And They Wonder……..?


Kit gives some perspective on issues most of you don’t want to face. Facing reality proves you’ve been or are being played at every turn. Think about it….don’t think about it. Just because you bury your head in the sand doesn’t mean you won’t get screwed in the ass. Just keep posting your “OpSec”, and group photos (make sure you tag all your members so the Feds don’t have to research who they are) of that joke you call “FTX’s” on FaceBook, they’ll get to you soon enough. HAHAHA, SERE school…..PRICELESS! And don’t forget your SWORD Teams.


“SERE” Prospect?


A lot of folks are celebrating today after the Malheur defendants were found not guilty yesterday. I am well aware that I’ll probably catch some serious flak for saying what I’m about to say, but that’s okay. I’m not the only one saying it, at least about Malheur. I’ll get to the 3UP fiasco in a moment.

With the infiltration rate at the refuge being what it was, what are the odds that at least some of the defendants were actually informants and/or even undercover agents? If you’ve got someone running a long game, why blow it by outing them when you can run them through a trial–thereby giving them even more credibility in the ‘movement’ when they’re ‘vindicated’? According to the information that’s been released, there were 15 assets/informants involved with the refuge, and only 3 have been officially identified:

See the pattern yet? The word “facilitator” comes to mind, as do the words “completely and utterly infiltrated and even controlled by the same feds who claimed to not want them there.”

Now look at who’s still in jail, who’s pled guilty, who’s trying to change their plea, etc. Where are all the players? Who are they? What’s their history? How many of them lied about their military service? How many of them have ties to other shady characters? What position or function did they hold in the refuge? Stop with the emotion and just LOOK at the facts. They’re right there in front of anyone who wants to see them. The information is all out there, for better or for worse. I would bet good money that some of the folks who were found not guilty ARE guilty—of spending a lot of time and effort helping to make that entire ruckus what it was.

Anyone who knows me knows that I think the entire thing was poorly planned, poorly executed and just a general cluster, as Mike would say. If you want to dismiss everything else I’m saying because of that fact, you’re certainly entitled to do so. But let’s be realistic. There are 12 more informants from that situation–at least–who have not been identified. There’s only one reason why they don’t want to identify them—because they’re still active. They’re still IN. Mark McConnell served his function; he got the leaders right where the feds wanted them. Terri Linnell also served the function she was meant for, and now that she’s not only been identified but tried to explain it all away, God knows no one with two brain cells to rub together would allow her near them again. The third guy? Also a single use asset. Each of them were used for a very specific niche purpose, and there’s no reason to keep them around anymore, so the feds went ahead and let them get outed. It’s not like the feds somehow care about their well-being, or even think the outed sources are in danger from reprisals (and they aren’t).

But the other 12? That’s a different story. They are not finished performing their function. They still need their cover, because they are still in the mix—and anyone near them is in danger. Will they be found? Probably not, because no one wants to truly believe that the nice, solid, trustworthy people they think they know are playing them, and people desperately need to feel like they’ve got people in the proverbial foxhole with them. That brings to me to the second half of today’s WTF moment—-the ‘national’ group called 3% United Patriots, or 3UP. (Never mind that the entire concept of the 3% was never intended to be national ANYTHING, because that part will be the least of the issues by the time you get to the end of this.)

First, you should swallow really hard and go read this entire article. A lefty reporter for Mother Jonesinfiltrated 3% United Patriots at the border. He then proceeded to lay out everything he saw with his trusty body cam in a pretty in-depth piece (which, by the way, no one from the community is reading because they’re too mad about it all, or they refuse to read lefty sites, which means any potential for lessons learned is about as nonexistent as their personnel security apparently is.) For the record, that article should be REQUIRED reading for everyone who claims membership in 3UP or any other ‘national’ group, and anyone with a modicum of sense won’t be after seeing how easily and completely they were infiltrated by an untrained journalist. Not to mention…some of the stuff that is going on down there just defies any reason. Interestingly enough, his description of how he got into this Super Secret Operation(tm) is pretty much exactly the type of thing I’ve warned against for quite some time.

Becoming a militia member began with opening a new Facebook account. I used my real name, but the only personal information I divulged on my profile was that I was married and that I had held jobs as a welder and a prison guard for the Corrections Corporation of America. A “Don’t Tread on Me” flag was my avatar. I found and “liked” militia pages: Three Percenter Nation, Patriotic Warriors, Arizona State Militia. Then Facebook generated endless suggestions of other militia pages, and I “liked” those too. To keep my page active, I shared other people’s posts: blogs about President Barack Obama trying to declare martial law, and threats of Syrians crossing the border. I posted memes about American flags and police lives mattering. Then I sent dozens of friend requests to people who belonged to militia-related Facebook groups. Some were suspicious of me: “Kinda have a veg profile, so I got to ask why you want to be my friend????” one messaged. Many, however, accepted my friend requests automatically. Within a couple of days, I had more than 100 friends, and virtually any militia member who looked at my page would likely find that we had at least one friend in common.

Once he had established himself as being ‘in the movement,’ he managed to get into a secret group, where they were openly talking about their operations.

Then I came across the Three Percent United Patriots’ private “Operation Spring Break” Facebook group. I requested access, and when it was granted I saw a post asking who was coming to the operation in April. I replied, “Yes.” The purpose of the operation wasn’t posted anywhere because it was understood implicitly—to catch illegal immigrants and drug smugglers. Eventually, the coordinates for the forward operating base inside Arizona’s San Rafael Ranch State Park were posted. No one asked me anything about myself. All I had to do was show up. The list of required equipment was extensive, including weapons, medical supplies, and body cameras. The idea was that video footage would disprove anyone making false accusations against the militiamen. I used my body cam to capture what I saw and heard. No one raised an eyebrow.

The wry irony of it all is that there’s a good chance one of the good ol’ boys that he ended up hanging out with down at the border, who told him all about their “SERE school,” (in which they claim to hit students with cattle prods, put them in stress boxes and make them suck on habanero-coated sex toys), was an undercover federal agent himself, by sheer arithmetic. What are the odds? By the way, I’d like to drop this little gem in the mix as well.

When I asked Fifty Cal [National “Commander” Mike Morris] to comment on the training, he wrote back, “Stories of SERE are greatly exaggerated. Yes, we have a version of SERE; it’s more of a gauge of mental awareness than anything to do with torture.”

So let me get this straight. In one part of the country, we’ve got Malheur, which was so incredibly infiltrated that they had to risk a total acquittal rather than expose the rest of the assets they still have out in the ranks or sitting at the defense table. It’s not that big a risk, however, because the big dogs they really want are just going to Nevada now, where the feds get a whole ‘nother round at bat. They don’t care about the minor players (I think most folks understand that as long as David Fry gets his pizza and his weed, he’d be fine).

Meanwhile, down on the border, we’ve got people running their own version of SERE school with dildos and hot sauce, all the while talking about how hard-training they are and how ‘secure’ they need to ensure things are—to a reporter from Mother freaking Jones, who infiltrated their super secret operation all the way up to direct commander access by simply hanging out on Facebook.

Those are two of the more well-known facets of the so-called ‘patriot movement.’ Think about that for a good long while.

Ready to detach from the ‘patriot Matrix’ and go local yet?



Oh look…the “Diamond” formation. Looks like they’re running “heavy” in the middle…LOL

Get out of your national groups and go local. Being a Survivalist and starting a Neighborhood Protection Team is the way to go. Anything else is someone’s failed wet dream of being an “Operator” in the military. If you weren’t, you won’t.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

9 thoughts on “And They Wonder……..?

  1. True enough. When I was doing TR/SFU I was assigned an informant. I kept him as close to me as possible. (Old tradecraft rule.)

    What Mrs. Perez misses (despite her good and clearly reasoned work above) is that blogs, etc., are not immune from the same infiltration and “help.”

    When SFU was working, the inflexible rule was, “If you haven’t served with them, deployed with them, and known them personally for well over ten years, you don’t know anything about SFU. The first staff position organized in SFU was S2/CI.”


  2. Could all of the morbidly obese fuckers return to square one and lose weight and get in shape first, and then worry about everything else? Any team is only as fast and effective as its weakest/fattest/slowest member. If that describes you, you are not an asset to your team, you are a detriment and you will get team members killed. Do a no bullshit assessment, if this fuckup is you, unfuck yourself AND QUIT PLAYING.
    It’s game time.

  3. I can’t stop laughing… sere with dildos and hot sauce!!!!
    Most people that are still in the big groups don’t get it anyway.

  4. You know,like others I kinda smirked when I saw the photos of these fat guys,especially the first one that has been here before.I while thinking wonder if those guys have lost weight and are not the couch potatoes they were but actually working and losing the weight.I am serious in would like to see a photo of em in a year,always mostly a coach potato or working slowly towards being in better shape and perhaps learning some valuable skills along the way.

    I have seen over the last year a women who was very obese slowly hiking down road,but,kept seeing her doing it.I passed her a few weeks back and she is jogging down the road and has lost a lot of weight,still could probably lose more but even if she doesn’t she has done very well in just a year and obviously in much better shape all around,I hope the same for those guys in photo.

  5. Funny I was saying this FOR years and nobody wanted it said. You can bet that the only ones that will “read and heed” this will be the federal’s and their compromised butt boys. Re read the “Moscow rules” as they sum up the start of what we all need to know. Just remember : “Two people can keep a secret: If one of them is dead”. “Trust no one. Trust nothing. ALLWAYS have a backup plan.”

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