Worst Case Scenario: Alone In SHTF

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Selco definitely gives you some points to ponder if you are a Survivalist planning on going it alone. Lonewolfing it definitely is a last resort. If you have no one else, well then you go it alone. If you have the option to have a partner or a group that you can trust (a big part of it), and you choose to go it alone, you are a fool. Learning how to do things on your own is fine, and I actually recommend it. Even just having one “Battle Buddy” can make all the difference.


Going it Alone… Some Things To Consider.



In one of my recent posts I wrote (answering one reader’s question) about perspectives of surviving SHTF between being alone in urban settings or being in wilderness settings and similar, and just like always, I concluded that it is very hard to survive alone when SHTF especially in urban settings.

I’ve written numerous posts about advantage of having a trusted group when SHTF.

Still I get questions about how to actually survive alone when SHTF, or how to be lone wolf. So it make sense to write a post about it.

Yes, people managed to survive alone when SHTF, but in much lower percentage and at much higher price (and effort).

So, based on the my experiences, of what I saw, and what kind of folks  survived alone (and how). Here’s some advice for all you lone wolves out there:


Mental Strength – Having A Cause


Being alone in hard times gives you much more chances to find yourself without emotional or psychological support when you need it.

SHTF situation will have huge impact on your mental state, your emotional strength, and since you are going to be alone, you will lack that everyday small and big support from your family and friends in group.

Do not underestimate the effect of this. If you forget, over time you may well just turn into an animal, or simply get yourself in a state where you going to make some basic mistake and end up dead.

I was in group during my SHTF, and I had support from other family members, but still I had moments when I had doubts about everything, when I was so deep down that I could not see and sense and reason to move on, I had my own method for coping with that, together with support from close family and friends.

What you can do if you are alone?

Find yourself a cause and purpose in the chaos that will unfold around you.

If you are believer, a religious man (or woman) you may have an advantage here, that can give you strength and sense in everything.

Other things help also, be sure to find out what helps in your case before SHTF, because remember – you are going to be alone with your fears and doubts.

I knew a man who was alone during the SHTF, and he wrote everyday a journal about things that happened around him , he told me later that he started with that without any plan, over some time it became almost ‘sense of everything’, to carefully monitor all what happening and to preserve it in written form. 




I already mention that if you are planning to be alone when SHTF you need to be mobile, very much, what does that mean?

It means that you need to be ready to move more, in any case , much more then if you had a group.

Acquiring information, getting resources, scouting etc etc it all come to you only, you are everything in your survival circle.

That can change lot of things.

For example how much firepower you can have alone in defending your home against invaders, let’s say against 15 invaders?

It simply mean that there is much more chance that you can not defend your home because you are one man, that equals that there is much more chance that you ll be forced to leave (run) from your home.

All that means is that you must be ready to have more. More then one shelter, more than one secret stash with ammo, weapon, food, etc more then one option for almost everything.

You need more options because you are alone.

It is simple- lone wolf needs to pay attention on same things just like any other group of survivalist, but much more and much deeper. Because you will pay for your mistakes much higher, and usually only once and you are gone.




Every survivalist need to have certain skills, group or no group. Lone wolf survivalist need to have skills to, but again on a much deeper level.

He needs to be expert in at least one (Relevant) field.  As a lone wolf you’ll be forced (especially in prolonged SHTF) to form some kind of alliances to get stuff, or simply you’ll be forced to join (for shorter or longer period) to some group.

When all you other „valuables“ are gone (and you have more chances for it to be gone because you are alone) you will have that precious skill as a bartering value. Your skill will be much more important to you because you are alone.

Choose today, before SHTF, some skill that you feel and find best suits you and learn everything about it.

Think about weapon repairing, gardening, medical skill, herbal knowledge…

Become a real master in it.

One more thing about being alone and skills. Simple fact that you are alone asks from you much more effort and skills then having trusted friends or group, and it goes like that for every aspect of survival.

It take much more time to gather firewood, start fire and prepare food for you alone, than if two or three men do that. Not to mention how many skills have three men combined together comparing to one survivalist.

Let me give you example, and it is real life experience based, if two survivalist travel through urban area and decide to spent night or few hours resting in some ruin it is easy more or less, they choose building, check it,and take rest with one man on watch.

If you travel alone, you will look for building, you will do that with more effort, it will take more time, you will look for a bit different type of building because there is one defender (you), you will have to make some traps (warning or killing) which will take more time, and you’ll sleep with „one eye open“ and so on…

As I said, both examples are from my experience and my SHTF. Being alone is not impossible, it simply requires more effort and skills.


Other People and You


You are lone wolf, but you will be forced to deal with other folks, that is for sure. You will come in situation to cooperate with other people, or to trust to other people.

My survival philosophy when it comes to urban survival is that urban SHTF means more people, and more people means more problems, because you’ll have to deal with people more or less in order to survive.

That „dealing with other people“ when you are lone wolf is much more dangerous then dealing with them while you are in group.

It is simply because you are more vulnerable, less protected.

For example if you are going to trade deal it is much more dangerous for you alone to make safe trade setup, as opposed to having you and two more group members with you.

With that in mind you come to the point where you may conclude that you’ll be forced much more to avoid people because you are lone wolf. It is simply safer like that.

There is reason why most of the lone wolves who survived SHTF were kinda weirdos who avoid people.


Aftermath and Consequences


Again let me explain through my experience and my example.

I survived SHTF.

I have PTSD for years, which drives my mind everywhere, from thoughts of ‘reasons for still being on this world’ up to the thoughts of writing the book.

I can say that I am pretty much not capable of living normal everyday life, I cannot stand crowded places, in nice cafes I look for possible exits… in exchange for this pain I am completely sure and ready for another SHTF.

But again that does not give me ease of living normal life, simply I have lost that ability long time ago because I went through SHTF.

I forgot names of people, or streets or places, I even sometimes forget when exactly my kid is born.

But I remember so clear how grown up people cried before they died, gaping wounds and blood that always gave me „how much blood is there“ thoughts, smell of building on fire, crackling noise of fire and glowing that mesmerized me.

And I remember much worse things, they are carved in my brain…

I am all that and I remember all that, even though I had support through my group of family members. We cared about each other, about mental state of each one of us.

I feel sorry for lone wolf survivalist who will survive SHTF, he is going to be mess.

There is reason why most of lone wolfs who survived SHTF were kinda weirdos who avoid people before and have terrible time with the aftermath after…

As you might conclude up to now, there is no magic formula about how to survive alone when SHTF.

Rules of survival are mostly same like being in group, but much harder or sharper in a way, with much less margins for error…


*Toby Comments* – Selco raises a REALLY important point today about the ‘aftermath’.

So many of us are focused on surviving bad times, but we have to think, what ‘price’ will that journey cost?

One of the reasons we do so many of our physical courses in the Balkans is to clearly show people the ‘aftermath’ of such events. Even now, 25 years after the war, you will see people, ‘regular’ people, just wandering in the streets and the towns, still clearly struggling with what they went through. It is ‘normal’ in this area.

Every village, every town, has the people that are ‘known’ (by the locals) to be ‘still fighting the war in their mind’, to visiting outsiders it is a often shocking, very clear and sobering indicator of the cost of living through terrible times… This is an aspect you cannot afford to overlook.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


Radiation’s Effects And Materials To Mitigate Them

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How many of you remember “Dr Strangelove”?

While in conversation with a friend the other night, he mentioned the two previous posts that were published on this blog, and asked if more topics could be discussed. I advised him that there were more in the works, and it was just time constraints that limited their release. Today we will talk about what types of radiation are of concern in a nuclear war context, what kind of a threat they are and for how long, and ways to mitigate those effects. Throughout all this information we will put out about radiation protection, the three basic things to keep in mind that you can use to protect yourself from radiation are Distance, Time, and Shielding.


Generally speaking, there are three types of radiation that we are concerned about. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The Alpha Radiation/particle is the least dangerous realistically, but it is still a concern. The effects it has can be mitigated by 1 inch of air, a layer of common clothing, and even your skin to a degree. The place where Alpha Radiation can cause you damage is if you ingest it, whether through inhaling or swallowing it. It can cause serious issues with internal organs it comes into contact with. A tightly sealed bandanna, commercial dust respirator or gas mask will inhibit the inhalation part, and cleaning your food off will generally stop the swallowing it part. Keep in mind though, the Alpha particle is 20 times more damaging to human tissue (in contact) than an equal amount of Gamma radiation/rays.

Beta Radiation is more of a concern, but it is usually stopped by 10 inches of air, or several layers of clothing. As with the Alpha particles, Beta’s are also a concern if ingested, and the commercial respirator or gas mask still applies for that concern. Although regular clothing in layers will usually defeat Beta particles, I suggests using a heavy commercial rain suit (pants and hooded jacket will work, but the “overall” type pants with a jacket or a trench coat type jacket with regular pants will work better for the overlap these combos provide), heavy rubber over boots, and gauntlet style rubber gloves (all this was talked about in this post) will help with a speedy decontamination when you arrive back at your home/retreat. You simply get brushed off then sprayed off in a designated decontamination area with a water hose.

Gamma Radiation is the big killer in a nuclear fallout context. Unhindered by a barrier, Gama particles have a range of a 1/2 mile. The way to defeat or mitigate the effects of Gamma radiation is to not be anywhere near it, or to use different types of material to shield against it. The radiation output measurement is called Gray (Gy) or Rad (R) and is measure by the hour.


Remember this Soviet funded  anti-nuke BBC production? I do. It was on TV and host by that POS Maury Povich in the summer of ’84. Make it look unsurvivable and no one will prepare for it. Unfortunately, by that time, I had read Nuclear War Survival Skills and knew the movie was BS.


The “Rad” term is an older one (old US system), and 1 Gray(Gy) equals 100 Rad (R). The term REM stands for “Roentgen Equivalent Man” is generally equal to the same amount as a RAD (1 Rad= 1 REM). The REM is the older US system’s nomenclature for dose received and 100 REM’s  are equal to 1 Sievert (Sv). Both REM and Sievert are a measurement of the dose received by the individual. 1 Sievert equals 100 REM in dose, 1 Gray equals 100 Rads in radiation measurements per hour.   If you are told the radiation level is 1,000R (10 Gy), that means it is 1,000 Rads (10 Gy) in an hour. If you are told the dose received is 1,000R (10 Sv), it means the person received 1,000 REM (10 Sv), and if that person was exposed to that dose for 3 hours, it would not be 1,000 REM (10 Sv), but 3,000 REM (30 Sv).


In this instance, you’d substitute Sieverts (Sv) for Gray (Gy), and if you are using the older standard US system, you’d take the Gy amount and multiply by 100 for the REM quantity.

Here’s another chart in my notes that will give you an idea of what happens after you are exposed to a given amount of radiation in a given time period.

Doses are listed as REM.

  • 0-70=  Dose period/6-12 hours. No effects to slight incidents of headache, nausea, vomiting. Up to 5%. No medical care required.
  • 70-150= Dose period/2-20 hours. Same as above, from 5-30% effected. Some medical care might be required.
  • 150-300= Dose period/2hrs-2 days. 20-70% percent same as above. Fatigue and weakness in 25-60% of personnel. 5% deaths at low end, 10% at high end.
  • 300-530= Dose period/2hrs-3 days. 50-90% as above. Fatigue and weakness in 50-90%. At low end 10% deaths, at high end 50% deaths
  • 530-830= Dose period/2hrs- 2 days, 80-100% of personnel with moderate to severe nausea and vomiting. 2hrs- 6 weeks, moderate to severe fatigue and weakness in 90-100%. 50% dead in 6 weeks at low end, 99% dead in 3 weeks at high end
  • 830-3000=Dose period/30mins to 2 days, severe nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, disorientation, and moderate to severe fluid imbalance and headache. 100% death in 5 days to 3 weeks
  • 3000-8000= Dose period/30mins to 5 days, 100% experience severe nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, disorientation, fluid imbalance, and headache. 100% death in 2-3 days
  • Greater than 8000= Dose period/30mins to 1 day, severe and prolonged nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, disorientation, fluid imbalance and headache. 100% death in 1 day

Understanding The Half Life of gamma radiation.

There is a basic rule that applies to the effectiveness of radiation, this is called the “Rule of Sevens”. “Half-Life” is the term used to measure the amount of time required for the radioactivity being generated to be cut in half. When measuring Gamma radiation, we use the “Rule of Seven”. In a nut shell this means that for any given amount of radiation, a time span of seven will reduce that radiation to 10% of the quantity previously measured (it will be reduced 90%).

If we start with an example of 2000R in your area one hour after a detonation (H+1), within 7 hours, the radiation level will be reduced to 200R. After 49 hours (approx 2 days), the radiation is reduced to 20R, and after 14 days (two weeks), it will be reduced to 2R. Finally after 98 days ( approx 3 months) it is at 2/10R. Note that the chart above does not measure below a dose rate of 1Gy/1Sv (100 R/100REM). Although there would be trouble spots where fallout would have collected, for the most part, you are relatively safe to come out of the shelter after two weeks in all but the worst hit areas. If you are in those areas, I think you probably would have had a more immediate concern from the initial blast damage, than the radiation.

Blocking Radiation

So now we’re all depressed because we realize what radiation will do to our bodies, let’s talk about how we’re gonna stop it. We’ve already talked about how to block the radioactive Alpha and Beta particles from harming us internally and externally with protective apparel, but one other thing to mention in this regard is potassium iodide (KI) tablets. These are to be taken 48 hours prior to a possible exposure to Alpha and Beta particles due to ingestion or inhalation (they don’t help with external radiation exposure).


I purchased these here

It’s good to have them on hand in case you won’t have the ability to block the inhalation or ingestion of Alpha or Beta particles with some type of respirator, but KI does have numerous side effects that are possible after being taken. Also, KI is not recommended for people over the age of 40, due to side effects affecting the thyroid that are possible.


OK, so now we are going to shelter in place, and we need to build or add to a shelter, whether it is a shelter within a building, or making the whole building into a shelter. What are some common materials that are available to us for use in our shelter.

We will talk about a number of readily available materials and what radiation shielding capabilities they have. First up is air.

AIR– Distance is your friend when it comes to radiation. To cut the output of radiation in half, you need 200 feet of air/space. This 200 feet of distance will halve whatever Rad or Gray count is emanating from the source of the radiation. Using an uncontaminated parking garage basement that you decide to build a shelter in as an example. If you have 200 feet of air between you and the outside, discounting any other material (steel, concrete, etc) the radiation level is cut in half with that 200 feet of distance. Different types of architecture (high rises) will assist with this.

DIRT– It requires 3.3 inches of dirt to halve the amount of radiation that is put out from a source outside the shelter. If you have an outside radioactive source, 12 inches of dirt will reduce the radiation to 1/10th of the original output, 23″ to 1/100th, and 33″ to 1/1,000th of the outside radiation output.

WOOD– Wood will reduce the effects of outside radiation to 1/10th with 35″, 1/100th with 58″. and 1/1,000th with 88″. The halving thickness is 8.8″.

STEEL– Steel’s radiation reduction is as follows: 1/10th is 2.3″, 1/100th is 5″, and 1/1,000th is 7″. The halving thickness is .7″.

CONCRETE– 10 inches of concrete will block 1/10th of the outside radiation, 15 inches blocks 1/100th, and 23 inches blocks 1/1,000th. The halving thickness is 2.2″.

PAPER– the protection books and magazines provide equals 1/10th with 28 inches, 1/100th with 54 inches, and 1/1,000th with 77 inches. The halving thickness is 7.7″

WATER– Something like a waterbed in the room above might be factored into your protection. Water provides 1/10th the exposure with 19 inches, 1/100th the exposure with 30 inches, and 1/1,000th with 48 inches. The halving thickness is 4.8″.

In case you didn’t notice, the denser and heavier a substance is for a given size (example 1 cubic foot) the better the protection and shielding from radiation.

In the next nuke series post, we’ll talk about using some of the materials listed above to build shelters out of your home, within your home, and in a building you might get caught in or in the open after a blast.


 Expedient shelter, page 101, chapter 14 of Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny


The Insanity Of Thinking “It’ll Be Different This Time”


I watched a video earlier this week (from May 2016) that just reinforced my belief that the majority of the nation’s overt “militia” groups are just in it for the kudos of “Look how ‘Operator’ I am.”, or “Look at our ‘bad ass’ training.”. Why else would any group in this country calling itself a ‘militia”, give some “journalist” from Canada the time of day, let alone do a video of their training and members?

There are some interesting quotes I will cite that make it all too clear what the interviewer was trying to illicit in this video. If not, why would he have left them in while it was being edited? If you are part of a group (whether Survivalist or militia), it’s simple, YOU DO NOT ALLOW INTERVIEWS OR DOCUMENTARIES! You might say, “But JC, what if they say they want to put a good spin on our group?” To that I say one of two things will happen. 1) It is a lie and they will make you look like violent, “racist” idiots WITH GUNS, or 2) It will never see the light of “Airing” on any media outlet if they can’t edit it to give that spin.


Here you have a guy that plans on fighting as a squad member with his mosin nagant? I don’t care if you are good with a bolt gun. A rifleman in a “squad” with a bolt gun cannot perform his job effectively.

Here’s a quote from Joellen Vinyard in the video,


“A lot of ‘em are ex military men, and they see themselves as a paramilitary organization. They see themselves as a militia, hearkening back to the days of the colonial militia, and getting their authority from the early um, you know, constitutional era, and so it’s part of their persona.”

Well first off Joellen, most of the “overt” militia personnel that I’ve seen are not “Ex military”. Most are civilians that never served and are now doing the militia thing because they wish they had served back in the day, but didn’t have the mental or physical motivation or guts to do the “hard thing” then ( I find those that are youngsters of the 18-22 year old variety who want to be in the militia, but not the military to be either lazy and/or gutless hypocrites) . They are also the ones who were too busy with “their life”, and didn’t want to be bothered. Then there are the types who want to be “overt” militia, because it is in vogue now to look “Operator” on facebook.

Is this “judging” them? I guess, but it is also fact, based on observations I’ve made of those within the “overt” militia that I have interacted with. If you do this stuff now having not gone in the military (then or now) because you were physically disqualified, fine. If you are just “playing militia”, like he says in the video, you are a joke to those that have put the effort in (the military) and who actually sacrificed a lot, and not just when it was just convenient.  I have a few friends that have gotten involved in that type of stuff (joined a defensive group) over the last 30 years, and I am more than willing to show them “The ropes” because they aren’t just a bunch of “Has been wanna be’s”. They tried getting into the military to “do it for real”, and were told “No”.

Here’s another quote from her,

“It’s hard to make a case for arming, of people who are afraid and don’t trust each other. It’s, it’s dangerous for them to be armed because they can misperceive an action, I think. It makes them feel safer, but in the end I think it makes them much less safe.”

I find Miss Vinyard’s lack of understanding, concerning “arming”, to be disconcerting. It’s disconcerting because she is either a complete ignoramus concerning the inherent rights (with a corresponding duty) all people have to own protection (2nd amendment or not), or she is trying to make a case for gun control (the more likely of the two), by giving her academic (obviously not “expert”) opinion. Concerning the “safety” aspect, being armed not only makes us (the civilian populace) feel safer, but it makes those in power feel less powerful.


I wonder if the went over “remedial action drills” with him?

This is an interesting quote from the “Vice” interviewer,

“I heard a lot of scary things about the Michigan militia before I came down here. The interesting thing is we actually just found a lot of dudes in the woods, playing “militia”, shooting their guns and actin’ like army men, but the one thing we knew for sure, this type of group, they’re not alone and they’re all over America, and the insane thing is they’re only growing and some of these exact same types of groups, they’re pretty dangerous.”

This is the perception of the media, most of the public, and a number of people in the government. One of the reasons this is the perception of those groups of people is due to the media conducting hit pieces like this video (the first one I ever saw was on 20/20 about Survivalist groups when I was around 14 years old).




My question is “Can ‘Fluffy Dog’ even reach any of the gear on that belt?”


There’s probably room for at least two more name tapes, and at least one more “pistol in a pocket” on this guy.


Here’s how a former Air Force NCO turned “militia commander (Kernal)” presented himself to Congress in 1995. “Fruit Salad” on BDU’s…what a joke.

The perception of preparedness groups, whether Survivalist or militia (they are usually not the same thing), by the media is BAD! It is a skewed reality based on their idea of how a perfect world should be. The only realistic perception they have of the real world is how their side is winning the propaganda war. That is all they care about. That, and being on the “winning” side.

The media, in whatever form, will use the ideals or loyalties (misplaced or not) of whatever person (in this case Vinyard and Ellison) or group (ADL, SPLC, etc.) they can to forward their agenda. They find groups like the one depicted in this video that are all to eager to talk or pose on the screen and show how “bad ass” or “patriotic” they are.


Here’s a quoted conversation between the Vice interviewer and Congressman Keith Ellison,

Vice: “I’ll be honest, there wasn’t very much color among them. They were primarily white guys, but they were up in the woods. They had AR15’s, they had HIGH POWER WEAPONS!”

Ellison: “These are white guys in the woods in rural communities, there’s no body, there’s, there’s, there’s no mexicans taking their jobs, there’s no mexicans. There’s no african Americans taking their jobs, there’s no african Americans. Who are they afraid of? What I find fascinating and I can’t give you the answer for is why they’re so hostile, so violent and so paranoid. I don’t get it, I don’t get that, and I can’t tell you why. If you get a bunch of black guys together, the label “gang” will be slapped on them pretty fast. If you get a bunch of muslim guys together, the label “terrorist” will get that label, that label will get slapped on them pretty fast.”

Keep in mind,  Keith Ellison wanted to reopen a branch of DHS called “The Office of Extremism”. When it comes to his remarks about black groups being called “gangs” or muslim groups being called “terrorists”, all I can say is this to the congressman. All but a small number of black groups are gangs because criminal enterprise is their primary objective. All by a small number of muslim groups are called “terrorist” because they are actively supporting and/or training to forward their islamic agenda through violence against innocent targets.


A lot of you out there have this rule about “Never talkin’ to cops”, but you fail abysmally in the “Talkin’ to the media” or putting stupid crap about your group and your “maneuvers” out on facebook part. If you follow some simple guidelines, you can’t go wrong.

  1. Don’t ever talk to the media about what you are doing, who you are, and how big your group is.
  2. Stay away from those who want to draw attention to themselves publicly. Social Media Commandos are notorious for this, and usually draw the worst kind of people and attention.
  3. You are not the military, so quit trying to act like you are. Civilian groups have an advantage over the military in the organizational structures they can use, but at the same time, don’t reinvent the wheel. Quit making yourself look like a wanna be, especially in public. You don’t need rank and anyone in your group that says you do is probably an aspiring “Field Marshal” of the planetary scale. If you guys don’t know who’s in charge, and who’s callin’ the shots, you have more problems than what you pin on their collar.
  4. Find Veterans that have Combat Arms experience to teach you what you need to know about small unit tactics, group defense etc. Although they do not have to be combat Veterans, it would be nice if they were, and hopefully they were Non Commissioned Officers (Sergeant or above). By the way, the training you receive does not have to come from a known tactical trainer. Although I like teaching people how to properly perform SUT and giving them a foundation of solid fundamentals , I also understand that some people just can’t afford it in time or money.
  5. Perform PT to the highest level you are physically capable of. You know what that level is so don’t cheat yourself. Always strive to get better. Have realistic goals. The only one to lose will be you and your loved ones when your strength, speed and/or stamina is needed most.

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but decided not to post it because it usually gets billed as “Oh great, JC is talkin’ crap about the militia again.”. The reason I’m posting it now is that although you might think it’s “talkin’ crap”, the bottom line is it’s true. I might be a dick about it (if you think that, you were obviously never in the military), but I will point you in the direction you should go if you’re serious about learning the skills to keep you alive, and I won’t make it into an infomercial about my business while I’m at it. It’s not about me, it’s about all of us.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE






Mainstream Sedition?


Imagine that, a FORMER BooHOo Dept of Defense official by the name of Rosa Brooks suggests that a military coup is the only option left to oust “One of the most divisive Presidents in American history”. Here’s a clue FORMER official Brooks. President Trump is not being divisive, he’s doing what he told us he’d do (he’s being honest). You are one of the typical sore losers who can’t get past the fact that your precious sHillary LOST. You guys have tried everything to keep President Trump from winning, then being sworn in, but to no avail.

Now you want to suggest the military will need to intercede in the Trump Presidency? I guess you’re not a “Facts based” logic type, right? If the military was ever going to intercede in what a President was doing, it would have happened during the pResidency of barrack hussain obama, aka barry soetoro, aka, communist, aka “the bowing muslim”, aka LYING POS. The military and hard working, responsible Americans suffered through eight years of that turdburglar, and didn’t do anything that even suggested a coup.

You along with your MSM acolytes have crossed a line that is actually illegal, and it’s called “sedition”.

1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
3. Archaic. rebellious disorder.

If you were doing this out of a sense patriotism, morality, or decency (not your skewed “alinskyesque” idea of them), it would be understandable. No, it is being done purely because your side lost. You’re a sycophant to the serial ne’er-do-well  Barry of ISIS, and you imbeciles couldn’t imagine sHillary losing, let alone having a plan to deal with that eventuality ( that’s why everything you’re doing now is ad hoc). Wanna know what the status quo in the military is right now, at least with Combat Arms units? This video of a Navy Seal convoy gives a good summation of how the large majority of Combat Arms guys feel about having President Trump as Commander in Chief.

Couple that with the thoughts of a large majority of the Vets out there, and I’d say the chances of your suggestion actually happening is about the same as the lifespan of a snowflake hitting a hot griddle.

President Trump has not only said what he was going to do, but hit the ground doing it on hour one of day one. So far, he has shown us that he is a man of his word, and definitely makes most of us realize that having anybody in any office for more than two or three terms (career politicians and 3 is being generous) is probably not in our best interest, because POLITICIANS SUCK IT in more ways than one.

The best thing President Trump can do right now is concentrate on cleaning out the nest of vipers in government that will bite him when he really starts rolling back the New World Order train. Government officials that are putting out personal opinion about President Trump’s new policies using their position or title (on social media) need be removed from the position. The left had no problem with MObama removing Generals who were honest with him concerning whether they would follow an illegal order if he issued it.

Understand that violently acting out or blocking traffic at events is doing nothing but making the responsible, law abiding public want to re-enforce any response by law enforcement. The moment you cross the line of using violence or being a safety threat, every one of the people doing it need to be shown what real force is, such as this video, (BTW, I’d give that first “bouncer” a 7.5 on the “bounce scale” LOL.)

We are in for a bumpy ride on a river that probably ends with a water fall. Make sure you have all the training, preps and plans ready for that eventuality. If you are not training to the highest possible level you are physically capable of, you are wrong. If you are not preparing to the greatest level you are financially capable of, you are wrong. For a lot of you, the snowstorm is coming, and you are barefoot in your skivvies. Knowing tactical skills is great, but if you are not also a student of gathering realistic logistics in depth, and learning old world practical skills, you will end up as a refugee, or a bad guy.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



The Nuke-O-Spot Report

Re-Post from MDSA


In the last post we discussed personal protective equipment for the nuclear environment. This post concerns having a way to communicate a nuclear explosion in your area via HAM or whatever other commo device you might have available. This is modeled after the the military’s NBC reporting format, but is different and more specific just for a nuclear situation. The reason I set it up that way is simple. If this info makes it’s way back to the military or government through civilian channels, it will be easier for them to convert it into a report to send higher up the chain without having to totally reconstruct or interpret the reports.


OK, so let’s go through the “Nuke-O-Spot 1 Report” step by step. If the right column is blacked out, it does not get filled in on that specific report. NOTE: If a letter is skipped, it was for the chem or bio part of the original military report template, and doesn’t relate to the nuclear section.  B- Where are you? Find out on a map or GPS what your location is and make sure you list the type of coords you’re using. C- Using your compass, what direction is the blast in? D- Usually, this will be as follows “DDMMMYY, and 24 hour time format with your time zone (that’s important) listed after the number. G- Self explanatory.  H- Was it up in the sky, or close to the ground when it went off? J- Count “one thousand one, one thousand two…..” and take that times 330 to give you the distance in meters. You only need to put the time between the flash and bang in this block though.  L- Use the finger scale below as your measurement guide in Mils., and take the width measurement 5 minutes after detonation. This is an approximation. M- A fist held straight away from the body with arm extended is approximately 150 Mils,. take the height measurement 1 minute after detonation. Just measure the height by how many stacked fists it is. This is an approximation. O- If you can’t take the height measurement at H+1 (or you take another measurement) reference the date/time of blast (H+0), and the height in mils or degree. Example at H+15 the height is 4 fists (approx. 600 mils) high.   Q- When taking a radiation reading, put the location coordinates, or the name of the location (town, major intersection, etc.).  R- Dose rate of the radiation in Rads or Gray measurements. See the chart below.  S- The date and time group that the reading was taken.




The “Nuke-O-Spot 2 Report” is basically a compilation of multiple N-O-S 1 Reports at an “Info Hub”. Here’s how it works. A- This number is assigned by the group compiling the info   D- Same as N-O-S 1.   F- The Info Hub will use the multiple N-O-S 1 reports to triangulate the location of the detonation.  G- Same as N-O-S 1 reports.  H- Same as N-O-S 1 reports.  N- If the Info Hub has the capability to determine yield by using the cloud height and width information.  P- Info Hub uses weather/winds aloft reports to determine the direction of fallout.  Z- The Info Hub will use the weather/winds aloft report to determine and report the speed of the fallout cloud.




There are enough HAM operators (AMRRON maybe) out there to be able to pass this info on to those that can disseminate it to those who need it most and can determine countermeasures. My suggestion is to find a HAM operator in your region that was an NBC specialist in the military, and use him or her as your Info Hub to feed N-O-S 1 reports to. There are plenty of NBC FM’s out there to figure a good bit of this out for yourself. Your group should understand and be able to apply this info for the group’s protection. NOTE: Winds aloft can change directions about every 2,000 feet, and this is why a fallout pattern does not always have a circular or oval shape. Keep this in mind if you are trying to predict the fallout pattern.


I while back, a friend asked me to put this format out. I have finally gotten around to it, because I think it might be needed in the near future, considering the direction certain national and international players are leaning. Hopefully it won’t be needed, but you know what they say, “Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.


Even “Vault Boy” from the game “Fallout 4” knows how to use the “Rule of Thumb”. If the mushroom cloud is wider than the thumb, seek cover immediately. If not, you have a little time.