A Paramilitary Threat We Could Face

Should you take something, like what this video shows, seriously?

If so, why or why not? This was a list of questions and comments I came up with when a friend asked what I thought of how to defend against that kind of threat.

  • Do you know how to effectively disable the vehicles in this video so you put those goons on foot?
  • Do you know how to set up effective vehicle barricades?
  • Do you know how to set up a “Defense” for your neighborhood or block?
  • Like most Gang bangers, I’d say most of these guys would perform poorly if you separated them from their support vehicles. Then you demoralize them even more by destroying those vehicles so they know they don’t have a ride home.

Things to note about the personnel and their gear:

  • Many of them are overweight.
  • Many don’t appear to know how to wear or use their gear.
  • Their weapons’ logistics suck, probably half and half AR’s and AK’s for their “Dismounts”. They should all have one or the other, and if they have the money to upgrade their vehicles like that, they have the funds to have the same rifles. Looked like one M2 .50cal., three Barrett M82 .50 cal. rifles,  ten mounted 30 cal. belt feds and those consisted of some M60’s, I think I saw a PKM and two 1919A4’s (one was just the barrel sticking out) as well as at least one RPD.

Things to note on the 19 trucks I observed:

  • Only two of the trucks, that appeared armored, had brush guards for pushing through barriers with only minimal damage. In addition, only two other “Technicals” had brush guards. An oversight?
  • Only six trucks appeared to be armored. This can be a disadvantage because of the extra weight and you can use that against them.
  • Many appear to have some improvised armor, but who knows how effective it is.
  • Very few have much in the way of ground clearance, which means they need to break through barriers, or dismount outside the protective perimeter of the target and walk through.

Note the difference in clearance between the “Up-Armored” Humvee in this pic, and the ASV pic below. 

As a dismount, I’ve used both the “Up-Armored” Humvee and the M1117 ASV in combat operations, and I can tell you that having ground clearance can be a game changer. One of the biggest disadvantages of the ASV over the Humvee was weight.

The 4 1/4 tons of the Up-Armored Humvee beat the 15 ton ASV in certain soft ground or small bridge areas, but the ASV would do 70 MPH and go over most things that would easily stop a Humvee and it had an M2 .50 cal. and a MK19 40mm belt-fed grenade launcher in the turret, and an M240 .30 cal. up on top. The Humvee had an M240 in the turret.


The point of the vehicle info I’ve given you from my experience, is there are plenty of ways to deny or destroy heavy vehicles. Their vehicles might appear “Bad Ass” but if that armor is real, there are a lot of disadvantages to it as well. As to the mounted belt-fed weapons, ask an OIF or OEF Infantry vet how you deal with them with your deer rifle.

Last but not least, is the personnel. They look like a number of social media profile pics I’ve seen of the “Budweiser Militia” around our Country and are probably just as inept. Smart, squared away militia don’t advertise themselves on social media.

Here’s the bottom line.

If you learn how to properly set up a defense against vehicles and their dismounts, and if you have a solid core of people who are serious, loyal and available when the time comes. You can beat the threat posed by the people in this video or the one with the NFACers in Stone Mountain GA.

Training and organization is key. Go forth and GET YOU SOME!



"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.

5 thoughts on “A Paramilitary Threat We Could Face

  1. This video you shared is definitely eye opening. I can think of several ways a partisan group using only small arms and improvised methods could stop these ‘technicals’. All involve multiple people setting up an ambush. Perhaps dig a big hole and camouflage it, getting the trucks stuck? The fougasse could be another method that might work. I noticed as you did the lack of brush guards, also it looks like armor around the engine compartment in general. I would think a few long distance, well placed rounds through the grill would destroy the radiator, and possibly crack the engine block stopping these in short order. Finish it off with a cocktail? With everything going on, I can definitely foresee these guys heading north if things get worse.

  2. Tank ditches and those fine cocktails developed in Russia. For a start. I don’t know about most places, but around here it isn’t too difficult to find something that can excavate the ditches. Just make sure they can’t drive around them. I like ditches better than barriers, but both can be breached by a determined enemy, given enough time. It would just be harder (more time consuming) for them to breach a ditch with a bulldozer than it would be to breach a barrier with the same equipment. And if you were able to flood the ditch and turn it into mud…

  3. The first vehicle kind of looks like an armored car used for delivering money to banks. I could see them getting one of those. Having experience with those in winter climate they suck on ice and do poorly with snow drifts. You’d think something with that kind of mass it would plow through snow drifts easily but they seem to get easily high centered on drifts on a fairly common basis.

    I also find it funny how many police pick up trucks are only 2 wheel drive, even with the ones the RCMP sends to rural northern communities.

  4. If I (we) have learned anything over the years its that its easy to look “cool” while all dressed up and no one to blow up.. But its a totally different story when the boots get laced on and mag meets the mag well once GO TIME arrives… Like those idiots at NFAC recently demonstrated for all to see- reality will not mate with fantasy … Also as I have been saying for years that all these charlatans and bravado pumping cluster B personalities will be getting ppl killed along the way..

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