A New Year, A New Fear?

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I remember as a kid, New Years Eve was a time when our Church Youth Group would have a big get together and we’d stay up all night playin’ games inside and playin’ a huge game of tag/Hide and go seek in the woods outside. A couple of us were plannin’ on going into the military (this was between 13 and 17 and I was fortunate enough to serve with one of them in three different units), so the game in the woods became a huge stalking exercise. We’d finish out the morning by driving to the top of the mountain and watch the sun come up.

I sit here on the couch having just put my nine week old Son to bed and I am contemplating the last year, 2019. The birth of my third child was the highlight of this year, and thinking about a few more awesome events that have taken place, I realize how God has truly blessed me and mine.

Trying to keep a realistic perspective of my surrounding, I realize that their are many enemies to what I hold dear, stalking those of us who believe in things like God, Family, Rights and Country, and just waiting for a time to pounce.

There are so many situations on the edge of “POP!” right now, it’s hard to keep track. Everyone keeps talking about Virginia, and what’s going on there, so let’s discuss it. All I keep hearing is, “Everyone needs to show up there on Jan. 20th, to tell their Admin how we feel.” or, “If they want a fight, let it start with all the militias in Virginia.”.

A few things come to mind when I hear all those forum and You Tube “Talkers” tellin’ people they need to go to Virginia. The first thought is, “Most who tell you that you should go, are not going. I know because I’ve asked many of them in comments. If they aren’t willing to go, why are they telling you that you should? Because everybody is saying it, that’s why.

Second of my thoughts is, “This is a problem Virginians created, let them handle it.” Along with that is the caveat that If Virginians appear to be in over their heads after they’ve made a go at it, by all means, we should help our fellow Americans out. They seriously dropped the ball in their election and they know it. Let them fix their problem without a bunch of wannabees screwing it up for them. The only way those laws, if passed, will affect Non-Virginians is if you’re driving through the State. What are you protesting that will specifically affect you if you’re not from Virginia?

What? You’re gonna show up like “The Fools of Charlottesville”, lookin’ all “Operator” with your AR pistol, tomahawk, MICH helmet and mirrored sunglasses? What happened there? They were painted as something they were not by MSM and ended up grovelling to the people that sued them (after it was over) and kept sayin’ they only wanted to get along and “We’re here for you.”. The closest thing they had to a plan was who was going to do the photos that they could post on there social media militia page later….and it showed.

By all means tell us by what authority you operate in your own State, let alone another. You don’t have any (The 2nd Amendment is a generalization to the specifics of the different militia acts. The Militia Acts tell how you will have Officers appointed by the Governor and how you will organize), and what’s worse, do you think the Administration in VA has not thought it through this time. They added $100 Million to their overall Corrections budget compared to 2019. That’s a “Tell”. What, you’re gonna say you’re runnin’ as “Security” for “Fill in the blank YT star”? Look up DCJS and see what VA requires for a person to work armed security in VA. You’re gonna be armed, right?

Is your “militia” planning to go to any of the other States that are proposing similar laws. I doubt it, you have day jobs, and it sounds like you’re gonna blow your wad on a State you don’t even live in. What are you gonna do when it comes to your State? I live in PA, and if it comes down to the same type of actions being planned in VA, I will resist, because that affects me and mine directly.

If this were a Federal Confiscation, by all means, all of us should resist. But understand, this is a test, and other States are watching how VIRGINIANS handle it. Are you gonna stir things up, only to leave it for Virginians to live with the consequence? If you go and there is trouble, that’s what you’ll be doing. You aren’t gonna stay there long, unless you get planted there, because the bottom line is you have responsibilities elsewhere, don’t you?

I haven’t even brought up the planning required to perform in that type of environment with even a small group. Basic Battle Drills that you have rehearsed 10 or 1000 times with your group is the easy part. That doesn’t even cover the map recon or better yet, site recon before the operation, a serious commom plan, the specific planning for multiple routes in and out, contingencies for commo, evacuation and transportation, overwatch assignments and fall back positions. You’ll need casualty recovery, movement and collection points planned and assigned. Finally (not really) the logistics needed for this kind of operation need to be collected. This is where knowing how to write and deliver an OpOrd and understanding the “Principles of Patrolling” come into their own.

I hope all the hype is for naught, but I fear that is not the case. Regardless, whatever you do, me and mine wish you and yours a great and prosperous 2020 and I wish nothing but death and destruction to the communists and their weak brethren, the socialists, who want to destroy our great Nation.

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A Book Review of Indian Country: By Kurt Schlichter

A Book Review of Indian Country: By Kurt Schlichter

A friend asked me to do this review and give my impressions of the book’s fictional scenario and whether I thought the playing out of the events was realistic. I’ve never really done a book review before, so be kind, and I say that with all the sarcasm I can muster LOL. Flame on, this is just my semi educated opinion.  

Indian Country.jpg

The Scenario

Hillary Rot-Damn Clinton wins the 2020 election and immediately starts to do what every one of us figured she would. This book begins in 2022 with the adventures of an Army Special Forces Captain named Kelly Turnbull. In 2022 he is running ops in Iraq, but then, mysteriously gets pulled from Army Command by a guy named “Clay” who works for what he calls an “Other Government Agency”.

U.S. Forces are being withdrawn from Iraq and Europe by Clinton and “Clay” wants Turnbull to help him finish up an operation in Iraq, then follow on by workin’ for him in the Continental US (Conus). “Clay” makes it clear that operations in Conus will be oriented towards protecting the U.S. Constitution and the Red’s (U.S.A.).

Fast forward to 2027. Elizabeth “I’m an Indian for College” Warren is President. The Nation is split into two countries. Blue (People’s Republic) and Red (USA). The primary story in this book takes place in Southern Indiana. The Northern Blue States are full of all the Commie laden crap you’d figure they would be. From the climate change requirements, to the PC BS, to the racial and “gender devoids” revenge being doled out by your typical “Disgruntled but now Empowered” minorities who now work in the government power structure.

Turnbull is given a mission to do what Special Forces does best, Unconventional Warfare. His job is to buy time and organize the locals to prove the Southern Indiana Area of Operation (AO) is not worth what it would cost the “Blues” to keep it. Thus begins the adventure in Jasper, Indiana where a Special Forces Officer has to organize, mentor and initially lead the seed of a resistance that grows into a force to be reckoned with.

I thought the book was well written and a story that not only is a realistic depiction of what unconventional warfare consists of and requires, from an organizational standpoint, but also gives people, who believe this will happen one day, a very basic understanding of the requirements necessary to make a resistance work.

I am a “Technical Details Nazi” when it comes to firearms and military facts in movies and books. To Kurt’s credit, there were only two minor thing I read that were wrong concerning firearms. I’m not sayin’ what they are, you can find them for yourself when you read it.

If you want a good read with a good, realistic story line, get a copy of this book. Hell, it’s only $4.99 on Kindle. There is a lot of “Apocalypse Porn” out there that is poorly organized, poorly researched and poorly written. This is not one of those books.

It is hard for me to put myself “In the event” of a book if the above requirements are not met. A good test for a book is when I am into the story enough to not only place myself there, but to come up with alternative courses of action (COA) to what takes place, and “war game” how it might have turned out differently in the book (and in the future) if only……………

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Seeing “RED”

Seeing “RED”

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Above is the aftermath of a “Red Flag” LE incident in Annapolis, Maryland on Monday, Nov 5th, 2018. Here’s a quote from the Chief of Police. ““If you look at this morning’s outcome, it’s tough for us to say ‘Well, what did we prevent?’ Because we don’t know what we prevented or could’ve prevented. What would’ve happened if we didn’t go there at 5 a.m.?”.

Here’s something else that was mentioned in the article, “Police said Willis answered the door at 5:17 a.m. with a gun in his hand and initially put it down next to the door as he first spoke with the officers.” then, “Police said he ‘became irate’ when officers tried to serve him with the emergency risk protective order and picked it up again.”. Well I bet he did get irate. Tell me you’re gonna confiscate my firearms without my “Day in Court”, and I’d be “Irate” to say the least.They are called “Rights” and “Due Process”, PERIOD, END, STOP!

Here’s the deal. If you come to my door in the early morning hours, I answer it with a gun in my hand. What sane, situationally aware person wouldn’t? I know the kind of world we live in. On another note, I have been on the receiving end of a formal accusation in a situation that could have ended badly for me, at least from a livelihood perspective anyway.  Fortunately, my “Rights” and “Due Process” was intact and adhered to.

Approximately 4 years ago, while working for a State Law Enforcement agency, I got a call from an Investigations Unit Sergeant (“IU”, our Internal Affairs Dept.) sayin’ I needed to come to their office, regarding a complaint lodged with the Attorney General’s Office against me as an Officer. Upon arrival, I was read my Rights, and advised I was accused of being a “White Supremacist” and that I trained/was training Anti Government militias to overthrow the government.

My first response was to laugh. My second was to realize this could, if nothing else, get me suspended, let alone, possibly fired. Fortunately, the IU Sgt not only knew me, but had known and worked with me for well over a decade. The bottom line though was he still had an investigation to conduct. He asked who I thought would do this, and my response was that I knew of one guy who would go that way, and that he was an “Ex Felon, Federal Extortionist” that a few of my friends and I had tried to help out. Once we found out he was still up to the same old ways, we cut ties and made sure everyone, who knew of our collaboration, knew why.

MIAC Post07

The IU Sgt, said he couldn’t find anything on this “Courtland Grojean” character except the pic/website above. He said he’d look into it more, and if I found anything myself, to let him know. I went home and started digging, and found all the evidence I needed to prove the culprit was who I figured it was.

I reported it to the IU Sgt, and after it was cleared as an “Unwarranted” complaint (Three levels of complaint findings are: the worst is “Substantiated”, then “Unsubstantiated” and finally, total exoneration is listed as “Unwarranted”) , I got permission to run a story on my blog about it. The individual in question has since lost pretty much everything he was involved in except one of his blogs, and even that he doesn’t allow comments on anymore LOL. Wonder why?

My friend Kenny at “Knuckledraggin’ My Life Away” went through even more BS than I did with him, because the guy we like to refer to as “Scammy the IIITard” took him to court twice. Kenny and I pretty much “own” his other two “primary” blogs since he’s had the same post up about us for around two years now. I’d call that “ownership”. He doesn’t realize,”Nno one cares”.

I say all that to point out this. Both Kenny and I had “Rights”, “Due Process” and recourse. We both were vindicated, and except for the headache, some of out time and some money from Kenny’s pocket (Pete/CA at WRSA got a “Go Fund Me” going and had what Kenny needed for court in less than a day), we came out ahead against a guy who lived on the other side of the country from me (he did this from Idaho). We spanked him hard. He lost, and he’s been losing ever since.

This post is about the proposed TAPS (“Threat Assessment And Safety”) Act. No matter what they tell us, WE WILL NOT GET DUE PROCESSING OF OUR RIGHTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT IF THEY PASS “RED FLAG” LAWS! Is this clear enough for you? Below, I go through just a few glaring issues I found in the Bill they are offering up. When I think about what Scammy the IIITard could have done if TAPS had already been law, I’ll tell you right now, that could have ended tragically for all concerned.

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You know where else I recently saw “And for other purposes”?

MIAC Post03

2019 Assault Weapons Ban Bill

Are you seeing a theme here? Unless you have ill intent and want unlimited power, you do not place the term “For other purposes” in a Bill/Law that will initially violate the Rights of a Citizen.

“This Act may be cited as the ‘Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act of 2019’.”

It is the sense of Congress that— (All caps are my focal points. words in bold are from the Bill or MIAC report). BTW, They used “Sense” and “Congress” in the same sentence. That’s how you know it’s BS.

(1) incidents of targeted violence are impacting our Nation FREQUENTLY and INDISCRIMINATELY;

It’s not really all that frequent or indiscriminate, from a historical perspective, unless you’re talking about the gang/drug violence in places like L.A., Chicago, Baltimore, etc.. If Congress wants to address a National issue and embarrassment with Federal force, they need to start addressing that problem. Of course those places are run by Democrats, and have been for decades so….hands off, right? By the way, how many “Mass” shooters, percentage wise, were Leftist/Communist/Democrats? How many were on some type of Psychotropic medication? Askin’ for a friend…..

(2) a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and multi-jurisdictional BEHAVIORAL THREAT ASSESSMENT and MANAGEMENT process on a Federal, State, local, and Tribal level complements the development of better methods for STRATEGICALLY PREVENTING targeted violence in communities, INCLUDING SCHOOLS;

They have had the ability to “assess, “manage” and “prevent” (report) individuals with a “history” for decades, example: Devin Patrick Kelley, AKA, the Texas Church Shooter in 2017.

“He had served in the Air Force at a base in New Mexico but was court-martialed in 2012 on charges of assaulting his wife and child. He was sentenced to 12 months’ confinement and received a ‘bad conduct’ discharge in 2014, according to Ann Stefanek, the chief of Air Force media operations.”

Conveniently, the Air Force did not report his “indiscretions” to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division which controls the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). To me that is criminal and civil negligence on the part of the Air Force personnel required to report it.

Of course no one would be held responsible because it was just an oversight, right? Tell that to the families of the 26 murdered victims and the 20 wounded survivors. A man with a rifle, that would again be banned from production (an AR-15) if the AWB2019 gets passed, is the one who stopped his rampage. He readily admitted in an interview that he would have responded quicker if he hadn’t had to LOAD HIS MAGAZINES before he left his house.

“Strategically Prevent”? They can’t PREVENT it on an “Tactical” (Police response) level and usually get there too late, just in response. They definitely can’t do it on an “Operational” (State) or “Strategic” (Federal) level.

“INCLUDING SCHOOLS”? Cuz it’s “For the children”, right? It’s always mentioned, but rarely proves to be beneficial to children. “Gun Free Zones” are a perfect example. Tell this to the 28 kids who died in Waco in April 1993.

(3) the United States has the capability to RAPIDLY DEVELOP BEHAVIORAL THREAT ASSESSMENT and management guidelines and best practices;

   (A) identifying individuals who are exhibiting patterns of concerning behavior that indicate an interest, motive, intention, or capability of carrying out an act of violence;

Does this include violent video games? They say “Interest” but use the term “or” which means the terms, “interest”, “motive”, “intention” and “capability” are/can be mutually exclusive to the other terms mentioned. What about the military or Law Enforcement? They have an “Interest” in violence in regards to their vocation.

   (B) investigating and gathering information from multiple sources to assess whether an individual described in subparagraph (A) poses a threat, based on articulable facts; and

I’m pretty sure Facebook or other social media posts/rants with be considered “Articulatable Facts”.

   (C) the subsequent management of such a threat, if necessary.

See the above “management solution” worked out in Annapolis MD on November 5th, 2018.

The 2009 MIAC report was a threat assessment. That report gave Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement a “Behavioral Guide” to the “Who” and “Why” of…wait for it……….”RIGHTWING EXTREMISTS” and “WHITE SUPREMACISTS”.  How many of you have been accused of being a “Rightwing Extremist” or White Supremacist” in the last three years. I know President Trump has. The MIAC Report was a government sponsored ASSESSMENT of who would more than likely be domestic terrorists, and Vets were at the top of the list.

(4) the United States should encourage the sharing of such guidelines and best practices for STREAMLINED and COHESIVE use across the United States;

Think about that for a minute, then refer back to the “Texas Church Shooter” mentioned above. A military entity (The U.S. Air Force) could not properly report the conviction, sentencing and discharge of one of it’s Airmen, but we’re supposed to believe Local, State and Federal LE will be on board and efficient while dealing with yet another new bureaucracy?

(5) establishing such guidelines and best practices is an important step toward PREVENTING targeted violence;

Can you say “Minority Report”?

MIAC Post 05 Minority_Report_Poster

MIAC Post04

In our case, the “Precogs” could/would be any of the “Ex’s” in your life. The neighbor who hates your Trump MAGA hat or sign in the yard. A fellow employee wanting the promotion ahead of you (what, you think you having all your guns confiscated won’t make it to your workplace?). The FB “Enemy” who wants to get the upper hand in an online argument. Better yet, they will just “MIAC” categorize you and make you a “Bad guy”, “Cuz the Gov said so in the official ‘Threat’ report.”.

(6) such guidelines and best practices should account for DIFFERENT NEEDS of communities across the United States; and

“Different Needs”? So they’re gonna discriminate by location, but the law will be Federally, “All encompassing”? I thought “Lady Justice” was blind, and that as Citizens, we were to receive “Equal treatment under the law”? Does “Different Needs” mean things won’t be acted upon and/or officially reported after the initially report because conveniently, the individual in question is some sort of minority, whether racially, sexually or religiously?

That’s conveniently how the media and government normally play it when they find out the shooter being reported on doesn’t fit their desired paradigm (They need it to be White+Christian, Conservative, Heterosexual, Gun Owning, Trump Supporter) right? We are not allowed to address “Different Needs” throughout the country when it comes to other things like educational requirements, are we? When it comes to the Feds, it’s “One size Fits All” because they know best, right?

(7) it is in the national security interest of the United States to develop such guidelines and best practices.

“National Security interests”?  Getting control of illegal immigration and the threat posed by foreign actors from drug cartels and terrorist organizations who are infiltrating our border is “National Security”. The mentally disturbed, individual, American Citizen with a gun, bomb or vehicle, and an intent to harm specific or random people is not.

To add some context to what I said earlier on the 2009 MIAC Report. Below is their assessment from the official PDF of Vets returning from a war zone.

(U) Disgruntled Military Veterans 

(U//FOUO) DHS/I&A assesses that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and
radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat. These skills and knowledge have the potential to boost the capabilities of extremists—including lone wolves or small terrorist cells—to carry out violence.

The willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist
groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned, or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today.
— (U) After Operation Desert Shield/Storm in 1990-1991, some returning military
veterans—including Timothy McVeigh—joined or associated with rightwing
extremist groups.
— (U) A prominent civil rights organization (The recently disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center [2 lies in 1], you know, the “Bastions” or was it bastards of “freedom” and “conservative thought”, who will protect you, as long as you’re a leftist/progressive/communist bent on tyranny and Rights violation)  reported in 2006 that “large numbers of potentially violent neo-Nazis, skinheads, and other white supremacists are now learning the art of warfare in the [U.S.] armed forces.”
— (U//LES) The FBI noted in a 2008 report on the white supremacist movement
that some returning military veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have
joined extremist groups.

MIAC Post01

Excerpt from above: “embracing violent rightwing extremist ideology are the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States”-MIAC Report 2009.

Remember when I showed the incremental tightening of the restrictions in this AWB Post? They are doing it now, when describing the “Domestic Threat” as well. The above description was in an official report verbiage from ten years ago, below is CNN Anchor Don Lemon saying the biggest terror threat in the U.S. now is white men a few months back. Start at 30 seconds in.

The “Don Lemons” of the world have no problem generalizing and profiling their perceived enemies, but if we point out that the threats are “Leftists”, “Communist/Socialists” and/or “Muslims”, we are beat down for being some type of “Phobic”.

MIAC Post06

So it’s a “National Strategy”, but not a “National Standard”….but it’s Law? I thought “Law” and “Standard” were supposed to be synonymous? Law is applicable to all, correct? Is someone above the “Law” Standard? Finally, below is an excerpt at the end of the Bill. I thought section “9.b” was both funny and ironic.

MIAC Post08

I said this in this post, “The time is coming when you will have to make a decision. Will you stand up and fight when attacked, or will you grovel at the “master’s” feet hoping for the scraps of “Rights” he gives you?” You have got to figure it out your response before the figurative noose is around your neck while you’re sittin’ on the back of a high strung, skittish horse.


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