4 thoughts on “A Compilation of The “Kernal Kerodin’s Korny Kommandos, A Week In Review Parts 1-5

  1. Hi JC,
    Poor ol’ “Short bus Sammy!!” He can’t win for loosin’!! His Mouth spews but all his words are drowned by the “Sounds of Silence!” He had a good rant goin’ for a while. But his “House of Cards!!” was just that!! A “House of cards,” don’t breathe hard otherwise the slightest breeze will bring it tumbling down!! That is where Sammy is today only his deck is nothing but “Jokers!!”
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,

  2. Its kind of funny watching K and his commenters squabble among themselves. Wonder what kind of reception he would get at Brock’s Patcon now and if he would be quartered in the guest bedroom again ? Wonder if any of the Citadel “founders” will ever see a penny of return on their investment ? Oh well, he has done his work in the patriot community, divide and conquer, maybe his handlers will ” retire” him.

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