Who Is Courtland Grojean, And Why Should You Care?

Until some weeks ago, back in October, I had never heard of Courtland Grojean  (Yes, the same one MBV spoke about in one of his Tuesday posts. His info was originally mine, and I didn’t find out till Tuesday evening that MBV had been given it by a mutual friend.) The only reason I found out then, was due to finding out that I was under investigation as a Law Enforcement Officer (yes, I work in LE, it is not mentioned out of deference to my family’s safety, and it has no bearing on what I teach in my business, or write about on the blog). Apparently, someone named Courtland Grojean made an allegation/inquiry to the AG’s office (no, we’re not discussing what state I work in, what agency I work for, or what assignments I’ve had and have now, that’s a no-no, and I won’t acknowledge or verify any questions or “facts” that any of you entertain as comments. Besides, does that even matter?) about JC Dodge. This is someone they said worked for the AG’s state, and worked in a specific LE department. The allegation/inquiry consisted of Courtland Grojean saying that he was doing an “expose” for the Citizen Journalist of LEO’s who were involved with Neo Nazi and Anti Gov groups, and that he had found evidence that JC Dodge was a LEO in the AG’s state, had a Neo Nazi and Anti Gov website, and was conducting paramilitary training.

Huh, imagine that. Some asshat wants to get me disciplined or fired because they have some beef with me, and use the coverall terms  “Neo Nazi”, “Anti Gov”, “Paramilitary” to get an investigation started (yes, an AG has to investigate allegations like that, they simply don’t have any option in that regard.) So I get interviewed, and when I told them I was expecting something like this, I was asked why I thought anyone would make a specious allegation such as that. I said I didn’t have proof, but that a guy named Christian Hyman/Kerodin (whatever it really is) was the type to do something like that, simply because he’s a petty, malicious, wanna be of a little man and has a beef with anyone that’s in LE or .Mil, or .Gov, in general, and me specifically and that if they look at his writing, they would not only see that, but they’d see they things he’s said about me.

So time goes by in the investigation (it was apparently started sometime in the beginning of October). I do some research on my own, and low and behold, guess what I found out? I find out that Courtland Grojean was a fictional character in a Mack Bolan type series called “The Death Merchant”. Read the description below of the hero “Richard J Camellion” and tell me who that sounds like when they describe themselves.

Kerodinfuckup10   Kerodinfuckup12Kerodinfuckup13Ok, so we’ve seen the “Death Merchant’s” description, but who is Courtland Grojean? Here is the fictional character “Courtland ‘The Fox’ Grojean”. Go to the last description on the screenshot below.

Kerodinfuckup11So I find this fictional character named “Courtland Grojean”, but what about the rest? Hold on to your seat, ‘cuz it’s gonna get bumpy.

I start digging deeper, and I find the screenshot below. Note in the bottom left hand corner of the screenshot that there is a tag that says “mailtoGrojean@CourtlandGrojean.com”

Kerodinfuckup10 Kerodinfuckup25

So that’s what I punch into Google, and this was what I found.


I then went to this  Whois-DomainTools address , and here’s what I found. See anything familiar in the email bar?

kerodinfuckup16Yup, that’s what it says, ckerodin@gmail.com. Further investigation revealed this.


Wait a minute, does that say they (Yup, it’s Holly and Christian Kerodin of III Percent Patriots fame) have 57 domains? Surely we won’t recognize any of them, right? They are in order with a small amount of overlap to show continuity.


This is the special one. Look at the third from the bottom.

This is the special one. Look at the third from the bottom.

Here is a screenshot from what comes up when you click on the domain name courtlandgrojean.com


Yup, courtlandgrojean.com is registered to ckerodin@gmail.com. You want to know who Courtland Grojean of the Citizen Journalist is. Below is pictured Courtland Grojean of the Citizen Journalist.

Kerolin and the empty holster

The “Courtland Grojean” of the “Citizen Journalist”.

So why did they (and it is a “THEY” now, there is no ambiguity as to who is involved) try to get me disciplined or fired? It’s simple. I’m a threat to their validity. I was on the IIIPSFA Board, and know everything that went on there. Although all I’ve said publicly in comments was that I know nothing about theft or any missing money, and that a number of us left at the same time due to concern over the direction Kerodin was taking the Society and a feeling of him not being straight with us. Apparently that’s a reason to try and get me disciplined or fired at my full time job, using the legal/administrative mechanism he always speaks of despising soooo much, because he knew they could not blow it off, and they had to investigate the inquiry/allegation. Sounds like the crap he pulled with  Mark Firestone a while back, doesn’t it. It even sounds similar to what he was convicted of extortion for when he went to malls demanding money for his “services” or he’d put their “lack of readiness”, on the security end of things, out to the public. Any other reason. Well sure there is. While not mentioning him by name in my posts, I have said his idea of what a “commando” is, and the fact that he would title his little “school” the “Jedburgh Academy” is a slap in the face to those who earned and made history under that very title. I have also posted things written by my friend SFC Steve Barry, where he gave his valid and experienced “two cents” concerning the “III JedburghCommandoOfficer” BS.

Remember this?


Key points in the post here,

Hit them wherever they show themselves vulnerable. Play as dirty as your conscience will permit. Undermine them, sabotage them, and discredit them.”

That’s THEIR M.O.. 

I guess THEY believe that if they get me fired or disciplined at work that I will shut up about his BS “bad boy” claims, his “Stolen valoresque” Jedburgh crap, and discredit anything I might say in the future about the IIIPSFA Board interactions. Ain’t gonna happen! I’ve been quiet up till now about details of the IIIPSFA Board “goings on” but I’m not so sure that I should have been. Two other Board members and I left (we decided to leave the Board instead of pushing him out of the Presidents position.


Kerodin  claimed he pushed me out, but actually couldn’t “orchestrate” a 5 year old’s “Chuck E Cheese” birthday party, let alone my “navigation towards the door”) together under the agreement that we would not say anything about Board business or the problems we had with Kerodin, as long as he didn’t start anything with us. That agreement clearly has been violated, but I haven’t decided if I even want to bother giving people info when they clearly will make every excuse in the book for him even when verifiable facts are presented. BTW, I guess by “Unconscionable” he meant the fact that I spoke up when he tried to bully the Board and especially the CoB with BS behind the scenes games.

Back to being investigated for having a Neo Nazi, Anti Gov (that’s hilarious, when you realize the accusation/inquiry came from him) website, I wrote something here about my friendships, and how associating and assigning me the beliefs and convictions of my friends is complete nonsense. During the investigation I advised that Kerodin had made an insinuation that I was a racist, due to my friendship with SFC Steve Barry. Apparently, a friendship with someone is not a crime, thankfully.


Kerodin has tried to insinuate, that due to my friendship with Barry, I am exactly like him. We are not exactly alike, but by God, Barry is my friend and has been for 18 years, due to mutual respect and a similar background.  An ExCon, “commando wanna be” trying to insinuate what’s said above being facts (me being a racist), and at the same time, no one is seeing the hypocrisy of the screenshot he wrote above, and the one he wrote below this paragraph, especially when it’s all coming from an ExCon, (which is a “Non starter” for a lot of people in the friendship department), kinda makes me wonder how foolish and delusional are those that claim “III” status, and identify with Kerodin.

Kerodin's Muslims

So there it is. Read over it, click on the links, talk among yourselves as to what you will tolerate in someone claiming to be one thing, but constantly proving he’s another. I have tried to include all the links and screenshots I could think to make the case. They are not “III”, they are “0”, and anyone who would associate with them should be suspect as well, simply because they have no reason not to have learned the FACTS about them by now.. Kerodin has said and done some good things over the years, but even though a broken analog watch is right twice a day, that doesn’t mean you don’t fix or replace it. This isn’t about your friendship with Kerodin. It’s about people who try to destroy the livelihood of a guy who is trying to help others prepare for the worst. I have pointed out a few times on my blog what I believe are “Thugs” in the LE community. I hate thugs, no matter if they are mob enforcers, gangbangers, bad cops, or corrupt judges and politicians. You people cry out for LE to step up and “Do the right thing” by speaking out about the problems within the LE community, and then, when I do, some asshat with a personal beef not only “outs” the fact that I am in LE (he knew from personal conversations, and he also knew I kept it low key for my family’s sake), but then says this in a comment here,


I have not talked about my LE career or shown any pics of myself in my LE uniform online. I don’t even put that crap on FB.

I tell you what, why don’t you guys figure out what the Hell you want out of those in LE who actually give a Damn about calling out those within their ranks who are thugs. Damned if you do Damned if you don’t, right?  If I don’t say anything, I’m condoning it, if I do say something, an ExCon says I’ve betray my “Brothers in Blue”.

My LE employment has nothing to do with my business or my blog, yet they went after that because any ExCon knows an investigation has to be done after those types of allegations/inquiries are made. I was very fortunate that the investigation was fair, and not a “Witch Hunt” (as Courtland Grojean Kerodin probably hoped it would be). I was cleared of any wrongdoing or “Conduct unbecoming”, because, at the end of the day, my facts trumped their allegations.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


To all the Vets out there, thank you for your service.

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”

71 thoughts on “Who Is Courtland Grojean, And Why Should You Care?

  1. Very good post. And to think the man talks about himself having character.

    This just goes to show the type of Liberty he wants – a dictatorship where nobody is allowed to criticize the Kerodins or have differing opinions. If he would do something like this to somebody that merely vocalized their concerns, what’s he going to do to anybody else he considers a threat?
    These folks are dangerous, pure and simple. But this finishes them. They’re done. This destroys any shred of respectability they may have had. But I feel sorry for anybody that’s done or even discussed anything even slightly outside the law because Sammy & Co. have hit full snitch mode and they’re going to destroy whoever and whatever they can upon their exit.

    Sorry you had to go through what you did, but I do commend you on your research.

    • As i said in the post, I detest thugs, and what they did was no less “thugish” than a guy who stomps on your neck. They tried to destroy my livelihood, and in some ways, the covert manner in which they did it is worse than any “In your face” .Gov thug non physical crap.

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    • I met that guy, 1993 International Amateur Paintball Tournament in Cranberry PA. he was “getting out of the paintball business” and selling all of his stuff. he stood up in front of a crowd of us, said he would kill certain members of the paintball press, and then stalked off with a few other guys. he had a rep for causing big trouble for small reasons.

      from everything I’ve read, Idema and Kerodin are/were probably exactly the same personality type.

  3. Wow. This is a new low.

    We have all disagreed on stuff. Those of us raising questions about the Kerodins merely wanted answers. But the answers were either not coming or were verbal attacks.

    No problem, as Nana used to say, “sticks and stones……” But to actually impersonate a member of the press with blatant and inflammatory lies to a man’s place of employment is despicable. Doing it with a law enforcement agency is either incredibly bold or stupid.

    Looking at the dates of the launch of Citizen Journalist, it’s obvious that they came up with this bright idea about the same time that the questions started. This wasn’t an old idea that was brushed off for JC. This was a new and diabolical stunt.

    The next question is who else did he try this on? Kudos to JC for having the courage to attack the attacker and then when it came out ok to actually share this evilness with everyone.

    • “But to actually impersonate a member of the press with blatant and inflammatory lies to a man’s place of employment is despicable.”

      It’s beyond despicable.
      I wouldn’t call it diabolical either,it’s more like kids games played by a supposed adult-taking a name of a character from a book,then posing as a “journalist” and making false accusations to a state AG? As I said in my comment-I’m pretty sure that’s a crime in Ohio where I live.
      It’s certainly a new low.
      It’s surely not bold,it’s beyond stupid,and it borders on or is a criminal offense.
      I’m about speechless,don’t even know what to say about this-can’t find the words without going on a cussing rant.
      Sheer idiocy.

      • “making false accusations to a state AG? As I said in my comment-I’m pretty sure that’s a crime in Ohio where I live.” We’ll see, it’s being looked into. He shouldn’t have anything to worry about, it’s not like he’s an ExCon or anything…….

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  5. Holy sh*t!
    What is this elementary school?
    This is something that is total bullshit,not the way disagreements,or personal beefs should be handled.
    What happened to discussing your differences face to face?
    Why play secret squirrel with names taken from a book,and make unfounded accusations?
    Especially to someone’s employer?
    I’m pretty sure that making false allegations against someone like this is a crime in Ohio.
    This is beyond insanity.
    It’s also the end of the III% Society as anything even remotely close to a legitimate patriot organization.
    Until recently,I thought the III% Society could still be a viable,legit patriot/liberty group-this killed that idea off for good.
    I want no part of a group who’s members-especially the “president” do shit like this.
    I stuck with the III% Society because I thought it was a great concept-the concept remains a good one-just not run by the current “leadership”.

    • What is this elementary school?

      So this new kid shows up at my high school. Word gets around that he is a “Golden Glove Boxer”. I had a friend named Carl. This is in 11th grade. I was 6’2″ about 195, Carl was about 5’6″ and… maybe 150. So Carl and I are going to the restroom between classes. Carl goes to the crapper, I go to the urinal. Golden boy walks in and scans all the crappers and finds Carl in the last stall. Golden boy actually starts picking on Carl… while he is taking a crap. So I am listening to this while finishing up. Just as I get my zipper up, Golden boy swats Carl on the head… while he is taking a crap. Hey Golden boy, why don’t you pick on someone your own size who is not sitting on the crapper? Golden boy shuffles over to me while reminding me that he is a Golden Glove Boxer. Just as he gets to fist length, I followed all the way through, pivoting all my weight to my right hand… right between his eyes as he went sprawling across the piss laden floor.

      You all right Carl?

      Yeah. Can you believe he was picking on me while I was taking a crap?

      Golden boy is getting back up when I tell him he better stay down until we leave. He freezes on his knee. His face saturated with his blood.

      Carl and I go to class, I get called out, I get suspended for 3 days for that nice gash between Golden boys nose.

      From Sipsey Street:

      Hey commie, how are the boils working out for you? Karl would be proud of you, it’s all good you won’t be around too much longer, I hear your are terminal with the big C. I pray every day for you, the prayers usually are in favor of the CANCER!”

      Kerodin is a loud-mouthed punk, just like Golden boy.

  6. I put a lot of bad cop stories on my blog, and may even have few not-so-nice choice words for them. A good cop shouldn’t be offended by them. Anyhow, just keep doing what you do. I saw this coming a long time ago. The “Kill them all and let G-d sort it out.” And the advertising was just (LOL) way to rich and thick… like his vast combat experience in “world hotspots” and etc. How could anyone NOT see this? I agree with George’s last commentary, but he is still in it for the money… besides his ego. Those are the two motivating factors riding on the fact that he was outed as a con. He is conning on his con. He couldn’t be a security expert, so he’ll be a III expert and ride on it.

    I am just surprised it had got this far. And no doubt, it will get further and deeper.

    Kerodin has a new post up. He doesn’t mention any names, but it shouldn’t be to hard to figure who it is addressed to.

    Way to much fantasy.

  7. Well will say you are a pretty good investigator,if you are not one you should be.

    The point of my visiting today was to wish a Happy Veterans Day to all current and retired vets,may the world become a more peaceful place in the future.

    • Thank you James. I’d like to see Kerodin go in a VFW today and tell those guys they are part of the Free Shit Army, like he says on his blog. A bunch of 60 and 70 year old geriatrics putting a “IIICommando” in the hospital would probably be the outcome.

      • No Warrior would leave a cold beer (to risk having it stolen by a Brother) to waste even 30 seconds putting down a little punk ex con liar. You don’t try to swat every fly while your’re eating lunch outdoors. Even if you ‘win’ you still spoiled your lunch. 🙂

  8. Is everyone convinced that Mr. K is not really working for Obama or Hillarious? I can just see him as being a plant into the freedom movement trying to cause it to implode from within due to everyone’s head suddenly erupting in a sudden flash of ” Are you fucking serious “?
    The more I learn about him the more I like, well, just about anyone else, even my ex-wife.

    • Hi pigpen,

      It would be easy to think that he would be a knowing plant, but the destructive effect would be more powerful if he was being manipulated outside his knowledge. See a recent comment on George Patton’s site about this. Fairly simple to do, and leaves the option of prosecuting the principal later to make everything else stick harder: no claims of entrapment possible if he is not on the payroll. Plus the primal attractant side works better if they start by finding a self-aggrandizing personality who will naturally perform all the actions a deliberate plant would have to fake. Just wind it up, keep the obstacles out of its way, and let it run …


  9. Wait a minute,I knew I saw something in all those domain names….

    III Maritime operations
    III Air operations
    III Mechanized
    III Medical corps
    III Drone corps
    III Training corps
    III Media corps
    III Commando
    III Miltia commando
    III High power

    10 different sites/blogs? Maritime,air,medical,and mechanized “corps”??
    III Militia commando?? By Sea,Air,Land ???

    and- satcong.com ????

    • Hi gamegetterII,

      Don’t get too wrapped up in all of those domain names. A lot of that could be written off as silly enthusiasm.

      The dark side is the in-group vs. out-group personal destruction and double standards, which comes naturally for his culture. Rational, results oriented people, such as most prior military, especially those without a lot of real world business negotiation experience (hint: those people who are most dangerous to the globalists), tend to get caught off-guard because that mindset is so outside their normal experience. So, they tend to project their values and objectives onto a personality that sounds good, but which actually reflects entirely different values and objectives.

      Understanding that dark side, and from whence it comes and for what purpose, is the real learning point here. We couldn’t have asked for a better, glaring example than what is in front of you right now.


      • Here’s something that is pretty funny upon reflection, He said he “navigated me towards the door”, and “orchestrated” my leaving the IIIPSFA Board without my knowledge. But I was the one who figured out who “Courtland Grojean of the Citizen Journalist” was, and proved it was him and his wife with facts using just open source info references. Yup, he’s a prodigy alright.

      • It’s what the domain names are,sure it could be enthusiasm,even planning ahead thinking all the prior projects were going to succeed.
        I don’t know why he registered all of them,only he knows.
        Being enthusiastic about the III Society,and the training programs is as good an explanation as any-lots of us were all hyped about the III Society,myself included,J.C.Dodge included,several others as well.
        The domain names just caught my eye due to the scope of things-all the various areas covered.

  10. A b-grade character name for a c-grade “commando”. As an outsider who has been following this “story” since I first read about it on Kenny Lanes’ blog; I almost wonder if Christian/Sam/Courtland is out to wreck the III movement at the behest of .gov and allowed to profit off it also.

    • I don’t read that far into it, and I won’t get wrapped up in the vicious wheel of guesses and conspiracy. I’m a “facts” and “Gut feeling” guy. The gut feeling I got from him starting about a year ago, started me looking for facts to back up the “Gut feeling”. My “gut feelings” have literally saved my life and I will not ignore them, but at the same time I will not publicly present anything other than what I find is fact. I have received a lot of grief over the last year because I left out a number of things that I believed were true, so it looked like what I did say was a half-hearted attempt at trying to just make him look bad, but with no proof. I wish I had been wrong.

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    • What hasn’t he sullied? Including those around him. Intentional, or not, he has dirtied everyone who got, or is, close to him.

      Kudo also to Pete.

    • JV, without knowing how much you’ve been following the circumstances detailed here, and with the understanding your statement could be rhetorical, my take on the use of that name by kerodin is that it’s a continuation of the persona he’s displaying, as an individual with years of operational experience, with a background of “dirty work” operational missions. Of course, don’t ask him about this, and he won’t lie to you.

      As has already been said, this is a low mark that shouldn’t have been reached, but it would only have been avoided if they had quit this and apologized for the deception, or never started this at all. It’s possible that they’re being directed in their “endeavors”, that adds up to some extent when viewing the last several years, but if we ever find out, they’ll most likely be gone by then.

      Pete, if you happen to read this, your views are still respected and valued, don’t give up on the macro effort because of this micro event.

      Before anyone gets aggravated at my words, please consider them. Pete and many others have been Liberty minded before kerodin showed up, and won’t change their view of Liberty because of this. Less trusting? yes. More prone to check an individual’s claims of experience? yes. Quicker to ask questions for verification? yes. But not quick to diminish their view of what is important. And I’m including myself in the many others group, what is important has more value than my short time on this spinning rock.

      On that note, I offer my apology to those who cautioned against getting involved with them, although my involment was limited.

      • Grojean is my wife’s maiden name.

        Yes – have been following the Kerodin chronicles / saga / general mess for several years now. I like the “don’t ask and he won’t lie”. 🙂

        Yes – references will be important. Measure twice and cut once.

        • Thanks for the good words, but I’m only repeating what Kerodin has posted on several occasions, regarding his background and training, that he’s “been there and done that”, and he can’t talk about it.

  12. I read a Mac Bolan book when I was young. It was awesome. ‘War against the Mafia’, something like that.

    If you’d asked me about the realism, especial in the details, when I was in my mid 20s trying to rid myself of ‘new guy’ status in the SOF community, I’d have chuckled and told you that most ‘Winnie the Pooh’ books were more realistic.

    The fact that Seekrit Agint Speshul Kay (who is totally not at the mercy of being flipped by the feds, ever, just because he’s a convicted felon…no, really) has based his whole bullshit persona and personal history off of a Mac Bolan story…

    I am new to this entire, glorious drama. I have no idea how seriously guys actually take Seekrit Agint Speshul Kay when it comes to combat training of any kind. I really hope nobody has or does take him seriously. Somebody, probably a well-meaning somebody, is likely to wind up dead relying on what they ‘learned’ from him.

    Anyone coming from a purely peaceful Citizen background…think about it.

    If guys like Larry Vickers, with more than a decade as an assaulter at 1st SFOD-D, can run courses for Citizens ‘in the open’, with his name and background verifiable by all – ask yourselves what the REAL reason for Kerodin’s vagueness and secrecy regarding his applicable ‘real life’ experience is.

    Here, it’s Veteran’s Day and to pay you all back for all the travel, ammo, meds, and assorted good times I’ll give you the answer for free: Kerodin is 100% full of shit.

    He wound up frequently covered in blood? Those are the words or someone who has never stabbed someone. And if he cut their throat from the front in such a way that he got hosed down, they were tied up.

    Or, it was all in his mind.

    I know what option I feel comfortable placing a bet on.

    • Joe,been a few decades(@least!)but loved the Mac Bolan stories of his war against the mafia as a kid,the executioner series,as for realism,eh,was fiction so OK.

  13. My only input is that personalities of this sort invariably take their show and move to the other side of the political spectrum whose operators take them under their wing and manipulate them for the useful fools they are. I’ve seen CBS ’60 Minutes’ do this multiple times in my personal experience.

  14. step back and look at the larger picture. All “revolutionary” organizations feature this sort of penetration by the PTB, and infighting while rooting out (or not rooting out) the narcs. Just think of Hyams-alias-Kerodin as a Stalin-type, “playing both sides against the middle” guy who has now been definitively exposed. All in all, a useful exercise. Further down the line, we might want to put MDT in charge of Counter-Intel. Of course, like all such, he too will have to be closely watched, ’cause power corrupts

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  16. Con men suck. God will judge us all one day. I still maintain there are good cops out there and although no one can tell who is who from reading shit on the interwebz, I know it to be true or I would not be writing this.

    I’m sorry for the sins I’ve committed on this earth Lord and I pray you keep good men who do your will safe. Please grant me the courage to do the things I must. Amen.

  17. F’em but on another note, an excellent job on conducting an online investigation using the tools available. It shows another skill we may all need in the future. People should look at the internet tools used to vet many things we read.

    • “People should look at the internet tools used to vet many things we read.”

      Damn straight. “Transparency is a two-edged sword and the sharper edge strongly favors the Good Guys.” It’s the best thing going these days, followed closely by the idiocy of idiots.

      The ethical lesson here IMNSHO is that a person should NEVER look to others to create his own life. He shouldn’t because he can’t. Liberty is nearly synonymous with (the recognition of) self-ownership. Hopefully everyone is long beyond the stage where anyone thinks “individualism” means “alone.” Interacting with others is a big chunk of what we do. Duh.

      And while I assume your intents are honorable Curtis, you’re very very wrong about this—“Intentional, or not, he has dirtied everyone who got, or is, close to him.” No…that didn’t happen because it can’t happen. Okay, you got most everything else right–you usually do–but this trumps all. A man is who he makes himself to be. Period.

      For my money, best philosophical line in the whole thread—“Measure twice and cut once.”

        • Thanks for that clarification; obviously we agree on the reality of it.

          Don’t be so philosophical? Didn’t you watch Popeye—“I yam what I yam.”

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  20. MDT, while we may disagree about certain things, namely the how significant the name of one thing or another is, let me extend a measure of respect in how you’ve handled this. Kudos to you sir. Disagreement is one thing and I’m a big fan of it, in it’s place and within reason, because I think it is a crucial part of good decision making and fostering critical thinking skills. Respect is a big part of that equation, because disagreement on my part implies that I care enough and have a high enough opinion of the person to present a reasonable argument in hopes that a better and more thought-out decision can be reached…whether it means I’m right or not. This situation at hand, had gone well beyond simply disagreement between reasonable men and I honestly wouldn’t have the stones to take the high road here.

    You were right…you were right. My instinct was that this was some internecine BS, part Alpha male and part personality clashes. I was so wrong. The man has crossed a line, and all credibility with it. Some might say to attack a man’s living and thus family’s sustenance and well being is tantamount to doing the same thing physically. This whole thing has been a debacle from the start and it’s tragic all the way around. My condolences on this whole deal and hopefully it’s sorted out quickly and with a just result. Legal counsel might be advised, but you’re a smart guy and I imagine you can make that call. Pity I’m not licensed in Idaho…could have been a fun project to work on, great thing about business lawyers is they wrote the book on cooking books and tax-evasion. Who knows what could be found…

    • JJ87, I appreciate the “Atta Boy”, and will tell you it was very difficult not responing to a number of allegations made over the last year. Kerodin set off my alarms big time last fall, but I kept it to myself till he started getting out of his box overtly, and that’s when he “Navigated me towards the Board door” LOL. I’m glad that he “gave” me those bread crumbs to follow to prove he was.a.”ne’er do well”.

  21. MDT:
    Retired Navy here – looking at those two addresses MD & Panama looks more career .gov than patriot. They never stray far from home (Mordor on the Potomac)

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