Here Comes The “Fatal Funnel”….?



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According to the ’94 AWB criteria, this M1A was still OK since it only had a threaded barrel and a detachable mag. 10 round AWB “acceptable” mag in gun. 20 rounder below it.

I haven’t written anything “Politics” related in a while. It’s mostly because I’m sick of feeling as if I’m beating my head against a brick wall in trying to convince those who might read what I write that certain things (like history) are important in weighing your present decisions.

Decades ago, I used to be involved with a group that was pretty squared away. We leaned towards training for offensive “Take it to the bad guy” type missions, instead of my present Survivalist defensive mindset. I realized in my late 20’s that all that “Offensive mindset” would do, as civilians, is get us killed needlessly and thus, I corrected my direction in preparedness and training. The situation described below was during my participation in the group mentioned above.

Training pic 93

A training pic circa 1993 before the ’94 AWB was implemented

Here’s the situation. The House of Reps passes the “Federal Assault Weapons Ban” in May of 1994. My friends and I thought we could read the writing on the wall, so we started preparing for what we thought was the inevitable “war”. Over the course of the Summer of 1994, I purchased about $2,000 worth of gear, weapons and ammo.

Hell, I remember making thirteen hundred dollars worth of purchases in one day from Centerfire Systems and Classic Firearms, that summer. This purchase involved two RPK type AK’s, 5 cases of ammo, and five 75 round drums. The group I was involved with at the time used the AKM type rifle as the standard, and well, you get the picture.

Some other things that impending (and what we believed was coming with it) ban brought about was a need for caches and a recon of areas to set up base camps and RON’s. We systematically went about checking and designating those areas in a 50 mile circle, and putting “under” (reports and all), excess/extra gear and needed equipment.

What were we thinking? Well, first we believed the Senate would pass the AWB (it was close like the House vote was) when it got to them (I think we were figuring the end of Summer). Second, we knew Clinton would sign it. Third, many of us were under the impression that Slick Willie would be more than happy to bring in UN troops to assist in a more draconian firearms ban that he was rumored to be floating with the help of certain Gov officials.

Training pic 1996

A training pic after the ’94 AWB taken in approximately 1996.

Were our preps in vain? I don’t believe so. The purchase of those firearms and mags at that time, paved the way for better purchases later after a few were sold for 3x the cost. Besides, that activity by the government PROPERLY motivated us to do something we should have been doing in the first place. Was the rumor (#3) correct? Who knows. It didn’t happen, but everyone knows he was definitely considering something like that. Keep in mind what Feinstein said about her gun ban opinion. She said she would ban every firearm from civilian possession if she could get 51% of the vote.

Good things that came from the AWB? The concentration on designing reliable, compact pistols like the Glock 26 and 30 because 10 round mags….. An appreciation for only having to pay $15 for a quality AR mag. Being able to easily find a large assortment of quality semi auto mil type rifles without having to drive 2 or 3 hours to that obscure, out of the way gun shop, then  payin’ $1500 for a “Pre Ban” rifle that was only $350 four years earlier.

I tell you that story from exactly 25 years ago to tell you this. Don’t panic (unless you don’t have anything gun related). Keep calm. Make a realistic purchase plan if you haven’t already, and concentrate on the basics (solid, reliable rifle with 7 mags, reliable pistol with 3 mags, and ammo for both) . I told you almost three years ago that President Trump’s election was nothing more than a brief reprieve. If President Trump does what many believe he wants to do on gun control, it was a little more brief than I believed.

Here’s the thing though. He hasn’t done it yet. He talks a lot of smack, then usually backs off the rhetoric a little. We’ve been at this point a few times in his last three years. Yes, he banned bump stocks. So what? Reagan banned the production of new machine gun receivers made after 1986. My personal belief is that bump stocks are an effeminate affectation of someone who wants to play, but isn’t serious about realistic weapon’s usage. Kinda like the “Operator” selfies by “Never Been-But Wannabees” on social media.

Regardless, I don’t believe he should have done anything to their availability or legality, useful or not. I personally think he banned them as a token on the alter of  the “Commie Gun Grabbers” so he could calm the BS after the Vegas shooting, but, who knows. He wheels and deals so it’s anyone’s guess.

The bottom line is that “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is pretty cut and dried for those with a moderate education in the English language and some common sense. Will you go to war over a Federal “Red Flag” law passing? No, you won’t. For the three of you it will be a noisy version of suicide. Will “Red Flag” laws make a difference? NO, THEY WON’T! Why? Well because the institutions who are supposed to report things to the Feds for NICS can’t even do that or do it right. The Air Force was one of ’em, and people died in a church in Texas because the AF “employees” were criminally incompetent.

As an AP Staff member mentioned to our group the other day, “Conservatives” and the liberty minded are a lot more pissed off than they were 25 years ago. I agree. One of the reasons is that the last three years, if not the last three decades, have shown us what utter contempt, Gov elites like the Senior Executive Service members have for the working American.

They define the “This is for me and not for thee.” mentality. This is just a small issue in the “Mountain of Crap” the DC crowd is doing. Do I think those in President Trump’s Administration are trying to find, fix and eliminate the problem? I really don’t know. One step forward and two steps back seams to be the norm these days, and I haven’t seen any gas leak, let alone a gush, out of “The Swamp” that is the District of Criminals. It appears as if it’s just a big distraction from the economic “balloon”, and that “balloon” is leaking badly when you know what figures to look at.

The President has weaponized his Twitter feed, but even while the things he tweets about appear to point out a real problem, which the MSM dutifully and immediately calls “mean”, they still only end up as “fluff” and the follow on “substance” is generally, non existent.

So to the problem at hand, gun control/background checks/gun confiscation/weapons bans,….etc., etc., ad nauseam, and what to do about it. Just like 1775 at Lexington and Concord, YOU are not gonna start a war unless it is a reaction done in self defense to being attacked/fired on. As risky as letting it go that far is, you won’t start it because you/we don’t/won’t control the narrative, and most will not start a conflict with a narrative they can’t control.

On a side note, and speaking of “the narrative”. During a convo with friends and associates the other day, one of them asked why no CCW holders engaged and fired on the shooter in the Texas Walmart, with Texas being the firearms mecca that it is. The implication was that if you can carry it and have it on you, you should engage the bad guy. I mentioned that I have one prerequisite in that instance, to get those I care for, and am responsible for, to safety.

I will not draw my weapon until I see the shooter and he appears to be a DIRECT threat to me and mine. As a civilian I will not run to the sound of the shooting if I have others in my charge. If I don’t have them with me, I definitely will not run around with my weapon drawn and possibly be engaged by LEO’s or Armed Security and/or be labelled as “Shooter #2”. I don’t like it, but this is common sense in the day and age in which we live.

If they pass Fed “Red Flag” Law they pass it. If they pass another Assault Weapon Ban, they pass it. I don’t believe they will pass a total ban because they don’t have the personnel and logistics to deal with that kind of overt and deadly grief. Regardless, plan accordingly NOW! You should have read that writing on the wall three years ago, but that’s water under the bridge, isn’t it? So let’s try to be constructive.

Keep things like price in the aftermath of the ’94 AWB, and the Newtown shooting in mind. Glock 21 .45ACP 13 round mags were $80 in 1999 during the AWB, and even .22LR ammo went through the roof after the Newtown shooting as examples. Buy 20, 30 and 40 round box mags and drum mags for your weapons while they are cheap. Buy as much ammo as you can to feed those weapons while it’s relatively cheap. Buy at least one or two “Assault/Battle” rifles.  Buy a couple pistols while you can. Buy the gear needed to carry a fighting load for your weapons, and related survival equipment. Check in with John at UWGear for quality equipment that does the job well. Buy spare parts for all the weapons you have so you can maintain them after a ban. Buy and learn how to use reloading equipment, then stock up on components. Buy gear to cache your excess or back up equipment.

Gun ban post01

Things to get now if you don’t have them. 20, 30 and 40 round mags for your rifle. Drum mags if you can get them for your rifle. Standard and large capacity mags for your pistols. Gear to carry your mags, pistol and supporting equipment.

Finally, get training on not only how to use those weapons, but how to use them and survive in non permissive environments. Both Brushbeater/NC Scout and I (MDT) offer classes on small unit tactics, operating as a small team and survival. The time is coming when you will have to make a decision. Will you stand up and fight when attacked, or will you grovel at the “master’s” feet hoping for the scraps of “Rights” he gives you?

As a Nation, we’ve been at that juncture before. There is a good chance we will eventually be there again. Steel yourself to that eventuality by making your course of action decisions now. “In the moment” will be too late, and a falter on your part will only be survivable due to Divine Providence.

The bottom line is this. You don’t have a crystal ball, but you do have historical references to guide your decisions. Prudence, tempered with realistic, historical reflection creates it’s own path to sound decisions. Good luck.


"Parata Vivere"- Live Prepared.



19 thoughts on “Here Comes The “Fatal Funnel”….?

  1. In reference to Trump…”Yes, he banned bump stocks. So what? Reagan banned the production of new machine gun receivers made after 1986. My personal belief is that bump stocks are an effeminate affectation of someone who wants to play, but isn’t serious about realistic weapon’s usage. Kinda like the “Operator” selfies by “Never Been-But Wannabees” on social media.”
    I’m glad you don’t write about politics because that paragraph was a 2A disaster. Your feelings about bump stocks is irrelevant. ALL gun laws/control is unconstitutional…period. Reagan was a dipshit just like the rest of them stick to hear and training write ups as they are top notch but leave the politics alone.

    • Left Tard,
      My “feelings” about bump stocks are my business and this is my Damned blog! I can express my opinion about something like those effeminate, wannabee, “tools of kool” used by guys who never did a Damned thing in real life. By the way, here’s what I said in total Dumbass.

      “Yes, he banned bump stocks. So what? Reagan banned the production of new machine gun receivers made after 1986. My personal belief is that bump stocks are an effeminate affectation of someone who wants to play, but isn’t serious about realistic weapon’s usage. Kinda like the “Operator” selfies by “Never Been-But Wannabees” on social media…………….Regardless, I don’t believe he should have done anything to their availability or legality, useful or not………..The bottom line, ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED’ is pretty cut and dried for those with a moderate education in the English language and some common sense.”

      I guess you’re one of the morons without a moderate education in the English language and lacking in common sense, huh?

      • I know what you mean. Politics is about arguing with idiots. It has to be. Because.
        God hardwired us for survival and defense. 2A only states the obvious.
        Thanks for your expertise and personaljourney sharing. I’m not mil because I’m not. I won’t pretend. I lurk and learn and do what I can. I won’t say I’ll train, I’ll just do it, if I can.
        Things won’t get Biblical, they are Biblical, the least I can do is stay centered on my Hope and be grateful for blessings and you are one too.

      • I also think the bump stock idea is for wannabe tards, However, the issue is not the bump stock, but the legal foot hold it establishes. If they can ignore written law and decree changes outlawing bump stocks, they can do the same with mags holding more than 10 rounds. Or any semi auto becoming a illegal weapon of war. Give them an inch and they will take the whole enchilada.

          • A question for you – I was 9 when the AWB happened and didn’t really pay much attention to such things until 7 or 8 years ago, so I don’t really have a frame of reference. Were things like upper receivers, barrels, BCGs, etc in super short supply as well, or just the receivers themselves? Since only the receiver was/is considered a ‘firearm’ was that all that was banned from new production, or did it include everything?

      • I’m just as Pro-2A as anyone else in the gun community, but I didn’t get all pissy when the bump stock ban hit. For one thing, the Second Amendment says “right to keep and bear ARMS shall not be infringed.” Well, IMHO the bump stock is not an “arm”…nor is it even a part of a weapon necessary to keep it running. It is a post-market accessory, an invention, an add-on mostly for fun on the range an making Youtube videos.

        • The Gov doesn’t have “Rights”, it has the privileges we give to it. A folding stock is something a gun doesn’t need to function, but they banned it on weapons with detachable mags and a threaded barrel under AWB94. A flash suppressor and bayonet lug is not something needed to operate a firearm but they banned them from placement on firearms with other “accessories” in the AWB94. They banned these items because in certain aspects, they make them better suited for martial application. Although I don’t have any need for a bump stock, I also think the Gov needs to keep it’s grubby mitts off of anything having to do with our Rights. Effective, efficient means of protection, which at this time is firearms, is one of our Rights.

          • FWIW the parts and features you mentioned eg. threaded barrels, folding stocks, flash suppressors and bayonet lugs were all integral part of those weapons system as originally designed and marketed. Put more simply they were standard equipment and came that way from the factory. A bump stock is a “gadget” for post-purchase modification by the owner…and is adaptable to many different makes/models or AR and AK. There is a difference.

          • Well that is one of the most Gov Apologist, BS statements I’ve ever heard. I have put folding stocks on rifles that didn’t come with them. I have had a barrel threaded to take a flash suppressor. Inch…..mile…..that’s what Gov does. I guess you think the binary trigger is open for banning? It’s not needed, and rifles don’t come with them as OEM.

  2. Excellent piece and great point on whether or not to engage a shooter. I find it really unfortunate that in the US of all places, we have to take into consideration the possibility that we will be killed for defending ourselves.

    Escape first.

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  4. Well said. It’s usually interesting to look at situations in hindsight. Your discussion about the early 90’s makes a couple of pretty important points. First, certain things may not be available shortly, so get ’em now. Second, you need what you might use plus a few. And, in the real world not many folks can order mass quantities of stuff… Unfortunately, we’re not in the prepper book where we can order ammunition by the truckload.

    Last week I added to my stock of 30 rounders… As discussed above, ordered in quantity of ten, which works with the household budget. Next, I have to dig through the safe and verify lowers, then uppers and don’t forget parts, sights and such. A couple of other things that bear consideration and based on your situation, might rise to the top it the “get list” are body armor and night vision/thermal…

    Its easy to fall into complacency, even with the screaming and yammering idiots in the background, but realize that, warts and all, Trump may be a temporary break from the truly evil and power mad Progressive Leftists (OK, Reds) that are gathering now to take control, rule over us and help us…

    Of course that help may come through mental health programs (h/t to Matt Bracken) that “help” us get better from our delusions or simply campaigns of incarceration to get us out of society.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but was pissed about eight years of Willie Jeff, decided the GWB was a fraud before the end of his first term and boiled under eight years of Soetero. Trump is a buffoon. But he’s at least not an outright Red or dyed in the wool statist RINO.

    The most optimistic view of the next decade is for it to be shitty and violence marred. And, that’s if things go well.

  5. 1) The 9th Circus Reichsgericht has taken the rag off’n the bush and stand revealed as black robed lickspittles for the DNC.
    2) “The bottom line, ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED’ is pretty cut and dried for those with a moderate education in the English language and some common sense.”
    True dat. Unfortunately clarity of expression and common sense have been rendered irrelevant. Moderate education doesn’t mean what it did as little as 30 years ago. All that matters is the promulgation of the Progressive Agenda, and the whole of “Big Education” has gotten behind it. The Left demands tribute for the requisite document, which entails paying them to spread their pernicious agenda. 56 genders isn’t common sense either.
    3) The exact nature of upcoming events can’t be known, however rifles, ammo, and the skill to use them are relevant to any situation involving WROL.

  6. when the unpleasantries begin, rem that without the head, the body dies.
    and do the bluehats first along with those responsible for the mess.

  7. Thanks for sharing that information and insight from what happened during the 1994 ban. I heard Michael Bane saying that he remembers that the stainless steel AR mags lasted longer during the ban than the aluminum mags. The SS ones are heavier, but less likely to get dented/banged/crushed out of spec when training. Also appreciated the points about how nobody needs to be thinking they are going to take an offensive posture and start something with the government, but as in 1775 any of us anyplace might be forced by defensive circumstances to fight back.
    My one fear is that the liberal politicians who don’t actually know (or like) any LEOs or for that matter do not know or like any citizens who actually have guns will not hesitate to pass bans that of course can not be enforced in any practical way. They would not be able to conceive of, or care enough to think deeply about the unintended consequences of their sweeping bans. They will not be deterred just because of the aggravation and mayhem that would ensue if the government actually tried to force the issue with people who failed to quietly, completely comply. If taking guns away from people who can not legally possess them was a “thing” that could actually be done, drug dealers and gang bangers would not be shooting each other and everyone else all over Philly and Chicago, Baltimore, Little Rock, South Bend, etc, etc.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It gives me a lot to think about in terms of planning and what things I should probably get. I think we should be asking ourselves, “If I can not ever buy any more of “this” for the rest of my entire life, do I have enough already? How much more do I need to have? Can I get that much? Can I get some of that much?” Fortunately, I am old enough that purchasing now enough of various things to literally last the rest of my life is actually practical and something I can do (at least for some things). The spare parts are the gold items to have. The silver items are the ammo and the components for loading. The bronze items are the firearms. Don’t forget the motto, “Go for the gold.”

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