So You’re Gonna Bugout To Your “Retreat” Huh?

Most Preppers and Survivalists who have a “Vacation” property, whether it is a building or just a campsite, have it in an area they would like to be able to “Bugout” to during a bad situation. A lot of those types have stored additional supplies at that location for those bad times, and think the only issue they would have might be getting out of the city they live in, or maybe bad guys on the road.

While watching coverage of the many issues with different levels of Quarantine that have been implemented around the country and the world, I have noticed a disturbing trend that is taking hold in many locations. This is in regards to people that are not year round residents, but own property in other locations.

This trend has locals, whether Government or civilian, telling someone that actually owns property in their State or County (and pays the taxes on it) that they shouldn’t or can’t come to their property, and if they do get there, they are going to be restrictions on their movement.

While I understand some restriction on “Out of Staters”, to a point, my first question is, “Are the same restrictions being put on the locals?”. Below is a situation that happened on a an island off the coast of Maine.

Quarantine Post03

“A man residing on Cripple Creek Road in Vinalhaven, an island off the coast of Maine, called authorities around 3:35 p.m. Friday to report a group of people with guns had cut down a large tree and dragged it in front of his driveway, blocking access to the main road.

The man said he left his house to check his property when he noticed the cable went out. The unidentified man said he retreated to his home and hailed the Coast Guard for help using a VHF radio after a neighbor began yelling at him to get indoors and remain quarantined.”

Well, I guess he at least made it to his property before the locals decided to take matters into their own hands, huh? There are other examples, like in Cherokee County NC, requiring “Part-timers” to bring enough supplies for a 14 day “self quarantine”. My second question is, Does the County require this of all it’s residents who are coming back into the State?”.

Quarantine Post01

 WKRK· April 3

If you have a property elsewhere, are you even going to be able to “Bugout” to it when things get serious? What about checkpoints? They have them in a number of places for the Quarantine, one of them being Florida. Pictured below is a checkpoint on I-10 in Florida.
Quarantine Post02
What are they checking for? “Proof of Residency”? What’s the temperature of everyone in the car? Are you carrying any firearms?  See where this can go? This post isn’t about the “Right” or “Wrong” of what the Federal and State governments are doing to “Fight COVID-19”. This is about understanding some of the hurdles you might face down the road during a “Bugout” if your plans include going to a “Retreat” in another State.
Below I’ve posted some links and headlines showing what States are doing to stop “Outsiders” from coming to their State.

Quarantine Post04

Quarantine Post05

Quarantine Post06

What is the answer for the Prepper or Survivalist? There are three things that I see that helps to mitigate the problems shown above. First, it is better to be a week too early than a minute too late. If the guy on the island in Maine had gotten to his home a week or two earlier, would the issues with the locals have come up? If so, would they have been as bad? We’ll never know, but I’d say the possibilities would have been less.

The second recommendation to mitigate some of these issues would be where you buy your “Vacation” property in the first place. If you have a bunch of “Busybody” neighbors that see you arrive and that you are staying at your property, that can be a real issue. As has been shown many times over the years, many Americans can’t mind their own Damned business, and this is just an “In your face” example of it.

Here’s the third recommendation I’d give, in regards the checkpoints. Most destinations have multiple routes from point “A” to point “B”. Having those points mapped out and noted on a real map can be the difference between getting where you want to go, and being turned around or stuck in traffic. Knowing where you can unobtrusively cross a State line, on a logging road for instance, could make or break your escape from a “Hot Zone”.

My final recommendation is to be able to “Hoof It” if necessary. Have gear and supplies pre-positioned at the retreat property, and be able to leave your vehicle behind and carry some supplies on your back that will hold you over till you get to your property. Make sure you have paper maps, and use your GPS as a reference to those maps. Counting on things like cell phones and hand carried GPS is a recipe for disaster when your life is on the line.

Just some thoughts that have been bothering me over the last couple weeks that I thought I’d share. If you have some other ideas, I’d love to hear them.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.


4 thoughts on “So You’re Gonna Bugout To Your “Retreat” Huh?

  1. Yes, in my neck of the woods have come the NYC crowd. Who have been out and about since they arrived. Whether or not they cleaned out the local grocery store or not is conjecture but I have been traveling back and forth to work daily. As so many are home and agitated there is much stress, finger pointing and blame for everything imaginable.

    The lessons here are very stark regarding the climate of mood, ability to travel and what to or not to do ‘maybe?’ Once you get to your location.

    I have not seen many incidents approaching violence but it has been on my mind since the beginning. Particularly when and how to carry for protection in ‘no go’ zones. Particularly in cross border instances… bad idea if caught. Worse idea to not have if your life depended on it. No easy or low risk solutions here.

    Ponder the choke points between your locations and how to get around them…

  2. One also might have previously spent time in anticipation of this to build rapport so that you are considered part of the community to some degree….

  3. Our town is about 70 miles from a major city and has a small camping ground with trailer hook ups. Just when everything panicked in the world we had 3 huge bus conversion campers show up with families trying to get out of the city. They are still here but the town refuses to turn on the water or power at the camp sites. Partly because it’s still well below freezing here during the day.

    They seem to think that just because they showed up everyone should cater to their demands.

  4. Your post is spot on; in Michigan where I live, literally everyone who’s south of I-69 has a single plan for SHTF: “I’m goin’ up North!!”

    About 7 million people in the state. The conventional wisdom is to go and over populate the top half of the state. Logic, let alone the folks who live there, disagrees. There are only so many resources up there to support the population. They like vacationers at all times of the year, when they stay for a few days or weeks, spend their money, support the local economy, and then LEAVE.

    I used to have over 100 acres near Cheboygan, and got to know a lot of the locals very well; made some great friends. It became very evident in private conversations that in SHTF situations, it wouldn’t be safe to try to get to my land. I asked why, of course. The answer was that a lot of folks would be blocking roads to keep people from getting up north, because every additional person added to the area in a SHTF situation took resources away from the folks who lived there year round. They were serious, too.

    It’s happened near where I live in a small way since this ‘plandemic’ (too much group lock step with state and local governments for this to be a coincidence in my distrustful mind – especially when you can’t get state governors to agree on what color shit should be in ‘normal’ times, but I digress. Basically, local grocery stores have seen a huge uptick of non-locals shopping and literally cleaning out various products/groceries, paying for multiple carts and leaving. Then, locals come in for normal shopping, and nothing is there to purchase.

    Now, take that example and apply it to a somewhat sparsely populated area that has an influx of thousands of ‘preppers.’ How do you think the locals will think about that? Think they might want to safeguard ‘their’ resources against what they see as a swarm of locusts? You bet they will.

    Like I said, JC, great and timely post!

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