Guard cannot fight both the rebels and rioters in a city that would also cut off their supplies. Additionally, if you don’t think that the rebels will send in instigators into the cities–or worse, stand alone actors (A Lone Wolf on steroids. Think Timothy McVeigh, but instead of one van they have a whole fleet of them. A good movie example would be Bane)–you would be mistaken. If the US government cannot even help its own people, why would its own people support the remaining (treasonous) military? Worse yet, if someone emptied out prisons (There are more prisoners in the US than there are people in the entire Chinese Army), you would have more crime than the police could ever handle.

6) Logistics and infrastructure in the US are crumbling and failing. Any war fought against a rebellion in the US would be a logistical nightmare, even before the rebels started going full Al-Qaida and putting IEDs in the road. A retired general who was contracting with us on the team said, “The only thing holding together the US’ infrastructure is duct tape and the will of the Department of Transportation. And often enough, there isn’t enough duct tape.” Your most loyal cities to the US government, as we polled, are also the most logistically easy to cut off. NYC? San Fran? L.A.? D.C.? Baltimore? Most of them require crossing water to enter, from certain directions. Most of them have critical airports. Some of them have critical ocean ports. If anything happened to just TWO of the cities on the list, it would create a logistical clusterfuck.

7) Your “Johnny Reb” and “Timmy TeaBagger” states (i.e., “red” states) all have something most of your “oh so progressive,” “Aren’t we so European,” “Oh my god, we are just like Sweden,” blue states don’t. Blues are mainly consumer states. Reds are producer states. Urban areas don’t have farms. The second that shit goes down, realize a lot of those blue areas are likely to starve. In a civil war scenario, we predicted that at least 10,000 people would die of starvation if the war was not finished in a year. The numbers get worse after that. Or better, rather, for the country after the war.

8) The US has way too many choke points, and the government forces would often be on the wrong side of them. This ties into the logistical nightmare, but it also has to do with an odd phenomena. Liberals like to live near the ocean. Many of the dividers of the country, like the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi River, Appalachia, the Missouri River (fun fact: the biggest choke point for the US government is in Missouri) are red state areas. Sure, air travel is a thing, but a majority of the US government’s needs would have to travel by ground. Even still, many of the major airports are outside of the city. Of course, the US would use military base air fields, but if civil war did break out… which bases would be safe? Which ones would have fallen to the deserters?

9) PR Nightmare. Every rebel killed on CNN would be spun as “the US government killed X Civilians today in a strike” on foreign news and pirate media not owned by the government. That is–as pointed out earlier–if the US media could even function in a civil war or uprising. Your “rebel scum” know that the main thing that holds together the US–nay life in the US as we know it–is the 24 hour news cycle and the media. The second it’s gone, you are going to have urban anarchy. If you are from America, can you imagine a day without TV, newspaper, or Internet? Your average urban youth can’t. If you don’t think that isn’t going to cause rioting, you must have a real high regard for how much restraint they have. Assume in a civil war that your ability to talk to the people is compromised. Also assume that in the case of a civil war that rebels may know how to monitor conversations like the US does, as there are manuals online on how to do so.

10) This one is either 1 or 10, depending on who is asked. The US will never nuke its own. The second it does, they have lost the civil war and other countries will come to “liberate” the US from its own “repressive regime.” Additionally, if any general, minuteman, nuke tech, or nuke sub captain decided to side with the rebellion, the US government is immediately SOL.

In short: The second that a “civilian uprising” or “extremist group terrorist attack” turns into “civil war” is the second the US loses. As a result, you will never see a civil war. You will see Waco, you will see Bundy Ranch, you will see all sorts of militant group confrontations and maybe even some skirmishes. But the US government fears its own people way the fuck too much to ever start a civil war.

As an American, I want all other Americans here to remember this. The government is against you, almost openly now, but they also know that they cannot win if it comes to open war. We have a trump card they cannot match. If it comes to a fight, THEY WILL LOSE, so there are elements in the establishment who will do absolutely everything in their power to prevent it from coming to that. The US Government is not in support of its people, and the people are not in support of the government.

It is within the means of certain interests to start World War III simply as a distraction to avoid an American Civil War, because, by their reckoning, it is better to ruin other “lesser” nations like Syria and spill the blood of patriots than lose their own grip on power. ***********YOU HEARD RIGHT. WORLD WAR III ITSELF COULD BE A DELIBERATE FALSE FLAG TO PREVENT A POWER CHANGE IN AMERICA. REMEMBER THIS.*********** “

Whether this guy is right or wrong, he’s at least doing some critical thinking. What are your thoughts?


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

Aesop Nails It

Only a fool would escalate a situation when they can’t realistically envision the logical outcome. We know something is up, and we know there is nefarious intent by not only the Soros crowd who is openly supporting Antifa, but by our own deep state players who are disguised as benevolent politicians.

Obviously they will use what ever outcome manifests itself to expand their power. The only choice now is to determine which outcome is less numerically tragic for our side, since attrition is probably the form of victory they truly desire the most. Any way you look at it, we are about “To be boarded”. Plan accordingly.


 Saturday, May 6, 2017

And Then…?

“At some point they will be bringing bike locks to a gun fight.”

Yes. Yes, they will. And then…?

I’ve pointed the same thing out several times.
But in most contexts, as a bug, not a feature.

The point of things is to dissuade them from going that far, if such is possible.

“Stop, or I’ll shoot!” only works until someone is brave enough to call that bluff (or, in Antifa’s case, like many home invaders, stupid enough to think it is just a bluff), and then it’s time to switch from conflict de-escalation to sight placement and trigger squeeze.

Generally nifty, in net terms, for you in your own living room. In the public square, not so much.

Because once you start shooting people in the streets, that’s not the end, it’s the beginning.
The minute you go to guns, TPTB jump in with both gorilla feet.
You win your battle with the pawns – the Bike Lock Guys, Moldylocks, and poisoned little dwarves like Yvette Felarca, et al.
But unless you’re ready to march on the nation’s capitol, you lose the war with the state, both the one you live in, and the State you live under.

So, on a bare satisfaction level, their like will die, as they always do, with a surprised look on their faces, and an extra anus or three. That outcome hasn’t really been factored into the cake, for them.

But what about at the level of those who’re funding their escapades (outside of taxpayer subsidies for student loans, and public institution tenure for faculty Reds, I mean)?
D’ya think George Soros hasn’t been pushing for exactly that response from Day One, as an excuse to push his agenda?
Do you figure that Chuck You “Blood In The Streets” Schumer won’t dance in the blood while it’s still warm, with a “SEE? I TOLD YOU SO!” moment, which will be simulcast on ABCNNBCBS 24/7/forever? That it won’t become the reason to roll back the last 35 years of CCW and Constitutional Carry progress? Anti-gunners were cheerfully willing to sacrifice MLK and RFK to pass the Gun Control Act of 1968. They roistered and capered in the blood of schoolchildren to get the Assault Weapons Ban(s) passed. Think they’ll bat an eye over sacrificing a few mouthy teachers and porn stars to roll back Heller and McDonald?? Srsly???

They’re waiting for that moment. Most of them are probably salivating at the prospects, and all it’s going to take is a few thoughtless amped-up assholes to hand it to them on a silver platter, with an apple in its mouth. If rabid shiftless gender studies students get shot within a country mile of any campus, “school shooters” is the nicest thing they’ll call you and anyone like you, for years.

And the nutless, gutless RINO Congress and Senate (ptui!) will shit themselves passing it. And Pres. Trump will sign it, because it’ll pass with a veto-proof majority (if not unanimously in both houses), and no sense fighting a battle you’ve already lost. And John Roberts will cry about it, but then Pelosi or Schumer or whomever will wave around the midget/clown/donkey porn pictures they have of the Chief Justice, and it’ll lose in SCOTUS by 5-4 or worse. Game. Over.

Leaving you right back in the fight of your lives for civilization itself, against everything.
You ready for that fight, now? Or next month?

Then throttle back, boys and girls. It’ll come, soon enough. No need to rush it.

In the meantime, no one’s saying you need to take it in the liver if the public anarcho-communists want to get sporty.

But nota bene, you can’t retaliate in public, on YouTube, and 57 cable channels, and then spike the ball in the end zone, unless you like everything I laid out above, in spades.

Everyone knows who Bike Lock is. His entire pathetic life is now on the Internetz, to the 97th degree. Everyone knows Yvette Felarca. And Moldylocks. And with about 7 seconds, the entire Phoenix John Brown Gun Club. These @$$tards have a flippin’FaceSpace page, fer cripes sake. This is how you can tell you’re dealing with Useful Idiot pawns, and not players. MS-13 is gonna whack ’em any minute, just to get their shooting hardware without a waiting period or background check.

For the rest, who can say?
In the event of foul play, the police would only have 100,000,000 suspects with a motive.

And just for informational purposes, imagine the hijinks that would ensue if one or more of them were found one morning not only whacked, but beheaded, with an ISIS flag nailed to their doors. Or their headless torso(s). Just saying.

Everybody thinks they want to poke the bear. Think it over.
If you don’t want to end up playing the bitch in a bear porno, like Leo DiCaprio in the godawful @$$load waste of celluloid The Revenant,

then you’d damned sure better have some marshmallows to throw down to keep his attention focused on not eating you.

And then your own side, and the reasonable but undecided middle, are going to start to wonder aloud whether you did everything reasonable, prudent, and goddamed possible to thwart the other side six ways to Sunday before resorting to night letters, and midnight calls.

War is a continuation of politics by other means.” taught von Clausewitz to the ages. So you sure as hell had better have tried and exhausted every political solution in the attic, garage, and basement before you go all John Brown at Harper’s Ferry, and try to hatch the next war all by your ownself.

You can’t grow crops by pulling on them, and a noose is a tough necktie for anyone to wear.
Especially out of season.

Thus endeth the lesson.

American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


And The “Moolisha” Strikes Again

Antifa Moolisha Ohio

Huh….they have a “Lt. General”, a “General”, and a “Captain”. Sounds like a scary bunch….

This is why you are not “The Militia” unless you have the actual State or Federal authority to back it up. What, you think you are the “real” militia because you believe you are representing the “Founders Intent”? This is why the requirements were put in place by Congress and it gave guidelines for “The Militia”.



Without authority, the only difference between a Somali militia and an American militia (whatever side they are on) is their experience and firepower (the Somalis have you beat on both). If the founders wanted just anyone to have the authority to form an actual militia without State or Federal consent and organization, they would not have laid down these rules right off the bat.

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress; ”  ARTICLE I, SECTION 8, CLAUSE 16

Antifa Moolisha1

Ahhhhh, the ANTI Fa Fa moolisha

None of you have been appointed to anything by your State. Whether it’s these Antifa Shitbirds pictured in this post, or you guys who think you’re gonna help LEO’s (the Secret Service, State Police, City PD, or the Sheriff’s Dept.) with security at a Presidential rally, and then try to BS people on social media about being armed with the OK of the State Police (Yeah, the SP’s would have let you (an unknown, unvetted, non qualified entity) carry concealed and have long guns in your vehicles while you “pull security” at a rally for the President. If you were armed, the SP’s didn’t know about it, and the Secret Service definitely didn’t know about it, because you’re still free on the street).

A Mosin Nagant huh? Obviously, you’re the sniper, right? LOL

At this point, I don’t care what you call yourselves anymore, but understand, that these antifa jackoff’s took their cue’s from those who put their moolisha crap all over social media. If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for them. None of you have any more authority than that of the God given right to protect yourself and your loved ones. You have that right because you have an obligation and a duty to do it, nothing more (No right without an obligation/duty).

Antifa Moolisha5

Antifa Moolisha6

A while back I started telling people they needed to get away from using the term “militia”, because if they were a militia, it was only in the same sense as a Somali militia. or any other rag tag group of people supporting the local warlord. They cried that “No, we are a Constitutionally authorized militia!”, and at that point I showed that they were not authorized according to historical documentation.

Antifa Moolisha2

Must be a state where they can’t own 30 round mags. Nice High Point LOL The irony of Che supporters hating what they call “fascists”.

I had said you should call yourselves a “Neighborhood Protection Team”, a “Survivalist Group”, or even a preparedness group, because I saw terms like “militia”, and “III Percenter” being abused by those who are either ignorant of it’s true meaning, or maliciously using it to manipulate a certain segment of the “Liberty” movement for monetary gain. Using the NPT, Survivalist, or Prepper moniker actually describes what you actually are, not what you’re posing as.

The pic I posted on this post shows a moron moolishaman who thinks he’s military. His name tape on his left side (hidden under the penmanship award LOL) says “PARA MIL”. This is what he thinks he is. This is what the Moolisha thinks it is. You are not “Minutemen” (this isn’t the 18th or 19th century). If you think you are a “minuteman” and are so much of an irresponsible shit that is willing to risk losing your job (the one that you support your family with, remember earlier “Right/Obligation”), simply because your moolisha “commander” or social media group is telling you something is “Breaking News” (ala Fox news) or a “Liberty Emergency”, you deserve what you get when your boss tells you, “Shove it up your ass and get in the unemployment line!”.

Antifa Moolisha4

Dropping his plow in his field to the sound of a call to arms during a war (or threat of indian attack at that time) in his community is not the same as leaving your job mid shift to run to the aid of some sensationalist blowhard looking for attention, and using social media to get the word out.

Responding to an “Active Shooter” situation as a responsibly armed civilian is not being a “Minuteman” in the traditional sense (and that’s what all these guys want to point at, “Tradition”, right? It is being a responsibly armed civilian responding to a situation that is thrust upon them (they’re in the middle of it), and even then you could have serious problems. Civilians don’t run to the emergency call on the other side of town, trained LEO’s and EMS do it as real “First Responders” (something that wasn’t available in the “Minuteman” era.

Go ahead, insert yourself into a situation where you don’t know who all the players are. You guys have a hard enough time IDing your own people when you’re all wearing the same Mulitcam uniform in the field, let alone IDing the undercover Cop who won’t be in uniform (this is why LEO’s practice against “Shoot”, “Don’t shoot” targets), and because you weren’t on the LEO comms, you were not even aware of his presence.

I see people are being called to a situation that is developing in Nevada at the prison the Bundy’s a being held at. I read a post by TPHS on a video some Bundy supporter posted, and from what I read, Kit Perez is spot on. Ammon Bundy has been lying to people from the git go at Burns (remember the “The Feds have the way to the refuge blocked” BS), and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he was lying about his treatment, and trying to start up some more “Oh whoa is me” manipulative crap to keep them front and center in peoples minds. Some of the comments about her post that I’ve seen just prove that there are way too many hero worshipers out there, and not enough people objectively analyzing the facts.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



Vault 7’s Corroborating Witness

Considering the recent revelations of the Vault 7 Wikileaks, I thought this would be a good place to put this video from an NSA whistle-blower. A friend had sent this to me and considering it was made around 2014/2015, the facts stated here are backed up with the Vault 7 info dump.

An informed decision concerning a response can’t be made without being aware of the facts.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE