An Important Message From The Patrick Henry Society


Kit sounds off with an important message of her personal decision. She has come to the same conclusion that I did about a year ago concerning my affiliations, and is one of the few articulate enough to make the case for those actions. Mike Vanderboegh did not invent these principles. Mike, with the help of a few friends, codified them in one place and became the public face for those espousing those principles. Mike was well spoken enough to make his point, and those who had helped were more than happy to let him lead that charge publicly.

I used to say I was a “III%er”. I used to say I was an “Oathkeeper” (meaning membership in “OKer’s”). I still believe in the principles espoused by Mike, and I still consider myself a keeper of my oath, no matter my affiliation or membership in either group. I do not need someone who wants to make a buck off of me, to automatically believe he can speak for me in all things, especially when the “making of that buck” might subvert the intent of the person making it. “Power corrupts………..”, and I’ve seen too many that were given power, allow themselves to be corrupted because they said they made decisions “for the cause” and it got out of control.

If you are a part of something whose sole purpose is to spread the principles that you espouse. Do not let someone make it into a money making job to forward those principles. I saw this as a Board member of III Percent Society For America, and I’ve seen the corruption that apparently has become rampant with the national level Oath Keepers. Cut the “king” off at the pass, or you’ll soon be wondering , “What happened to our group?”. You espouse principles, you don’t make money off of them. KEEP IT LOCAL!

Don’t be lazy and such  an intellectual, and physical coward that you would rather someone else be “king” (and make decisions for the group because it’s easier to “follow” another, whose true aspirations are unknown.) than to lead yourself via your own research and possession of the guts to make your own decisions for you and yours. The “president” of the IIIPSFA found out the hard way that you don’t put individually minded military vets (who know how it’s supposed to work) on a Board you want to run roughshod over and dictate your will. This is not about making money. this is about standing on principles that are timeless to those who would seek to exercise and promote liberty in every aspect of their life.

As I said here, be careful of those who would use terms designed to elicit the response of “Well, he says he’s a ___________ (patriot, liberty minded, III%er, etc.), so if I’m that, I have to agree with him.” That is utter nonsense, and it is designed to evoke a specific response. “Bell rings. Dog Drools.” Don’t let yourself be the dog who hears the bell and can’t help himself but to drool.


This is a very difficult post to write. I’ve started it and deleted it several times now; I’ve even considered not writing it at all.  But for some time now, I’ve been a very vocal member of the III%. I believe the principles, I agree with the purpose, and I was proud to be a part of it.   Over the last few months, however, I’ve come to a decision. I can no longer be part of the Three Percent. Because I was so public with my support, I feel honor-bound to be just as public with my choice to no longer affiliate with it, and to explain the thought process leading to my decision.

One of the things I believe in very strongly is that we must be able to collect facts, analyze those facts, and make a decision based on that analysis regardless of whether the facts coincide with what we already [want to] believe. Over the last 12 years or so, I’ve been involved with rallies both at the state and national level; I’ve written thousands of articles for a number of blogs, and I’ve worked with patriotic organizations both large and small. Over that time, I’ve learned facts or been presented with evidence that forced me to take a long, hard look at what I believed. In some cases my beliefs had to change because the facts did not support my opinions. I think many of us who think of ourselves as ‘pro-liberty’ have experienced that—at least if we have integrity, we do. There was a time when I was what many would call a statist; I even supported the Patriot Act when it first came out. I reasoned that if you had nothing to hide, then you shouldn’t have a problem with the government knowing what you do. Over time, I was confronted with evidence that my position on a lot of things was dead wrong—and I had to decide what to do with that information. That process of collecting, analyzing, and deciding continued over the next decade, and now I am faced with yet another decision that must be made with facts, not emotion.

I see the Three Percent ideals as intensely personal things; things to live by and continually aspire to. As I studied the history, I was forced to change more and more of my opinions to be in line with the facts I saw, and the validity of those ideals. One of the most important parts of the ‘culture,’ so to speak, was that of decentralized leadership. I understood the value in the concept, and understood why Mike Vanderboegh was so adamant about there never being a ‘leader’ in the III% movement. Unfortunately, I also saw that there were many who wanted nothing more than to ‘follow’ someone, to have a ‘commander’ that would tell them what to do and when to do it. They wanted a king, in some ways, and it went against everything I had learned the Three Percent was meant to be. It frustrated me to no end to see people claiming to be part of the Three Percent while engaging in actions that blatantly violated the principles—or even openly calling for violence against elected officials. It frustrated me to see that while the masses claimed to want liberty, in reality they are perfectly willing to be ruled—as long as their leader claims to want liberty too.

Several people have told me that “We just need a leader to tell us when it’s time to shoot.” One named their personal choice for leader and said that “When he says it’s time to go, I’ll go.” This troubled me; not only was it completely antithetical to what Mike had taught for years, but it spoke to a much larger problem in the movement: Too many people in the movement do not want to think for themselves. It became obvious that what the Three Percent was meant to be, and what it is, are two different things. It is not owned by anyone and has no leader, yet the visible ‘members’ clamor for a king. The standards are there, ever so clear in their simplicity, and yet the visible ‘members’ think they need to ‘all be on the same page,’ and need some kind of organized effort, some ‘moral compass.’ Few who call themselves Three Percent seem to grasp that the individual, the small local group is the key, that the ‘moral compass’ was already penned. They refuse to understand the idea of local, autonomous groups; in many cases, even the local groups look to boost their numbers, oblivious to the dangers of such. They want standardization, ranks, and status. In fact, it could be argued that the large majority of the actual Three Percent, the ones who are following the catechism and the principles, are silent and invisible.  Sparks31 wrote of this very thing today:

If you are trying to organize something on a macro level that was created under the  concept of remaining unorganized, and admit such, then you are up to something hinky and I’m going to tell people to stay the hell away from you.

There is another issue as well, and in another post today, Sparks31 explains it very succintly:

This 3% thing will result in deaths if it follows itself to conclusion.  By adopting that particular term, you are implying that you will fight a standing, legally-elected government should it (continue to) engage in certain actions you find objectionable. The term used is insurrection. Look it up. Unless the social and political course of this country alters its course drastically in the future, that’s going to be a hell of a check you’re going to have to cash.

Think about that.

Then read the words of the man who created it.

If you decide to go that route, now think about the advisability of tossing that term out in public to describe yourself.  Or joining up with someone who does.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just a group of harmless preppers who happened to take on the name because it sounded cool and buzzwordy.  It’s not the latest buzzword for you to toss out.  It’s more like a buzzsaw that will decapitate you if you’re not careful with it.

And you know who could be doing the enforcement for the powers that be?

The militia.

Sparks has quite a list of federal law backing his premise, so before you decide to rage comment,go read his post. While I know many who read this will proclaim loudly that they are happy to die for the cause of liberty, I would remind you of the following:

The pinnacle of achievement is not talk, and it is not death. It is a life lived. It is a day to day existence that seeks the furtherance of liberty in all things, not just the big actions that have national attention. In fact, I daresay it’s not about attention at all. It’s about being willing to set yourself apart for the purpose of service and sacrifice in your everyday life. Not so you can go to every Big Patriot Action, and not so you can deride everyone who “calls themselves a patriot until it’s time to do patriot sh*t.” It’s so that you can contribute—steadily, purposefully, and maybe even silently—to the cause of liberty.

JC Dodge weighed in as well.

Other than the rights that you have as an individual to protect yourself, you are not authorized to run operations, assume any rank (unless you are given a commission by the Governor), or speak for the rest of us. If you want to train as a Neighborhood Protection Team, or Survivalist group, go for it. Both of those acts fall under personal and community defense and are God given rights.  If you are putting yourself in the position of combatants that are trying to form a national organization, especially on social media, you are putting you and yours at risk and for what? To look cool and “badass” at an “FTX”? Think about it people, organize locally, keep it local and keep off of social media.

I don’t know about you; I cannot speak for you. But this is what I know:

  1. I do not need or want a king—“liberty minded” or otherwise, and I will not be part of a group of people that wants one.
  2. I do not need a leader to tell me how to live according to principles and self-discipline.
  3. I will not be party to violations of those principles, whether on a macro or micro basis; I will not affiliate with those who violate them.
  4. I will make a difference in my own neighborhood, my own community. I do not need a label or group affiliation to do so.
  5. I will continue to think for myself, to collect facts and make decisions based on those facts instead of my emotions.

I will continue to teach what I can, and learn what I don’t know. I will continue to live according to the Three Percent principles, because they are morally sound and I agree with them. That won’t change. I simply refuse to accept a label that has become associated with things that the Three Percent was not intended to be. The principles and structure are clear, and I choose to follow them, even though I reject the label or the insistence by many that a national organization is needed.

Some will claim that I’m turning my back on Mike’s work or the cause itself; that I must not respect him as much as I claim. In reality, I am doing this because I respected Mike so much. I know what he envisioned for the Three Percent to be—not because I have some insider knowledge, but because he put it out there for the world to see. We all know what is expected of us, and I do not believe he would fault me for this decision. I know I’ll get hate mail for this; it won’t be the first or last time. When you think about it, those who choose to send hate mail or slander me on social media are only proving my point.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

12 thoughts on “An Important Message From The Patrick Henry Society

  1. I personally view 3% as a state of mind/principles to prepare for/work and act on/try and live by to best of ability.As for leaders,well depends on situation,some folks in the know about things I am clueless ,I will at least listen to them and if makes sense work on their information/skills,that is what leader means to me.

    Engaging in acts of defence of yourself or others really do not need a leader,will know when it is time.How to go about defence of meself and others better,that is when I listen to others ideas and if make sense try and practice them,get them locked in me brain.

  2. Well said. I’m not in a position to judge anyone on this as I never called myself a III percenter or similar. I’m just a guy who hates being told what to do! As a life long history buff and a nationalist I hate seeing my country going down the road it is on. But joining a group and looking for a king to lead me? Not happening. Welcome to the club!

  3. Hi JC and Kit and all,
    Well Boyz and Gurlz…”I ain’t takin’ my “III%” patch off my Denim jacket!! I was there when Ya’ll got it together, i know the concept is not all Mike’s an i remember how it all came together …then got corrupted by “Just one NUT!!” if the turkey woulda’ just stayed in his hole, maybe ya’ll wouldn’t be talkin’ this “Bail out” scenario!! I stood by Mike when he was “Bashed” by a lot of people who “IN TIME” came to see the Folly of their ways!! As for others, so be them… Back when Mike was still “writin'” “Absolved” I would fix a “Cuba’ Libre” (Rum, Coke and a squeeze of Lime) and in the midnight hour, my wife asleep, (she was still alive then) I would, in the quiet of the night……”Read!!!” a chapter, shutdown, hit the sack and up at 0415 to beat feet to the job!!!! “I’m still lookin’ for “Charlie”…I know he walks among us, he just speaks softly……….about that time…….or there about’s, Mike posted about a “Hand written letter’ he got from a reader who I forget the exact verbiage but said something to the effect of,” Sir I have been reading your blog for some time now and believe in what you say and stand for…if anyone takes your head I will take 100 in your place!!” Mike’s response was,”Just make sure they are the right 100 heads!!” Mike said the letter was signed by a Marine with the MOS of “Scout Sniper” and had a hand drawing of a Souix Coup stick penciled in……
    Later Mike said he took the letter and had photocopies made and then “Destroyed” the Original as with him and Dave’s bustin’ out “FAST AND FURIOUS” …HOLDER wanted him Dead ,GOT THAT!!??” and he (MIKE) was afraid if Holder got ahold of that letter “IN THE FLESH” he would find the writer and destroy him…….amazing what in HELL this Country’s Government has come to!!
    I know when Mike passed to,”The Other Side” two of the first people he probably met were Brian and Jamie. “Nuff’ said” and I’m sure when he approached “Rainbow Bridge” ..”Pushma” was there waiting for him……Mike is in very good Company…the Founders ….I am sure they are are having “tea” …Mike was not much on coffee when I met him!!
    Enough of my rant……read it and weep boyz n’ girlz….for it is Truth!!! I don’t have to embellish or even “LIE” as everything I do is “OUT THERE!!!!”
    “Funny thing though??” I have never had “ANY” trouble with the BATFE on my 4477 (or what everthehellthatnumberis!!??”when I bought a firearm ………..until “AFTER I MET MIKE IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!” Some people would say “Im Blowin’ Smoke!!” My only remark is in that Throaty Baritone voice (nobody ever saw his face) Frank Gallop when he said………………………,”R-I-G-H-T-“”””””””” ”
    “Co-incidence …my ass!!!!!
    Audentes, Frtuna, (J) (I) vat!

  4. I read all this stuff and I have for some time. I understand the III moniker and also some of the corruption it has gone through. My question is, do we stop being Christians because someone somewhere started a corrupt cult? You’ve done a great job calling out the heretics of III%; don’t stop.

    If we want to take back our country we need a “platform” to stand on and lead from. Unfortunately it’s only by creating a large “party” that we can effect change. We can’t add people to individuals. We can only add individuals to our “party”. And I don’t mean a party like the two republicrat parties we have now. I mean like minded individuals that adhere to the same principles. But I don’t get all these folks claiming, “I DON’T WANT A KING/LEADER!” But then want to follow the “original” constitution which has a president and Congress and senate; those are the leaders! If everyone started to live by the principles of liberty, and we could elect a president that would do the things we want, we have to have that leader and a “party” to get him elected! I don’t have any answers, I’m just sorrowful that we as “Patriots”, III%ers, or whatever we want to call ourselves, can’t get it together enough to work together and overcome.

    • If we want to take back our country we need a “platform” to stand on and lead from.” What I want is to get me and mine through the “Reset” that is about to happen. There is no “getting a big party together”. They are too busy arguing about the minutia of “best camo pattern”. There is not enough pain to get people on the same track yet, and as I’ve said before, by the time there is, they won’t have these resources to organize with.

      • MDT, you’re exactly “right on” with your last comment…
        Those who’ve “sensed” the coming storm, they’re still debating actions.
        While many others are either in dismay or practicing what I call,
        “The Ostrich Syndrome”
        Those of us who’ve been”plugged in” for nearly thirty years…well,
        were as ready as we can be, with all things being considered.
        What will pull us through, to the other side, is the fact that we are
        a “leaderless” movement. I say this because we’re guided by our
        Bill of Rights and Our Constitution…to do what needs to be done.
        Where upon RESTORING our founding documents and our form
        of government, the details should fall into place.
        If they’re given the opportunity to do so.

      • Amen said the same thing myself many times…You know something I should be one of those that don’t do anything until it’s to late because I really have a good life…I’m making more money now than I ever have, I have a great family, Things are going really well for me…So I should be one of the clueless but I know how to read history in a way I can apply it to todays situation and see the path we’re headed on…I can see from other people’s experiences that the world is turning to shit and hard times are coming for all of us…I just wish people would wake up before it’s to late but I doubt that’s going to happen… Sad That…

  5. In many ways, those times are already here. But the attention is on the bread and circuses, until – suddenly – the music stops. Some have had the foresight to buy their own chair, others will be caught standing, mouth agape, wondering “what happened?”
    It is Scriptural, but few read that anymore; fewer still understand. It is the coming culmination of a plan begun many years ago, by greedy and evil men who have been used as tools to mislead the fools, by an enemy as ancient as history. Sadly, almost everyone holds in their hand a small electronic device, that can access the wisdom of human knowledge and experience – and they use it to find Pokémon.
    Be safe, brothers and sisters. It’s going to be loud and ugly in a lot of places….

  6. As Mike mentioned in posts here and just talking 3% am sad to say it seems Sypsey Street shutting down as Matt seems to be moving forward in other ways in his life.I am grateful for the words and actions Sypsey conveyed and wish Matt and his family the best of life in the future,we all need to carry the word forward to best of ability.

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