“Tactical Welfare” And The “Malice State”

As a lot of you know, there’s been a big hubbub of late over the fact that Max Velocity has gone to a paid forum for those who read what he writes at his website. As I told Max in a recent email, my original thought on this was that it was ridiculous, and made no sense. Upon reflection, I had to take my personal opinion to task because although I don’t see a need to do that with what I write on my blog as a “part timer”, that does not necessarily transfer over to what Max is doing with his full time gig.
As you know, I do this part time, and don’t need the income generated by what I write or what I teach to support my family, so it gives me more options. Max, on the other hand, does support his family with what he writes (books) and what he teaches in classes. Making his forum/blog, which in fact could be considered an extension of his books, into a “you must pay for knowledge” affair isn’t as ridiculous as I first thought. Most readers don’t realize that solid, detailed posts take hours to write.
I wrote an article for Sam Culper at Forward Observer magazine a while back, and guess what, I got paid for it. A lot of what was in that article came from previous blog posts or Survival Expos presentations I had written, so for me to say Max shouldn’t charge for his info is somewhat hypocritical. Do I plan on charging for what I write on my blog? No. But then again, that side of my life and income isn’t a requirement to support my family. If it was, my perspective would probably be different.
Shifting gears a bit, let’s talk about the “Movement”. Having had numerous conversations with a number of individuals whose opinions I respect, I’ve come to the conclusion that the “liberty movement” isn’t. Too many out there use the term “liberty” or “freedom” (you understand they are not necessarily the same thing, right?) to describe their version of “The Movement”. They only use those terms as a crutch upon which they will support attacks on those who disagree with them.
How can you say you are for “rightful liberty” in one sentence, but then espouse the phrase “First we kill all the muslims” in the next sentence? How can you say you are for “liberty”, but then say “Anyone who works for the Federal Government is a valid target”, simply due to their employment status as a cafeteria worker? How can you say you are for “liberty” but then give those Professional Instructors (guys who have worked to make it into a business) grief about not offering it for free (but it’s for libertah…right?)? The instructors have worked their asses of learning and doing the things they teach. They earned it and you can too, but at a cost. If you are truly serious about learning the skill sets of survival, you must pay for them.
I have given of my free time to help a number of people who called themselves “patriots”, only to have them shit all over me. I have learned some valuable lessons, a few of which are:
1) Most of the people that use the term “patriot” don’t know what the term “patriot” means in action. It’s just a term to give an excuse for their gear purchases, foolish actions, or something to call a blog to lure in the unsuspecting.
2) People who are selfish, self serving, and cheap (Tactical Welfare recipients) are not patriots from a practical sense. Once again, they use the term “patriot” like an EBT card, and wouldn’t understand the idea of “just compensation” if it hit them in the mouth.
3) If a guy says he’s a “patriot” or part of the “libertah” movement, them tries to “guilt” you into a discount or freebee, he is not a “patriot” or for “liberty”.
4) A commentariat that is more about making specious attacks on the writer than addressing the validity of what is written (with their “I would know” credentials) is neither “patriotic”, “freedom”, or “liberty” minded, and are probably legends in their own “youtube trained” mind.
5) Generally, “patriots” or members of the “Libertah movement” only refer to themselves by those terms when it is convenient and furthers the paradigm they are espousing at the time, and it’s usually used to evoke a response of “Well I’m for liberty, so I guess I agree.”.
These are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned over the last couple years.
My experience with these groups goes back over two and a half decades, and all I can say is the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Nothing changes, just the actors and the roles they play. To the poseurs who want to look the part with the perception they try to give (try to look like “operators” but are only “multicam airsoft colonels”), get over yourselves and become a video gamer, it’s cheaper. If you are not willing to bust your ass (physically and sometimes monetarily) to learn skills that will save you and maybe your loved ones lives, you deserve what is coming.
If you are training hard (as hard as you can, you know what you can do and not do, who knows, you might surprise yourself), preparing yourself and your family, and you are always seeking to expand your knowledge base through academic (reading) or hands on (taking classes) study, good for you. Keep up the good work and don’t let the “negatives” around you bring you down or discourage you. I have no problem giving of my free time to help others who “Get it”, but unfortunately, now you have to prove to me that you do “Get it” and don’t just want “Tactical Welfare”, I learned that requirement the hard way.
Max is full time, and DTG, Mosby, and I are part-time at teaching different areas in the survival skill set arena.  The difference between us and “Specialist Snuffy” who did four years in the Army and got out as an E-4 Specialist from a water purification unit, is that we all went further than the minimum in our training, and in our rank. We’ve all gone to the effort of building businesses that are geared for helping serious people with serious problems.
Teaching survival, whether wilderness skills, tactical skills, or just the prepping side is as serious as a business can get. People depend on us to give them real world solutions for the situations they believe they will face, and “Specialist Snuffy” can just give BS answers to the people he trains (a militia group for instance), and not be held accountable when someone says “That’s really not how it works”. We are accountable (“Specialist Snuffy” is not) and have professional reputations to consider simply because we have made our passion into public businesses. Although you can learn basics from “Specialist (E-4) Snuffy-Infantry” more than likely, he will not know how to pass on the info in a clear, efficient manner, simply because he was just starting to figure it out for himself when he got out. We do, and have posted the AAR’s to prove it.
All things being equal, who would you rather train with? Someone with professional teaching and leadership bona fides, or someone who was the epitome of what’s called the “E-4 mafia” (there’s a reason it’s called the sham shield). Worse yet, you might come across someone who talks a good game, talks about his supposed experience, but in the end has nothing to back up (bona fides) any of it, and attacks those who point out that his different stories aren’t jiving.
I’ve told you in the past that if you can’t afford to pay for training (you know what you can honestly afford, and your Starbuck latte habit is a poor excuse/replacement to not pay for legit training), find a friend or family member that was an NCO or Officer in Combat Arms (hopefully Infantry), and get them to teach you what they learned. One of the hardest parts of teaching SUT is putting it into “civ-speak”. Hopefully, they can square you away.
Why am I writing this post now? Two reasons. First, I think it is important to show solidarity with other Professional Trainers whenever possible. Two, because showing that even when you’ve had issues with someone in the past, it is important to get past some things, find that common ground that is there, and jointly address the issues in a frank and honest manner.
Get Trained, Get Prepared, in body, mind, and supplies. What’s coming with severely test us and cutting corners now in any of the facets of your preparations will bite you in the ass when the crisis strikes.
American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE
Max Adds: I have discussed this topic at length with J.C., and we decided we would proceed with this post by J.C..

46 thoughts on ““Tactical Welfare” And The “Malice State”

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  2. FWIW- I posted a comment on Max’s recent post about the forum going to paid subscription.
    I see his reasons,and get that he does this full time, and has provided a boatload of free info for years.
    It makes sense to me that he went to paid subscription.
    Keeps those who are just looking for free info out, keeps the trolls out, keeps those who aren’t serious out.
    It’s only $25.00 a year. Not much to ask for the info provided.

  3. Don’t think too many were up and arms on the “ban”, more on the way he went about it. Most were up and arms based on max being a bit of a flip flopper + being pompous, then berating while lacking integrity.

    He does have a lot to offer and rightly can justify forum membership cost, plus his other charges. His product offering is top level and worth the cost.


    “Some of these pouches are purchases, mainly condor brand, some are the issue style. At least one of these pouches was originally ACU pattern, but I use Krylon camo spray to make the whole belt green. Its just a case of using what you have, with a few purchases, to make a usable belt. Keep it cheap!” – Max Alexander Velocity

    • Max emailed me this reply MysticMac,
      “I know some like to attack me about my ‘gear journey’ that led me to the place I am now. They just don’t understand. They see it negatively rather than positively. As you know, I used all sorts and variations of gear in my career and in various roles, and when I started teaching infantry tactics at MVT I reverted to the full battle belt. Then, I realized that was not applicable in all environments and started to experiment with my own experience of gear, plus I eventually started to design gear along with Diz, in order to create what we see as the best solutions for the armed citizen. I realized the error of my ways with my purchases of cheap chinese gear on the internet and moved towards quality. So, my evolution over the last 4 years or so was honest, and not some sort of malice masterplan. Going back to the full battle belt actually went back to my early career, and more recently overseas I had always used some combination of chest rig / vest / or over armor system. Full battle belts still work for purely dismounted operations but my current recommendations allow flexibility between mounted / dismounted and anticipated collapse environments.”

  4. Nice post. Max’s article’s are freakin’ jam packed with info. I have spent countless hours reading them and his books. For what it’s worth, your site is number 6 on my bookmark tab. I read it daily. Thanks for keeping it real for all of us.

  5. Great points made. The trick for newcomers is figuring out who the people are that are the real deal and who aren’t.

    When push comes to shove I think most of us know the majority are wind bags.

    Always look forward to your insights and always appreciate Max among others.

  6. I can appreciate Max’s, and your views…
    I too, spend many hours each week preparing for
    each broadcast of the Liberty Bible Hour
    Thurs. 7 – 8 pm est. on libertytreeradio.4mg.com
    But what must be considered in each case, is this:
    Is your time spent a service, or is it a ministry ?
    This question must be answered before you can
    begin to reach your answers.
    A ministry is to reach out to others to help those
    who’re unable to help themselves.
    A service is to solicit revenue from those whom
    you deem need your experience.
    Yes, we need to be able to pay our bills and be
    responsible to those of whom we’re charged with.
    But that’s where sacrifice comes in ….
    the decision is yours to make…personally, I choose
    to help others…Our Lord will provide.
    He hasn’t brought us this far to abandon us now.


      • Yes, many do, for they’re Shepherding a church and/or congregation.
        But what they might be receiving from their congregation, in many
        cases, causes them to find other avenues to make up the difference.
        Others are missionary / Pastors and they too, are supported either in
        part or in whole…Many more, than most realize, minister full time and
        still support themselves as well…as I do.
        Many times, the apostle Paul made tents to support himself…
        until support from elsewhere, caught up to him.
        The point that I’m trying to make is this; We all have a ministry….
        Whether it be teaching or fill in the blank. Those who can, minister on
        a shoestring budget, and faith, that Our Lord will provide. Others, who
        have a stronger support line, are blessed with the opportunity to place
        their full attention upon their ministry. In the end, we’re all working in
        service to Our Lord, as we minister and/or serve those around us.
        When one looks upon their work as a ministry, rather than a business.
        you’ll receive greater blessings in what you do.

        • “When one looks upon their work as a ministry, rather than a business.
          you’ll receive greater blessings in what you do.”
          When “One” looks upon a business which has bills to pay as a ministry doling out charity to those that feel entitled to what we’ve earned through hard work, that “One” will be filing Chapter 11 (I believe the Bible calls that not being a good steward) and that “One” will not be effectively “ministering” to anyone. There’s a difference between helping those who humbly deserve it and giving it to those that feel they are entitled to it because they are cheap, manipulative assholes who throw around labels like “Liberty” and “patriot” to get a desired “Bell rings, dog drools” response.

          • How can you even compare teaching God’s word with teaching anything else…That doesn’t even compute…Some people…

          • I didn’t make the comparison, Pastor Brooks did. ” In the end, we’re all working in
            service to Our Lord, as we minister and/or serve those around us.
            When one looks upon their work as a ministry, rather than a business.
            you’ll receive greater blessings in what you do.”
            I don’t believe there is any comparison. if you knew my background you’d understand better that I wouldn’t make that comparison.

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  8. I understand what you are trying to say when you bring up SPC Snuffy, but you are doing yourself and all other NCOs who were responsible for training SPC Snuffy a great disservice when you put your message in that context.

    If you, as an experienced and well trained NCO, were not capable of making SPC Snuffy at least ‘proficient’ in that timeline of 4 years that you mentioned (and I realize it was more like 3), how can you claim to make people proficient in just the few weeks of training that you offer, if that?

    I understand that people paying for training may be more motivated to be receptive, but when I was in the infantry, we all deployed, and coming back alive with all of your buddies was great motivation. Not to mention, that as leaders, it is your/our prerogative to provide that purpose, direction, and motivation.

    You may want to re-evaluate your context.

    In my time as an NCO, I’d like to think that I was responsible for training some rather high speed E1-E4s. A few of them used that training to save my life, more than once.

    Take care,

    • The name “Specialist Snuffy” was only use in place of “Private Snuffy” because that seems to be the rank most soldiers get out at now. The “Specialist Snuffy” I mention is the typical “I did my minimum and got out. type. Generally, he is not a former infantry guy, he is usually a support MOS. If a guy is former .mil and joins the militia, it’s usually the “Specialist Snuffy” type. They are usually clueless about SUT, and barely remember their basic buddy team stuff. These are the “Experienced” guys that militias look at and say “You’re a vet, now you’re a General.”. In my time as an NCO, I had some really squared away Specialists. I also had some duds whose NCOER (Yes, we started them at E-4 for the practice) review session let them know that they weren’t getting promoted, and why. All the people that have come to my courses have the desire and the drive to learn and do well in my classes. I’ve had only one that was not allowed to use live ammo on the ABC drill live fire, due to their lack of attention to detail during the dry and blank runs (MUZZLE, TRIGGER, SAFETY!). Comparing the average type of student Max and I get to the average soldier who joins the military (all MOS’s) is not proportionally correct.

  9. I don’t get all the bitching about Max going pay-to-read. Don’t like it? Then don’t pay for it. Why are you entitled to what other people write? I bought Rapid Fire a few years ago, should that have been free too? I think people take the comments over at WRS too seriously, way too many idiot anarchists over there.

    • Larkin, I couldn’t have put it better, “too many idiot anarchist”. I limit myself to reading the links because some are good but I got my fill of the “light the fuse and let it burn” crowd long ago.”
      WRSA seems to be idiot anarchist central and I wonder if its not by design. Im surprised K isn’t a more frequent guest there.

      • Pete can pretty much defend himself (but he probably doesn’t think it necessary), so this isn’t anything but a perspective on the ‘by design’ possibility. I’ve known Pete since shortly after he started WRSA….he actually believes in free expression limited by ‘assholish behavior boundaries’….he only will allow so much. I can assure you it’s not be design that the type you refer to show up and flame whatever doesn’t meet their fancy. Other than that, he routinely forwards the offerings and ideas of others and asks people for more than just a quick comeback if there’s a question. He’s good people, and as far as I know, he’s only told a very, very few they’re not able to post at his blog….sometimes I wish it was a lot more, but it’s his house, his rules, and so far, his postings (not necessarily the comments) are pretty thought provoking for both novice and experienced reader.

        My .02

  10. Its not only time invested in learning skills and spinning up the info for a class but materials too. My TCCC classes get CDs, printed booklets, tourniquets, tons of qauze, other med supplies, litters and med bags, blank 5.56, M18s, radios, all of which is not cheap to acquire. They just have to show up with clothes they don’t mind getting dirty and a AR with standard flash suppressor threads. The problem with civilian training is you can teach them the medical part in a few days but you would need at least a month to teach them the tactical part. Then when you tell them $100 per man for a three day course, they look at you like you’re a pirate. I don’t blame them for not understanding that you are trying to help them at the lowest cost. I think they just don’t know what you went through to be able to offer them the class. There just aren’t that many serious enough to invest a few days and $100 to learn special skills.

    • Far too few people willing to pay for training- most of them don’t comprehend the time and effort it takes to put a class together.
      Plus the $$ for materials used in the teaching part of the class.
      Everyone wants online “training”.

    • Dave,a 100 bucks a man for a 3 day course seems super reasonable with the gear/supplies mentioned am surprised folks would bitch.The folks who really can’t afford it don’t have time to bitch,they are busy working trying to get themselves/family fed.I would actually be very interested in the medical part,there is a wemt course near me but does cost some money and a month commitment,given me life I am too busy with work or,too much time on hands without enuff work and thus cannot afford at moment,trying to find a time/were the money and time coincide so can take the course.

      • WEMT is a good start. TCCC is specific for combat injuries. Three days is a cram course but
        that seems to be the most time people can afford to invest. I have to laugh at the groups who have contacted me and thought I should give them a discount. Hell $100 IS a discount. Same 3 day course through DoD is $800.

  11. You guys are really-good at what you do; taking your past experiences and building a second (or third) career for yourselves; while helping other patriots.

    My mind is drawn to sound-doctrine and realism any time I witness a Trainer explaining, exemplifying, or illustrating the topic, and you guys always deliver!

    Filtering out false motivation(s), PX tactics, and fallacies is also an imperative that you guys do very well.

    While I do not know (if I know) you guys personally, reading from your blogs mentally takes me back to the rock-solid lessons of my own 24 year career, and to the visuals/audios of the rock-solid leaders, peers, and subordinates who delivered them; thanks.


  12. I absolutely agree with MDT and MVT. It really reminds me of the countless people that want “free” legal advice because answering their questions costs me “nothing”. BS! What I gave up to go to lawschool and get licensed was beyond what most people make in several years. Was that my choice? Yep – but it wasn’t just to throw it all to the wind. That was all up-front cost. Would you ask a carpenter to come over to your house in his free time to help you build a deck? Or do it for you? (Oh, and could you bring over whatever scrap or materials you have too? I’m a little short.) I get it a LOT. And you know what? The people that do get the free advice are the ones that don’t even act on it, then want you to bail them out when their laziness and stupid decisions get them into the (inevitable) jam. Paid for instruction and advice is more highly valued – and reduces the amount of wasted time on the part if the instructor.

    Both you guys should be charging. The worker is worth his wages.
    (And I also went to seminary, and have worked as a part-time pastor – for free. My comments still apply.)

    • Jake,as a carpenter have helped friends/family for free and if can scavenge materials do,tis allright,they have all helped me in many ways and consider meself lucky to know em.I obviously couldn’t afford to do this part/full time or would be homeless and starving.I have also spent years learning the trade(still learning) and have spent 1000’s on tools/truck ect.

  13. I did my time in a non-combat arms MOS and freely admit that, yet folks consider me to be a ‘Vet’ which I vehemently deny. Both JC Dodge and Max Velocity have forgotten more than I’ve ever know as far as tactics are concerned.
    Fantasies don’t make a soldier – hard training does, and both of these gentlemen have a lot to offer, more than most folks are willing to learn.

  14. In my opinion, we should all be concerned with making things a “Fair Exchange”.
    When anyone becomes an expert in any field, by developing the knowledge, skills, and expertise through actual real life experience…. they posses that which is of great value to millions of other individuals… who may not have the time, the skills, the expertise, or the opportunity to develop them with real life experience.

    Accomplishing the effective transfer of knowledge, skills, expertise from one individual to many others is a massive challenge, involving a great deal of time, expenses, facilities, licensing, and personal risk (remember what happened to our American Sniper her at home in the USA?). That has tangible value…

    During my 30 year career in coastal erosion control, I developed specific skills, knowledge, expertise and real world experience in dealing with the relentless adversary known as the Sea. I was rewarded for gaining said knowledge by hundreds of coastal clients via consulting fees of up to $1,000.00 per day, and selling the patents and technology for millions.

    Max and JCD are both offering the knowledge, skills, expertise and abilities gained from real life, hard won experience. And it is knowledge that can save your life, and that of your loved ones. Whatever they charge is small price to pay for gaining said knowledge, skills, and abilities at a time in our countrys’ history when we will need it most….

    $25.00 per year for the MVT forum info is the bargain of the century. I have just sent in my annual subscription for the next 4 years. These good men can make the difference between life and death if those in the Patriot / Liberty movement are simply ready, willing and able to make it a FAIR EXCHANGE.


    Jay W. Sample

  15. Great post….even more importantly is you and Max working out your issues and working together. We don’t have time at this critical juncture of our country’s future
    for internecine warfare. We need to pull together asap….”they” do and are winning.

  16. Good one, and frankly the honest truth. Those of us that can be in a position to work pro bono quite often do so. I’ve even spent money traveling out of my own pocket to conduct training so it’s basically training folks at my cost – which is fine because as you stated we’re not reliant on the income.
    As far as the E-4s being trainers, grant I’ve trained and seen some high speed SPC/CPLs in my days but they lack something – long term experience. That experience over time is what helps hone the abilities and give the insights necessary to be a better trainer.
    Keep the fire burning MD, you’re doing good work.

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  18. I agree whole heartedly that Max has every right, power, and authority to control access to his intilectual property as he sees fit.

    I just hope that his decision to charge will in fact result in a profit increase for his endevor.

    I fear however that his blog and forum act as a billboard and marquee serving rather to increase his proffits through attracting students. Now, anyone who is not currently aware of the content is likely not to invest the $25 to find out.

  19. Good Freaking Grief!!!!! The site belongs to Max. Guess what folks? That means he can do with it what he wishes. I was on his site all the time, but circumstances prevent me from subscribing right now. Does that mean I’m entitled to a freebie? Uh…NO! and it doesn’t mean you are entitled to a freebie either. How many Special Operations guys do you know of that do what Max does for free? You weren’t bitching before he charged a subscription. Or maybe, Max can cancel the subscription and everyone that complained about it can pay his bills for him and his family. See where I’m going here…Pay up or shut up.

    Sorry JC. I’ve been watching the comments for a few days now and I have had enough.


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