A Chilling Scenario and Some Valid Questions

So here’s the scenario and a few questions. Your neighborhood is quarantined and has been for two weeks. Some guys in Hazmat suits show up and start down your street in a couple humvees along with what appears to be an escort of 4 armed soldiers in MOPP4 protective gear.


They start at your neighbor’s house across the street and have everyone in that household take, what appears to be, some type of mouth swab test. A young adult male (your neighbor’s adult Son) apparently tests positive and a Hazmat suit tells two soldiers to take him to the waiting military bus. The Dad asks where they are taking his Son and “Hazmat” says, “To the Medical Camp for observation.” but will give no more information when asked again.

The boy struggles and a soldier buttstrokes him with a rifle, knocking him out. The Dad pulls out a pistol and starts by shooting the soldier who grabbed his boy, then he pops the less than helpful, “Hazmat”. Another soldier drops Dad with two shots to the chest. Knowing they are coming to your house once they get through the other three in the cul de sac, and your Wife has been under the weather for two days, what do you do?

  1. Do you wait till they get there, and let them take your Wife away if she tests positive? They are there to “Help”…..right?
  2. Do you try to rush her out the back door to safety, and hope they don’t notice, or worse yet, have a contingent of soldiers waiting for just that kind of action behind your homes? Do you have children or others you are responsible for in the home? Have you already scouted out and planned a concealed way to get away from your house undetected?
  3. Do you go on the offensive by yourself and ambush the group which has shown hostility and used deadly force against a neighbor? Do you have firearms skills and the training to use them in a tactical environment?
  4. Do you get in your vehicle and try to force your way out of the neighborhood? Do you know how to use your vehicle as a “battering ram” without dead-lining it right after you perform the task?
  5. Do you get on your radio (Cell service and internet went dead about an hour before the “Hazmats” showed up) and call some Buddies, in another part of the development, for help? Do you have alternative communications for WHEN the cell and internet is interrupted and an accompanying commo plan with like-minded, tactically proficient, FRIENDS in proximity to where you live?

Can the above scenario happen? Sure can. Will it happen in the non permissive environment which we could be quickly approaching? No clue, but I sure hope not. What I do know is this, government stooges, especially bureaucrats, tend to get heavy handed when they are tasked with a job and given too much unchecked, authority and “broad brush”, autonomy.

What would I do? First I would have done what you’re doing right now and “War gamed” it before I ever had to do it for real. Second, it would depend on exactly what happened across the street, because details in a deadly force encounter matter. Third, I’d take into account everyone I am responsible for in the situation. Fourth, I’d assess the threat and what it’s perceived capabilities are. Fifth and finally, No one is separating my family in a situation like we could be headed into. What would I do? None of your business. You are not me, and I am not you. Figure it out, that’s what this post is about.


“Parata Vivere”-Live Prepared.

31 thoughts on “A Chilling Scenario and Some Valid Questions

  1. So you just witnessed they are willing to murder for not obeying their commands.
    Your choices have just been reduced.
    What would Henry Bowman do?

  2. The reaction does not equal the current threat.
    Either C-19 is much more deadly than the official stats say it is and governments are trying to avoid a mass panic. In which case the mass quarantine and social isolation makes some sense.

    It’s not anymore dangerous than they say and the response is way out of proportion. In which case its a cover for something else.

    Or Just possibly it’s the first one but they are going to use it to also get some things done they wouldn’t normally have been able to push through.

    Figuring out which is the key.

    Personally I think China is lying through their teeth about the number of dead, same as iran. But its also possible China reported the actual deaths from the virus but took the chance to cull a bunch of people they needed to get rid of.

    • In the end, it does not matter in respect to what we will have to deal with in real time. The numbers are high and the responses are predictable. Orgs like WHO and CDC dragged their feet regarding the assignment of “Pandemic” to this situation, and that’s using their own standards. Their will be abuses no matter the underlying facts because their are some bad people in positions of power. Personally, I think the response by Citizens will be hard handed because they are tired of the number of abuses Americans have suffered under the auspices of “safety”. As Jack Nicholson said when he was the “Joker”, “This town needs an enema!”. It’s applicable in many areas of government and bureaucracy these days.

      • In a way it does matter, if it’s really that much more dangerous then you can understand the fear driving decisions. If it’s am attempt to reshape society, then I have no sympathy for anyone working towards that goal.

        When I posted the question last night I wasn’t sure which was the truth; after reading the new “measures” coming out of spain I’m pretty sure I know which it is, and that changes my options.

        • In the scenario shown, it doesn’t matter. You make decisions based on what you are seeing in real time. The danger of the virus doesn’t override the immediate danger to your family if you don’t comply with the “Authorities”. We already know what the dangers are of this virus, and we have the numbers to back up those beliefs. The dangers we have yet to see are what our fellow man, whether Gov endorsed thug, criminal marauder or desperate parent, does when they feel the need.

          • We won’t know how this is going to play out until the Cheka tips their hand. Unfortunate for the first few cases but a head up for the rest of us. Dodge is right. What happens in real time is what counts.

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  4. Good scenario . This can happen in many other situations as well , especially with Virginia’s government. Always think ahead of the curve and prepare.

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  6. If the neighborhood is quarantined, and there is an intermission between when that begins and the HAZMATS show up, what sort of community organizing will take place? Are we hunkering down and avoiding our neighbors? Are we actively engaging them to get the hunkered-down out of their shells? Are we staying low-profile to see who is a snitch?

    Organizing is difficult when everybody is off at work, the bar, etc. but once nobody goes in or out of the boundaries, then there is really nothing else to do.

  7. Over time there’s been stuff posted about “the authorities” being most concerned about men between the ages of about 55 – 65. Family is likely grown. Money for some “good stuff” and the time/money to use it or learn to use it. Still healthy and active enough to be a pain in the ass.

    There may be something to that line of thought.

    From a Buffett song…

    “My whole world lies waiting behind door number three”.

  8. Something like your scenario could never happen. Scenario point #5 absolutely proves this. This talk about our cell phones and internets going dead just prior to raids, is absolute hogwash. Interfering with communications is a violation of the Federal Communications Commission’s rules, and the authorities would never do such a thing since they respect the law. It would be illegal. (snark off.)

    Back in 2011, the Oakland 1% protesters knew when the coppers were coming: their phones quit working. Huh.

    Thank you for putting up the food for thought. Communications do matter. The reason I got my General radio ticket nine years ago, was for when the phones and the internets didn’t work anymore, suddenly.

    It’s turned out that about four other acquaintances known by me from rifle venues, had similar thoughts. None of us had talked to each other, we live in different states around FUSA. But it turned out we all got General FCC tickets at about the same time, independent of any coaching of each other. That’s huh moment right there.

    A lesson, maybe? Don’t trust any infrastructure not controlled by you, to stay working if things go North. Re radio, it is never too late to start learning how to do the right thing on your personal and regional comms.

  9. Thanks for posting this Scenario, although I would see it as them taking away the military age male specifically and the swab and HazMat suits just being a pretext.

    Whatever, I think we all know we will all die someday. I just think it is wise to consider the possibility that someday that day may be today, and how we are going to go out is our decision.

  10. Terrifying scenario Chris! Have always tried to be ahead, think ahead. To look out and have so little recourse( no phougasse prepositioned) (no plans in advance) is beyond scary.Thanks for the food for thought.

  11. If you’re still in the suburbs and you don’t leave before the quarantines then you have chosen to die.

    Boog if you want, or don’t, but it will make no difference to your odds of survival. Those will be locked in place when the roadblocks are set up.

    • What a profoundly stupid and willfully ignorant comment. You pulled this so deep out of your ass we can see the corn you had for dinner two nights ago.

      • I noticed you didn’t provide an ambush and/or E&E plan in response to the OP.
        Roadblocks are in place.
        Rapid response teams are waiting to stamp out and fires that flare up.
        The hazmat team are across the road from you.
        You cannot defeat or escape them by insulting them on the internet.
        What’s your plan that keeps you alive other than surrender?

        None. Because like I said. If you’re still there when the roadblocks go up then your fate is sealed. Maybe you live. But only at the mercy of the government.

  12. LOL COVID-19 is just a pissed off version of the flu. Get back to me when a really nasty bug, like Marburg gets loose. I will “panic” then.

    I wonder what the deadliest virus throughout history is? I think its smallpox, Ill check the internets, once im back home from buying TP for my bunghole.

  13. Few folks have a place to bug to…
    Fewer will even have the opportunity to do so,
    unless they’re already there.
    With that being said, most of us would do best
    to face what comes our way, where one is.
    Reason being, familiar surroundings, most preps are
    with you, any ill folks would be better off not being
    stressed out from bugging. And the list could go on…
    Personally, I’ve chosen to stand where I’m at,
    for the reasons mentioned previously, and several
    others I’ll keep to myself.
    This is the time to be truthful with ones self.
    If you run, you’ll only die tired, miserable, cold, and wet.
    You’ll never have everything you’d need, with you.
    And in the end, you’ll be forfeiting, where and how, you’ll
    make your stand and defend your loved ones.
    Stand where you’re at. It could be a brief stand, or you
    may be victorious, and overwhelm the “squad”.
    If you’ve assembled a neighborhood alliance, the “squad”
    can be quelled in short order.
    When one is comfortable with their eternal destination,
    observations of the facts, will make decisions easier.

  14. A possibly Valid, but IMO an Unlikely Scenario, as just like ‘gun confiscation’ once the Citizens realize that it is either Fight or go to the Gulag, the thugpigs and stormtroopers start Taking Casualties, in increasing Numbers, until the .gov runs out of minions to do their dirty work.
    IF the (Bioweapon) Virus IS a real Threat (i.e. worse than the Flu or Heart Disease in terms of Body Count) the .gov will soon be expending most of their resources and (armed) Manpower just defending the ‘green zones’, and it will make more sense for them to simply let the Citizens fend for themselves, with the Hope that once the Vulnerable have Died and the rest of them Fighting for the last Roll of Toilet Paper, the .gov can re-establish ‘Control’
    over Us.

    p.s. what would the results be to the hypothesized ‘hazmat squad’ if there was a belt-fed or other full-auto weapon in the Neighborhood? Or a Flammenwerfer? or some 5-Gallon Fougase in the bushes? Endless possibilities….

  15. Interestingly, yesterday I saw a news clip (linked below) where an official from the WHO said they might need to start going into house and removing sick people. Your article was obviously well aimed.


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