Juvenile Delinquents

An incident on Sunday that was somewhat close to my home, pointed out a glaring problem that we have allowed to fester and grow to gargantuan proportions in our society. The girl in the story was not only the cause of an accident (bike on car), tried to flee the scene (how would that work for you adults if you did that? Hit and Run maybe?), but then refused to cooperate with the police during the investigation. When dealing with a juvenile in LE, you have no choices to make regarding how you deal with getting a juvenile medical care, or how you deal with releasing the juvenile after that juvenile has broken a law, violated a statute, or needs to make compensation for damages (vehicle accidents without a license, shoplifting, etc).

The juvenile has to be released to the parent or guardian, and you have to get permission from the parent or guardian before releasing a juvenile who doesn’t want medical treatment. She tried to ride away from the scene. The police stopped her from leaving. While trying to get the minimum info required to conclude the investigation, the girl was uncooperative, then belligerent, then assaultive. Of course she didn’t want to be detained, she had an illegal substance in her backpack.

This was more than a “I don’t want to deal with the police because they are going to kill me.” situation. If you think that’s why she was scared, you are an imbecile, and are probably part of the problem. If you think those Officers “roughed her up” you obviously don’t understand what level of force they could have used (and didn’t) when she became assaultive. The Officers barely raised their voices when talking to her (Maybe they should have, it might have showed her the gravity of the situation).

A high school Buddy and I briefly discussed what would have happened to us “back in the day” when we were 15, if we had acted out like that. We both agreed that we would have wanted to stay at the Police Station rather than to go home and face that apocalypse. Was pepper spraying her the right move on the part of the police? I think so and here’s why. She had already proven she had no compunction concerning kicking a Police Officer (She kicked the one Officer in the chest, and that’s what broke the first body cam). Contrary to what you might think, using pepper spray on her to gain compliance was a less physically painful and damaging way than the alternatives available and warranted.

The Officers involved had a requirement to do certain things during that incident. Get all info needed to complete reports, determine fault if any to know what charges need to be filed, and last and most importantly, check on the physical welfare of those involved to determine if EMS was needed. Adults can say “No, I don’t need treated.” they sign the EMS waiver, and they are done (because they are ADULTS and they can make decisions that affect their well being) . Juveniles do not have those choices, and it has to be determined by the parent or guardian as to the desire to sign off on medical treatment. If she had been severely injured, the girl would have been transported without consent, and the parent would meet them at the hospital.

The day we allow juveniles to make legal determinations about their well being or taking responsibility for their actions (how does a juvenile take responsibility for that when they have no means or maybe even understanding of the ramifications or compensation that might be required?) in a situation like that, is the day we lose our children to the State completely. It has already happened in many areas of society, and usually it is bitched about by parents. The States have generally made 18 years of age the legal threshold for being considered an adult, being responsible for ones actions, and not requiring parental consent, correct. Should the Police Officers have let her go? Hell No!

Children do not dictate to the adults! The moment we allow them to make the decisions, is the moment they are lost to us, and society fails. What if they had let her go because they didn’t want the hassle of dealing with a “Po’ little misunderstood black child” (considering recent racial situations, I bet it was privately considered by more than one of the Officers), and she ended up having a seizure (she said she was knocked out when she hit the car, correct?) from a head injury, and died? Those that are criticizing the police would have said “Why didn’t you protect that po’ little black child? Was it because she was black?” Then they would have said the police have to get parental consent of medical sign off before releasing the child, and they would have actually had a case of the Officers not following the rules, wouldn’t they? You people who are supporting this kind of activity by a segment of the population that feels “entitled”, had better wake up to the feces you are shoveling. Pretty soon it will be over your head, and even breathing will be a struggle.

Here’s a good post that describes a sentiment I am seeing more and more frequently.


Protests Erupt In Maryland After Cops ‘Abuse’ Teen Girl, There’s Just 1 Problem


The image of the teen being put out to the public by her attorney (left), protesters in Hagerstown, Maryland (right)

The unnamed minor had struck a car with her bicycle, then refused to give police her name or the phone number of her parents. Because she is a minor who was involved in an accident, police could not release her, except to an adult guardian per protocol. However, the child would not cooperate. Instead, she attempted to flee before becoming combative, resistive, and disorderly. While some watch the video and are rightfully disturbed by the child’s behavior, others are quickly coming to her defense and, of course, are blaming the police.

In response to the backlash, the HPD released body camera footage of the incident which paints a much different picture than the bystander’s one-minute clip. While many are now siding with police, there are still those who unbelievably defend the child’s actions, pointing their finger of blame at the officers and continuing to protest, which is mind-boggling.

The video released by the HPD clearly shows the girl on her bike trying to leave the scene of the accident, which was determined to be her fault and is a crime. She’s uncooperative from the moment police ask for her name. Her defiance of authority at just 15 years old is astounding as she clearly displays that she’s been taught that she is beyond reproach. The video is nearly 15 minutes long, showing that police didn’t just slam the girl in the car and spray her in the face, but attempted repeatedly to not only calm her down but have her comply with their requests. See for yourself:

Most of those who still take the side of the teen say that she was a “frightened child” because of the “climate” in America, and that’s where the huge problem that they seem to be missing lies. The Black Lives Matter types created that climate and that fear with their lies, false narratives, and divisive rhetoric. The entire movement was founded on “Hands up, don’t shoot,” which was completely disproven. Now, this is the result. This is what the next generation has learned — they can defy police, then blame them for the consequences of their own actions.

Since the girl is actually biracial, with a white mother, I have trouble believing that she reacted the way she did because she fears the racist “white devil.” That’s quite frankly a bullshit excuse to manipulate, and sadly, it’s working. I think her real fear was that she was about to get caught with the pot she had in her possession.

This poor little frightened “angel” was not only charged with disorderly conduct, two counts of second-degree assault, and failure to obey a traffic device but also possession of marijuana. The matter has since been referred to the Department of Juvenile Services, which is obviously what the delinquent needs. So, what are the 100 or more protesters that have blocked streets in Hagerstown really protesting? The answer is simple, personal accountability.

Protesters descend on the HPD and innocent drivers.

Our law enforcement officers are in a no-win situation, and it’s a damn shame. Had they lifted the bawling brat into the car, someone would complain that they put their hands on her. So, they effectively used pepper spray to get her legs in the vehicle, but they are slammed for that too. What exactly were they to do? Let her go? She claimed she lost consciousness when she struck the man’s car. So, they let her go, then she dies later. Once again, the police would be in trouble.

There is no solution that would appease this thug culture except to let the girl act a fool all she wants, which brings me right back to what I say every time the BLM mentality comes into play. We don’t have a police problem. We have a thug culture problem. The goal isn’t to end this alleged “police brutality” but to dissolve personal responsibility for their criminal actions and turn us into one big ghetto from sea to shining sea, and quite frankly, many of us have had enough.


Here’s two more pics of the “Precious Child” without the trophy, while resisting arrest.




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