Choices, And the Degree Of Consequences



I was asked the other day who I believed would make the best President. That conversation evolved into “Well who are you voting for?”. Here was my answer. If I was voting for who I thought was the best person for the job, by way of their principles and ability, it would be a vote for Castle from the Constitution Party . I am a member of the Constitution Party, and although there are a number of issues I have with the Founding Fathers, and the some of the hypocrisy of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution (the “Necessary Clause being a big one that was set up for failure. Was it by design? I don’t know.), I still think they have forwarded the most squared away Presidential candidates since I joined it in the late 90’s.

In the past I’ve written that a vote for one candidate over another that was just “Less evil” was something that I loathed, and would only choose to do in a “nuclear” situation. Guess what? We have a “Nuclear” situation. This election is about not allowing a criminal that is devoid of ethics, morality (these are not subjective, we know what is right, and what is wrong, and it is codified in the ten commandments, and common malum in se law), or the ability to lead this country. It is about not allowing that criminal the opportunity to appoint SCOTUS judges that will echo judicial activism and precedents for at least a century . It is about not allowing that criminal not send our military into harms way to enrich the military industrial complex and Wall Street.


It is about never again allowing this criminal to have a say over the lives of our government personnel and leaving them to die out of convenience and to cover up treasonous actions of herself and the President. It is about not allowing that criminal to allow an influx of legal and illegal immigration into this country that will destroy any vestige of what we still hold onto concerning what America is and has stood for. It is about not allowing that criminal to purposely allow an element into this country that will terrorize the populace into submitting to their archaic and sadistic ideological edicts.

I do not like Trump. I think his personal life (which is none of my business, but we all know about it now, don’t we?) is an example of what is carnally wrong with our society. I am no saint, but if you think the conversation he had with Billy Bush is how “real men” talk, and that’s your litmus test definition of a “real man”, then I guess you also agree that carrying a gun “makes you a real man” too, huh? It is harder, and more definitive of being a “real man” to not talk like that in the face of those that you want to get along with, and be liked by.

I could care less about his conversation, but let’s be honest, there are way to many people out there making excuses for it and saying it’s OK, just because he’s “their guy”, and really, there is no excuse for it. If you have to make excuses for that type of behavior and say “Boys will be boys.” well, you might want to honestly revisit what you think is ethical and moral, because it’s just an “Excuse”, and that has a range of “Zero meters”. What if your married Daughter was the ones the comment was directed towards?

The bottom line is that Trump is not a criminal, Trump is just a braggart. Trump has given people the desire to overtly say “America First!” (that used to be normal), which is as it should be. If Trump does only 25% of what he has said he will, we will be miles ahead of every President since Reagan. Trump is not an evil man and he’s definitely not a criminal. Mike Pense is not an evil man. I think Pense is one of the most squared away candidates to grace the final stage in decades.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Family (It’s now obvious that the Clinton Foundation is a criminal enterprise) are evil and corrupt, and have an agenda to destroy this nation, along with her “Igor”, Tim Kaine as a willing accomplice to this plan. I haven’t said much publicly about the election up to this point, because I believe everyone has to make their own decision for what’s best for them, using what is readily available. In this election it’s obvious that if you are all about freebees and entitlements on the backs of people who actually have jobs and work for a living, the Succubus is for you.

If you are an American and love the traditional values that are inherent with that idea, we have no other choice if we want to see them continue for a time, but to vote for Donald Trump. Ask yourself, if Trump does not win, will there ever even be another election where a clear choice can be made? Ask yourself what can Clinton do in just four years via “The pen and the phone”? What can Clinton do by stacking the SCOTUS with someone who mirrors her “vision”? What can Clinton do through different agencies and departments by appointing their leadership, and giving them their marching orders?


If the criminal becomes President, she will double down on all the methods that Obama proved were useful in the last eight years. Without an opposition, it will be a steamroller. The Republicants of Congress won’t help us. They’ve proven that in the last eight years, their “opposition” was similar to Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace in our Time”speech, and amounted to that which fills a hot air balloon. Hell, some of them are in on the criminality!

“But JC, I refuse to vote because it is rigged.” I agree, you are correct, but even rigged elections have surprised some when the smoke cleared. “But JC, I refuse to vote because I don’t think any candidate is worthy.” To a certain degree, that is mostly true as well, but honestly, what are you expecting out of a society that promotes the likes of Beyonce, Miley Cirrus, and an avowed Socialist like Bernie Sanders? “But JC, I refuse to vote because I want it to fall apart and get it over with.”. As much as I understand that sentiment, that’s like saying you’re gonna cut the brake line in your car because you want to wreck it and get the insurance money to buy a new car. What happens after the criminal wins has a few guarantees, and there is a very good chance that it will not go the direction you want it to.

If you are not voting out of realistic principle, go for it, it is your right. If you are not voting because you are a lazy ass and don’t want to take the time, please don’t ever tell me, or those that feel the way I do, especially if you’re in my perimeter after the SHTF. That would be gasoline on a fire, and I’ll leave it at that. If you are voting for the 3rd party dope smoker and his gun grabbing VP partner, that again is your right. There again, if you link up with me after SHTF, please don’t bother telling me, because that tells me you can’t be trusted to be in the security rotation due to a lack of common sense. You’d probably like to “make points” that our security “sucks”, so you let in a few bad guys to teach a “valuable” lesson. If you are voting 3rd party for Stein and the “Greenies”. go for it, she will pull votes from Clinton, not Trump.

I’ve typed these thoughts because I can. How much longer that will be allowed if the criminal wins is anyone’s guess. most of those I see saying they want to “Get it on” with a revolution, civil war, etc. have not only not seen a war in real time, but they have never even been in the military. Being Prior Service give you a unique perspective of what a war might be like just due to the training and first hand accounts by your trainers. Being a Combat Veteran gives you a perspective that you never want to experience the horror of it again unless you absolutely have to, and you definitely don’t want your loved ones to see and experience it first hand.

I see a Trump win as just giving us a little more time and some breathing room. Inevitably, we will eventually be lead down a path to war, collapse or both in this nation. Preparing yourself locally by organizing your neighborhood, collecting the gear and supplies needed to sustain you and yours, and showing others how and what to prepare is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. As I told my Son the other day, “When you show responsibility in small things, you will be given bigger tasks and responsibilities that befit the respect you’ve earned and responsibility you’ve shown. Some of these responsibilities are ones you desire, some are not. Being an adult is not about reaching an age in years, it’s about showing that you can make responsible, ethical, and moral decisions when no one is around, and physically follow through on them when necessary.”

Referring to the earlier “Breathing room” statement, a Trump win could lead us right into a civil war or collapse. The thing is this, if it’s gonna happen here, who do you want in charge overall? A person who has shown support for those who will riot on a whim, and have no respect for someone not of their “type”, and will kill or injure those they see as “The enemy” because of their screwed up paradigm. Or, do you want a guy who will take control and squash that crap like a bug? Mark my words, you will probably still have to defend hearth and home, but I can tell you from personal combat experience that being able to “Call in the Cavalry”, and knowing you are not an “island unto yourself” in a fight, has a morale and motivational quality all it’s own.

The info that has come out in this election cycle has shown that there is no “Rule of Law” in DC. The corruption that has been proven to exist in the Federal Government permeates every agency, and department, and especially, the administration. Do you want that to continue and get markedly worse, or do you want someone to make those people and departments accountable. Trump might or might not do that, but even if he doesn’t go after the corruption, I believe he will try and “Stem the bleed” that is evident. These are my thoughts and there is only one thing I expect of those that are responsible and will read this. Think about what I’ve said and determine if it is fact. Then, FOLLOW THROUGH!



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

51 thoughts on “Choices, And the Degree Of Consequences

  1. “if you think the conversation he had with Billy Bush is how “real men” talk, and that’s your litmus test definition of a “real man”, then I guess you also agree that carrying a gun “makes you a real man” too, huh?”
    Maybe it’s locker room talk in Jr. high school,or for some high school boys,but no,it’s now how real men talk.
    Then there’s this…
    “What if your married Daughter was the ones the comment was directed towards?”
    Seeing as how we have 6 daughters-the comment made me want to slap both Trump and Billy Bush for their “locker room talk”.
    As much of a douchenozzle as Trump is,he’s still a better choice than the Hildebeast.
    The only viable third option would be SMOD.

    • then i would think i produced a good looking daughter. Now if he made crud remarks in her presence or layed hands on her, it would be a different matter.

      • Anyone directing that kind of comment toward any of our daughters would not cause me to just think I/we had produced a good looking daughter-it crosses a line,talking about “grabbing them by the pussy” is more than enough reason for any father I know to bust both Trump and Billy Bush in the mouth.

          • If the comment was said to wife or daughters-it’s a bust whoever said it the mouth offense and would always generate the same response from me.
            The daughters would most likely just kick the offender in the nuts anyhow-since they couldn’t get away with shooting whoever made the comment.

    • wrong-O. Trump would throw the same patriotard wet blanket over the Right that Bush43 did. And we are running out of time: 8 years from now, the collapse of the White birthrate will be irreversible, and 25,000,000 more legal/illegal Blacks, mestizos, Muslims, and slants will have been pumped into the country by the ZOG. Then it will be too late. Hiligula – incompetent, corrupt, and murderous – will rapidly accelerate the Wheel of History toward Civil War/Race War. YOU CANNOT VOTE YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS.

      • So let me get this straight about choices. We have the green party’s candidate medical Dr. Stein the socialist healthcare advocate with her black activist VP Baraka (neither one are politicians, but she has run for office a number of times). We have the Constitution Party’s Castle, a Vet, and holder of a Juris doctorate (Doctor of Law), and his VP running mate Bradley, also a vet and holder of a PHD in Constitutional Law (neither one are politicians). The libertarians have the politician, “Illegals” activist and dope smoker Johnson with his politician, gun grabbing VP partner Weld. Then you have Trump, a businessman who has made a fortune by making the right decisions, and has never been a politician, and his VP running mate Pense who is a politician that show he is very conservative. Trump has the only chance of stopping clinton, and has never been in a position to affect the changes you are implying are needed. In fact, the immigration policies he has espoused appear to steer toward your desired ends. Sounds to me like you are bitching just to bitch, and looking for any reason to not vote at all. It’s ok, you don’t need to try and sell us on your beliefs and give us excuses for your lack of participation.

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  3. Well put. Expressed far more coherently sans swearing then I could ever do.

    Tattoo it on the inside of Bill Kristol’s eyelids and maybe some will sink into his thick skull.

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  5. Methinks with the various leaks about her and the democrats ways, the Crime family is truly a crime syndicate now, worthy of some heavy scrutiny by some law loving entity. But alas, the chess pieces have been played and check mate has been called. The system IS rigged and not in the former republics favor.

  6. Sorry, I’ve worked on too many construction sites, machine shops, golf courses, and locker rooms over the decades. And yes men around other men can talk in a crude, rude, and not PC at all. If you don’t believe that, your kidding yourself. I urge you to research what Eleanor Roosevelt said about her thoughts on the Marine Corps. Something about the lowest morals but the highest morale and to God Bless Them.

    Trump is the FU candidate to the systemic corruption and incestuous cronyism of the establishment.

    Folks have simply had enough of the scumbags in both parties.

  7. I will say in me days when I would hit the bars/parties ect. heard woman just as trash mouthy if not worse,didn’t make them not women and they also were somebodies daughter/wife ect.,trash talk in private does not phase me either way.I do not believe any one sane wants a civil war(and personally would say more a war of succession,like the first you can keep dc!)but there are many ways one can fight without violence by becoming more self sufficient/helping others become sufficient/dropping out of the rat race to a degree and not paying so much in taxes ect.,this beast is slowly killing itself.There are many ways to fight/violence the last resort but must be a option as tough a one as it would be.

    I will vote trump but will always vote as right or wrong many family members from colonial days on fought and at least believed whether right or wrong that voting was one of the things/freedoms they fought for,hence,always vote but have in past wrote in candidates.I am paranoid enuff to believe trump a puppet put out to appease half the country,if true tis a plan that backfired as trump a symptom of one pissed off group of citizens,not a panacea/cure.

  8. I respectfully submit that the issues we face are not about what a man, “real” or otherwise, might say in a private conversation, recorded without his knowledge, and how that recording is being counted against him. If you, me, or anyone who’s male were able to hear some of the things happened upon without design spoken by a woman talking about a man, or how to get one without any filters, I’d bet there may be some parallels. Ever see any ‘bachelorette party’ videos uncensored? People are imperfect and have many, many faults. I am no different, and I can state with no equivocation, that during various times in my own life, among the company of other men, and men only, where the conversation stayed, I, in fact, did not comply with the rules I live by today. Knowing that, would that keep you from depending on me in a SHTF situation because you don’t equate something I said a long, long time ago as what a ‘real man’ might say? Fast forward to Mr. Trump: He has apologized sincerely, and stated he was wrong to speak in such a manner. As would you, me, and anyone who’s maturity has developed beyond where they were 10 years ago.

    When one understands the entire purpose of releasing that private conversation was to sour the support of the only viable candidate for the General Election, save for those who want to see us quickly descend into something out of Dante, it all makes sense. It doesn’t justify it, but it explains it.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Completely agree, and that’s why I said it had no bearing on whether I would vote for him or not. I just have an issue with those saying that’s how “real men” talk. It has nothing to do with their “manliness” status, and shouldn’t be equated to that.

  9. It’s simple: Trump is unsavory. Clinton is evil. It’s not necessarily a choice between the lesser of two evils. It’s between evil and unsavory. While neither conforms to my moral and ethical desires, Trump has not done anything illegal. Hilly sure has, regardless of whether she ever does the time, she DID the crimes.

  10. Damn, damn, damn!! I hate them both, but you are right. The Supreme Court is the real issue. The sound of their voices sends me into a rage then I want to retch. How did things get so bad that we are left with this as our only option? Is it that no one in their right mine will run? I only liked one of the candidates in the primaries and he had no chance. Spending as much money as I can in the next 2 weeks on essentials, as I believe the writing is on the wall. Damn.

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  12. I voted Libertarian last time around but Gary Johnson has smoked too much pot in the last 4 years. I had vowed to never vote again but I voted in the primary for Trump and will cast my vote for him against the Clinton Cartel not because I believe in Trumpf but as one last big F you to the elites of both parties, the media and the donor class.

  13. The end of America is coming. The timing is uncertain. A Trump election will forestall it 4-8 more years, but it’s coming as sure as tomorrow. Your posts notwithstanding.

  14. A vote for Trump is a vote for the devil himself, find a better choice, at least then you’ll have a better answer when you’re facing God in the afterlife and he asks why you voted in a demon

    • God helps those who help themselves. You’re expected to make responsible decisions based on what information you have. A vote for the devil huh? I’m pretty sure God would understand anyone’s reasoning for in voting for Trump to deny clinton a chance at the Presidency. I’m expected to make choices and follow through on responsibilities concerning my family. Voting for someone that has no chance of beating clinton, considering what she will do once elected, is effectively not taking those protective responsibilities seriously.

    • tiki,

      How is supporting and voting for Mr. Trump a vote for Satan ? Seems to me if there’s a devil in this contest it’s the Marxist criminal Klinton.

      You Soros/Bloomberg dupes are everywhere.

  15. Very well written. It articulates (much better than I could) my thought process in coming around to vote for Trump. We really need State succession and regrouping by values. Think ‘Estonia but with Christian values.

    I am not optimistic. Trump might give us a breather. But if I know the so-called liberty movement, we will probably squander the breather to kick the can down the road.

    • The “Liberty movement” won’t do anything with the time they are given. They’ve already shown that time and time again. The “breather’ will give you and yours in the communities to prepare. This election has shown what is coming to more than could have been reached otherwise, and that by itself has been a huge benefit in this catastrophe of and election cycle.

      • I can’t depend on “movements” to help me or tell me what to do or why.
        This must be obvious to any “real” man by now.
        YOYO. You alone, or you and tribe who would die for the tribe and you.

  16. Thank you for expressing your thoughts on this. I feel the same, not liking Trump the canidate, but his message of taking care of U.S. population instead of the world is more of my opinions too.

    Trump needs to learn to express tact, but his bluntness cuts to the chase – and he doesn’t back down when called ‘racist – mysogynist’, he follows up. I learned my lessons for Clinton rule during the 1990s and have no desire whatsover to relive them.

    Thanks again.

  17. Dodge,

    If Klinton is a criminal than what makes those who support the scoundrel ?

    In the last seven years I have truly come to hate the political establishment and the citizens supporting such. The only people responsible for career politicians and the 4th branch of government are the citizens of this once great nation.

    One’s family, friends and strangers on the street supporting this known criminal Klinton….they are ultimately, the problem.

    Never give up your weapons.

  18. The most articulate argument I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot. Thanks for taking the time to write this, JC. There’s only the one clear choice, and the country may already be too far down the wrong path to save. But it’s worth trying.

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  21. I agree with you regarding your comments on Castle and the Constitution party. I also agree with the comments regarding what a total sell-out on liberty that the Libertarian party has become and Stein/Green party is clearly not an option for anyone who believes in liberty.

    Hillary is clearly as close to the anti-Christ as any politician in history, so by your logic/process of elimination – that leaves voting for Trump. So I understand your reasoning & position, however I want to press you further on this.

    Anyone who is watching US and world financial events can see that US debt is unsustainable and unpayable. Certainly Europe is in some ways in worse shape, but the whole world financial situation is a house of cards. Those that are honest and monitor this, seem to think that the collapse will be in the next 2 -4 year time frame. No one has a crystal ball and it’s gone on longer than many thought possible due to our corrupt central banks. If Trump wins, he may buy us time, but his policies are not that different overall to correct things and the current status quo will not save us.

    Like you, I know that war is the most God awful terrible thing humans engage in and I like having hot/cold running water and electricity. So I have no illusions of what a civil war will bring and do not want that in anyway. However I posit the following position – the election of Hillary presents the best chance of us saving a part of the US for us and our children:

    1 – I believe Hillary is so reviled by around 45-50% of the US that her presidency will be a disaster on levels we can’t even foresee or predict. And as she & her acolytes double down on all the previous failed policies, things will turn bad quickly and significantly.
    2 – My hope is that this situation will force spines/cahones into those states that still have a modicum of liberty and that they will group together and secede from the US.
    3 – With the US population split about 50-50 between liberty minded folk and the progressives and the entitlement serfs that live off the gov’t, the country is not only financially broke, it is broken emotionally & intellectually. The election of Trump will not fix this, his election would be like putting a band-aid on a femoral artery cut.

    I realize that getting a group of states to join together and secede is a long shot at best, but if enough states stood up ( and it included those with military assets ) it may be our best chance at saving a part of that country we used to call the USA. Electing Trump is just putting lipstick on the pig-carcass of FUSA and hoping it magically morphs into a stallion.

  22. I don’t want to piss in anybody’s sandbox, but this election is over and cankles is gonna be next criminal-in-chief. Prepare accordingly.

  23. “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves.” – SgtMaj. Plumley

    Trump, douchey as he is, is the best way to monkeywrench the statist freight train coming.
    Even if that gambit succeeds, it’s a respite, not a reversal.
    Should even that fail, things are going to get sporty in short order.
    See to your own immediate affairs, and in some haste.

  24. Aesop,have me affairs about as good as can be and still have a life.I have always tried to be ready for man made/natural disaster and lucky many hobbies/activities/pursuits have helped me be ready.My goal as no wife/kids is to try and help others in trying times to best of ability,to do that is what it means to be a man in my book,despite a raunchy/un pc sense of humour.Looking on past issues facing this country feel very good in that my thinking makes me part of a large group and not alone.

  25. Not voting is a choice.
    Chose you will.
    “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: …” Joel 3:14

  26. A better response from son to dad in the cartoon is: dad, all that lesser evil you’ve been voting for has now added up to a big pile of evil. Adding more evil on the top doesn’t help, and neither does you paying taxes for those evil politicians to operate with. We’re going to stop making both of those mistakes.

  27. Very well put.

    The weapon right in front of us to be used now is the ballot.

    Anything else is later. The weapon that people are using today in my state is the ballot at the polls. I intend to vote today for Mr. Trump, God willing that I have no mishap along the way.

    A landslide may be needed to overcome the historic fraud current also going on.
    There are trillions of dollars per year just in the USA that will be stolen or reduced stolen. Regulations should be reduced.
    The Supreme Court will have some of those people he already made public placed on it. Otherwise Hillary will place people that will attempt take Americans rights away, those rights given by God and partially written down in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    The invasion of the USA will definitely continue in its asymmetrical way that is happening now.
    Western Europe will be lost quite possibly.
    Western Civilization will be at risk of termination.
    Globalists will continue their totalitarian consolidation. Corruption and raw power will rule much of the world soon if Hillary wins.

    I can hit this target better with a ballot than I can shoot these days.

    Use all of your weapons. Don’t let the ballot be ammunition not used when it was time.

    I have fought these people since beating Bill Ayers in argument at my university where he had come to recruit people to join him in violence to change America to the way he wanted it changed. Hillary is like Bill Ayers. She has been a follower of Alinsky since her college years. She wrote her senior paper on Alinsky. She eagerly awaited Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals from Alinsky when it was first published.

    If they can be stopped, and the tide turned, with a ballot, We must do so. Please. Please help.

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