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I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Better Things, Or, Doing Versus Talking

IMG_0530So I’ve had a lot of recent emails asking a lot of questions…several boiling down to Just Where the Heck Have You Been????

In short, I’ve been getting my family more off-grid ready than we already were. My family includes my closest friends and my neighbors; people that really matter in the long run. I’ve been working hard in the meatspace. I’ve been organizing folks, locally, and sizing up resources. Not in a militant sense- but just strengthening bonds. I’ve broke down the barriers with neighbors that I just didn’t have the time previously to get to know as well as I should have, being surprised at just how many really do come out of the woodwork. And most important, I’ve tried to get better with the Lord. I’ve a had a lot more fun too.

The world seems to be headed down the tubes. Ol’ Kimchi is lobbing shots at Guam or wherever else, folks are getting frisky at home, people are parading with tiki torches, trashcan lids or pro-commie signs, take your pick- it’s all the same parade in the streets. Everyone wants a war and nobody cares about the cost. One guy even complained to me that “we” appear to be tone-deaf, whoever the “we” is supposed to be, to the goings-on of the world here in this ‘blogosphere’, as if such a thing actually matters. Quite the opposite, actually.

I know it’s all going straight to hell, it’s nothing new and it’s what many have been saying for a long, LONG time. We are a nation under Judgement. Don’t focus on the big picture. You can’t fix it. But you can fix your own situation locally. You can meet the good folks next door. You can meet the good folks raising their own food and selling it at the farmer’s market. You can meet the good folks owning the micro brewery and hosting the beer festivals. You can meet the guys testing the handloads at the range and swapping numbers. You can lane coach the couple struggling to zero that new AR while you’re at that range. You can talk to like-minded people on the radiowaves, like I do with my friends. You can go to church, even if it’s not ‘your’ denomination, just to meet people who live and do in your community. It doesn’t do anyone any good to simply read what they want to hear, channeling some useless venom that doesn’t do anything other than cause more of a problem- thus I stay above it, as do the wise. More often than not the stuff is written by people who can’t do, hence why they complain.

Get out there and do it, whatever it is. Stop making it a hobby and start making it a lifestyle. Take care of home and hearth along with your close ones, and don’t forget those close by. Even if you think they’re a lost cause, people will surprise you, with a lot more folks into this preper thing than you realize- with a lot of folks not calling it that. You can learn from them, and they you. And with every hurricane, earthquake or human disaster, more good people wake up. Those late to the game tend to prep even harder, because they’ve got even stronger motivation. Go drop a deer or two this fall, learn how to skin game, make sausage and fill a freezer without spending a bunch of money. Teach your kids the joy of eating wild. IMG_0410And while you’re at it, start figuring out ways to work independent of a grid- find out how folks did stuff back in the days before consistent power.

Take this laundry stove for example- too small to be of efficient heating use and was used as a lamp stand until sold to me for pennies for the purpose of doing all the things it’s really meant for, like heating water off-grid from the wrap-around pot belly hot water tank and being able to efficiently cook on small amounts of wood at the same time. We can fry, pressure can, and have hot water as long as we have wood- which we’ll never run out of- on top of having several commodities for barter should the need for such arise. How many people have the ability to pressure can off-grid? How many have the ability to pressure can anyway?

I don’t plan on simply surviving, miserably, out of a ‘bugout bag’ or non-stop running and gunning like a Jerry Ahern fantasy. Living out of a ruck ain’t fun, and you can’t do it indefinitely. Neither is learning how to take care of your family after the fact. Figure out ways to move to a more sustainable lifestyle. Get with other folks in your community, locally. And take a lot of what you ‘see’ on the internet with a big grain of salt. Don’t forget to enjoy life a bit while you’re at it.

Stuff to think about.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


An Interesting Perspective On Reasons To Join The National Guard.

Here is a post I actually found by accident. The guy who runs this blog put links to both of my “Infantry Common Tasks” posts and I always check out a site or an article my links were included in before I approve it in comments. Something to pay attention to in this post relates to some things that I and some others have mentioned, regarding you and people in your group joining the National Guard. In the US, reservists are not combat arms, they are support units, and are a Federal organization designed to augment Federal military support units as an auxiliary (no commandos or Infantry in the Federal Reserves no matter what some jackass might tell you).

The National Guard, while being a State entity, can be used by the state (natural disaster response, riot control, etc.) or federalized as has been shown many times, but it is organized and funded by the State (with some Federal assistance). The National Guard has every Combat Arms MOS within it, and within those units are multiple support MOS’s at the Company level that are needed to complete the unit (medic, supply, NBC, Commo, Armorer, cooks, etc.). For example: Special Forces (18 series), Airborne, LRS, Infantry (11 series), Cav/Armor (14 and 19 series), Artillery (13 series), and Engineer (21 series) are all in the NG. This doesn’t even point out all the support MOS’s needed to round out the overall unit at the Battalion level or higher.

Do I have a problem with a guy who wants to get training from the Tactical Trainers out there? Of course not. That would be like cutting off my nose to spite my face. My issue is those who want to “play soldier” and think that “If I get enough training on the weekends, I will be a Light Infantryman.” (this is exacerbated by some trainers out there who forward this idea, simply to make money off of those types of people).

You wanna go out and do “militia” training one weekend a month? Why not get paid to do it after an initial 4 month training block (for the Infantry MOS, others are different in time required) that your employer cannot fire you for doing? That’s right, according to ESGR regs an employer cannot fire you for any time off needed to do any training or deployments while a member of any Reserve/NG component unit, and if they penalize the employee, they get hammered by the Feds. I have heard a few guys say, “But if I’m gone that long, my girlfriend/Wife won’t be around when I get back.”, and to that I say, if that’s true, you need a different Wife/girlfriend anyway.

You wanna get your group squared away? Do as SFC Barry has mentioned before and have them join the same NG unit and get Infantry (or whatever combat arms MOS is in that state), supply, commo, NBC and medical training, then be able to train together once a month while getting paid to do it. Hell, you wanna “Play Commando”, the 19th and 20th NG Special Forces have units all over the country in 15 different states.

Think about this. You get your group in the same Combat Arms unit and train once a month on those tasks with the unit, then you guys train once a month on your own Survivalist skillsets you want to become proficient in. How squared away would that group be? By the way, can you think of a better place to recruit group members (after a watch and listen period) than in a Combat Arms NG unit? Also, you would have the opportunity to go to whatever Army schools are available to the Combat Arms MOS that you fall under such as Mountain Warfare, Air Assault, Airborne, Pathfinder, Army Combatives (multi-tier hand to hand courses) and the NCO academies, just to name a few. These are schools you can’t even get in the civilian world, let alone what they would cost you if you could, and you’d have to do it on YOUR time off from work.

Here’s one of the problems I see groups like militias having with going down this path. Those guys would actually have to start at the bottom and earn their way up, and they’d have to listen instead of talk. No “Insta-Kernals”. No, “Well it says here in the Ranger Handbook….” from those who have never used it in a real training context. No more, “Well the Youtube video shows…..” and the video is from an equally unskilled or less than knowledgeable “militia ranger”.

Joining a NG Combat Arms unit would be real world immersion training that can be dangerous, and you would have to actually commit to a period of time that you would be on the line (weren’t some militias actually at some protest/riots, and now they’re askin’ for money to support them going to more? They’d have gotten paid to be there if deployed with the NG, but the kicker is they wouldn’t have been callin’ the shots), and you might actually be called to do your Combat Arms job for real, and most aren’t willing to do that unless it’s convenient, and combat never is.

You guys want to be a Constitutional Militia, but then say, “I don’t like the current Governor (or President), so I wouldn’t follow their commands.”. Then you try to impress everyone by sayin’ “We were workin’ with law enforcement.” (wonder where their orders came from?), or “We tried to work with law enforcement, but they turned us down.”.  You’d better re-read what the militia acts originally espoused, because if you say you’re “Constitutional Militia”, then by God, be “CONSTITUTIONAL MILITIA”! This is one of the reasons I recommend you DON’T call yourself “militia”, Constitutional or otherwise. For example, if you are following the rules as a “Constitutional Militia” in PA, you don’t have the option of tellin’  that socialist Governor Tom Wolf to shove it up his ass, do you?

This post isn’t a “You need to join the NG or you are nothing but a POS.” post. It is about presenting some options that came to mind because of the post I reposted here. Do you need to join the NG to be a well rounded Survivalist? No. Are you a hypocrite if you are a member of your local militia that claims Constitutional authority, but are not/never were willing to join the NG if physically able? Yes.

For most of the militia members that I have seen that have no former mil service, or are not prior Combat Arms service members, they want to do the cool “Combat Arms” stuff (look at me, I’m an “operator” even though I never was when I was in the mil), without the “baggage” of the commitment or the threat of actually having to do it real world. Most don’t start at the bottom (does a militia unit actually even have “Privates”?), and they usually get to have an immediate say in what’s going on (they don’t have to listen without being heard like an enlisted soldier would), which is a scary prospect in and of itself.

By the way, pay close attention in this article to the info about the British Soldiers that got hemmed up over their extra curricular activities.


Greetings men-

The following article is by contributor Michael Gladius, and is on a topic that is very germane to the site’s focus.

Many of those of our mindset struggle with figuring out the best course to set in life, knowing the lands we most care about are facing anarchy and violence in the near future, and knowing those governments (in Western Europe at least) are deathly opposed to anyone questioning their radical policies and ideology, which are leading to that impending anarchy.

Mr. Gladius’s article- as well as the relevant story I link to below it- is a thought provoking treatise on one such possible path.

Why Preservationists Should Join The Military Reserves

by Michael Gladius

Not everybody can be an activist, especially on the right. The left-wing activists have more sponsors and wealthier sponsors than the right has, and they have been doing this for far longerRight-wingers need to ask permission from the state to do anything, whereas left-wingers can act with impunity, protected by the police power of the government. Right-wingers need months to plan a rally, whereas leftist thrall-masters can summon a riot within hours. When it comes to virtually all conventional methods of power, the left holds a near-monopoly.

So what can the right do? There are already several successful activist groups, particularly Generation Identitaire and its various iterations, but for various reasons many patriots cannot get involved with these activist groups on a regular basis.

The answer lies in the army reserves. If European patriots joined the reserves en masse, the balance of power would shift dramatically in our favor.

Military 1

What are the reserves?

War is expensive, and standing armies are a massive drain on a nation’s resources. For peaceful nations, small nations, or poor nations these costs are prohibitive. Even bigger and wealthier countries would prefer to spend as little as possible on their militaries, unless they are at war. The reserves are a way to balance out the need for a large body of trained soldiers with the desire for a small, inexpensive army. When a man joins the reserves, he goes through basic training, same as a full-time soldier. When he finishes training, he returns to civilian life and is required to drill once a month. In time of war, he may be re-activated, and called up for duty. When this happens, he normally undergoes a period of a few months to refresh his skills before being deployed.

Switzerland is famous for mandating military training for its entire population (which I personally think should be copied across the West). Being a small, peaceful country, it has maintained a policy of iron neutrality for 500 years through this system. Other examples throughout history include the Spartans, Romans, Germans, Israelis, and Boers. The Israelis in 1948 and the Boers in 1899 are the most suitable for our scenario today. This will be the subject of a future article.

military 4

Advantages of joining the reserves

In a military, there are combat units, auxiliary units, and a chain of command to ensure these are coordinated and organized. Basic training varies from country to country, but is generally no shorter than 3 months. Compare this to gun clubs and tactical schools in the United States and Europe, which normally only offer classes on weekends (many of them will, however, offer courses for law enforcement personnel on weekdays… hint hint). These basic skills are highly perishable, and require time and qualified teachers in order to be effectively ingrained.

Link one:

Link two:

The first advantage of joining the reserves is that patriots do not have to quit their jobs to join. Once training is complete, reservists will return home, and pick up where they left off. It would be impractical for every European patriot to join the army full-time, but this is not the case with the reserves.

The second advantage of joining the reserves is legitimacy. It may seem odd to join the armies of the nation-states conspiring to replace us and our way of life, but the left has no qualms about milking the state for money and wielding its conventional power. Neither should we. If the right breaks away from the nation state, then we are only another gang in a lawless landscape. If the nation-state collapses, the gangs will survive, but so long as the state remains, the left will ensure that it hunts us down first. By joining the reserves, we will show our loyalty to our nations (if not the politicians running them), and be able to claim legitimate use of force against lawless Islamo-leftists. If we are reservists, then the state cannot declare war on itself without consuming itself and rendering itself irrelevant.

The third advantage of joining the reserves is the need for effective leadership. The right currently lacks a unified command structure, outside of activist groups. Contrary to common perception, the many activist groups on the left are not centrally controlled. Each is capable of independent action, while simultaneously having an efficient and effective communication network that allows collaboration and co-conspiracy. If one leftist group throws a protest, the others join in, even if their goals are only tangentially related.military 5

By joining the reserves, the right can organically develop command structures on a regional basis (i.e., among fellow reservists and police/fire volunteers in our hometowns). Having a decentralized, localized command structure like this will enhance our own legitimacy, while also allowing the scattered groups to come together for larger actions. These small, scattered groups will need to maintain connections to right-wing activist groups, in order to both inform and be informed of changes as they occur.

The fourth advantage of joining the reserves is that the state pays for it, not us. The left is bankrolled and sponsored by banks, the merchant class, large financial institutions, and taxpayer dollars. The right is not. By joining the reserves, we will be able to train and prepare at the state’s expense, and save our private funds for other projects. Plus, reservists’ pay/stipend can supplement the patriot’s income handsomely.

The last advantage of joining the reserves is that it can serve as a tool for cultural revival. From the beginning of time, men have always been the warriors. Womanhood happens automatically, manhood does not. Young men are usually more enthusiastic about fighting than the elders, and need rites of passage into manhood. The modern state of affairs does not offer anything to satisfy this need. We on the right must fill it in, day by day.

At a local level, reservists can offer fraternity to Europe’s young men. Even those who do not join the reserves due to age or infirmity can still help by hosting and mentoring these youth. Ideally, patriots would take turns hosting get-together’s for fellow reservists and their families, and nurture/emphasize the importance of patriarchy, family, tribe, and local culture (I would also highly recommend basing volunteer groups around Churches, as the Deacons for Defense were in the 1960s). This process will take time, and can’t be accelerated. Frequent gatherings are better than large gatherings, as is the case with all forms of training.

military 7


When the war finally starts, those who are trained and have the keys to the armory will need to know each other, be organized, have an established chain of command, if we are to offer effective resistance against the legions of Islam. Like Germanic Hunns, or Boer Commandos, we will be dangerous, tribal brotherhoods. Activism may be the dress rehearsal for the fight to come, and help win the war on a mental and moral level, but joining the reserves will go a long ways in preparing the West’s patriots on the physical/organizational level for the more life and death tests that are to come.

Editor’s Note:

I think Michael perfectly lays out the positive reasons one would consider joining the military reserves as a nationalist in the West. Additionally interesting is the question of how such positives differ depending on the country in question.

For instance, joining the reserves or active armed forces in Hungary or Poland is a no-brainer- you would be fighting for Preservationist governments opposed to Western-suicide and fighting alongside like-minded brothers in arms.

In a country like the US or Denmark or Finland, you could probably think of yourself as attempting to play a ‘deciding vote’ type of role, where the nation in question is about 50% on the edge, and could fall apart like Sweden or France or could regain its footing.

Then, of course, there is the possibility of joining the reserves or armed forces in a place like the UK, or Belgium, or Sweden. This is another matter, as you would essentially be an undercover member of an anti-government resistance.

I think the potential power one could have in such a role is great, and as proof of that, we have only to look at the recent actions of the UK government….

I will finish with that story below (big thanks to Philip for linking to it).

It is from The Sun– and is a classically hyperbolic article dishonestly calling National Action “Neo-Nazi’s”- which is progressive code for “anyone who disagrees with us”.

Two British Soldiers are among three men charged with terrorism offences over their alleged membership of banned neo-Nazi hate mob National Action.

Alexander Deakin, 22, Mikko Vehvilainen, 32, and Mark Barrett, 24, are accused of being part of the prescribed organisation

Deakin, of Great Barr, Birmingham, is further charged with possessing documents useful for committing a terror attack.

He also allegedly incited racial hatred by posting National Action stickers over Aston University campus in Birmingham on July 9 last year.

Vehvilainen, of Sennybridge Camp in Brecon, Wales, is charged with having information useful in preparing a terror attack and possessing pepper spray.

He also allegedly posted comments on a website “intending thereby to stir up racial hatred”.
The three men will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Again, that is the disgusting bugmen at The Sun describe what happened.

And here is how Philip described it (or in other words, the translation from Suicidalist-speak):

Since your article matters have become even worse, yesterday three soldiers were charged with ‘terrorist’ offences. What were they?
1) Being members of proscribed organisation National Action. This organisation has never committed one act of violence and if it existed in the USA would not even come on the radar. It was primarily made up of anti-left students.
2) Posting insulting comments comments on a website which are I quote ‘threatening abusive and insulting intending to stir up racial hatred.’ I may have to stop posting here.
3) One of them had a can of pepper spray. Don’t laugh
4) Posting leaflets in a university. Really! Possessing documents that could be used for terrorism. What?

All this is freakish Orwellian speak. Welcome to modern day Britain.

As Michael wrote up above: “the state cannot declare war on itself without consuming itself and rendering itself irrelevant.” I think that a lot of regular native Brits will be viewing it in exactly that light, which should hopefully be a 4GW victory for our side, as unfortunate as it is for the men involved who will be going to prison- going to prison purely for their desire to keep Britain alive and free.



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Fair Is Fair


Over the last week, we have seen people in Texas, the surrounding states and even other states in the U.S. come together and kick ass to help those who needed it the most. Whether they call themselves the “Cajun Navy”, the “Monster Truck Brigade”, or “Militia” (I don’t know if any group involved in these actual rescue operations called themselves “militia”, but the “militias” out there should take notice of what these guys did and apply it to what they train for), it doesn’t matter, because their deeds have spoken for them.

Fair is Fair post2

If you call yourself a “Militia”, but all you do is play war games in your multicams and plate carriers, you are missing the big picture. You guys actually being able to operate as an effective, offensive military force is slim and none (I’m not talkin’ about your ability to protect your group). Operating as an effective rescue and logistics support group however, is well within your abilities, and has been demonstrated a number of times over the last week.

Fair is Fair post4

Does your group have , or have access to buildings/areas to house victims of a natural disaster? Do you have the means to give them basic bedding while they are in that housing area? What about sanitation?

I have had a number of less than complimentary things to say about a large portion of the people out there that are calling themselves “militia” these days, but in this instance, fair is fair. There are groups that have stepped up in a big way to help with everything that is going on in Texas. Whether they call themselves “militia” or not, they are performing a function that should be the primary focus of those groups that use that title, because the bottom line is that they’re supposed to be there for their community, right?

Fair is Fair post6

Yes, you should practice defending your group by getting as much training in group defensive tactics and techniques as possible. Practically speaking, you should train in rescue operations based on natural disaster scenarios that could effect your area, and also train in the real time and follow on logistics required in a support operation for those that were displaced, whether that be with the housing, proper sanitation, or food, water and clothing distribution.

Fair is Fair post5

Does your group have, or have access to vehicles to move large groups of victims during a natural disaster?

Should these guys that were involved in boat rescue ops have been armed? Obviously, they were shot at and had attempts made to steal their boats.  Does that mean they had to or did dress like a commando to effectively conduct the mission? No. (Imagine falling overboard with your 40 lb. plate carrier, having never practiced using the quick releases)

Fair is Fair post3

Considering that a number of the scenarios that are encompassed within the category of “Natural Disaster” involve large amounts of water (whether frozen or not). It would behoove you to prepare your clothing for these operations accordingly. this only applies if you are actually planning to do something, as opposed to just training for the “imminent” government takeover.

By the way, for you groups that have gone to the effort to collect food, water, clothing and other necessities for the victims of this storm, well done! One of the added benefits that this will do for your group is give you some real time experience in logistics. Logistics isn’t the sexy side of preparedness or military operations, but without it, you will fail.

Fair is Fair post7

Note the “obvious” racial tension present on everyone’s face in this pic.

Collecting money to support your “Protest attendance hobby” is obvious BS, but doing it for these types of events is a real world application of the correct reason to raise money. Oh, for God’s sake, if you are collecting actual money, make sure all collections are recorded, and appear correct and above board. That’s all you need is being questioned about “where did the money go?”, especially if you have no accurate records.

Fair is Fair post8

You want to get “authority” from the local LEO’s or NG to actually do something? Show up at a natural disaster prepared to help and have the proper equipment (in this case boats) and obvious competence to use it (in this case a worn “Bass Pro” hat, not a multicam plate carrier), and 9 times out of 10, I bet you’ll get it, and they’ll be glad to have you.

Fair is Fair post1

The “Organized Militia” (Texas National Guard), performing one of it’s primary missions, which is Natural Disaster Rescue and Recovery.

BTW, as a side note, I do know of a group that I’ve had dealings with in the past which has done rescue, support and protection operations in their community during natural disasters. That group is the Ohio Valley Minutemen. Knowing that, it would be unfair of me not to point out when someone gets it right.


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Two Good Posts From TPHS

Some things to think and act on if  that is your thing.


Hard Truths and The Biggest Duty You Have

In 1978, Sir John Glubb wrote a paper entitled The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival. While many in the so-called ‘patriot movement’ have read it, far more have not — and that’s a shame, because reading it will show you something that will affect your entire mindset. Well, if you’re open to things like truth, it will.  And it’s freely available, so you don’t really have an excuse.

Fate of Empires shows a very disturbing truth about what happens to the great empires (or superpowers, if the term ’empire’ somehow offends you if applied to the US).  While I know some of you have read it, I’m going to assume that some of you haven’t, so I’ll recap.  From the introduction:

The experiences of the human race have
been recorded, in more or less detail, for
some four thousand years. If we attempt to
study such a period of time in as many
countries as possible, we seem to discover
the same patterns constantly repeated under
widely differing conditions of climate,
culture and religion.

I think we can all agree that humans are cyclical creatures — we tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over as a society and as a greater humankind.

I know you think that American exceptionalism makes us immune to such things, but stay with me.

The entire crux of Glubb’s research can be summed up in two major points. First, the chart below:

Do you see a trend?  Let me spell it out for you. Every single empire in recorded human history fell at an age of 200-250 years. This occurred irrespective of era, tech, culture, education, or military capability.  He didn’t even count the ones that are mentioned primarily in the Bible, or he’d have had a few more to add to the list.

How is this possible? These empires, regardless of environment, all lasted about 9-10 generations.

Glubb goes into the second commonality between all of these historical ‘master nations’ — they all followed an identical progression of stages, and while they may have ultimately ended due to invasion or financial ruin or cultural failure, they all followed the same progression.

  • The Age of Pioneers (outburst)
  • The Age of Conquests
  • The Age of Commerce
  • The Age of Affluence
  • The Age of Intellect
  • The Age of Decadence

How do you know a country has reached the age of decadence? You see the following indicators:

  • Defensiveness
  • Pessimism
  • Materialism
  • Frivolity
  • An influx of foreigners
  • The Welfare State
  • A weakening of religion

So where, pray tell, do you think the United States is on that timeline? If you need me to tell you THAT, you’re probably on the wrong site.

I told you all of that to tell you this:

If Glubb’s research is correct (and I see no reason to think it is not), then the United States as you know it will cease to exist in the next nine years, maximum.

Now, before you start screaming about Constitutions and militias and all the amazing, ballsy things you plan to do for liberty, consider the following:

1.  A 30-second perusal of what’s going on in this country right now will tell you that we are so deep into the Decadence age that we are on the tail end of it.

2. If you spend a fair amount of objective time and effort looking deeper than the regurgitated lies and narrative forced on you by the media, then you probably understand that the fall of the United States has already begun, and is actually in full swing.

Several people who know enough to intelligently discuss the matter see Balkanization as a very real probability.

Some of you might think, “well YEAH, let’s get our secession on!” That might be fine and awesome if you live in a place where you and people like you are the majority — and even then you’ll have a very sporting time. But what about the folks who are deep in ‘enemy territory,’ like California or New England?

I’ve been told that it’s cowardly to possess the viewpoint that the USA is lost. My lack of hope and belief in the ability to return to “the things that made America great” is a downer for some, who insist that the wrongs can be righted and the phoenix of individual liberties will rise again from the ashes or something. I do believe that individual liberty could rise again. I just also paid attention to the “ashes” part that comes first.

Here’s the thing. It’s not cowardly to assess the situation and understand it for what it is, rather than what we want or even need it to be. If anything, being able to set emotion aside and objectively see the predicament we’re in makes you better prepared to deal with it.

If you insist on believing that there is hope for this carcass of a nation, because militias and Constitutional rights, then you haven’t been paying attention nearly as well as you think.  There are a few things you need to understand.

a) The Constitution, while brilliant in its time, is dead. It is largely ignored in the courts and on the streets.  This is evident by watching the shenanigans in Nevada, or the protests in which cops are ordered to allow and even encourage violence. It’s obvious in the fact that when some cops do choose to become tyrants, they often do so with the tacit approval of their departments, who either look the other way or award them for their actions. In fact, the very people who are supposed to defend you in this corrupt system, are currently calling for gun confiscation and ex parte orders. Yes, the American Bar Association, many of whom are criminal defense lawyers, want your guns taken away.

b) The surveillance state is complete. You cannot hide from it anymore, unless you are willing to engage in a lifestyle that is painstakingly annoying and lacking in technology — and even then, you can’t hide completely because eventually you have to use a piece of societal infrastructure. This means that unless you are engaging in a very specific type of action, in a very specific kind of way, bolstered by a very specific level of tradecraft, they will always know what you’re doing before you do it — and if the current situation is any indication, they’ll already have someone near you to ‘help’ you do it whether you were actually doing it or not.

c) Your absolute, core level, most important job in this nation is to raise and train the next generation. If you have kids and you’re setting them aside to run all over the countryside “defending freedom” then you are abdicating your biggest role — and your kids will grow up not even understanding what the point was. Teaching your kids that “Daddy’s missing your birthday because he’s defending liberty at a rally” is NOT the same as sitting down with them every day and training them to think critically, to be self-sufficient, to understand what the principles of liberty are, and to have the intestinal fortitude to act with grace, courage, and strength in a world gone mad. If you’re a parent, that’s your first, top, most critical purpose. As a friend of mine says: It’s “God, family, THEN country.” You can go to every rally imaginable — but if your kids aren’t getting raised in the truth, then what you’re doing is all for nothing because they won’t be able to carry it on — and they won’t have the balls to do it even if they manage to pick up the concept.

d) Going to a protest and acting like you have the authority of the cops or military is not the same as deploying as the military or working as a cop.  Some might say they are “assisting law enforcement,” but if you haven’t been given authority, you don’t have any — and while it does happen, it’s certainly not the norm. Showing up to a rally that isn’t even yours, looking like you just crawled out of a surplus clearance sale doesn’t give you authority. In fact, if you roll up to a rally armed and dressed like you’re about to take Fallujah, you’re no different than Antifa — you just have better patches and a rifle instead of a club. And who do you think will be seen as the bigger threat — the kids with clubs, rage, and the support of the media and half of the powers that be? Or the guys who look like they have a Charles Whitman fantasy and just need a tower?

e) You and your friends will not somehow overcome a trend that has been present in all of recorded human history. I hate to say it, but it’s true. All your flags and camo gear and standing at rallies will not change the cycle of all humanity. If every single empire that has ever stood ended in 250 years at the most, what in God’s green earth makes you so arrogant as to think that you will somehow be the exception to the rule? Oh, that’s right — you have God on your side, yes? That’s the difference? Here’s the brutal truth. Solomon’s empire was the strongest, richest, and even wisest of all. He had everything, including the blessing of the Almighty, and his countrymen thrived under his rule — until that sentence you see over and over in Old Testament era history: “Every man did what was right in his own eyes.”  That sentence always signaled the end, because it means the society in question had reached the age of decadence. And it always comes — because humans are all the same.

All of this adds up a very simple fact: You can’t stop the tsunami that is coming; you’re not going to be able to “restore” anything. You can, however, shift your mindset to preparing for how to survive it, as opposed to failed attempts at preventing it. You can make it through the storm, come out the other side, and possibly start something even better — unless you’re in jail or dead, of course, which is where it seems the movement is hell-bent on getting to, and the gov is all too happy to oblige.

You can stand on a street corner at a rally with your camo, shemagh and patches all flipping day but if your kids aren’t getting trained, you’re failing. If you’re too busy running your mouth on Facebook and posting memes to read the books that will educate you, and train your mind, you’re failing. If you’ve got every piece of military gear known to man but you haven’t the faintest idea how to be sustainable without the food/water/power infrastructure, you’re failing.  And if you’re on food stamps or government assistance because you can’t support your family, but you’ve got money to go to rallies, you are the ultimate failure, because you preach a doctrine of self-determination that you cannot even bother to live by.

Let’s STOP failing, and let’s stop pretending. Prep for the situation that IS, not the one you desperately want it to be.


So What Exactly SHOULD You Be Doing?

There’s a certain peace in accepting a situation as it is, as I talked about yesterday. For many who still believe that camo and rallies are the way to change the status quo, acceptance means, on some level, taking away their purpose. I get that it’s a hard thing to accept; if you’re not ‘working for the cause,’ what else is there?  When you’re suddenly not spending insane amounts of time and (often someone else’s) money on the ‘fight for liberty,’ what are you supposed to do with yourself? It can cause some severe psychological effects for those who are engrossed in it.

I get that sentiment. My own thought progression has occurred over several years as well.  I’ve done the rally thing, the open activism thing. I’ve given speeches at events and sang the anthem in front of tens of thousands in DC. At each and every action, my heart was 100% in it — I believed in the necessity of fighting, and the hope that we could change things.

Over time, those beliefs were challenged again and again by watching what was going on around me. I can’t tell you how many times I had to find a way to either cease being ignorant, or cease being honest.  Little by little, the books I read, the things I saw, the facts I had to accept changed me.

Throughout that time, I’ve approached people I didn’t agree with and asked them to explain their position. I’ve studied the feedback I’ve gotten on various articles and taken the time to study the viewpoints of those who disagreed with me. I’ve tried to take all of that to heart and truly learn from it. I’ve said before — and just said again this morning — I’d rather be factually correct than be ‘right,’ and that means having to be brutally honest with myself when it’s possible I’m wrong.

That process means that some things I’ve done, I won’t do again. It means my involvement with certain communities or groups had to end. It means that I no longer agree with viewpoints I once shouted from the rooftops. Sometimes that knowledge is a bit embarrassing, quite frankly.  In most cases, however, I don’t regret it because it was a place on a journey that is ongoing.  I don’t want to remain stagnant, I don’t ever want to reach a place in my quest for knowledge where I think I’ve “arrived,” and can now retire to meme-sharing and pontificating in comment threads. I want to continue to learn, and to help others around me learn as well.

There is much more to all of this than we realize, and there’s no way any of us will ever know every single aspect of it all. But I think it’s a noble undertaking to give it every effort to try, to read and study and learn from those who are smarter than we are, or who have much to teach.

It takes a certain humility to do that — and I sometimes struggle with that because I’m human. It requires setting aside feelings and desires and even emotional needs in order to seek facts, objectivity, and analysis.  Sometimes it even requires setting aside personal dislike of a messenger in order to truly hear the message. There is something to be learned from everyone — even if they are a cautionary tale.  I daresay I’ve learned just as much from watching poor examples set by others (or even myself) than I learn from the solid role models — the numbers of which seem to be dwindling by the day.

What is ‘the answer?’ I’m not a guru. I know what I know, and I’m painfully aware of what I don’t. For me, the answer is to continue to seek truth — not the warm and fuzzy stuff that makes me feel good about ‘fighting for liberty,’ but the cold, hard truths that let me know exactly where I’m at, what needs to be done, and how I can get it accomplished.  Right now, that means training on my firearms and associated things, but it also means learning how to breed chickens for positive traits. It means learning how to get the absolute most yield out of a garden plot — and how to preserve that yield in a variety of ways. It means understanding the ins and outs of graywater recycling and networking with neighbors to create avenues of trade.  It means learning how to create medicines with the bounties of nature, and how to grow all of those components yourself. It also means a lot of reading — everything from philosophy to history to logic to how-to manuals on a host of things I wouldn’t normally have the faintest idea about how to accomplish.

That sounds like a lot of work — and it is. Oddly enough, however, when I stopped going to rallies and yapping on FB groups and getting on a thousand conference calls and organizing various actions, I suddenly had a lot more time to focus on the things that will help me prepare for a situation I cannot control and cannot stop.

I still believe in liberty. I still agree with privacy and the right to have the government leave me alone. I still believe all of those things. I also, however, believe that our time is best spent working on the things we CAN change, the things we CAN accomplish — and all of the things on that list come under one heading:

local, local, local.


Well said.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE