Watch Out For The “General Bethlehems”

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While watching the Movie “The Postman” a little while back, I realized that there are a few in the patriot/liberty/preparedness community that honestly think they will be the “General Bethlehems” of their area when the country becomes TEOTWAWKISTAN. Do you know the type. The former “Copier machine salesman” with delusions of his own leadership and strategic and tactical competence. They have an ego that causes the owner to habitually lie to make himself look more important, and/or capable in the eyes of his followers.

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They will make claims that cannot be backed up with facts, and if pressed on the issue, it will be turned around and called harassment, or worse The person/people asking the questions will be told they aren’t really patriots and/or liberty minded (enemies of liberty even), and more than likely are working for the opposition. They are the type that will use inciting rhetoric to anger the emotional, reactionary followers into action, and all the while they will sit on their porch, watching their acolytes do his bidding without even having to lifting a finger.

Are these types dangerous? Yes and no. Yes, because there are enough morons (AKA “followers”) out there looking for someone, anyone to follow, and when a guy who appears to be a leader and gives them the excuse they need, they will go for it. This has been proven throughout history, and just two examples would be Hitler and Jim Jones. One group went on a rampage, while the other killed themselves. After the Collapse, there will be many people looking for an answer or just protection. They will be looking for that leader with the answer or protection, whether that answer is something like “First we kill all the muslims”, or “They must me taken out because they are enemies of liberty.” or  they are just trying to “earn” the protection of that leader.

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Will the followers ask “Why”? More than likely not, because they are just happy to have a “home” and the protection it provides, just like gang bangers in Chicago or Detroit don’t ask “why?” when told to do something. They will do it because they can’t afford the alternative. Those types of “leaders” know they only way to hold a group like that together is through a brutal show of force towards those that don’t follow orders, and there is just as much tension inside a group like that as anything outside of it. Besides, all this “leader” needs to do is convince a few hard men without a conscience of what they can do if they follow his plan, he can be running a “Kingdom” in no time. He can do his “work” (follow the plan) with impunity, simply because he has real men to back his nefarious play (good character is not required to be a hard ass killer).

Kerodin's idol17What do you look for that point to someone being a possible future “General Bethlehem”?

1.Do they have a rhetoric (a plan) that appears to be hard line, but when you look closer, it is just that, rhetoric, with no realistic substance (but it sounds great)?

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2.Does the “impressive” background of the “General” sound too good to be true, and there is no facts to back up his claims, and all you actually know is he was “A copy machine salesman”. They truly believe they are the “chosen ones” you just haven’t seen it yet.

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3.Does the “General” need your monetary or donations support?Kerodin's idol23

4.Does the “General” have a few “Followers” that seem willing to do anything he wants?

Kerodin's idol215. Does the “General” tell you that you will be his “Officers” if you just follow his plan?

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6. Does the “General” direct accusations towards those that are giving him problems?

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7. Does the “General” always talk about being ready to “Jump off the porch.” into a war, when he is actually clueless (except for being “well read”) about what a “war” really is?

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8. Does the “General” act like he was destined to be a warrior, but has just not been given his “chance”…..yet?

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9. Does the “General” give unrealistic martial advice, and act as if he was the recipient of this wisdom from experience and years of training?

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Note the crossdraw rig on the “experienced” General

10. Does the “General” talk about “real world” situations he experienced, but just sounds like a “Spy novel” wannabe, and no one takes him seriously?

Kerodin's Idol5

The “General” getting a little “wet” during some motivational speaking.

Hopefully, if you know a “General Bethlehem” out there you will spread the word about why and how a piss-ant like that can become dangerous, and keep those that are truly wanting to restore actual freedom and liberty, (not the “General’s” version) out of his “I need followers” crosshairs. Make the “General Bethlehems” irrelevant. In the end, for them it is just about money or ego.

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American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

“Sam Kerodin, III Percent Society”



56 thoughts on “Watch Out For The “General Bethlehems”

    • I found this the other day and laughed my ass off! Click on each link (it look like ones he’s registered, but was smart enough to hide the owners name now, after I exposed his Courtland Grojean BS. (remember, he was giving me bread crumbs though, right?)
      There were some other really interesting domain names that we’re sure are his, and one that I think is his new business direction (that phrase is ironic). We are in the process of researching it right now. Go to this link then look under ” Passive DNS replication” and hit the “More” button a few times to check out all the ones we definitely recognize as his “work”. BTW, go to this link for a laugh
      And people said I was being harsh by saying he was a wannabe.

        • Not that I care, he can sell all the snaps, buttons, and velcro he wants to hunters and fishermen, and hopefully he’ll help someone. If it’s a legit business that is not trying to lie about the owners creds, by all means, have at it. Now if he said “I know what you need because I’ve been a big game hunter for decades.”, that’s another matter entirely. At that time, I’d expect you guys with the real (out west) “Big Game” experience to step in and speak up. Deer and bear are it for me, and I’ve never shot a bear.

          • My guess is if the “I’ve been a big game hunter for decades” claim were made- it would be slammed instantly-you can’t fake that one,no matter how many guys you ask,unless you’ve been in the field hunting elk,bighorn sheep,etc. in the mountain west,you just can’t really write about it about believably, I guess you could plagiarize another real hunter’s writings-fairly sure that would get slapped down quickly as well.
            It’s not that big of a community,as a huge percentage are one or two time elk hunters and the chances of drawing a tag for bighorn sheep in any area with decent numbers really sucks now-about the same as winning millions from the lottery by buying 1 ticket.
            Hell, a lot of the guys doing the hunting shows on TV suck at hunting,the only reason they ever get anything is they pay the best guides/outfitters they can find-otherwise most of them couldn’t find a buck in an Ohio soybean field in the middle of the summer.

          • He did a post asking for input on hunting gear,what were the best companies,what guys wanted that was not available,etc.
            I think initially the goal was to make and sell hunting coats?
            Can’t recall if it was fall of last year or 2014.
            May not be solely his,or he may be partner/marketer,as in the post,he did say it was a local tailor or seamstress,who would be making the products-so your guess on initials could be correct.
            I’m all for someone making good quality hunting gear at reasonable prices-so maybe it’s a good thing.
            What I feel are the two absolute best big game hunting camo patterns are by Kryptek-
            and Sitka gear-

            Both products came about during the U.S. military’s search for something to replace the suck-ass digital camo,
            I think that was originally the sole purpose of Kryptek,while the Sitka gear was specifically for hunting,and entered the military search as an afterthought.
            That’s how I first found out about both-in an article a friend sent me about the search for a new military camo pattern.

            The Kryptek guys are actual big game hunters,as are the Sitka gear guys-these are the kind of guys who invent,market and sell new hunting gear.

  1. And people continue to fall for folks like this. The masses are continually looking for a messiah. Always on the look out for an easy solution. Kind of reminds me of the amazing success of the new “white” Obama.

    • Ain’t that the truth, and the use of the term “messiah” is spot on. I think the majority of those that fall for these guys are either weaklings who don’t have the guts to stand up on their own, or lazy, and don’t have the work ethic required to do what is necessary themselves.

      • Naw Top. He’s a con man . A professional grifter. This guy preys on people for a living and has done so for a long time. Its not just the weak that get taken in by such THINGS as “Sam” and “Holly” This THING probably took in hundreds of people before he went to prison. And HUNDREDS since he got out. It’s what it does. Its ALL it does. Only a bullet or an act of G_D will ever stop him. Like all professional criminals he thinks that HE is better than THEE . So lets all remember who and what this creature is. A professional felon and convict. Nothing more. The thing that scares me the most is his turn toward little kids. As a LEO you know how that almost always turns out with EX cons and PRO felons.

          • Yes, When those kind of “people” start seeing kids as “money generators” it always ends badly. Hell when turds like Cris and Violet want ANYTHING to do with baby’s , ugly is only a heartbeat away.

          • Honestly Lineman, I refuse to resort to his cowardly tactics. If he makes actual threats then steps up to me, I’ll deal with him, but I refuse to be an “Ends justify the means” type of person. Unlike him, I’ve actually dealt with people trying to kill me, as opposed to his theoretical “Death Merchant” fantasies with his garrote.

          • So informing people about his past to save their child from possible harm is cowardly tactics…Then WTF are you still writing articles and trying to inform people of his treachery…What he did was trying to get you fired by lying how is that the same as telling the truth to inform people what they are dealing with…Not making sense to me…

          • “So informing people about his past to save their child from possible harm is cowardly tactics?” You’re twisting what I said.The “Cowardly acts” part is doing it behind a fake name, not coming after me. He didn’t come after me in the open because he is a coward, and the accusations he made could have come back to bite him in the ass with actual charges (and he is an ExCon). I will not go after him in that manner unless I am in the open about it (I will not hide behind a fake name and cover). To be in the open about it, and do something that could be proven (shown in court) caused damage to his business income sets you up for a liability the courts could say you have to pay for. Tell me. Why would parents care that he tried to get a guy in LE fired from his job on the other side of the country? Honestly, I don’t think they’d put two and two together, as to why that character issue is important.

        • I think your not understanding what I’m trying to convey again… I was talking about him being an ex con and maybe taking out an add telling the parents that since I’m sure he didn’t…Not anything he has done to you…I didn’t imply that you should do it under a fake name either because that would be dishonest…

          • If he was a pedophile, I would completely agree, but I think the parents would have more to worry about from a convicted extortionist than the children. Regardless, I do understand where you are coming from.

      • Surely you don’t mean that since you fell as well…Speaking for myself I was for the ideal of Patriot’s doing something together to make an impact on our Liberty… As soon as I confirmed it was just so Kerodin could be King I bowed out…If we never give people a chance we might as well become hermits and say fuck everyone else which I’m not inclined to do…So I will keep doing what I do and if that makes me weak in your eyes or others Oh well…

        • I said “I think the majority of those that fall for these guys are either weaklings who don’t have the guts to stand up on their own, or lazy, and don’t have the work ethic required to do what is necessary themselves.”
          It doesn’t apply to everyone Lineman, but I believe a majority do tend to defer the leadership position to those who are charismatic or are assertive. I know that although I did not look at him as “The Leader” I was willing to give him a chance to prove he could be.
          “Speaking for myself I was for the ideal of Patriot’s doing something together to make an impact on our Liberty” Obviously, you didn’t look at him the way I described that type, did you? But I guarantee you know the type I’m talking about, don’t you? We gave him a shot, and learned better of it. I violated my rule of always going with my “Gut” (which I describe as direction from my training, experience, and divine guidance), and we paid for it. At the time, I had recently had a friend convicted by the Feds for something I knew was BS, and when I had the opportunity to help someone that gave a song and dance about getting the same treatment from them, I jumped to help. My mistake, and I’m trying to rectify the damages done by my public support of him. Keep something in mind though, this post was not just about him, as another commenter already pointed out. the comment was not a slight against you or those in the same boat.

          • I was responding both to you and george and just wanted to clarify that just because we believed in an idea that if it was ran right would of been a force for good doesn’t mean we are a bunch of idiots searching for a Messiah and I don’t think that’s the reason most people joined the Society since I have spoke with quite a few and they are disgusted with kerodin as well…I’m in agreement with your last reply…

          • I think it applies more to those who are still blindly following him than those of you who said “Hell NO!” and left. Too bad those “Quite a few” have not spoken up more loudly. I have already admitted I was stupid to give him a chance and not investigate his backstory more thoroughly.

  2. Please tell me Sammy is not involved . I loved “The Death Merchant: series as a kid. Don’t for a minute believe a word of it was real.

  3. Besides the obvious pinky hands, does anyone remember that janitor from Michigan in the 90’s?

    He’d make video tape lectures and passed himself off as an employee of a Michigan University, which he was — but was a janitor, there.

    Kind of reminds me of him, too.

    • Mark “Mark from Michigan” Koernke is one of the people that came to mind when I wrote this No, it was not directed at one man). He is still blathering about on his internet radio show on Liberty Tree Radio. He had put out some good info back when he did “America in Peril” and it woke some people up, and some of his equipment videos were good for the newbie. For the most part though, he just wanted to make people think he was something he was not. I remember something he said that proved that. He was talking about his “intel career”(up to E-5 is the info that came out) and he said “Later through the 80’s up until the present time I command two, second and third opfor brigades, they are special warfare units that train US military forces in foreign warfare and tactics.” in this video the statement is within the first two minutes 0:01:19 mark. Just like the IIImbecIle, Koernke is also an excon, but unlike IIImbecIle, I believe Koernke’s conviction was probably from BS charges involving a car chase. At least Koernke was prior service, but unfortunately, he tried and still tries to make himself look like he’s something he was not. There is nothing wrong in saying “Yup, I was an E-5 (might have been a Spec-5, not a Sergeant) in Intel.” There is no shame in that. But to act like he was an Officer in charge of hundreds of men is ridiculous.

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  5. So “Richard Camillieon” has written a new novel in the Death Merchant series?
    Did anyone read the exert from it listed in the Right margin?

    God that’s awful…

    Dont know who actually did the writing but its not good.

    • I’m just curious who “Richard Camillieon” is (Maybe it’s another name for Courtland Grojean, but that means he works for himself). The more facts I find, the more ridiculous the “Persona development” back story becomes. Maybe the original Author was the “Uncle” we’ve heard so much about. LOL

      • You may REALLY be on to something.
        This is a copy of the only know interview with the author of the books, read this and tell me who it sounds like

        Back in 1969, a fledgling publisher, Pinnacle Books, brought out War Against the Mafia, by an unknown author named Don Pendleton. It was packaged as Book #1 in the Executioner series and, although series characters were not new to the paperback field, The Executioner was different. So different, sales soared and, as they soured, Pinnacle and others launched literally scores of imitators. Over ten years later, most of the new breed of men’s action series have died off. Not so Joseph Rosenberger’s Death Merchant. Richard Camellion, the master of death, deception, and disguise, who works secretly for the CIA, has starred in over forty books, with no end in sight. He is a heard-headed pragmatist, and so is his creator, Joseph Rosenberger, as the following Skullduggery interview demonstrates.

        Shaner: First of all, tell us about yourself.

        Rosenberger: I’ll be 56 in May. I began writing at about age 17. To date, I’ve sold more than 2,000 articles and short stories and, roughly, maybe 300 paperbacks under my own and a variety of names: Rosenfeld, Lee Chang, Harry Adames [sp], etc. Maybe 50 or 60 were non-fiction — ghost jobs, mostly on Psi/paranormal. For almost seven years I roamed the world as a photo-journalist and finally settled down about 20 years ago as a one-location writer. To me, writing is a business.

        Shaner: The Death Merchant is apparently designed to appeal to a different audience than The Executioner or The Destroyer, as Camellion is neither a crusader nor a superman. How much of this was your idea?

        Rosenberger: The Death Merchant was entirely my own creation. The editors at Pinnacle didn’t have a thing to do with it.

        Shaner: Do your editors provide you with much direction?

        Rosenberger: None. The editors do not provide any ideas. There is only one rule: Camellion takes on only the incredible tasks, missions that, if not successful, would result in loss of freedom in the Western world.

        Shaner: The first novel, The Death Merchant, was a “war against the Mafia” story, and the impossible missions vein did not begin until later. Was this a natural development?

        Rosenberger: That was the plan all along.

        Shaner: Camellion claims to dislike the “Death Merchant” title. How do you feel about it?

        Rosenberger: So-so, but I’m not crazy about “Death Merchant.”

        Shaner: Does Camellion have any real-life or literary inspirations?

        Rosenberger: None.

        Shaner: After ten years and over forty books, do you still enjoy writing the character?

        Rosenberger: I enjoy the money.

        Shaner: Have you ever used ghost writers on the series?

        Rosenberger: No. I never will. I don’t think any writer can take over another writer’s series and do a good job, with the exception of the “comic” Nick Carter novels.

        Shaner: What are your favorite Death Merchant books?

        Rosenberger: I don’t have any favorites. I try to make each book as good as possible, and feel, after the book is finished, that it was the “best.” It’s the mind-set by which I operate.

        Shaner: Do you have any favorites among your other books?

        Rosenberger: None. It’s all commercial writing. Paperbacks, as a rule, are nothing but pulps in a different form.

        Shaner: How do you rate other series characters?

        Rosenberger: Some are good; others stink, in that the writers don’t do their homework.

        Shaner: How do you approach writing a typical Death Merchant novel?

        Rosenberger: I sleep on it for months in advance, letting the “Overmind” work out the details. From an outline as I actually begin to write. Plenty of research.

        Shaner: What other series books have you written?

        Rosenberger: The first Kung Fu fiction series in print (Manor Books) — until Manor tried to screw me. Result: a lawsuit that I won. I now own the series, even though Kung Fu is as dead as yesterday’s cigarette. Titles: Year of the Tiger by Lee Chang, etc. There were four or five books altogether; then when I told Manor where it could go, Manor got another writer to do the series. The series fell apart after, I think, two books.

        I also evolved The Murder Master for Manor — three books. I told Manor this series would not work — a black dude hopping in bed with chicks, secret Fed, all that kind of nonsense.

        I have done one Nick Carter book, Thunderstrike In Syria — only one, because the advances are low, because I don’t have the time, and, mainly, because there isn’t a byline.

        Shaner: Who reads your books, do you know?

        Rosenberger: All kinds of people, judging from letters, from priests to prostitutes, from scientists to truck drivers. People read fiction to relax and, on a subconscious level, to work out their own anxieties, but mostly to relax and enjoy the book.

        Shaner: Finally, with the Death Merchant entering its second decade, where do you see Richard Camellion and Joseph Rosenberger going from here?

        Rosenberger: Rosenberger? Who knows? I can always sell series. I’ve turned down five this year. Camellion will live as long as the books at Pinnacle show a profit. The bottom line in publishing is money.
        Posted by Joe Kenney at 6:30 AM
        Labels: Death Merchant, Interviews, Joseph Rosenberger, Lee Chang, Mace, Manor Books, Men’s Adventure Novels, Pinnacle Books

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  7. The saving grace with these “Bethlehem’s” is that every damn one of them are peace time generals. Not tested, not tempered. They are not war time generals. When it hits the fan, you soon see the difference. The peace time generals soon find something better to occupy their time then getting dirty finger nails.

  8. I laughed long and loud at the cross draw picture… gun belt wrapped around the portly tummy, black leather gloves protecting soft pink hands…
    I’m still a bit chafed with myself for not seeing through k sooner – and then giving him another chance; only to be dismissed by the ‘k’…. I am happy to see that the comments on what little he posts have dropped to about zero, a true measure of k’s insignificance. I do hope that getting the word out keeps others from being deceived, and I know I am not alone in monitoring k… to keep that word out.
    He was not intelligent enough to realize he was fucking with the wrong people, and I thus do not believe he will successfully buffalo the good folks in his new town for very long. He’s an eastern cityboi, and it won’t be long before the west drives him back there.
    With a new name, and a new narrative, of course…

  9. Understood… easy to get lost in the mountains though… even happens to folks who know what they’re about. Besides, before he could move, he’d have to “sell his house” (oops…) and get his “bus staged in position” (oops), and…

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