A Fundraiser For Angel


Many of you which have read this blog know Angel as one of the people that went through a lot of the crap (receiving a lot of personal attacks for asking valid questions) that Kenny Lane (KDMLA) and I did with IIITard. She’s had a devastating loss which Kenny covers here. If you can, please help her out in this time of need by contributing to this fundraiser that Kenny has started for Angel. It doesn’t replace the loss, but it can help take some of the stress off of the financial burden they have and will receive.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

3 thoughts on “A Fundraiser For Angel

  1. Thank you JD for putting this up and getting the word out along with other sites that have,I along with many others have done what we can to help in what little ways we can.I have never been a parent but it is very clear through her own writings and what others have said about Angel that she is a awesome example of what one can hope for from a parent.My Aunt Sue died last week,she had the same love and devotion for family and friends.My thoughts are with Angel and her family and may her daughter be blessed in the next chapter of life.

    It gives me a little hope in crazy times that all these sites seem to have common threads running through them in helping others in little ways we can when tragedy hits too close to home/folks volunteering their time to share info./skills to help others help themselves and hopefully others,and at times just comedic relief.I said at the service for Hognose to one of the family that sites like these seem to create though comedic and dysfunctional at times a sense of family/community larger then our personal circles,thanks for that and again thanks for sharing a way to help others,tis actions like these that give this country and heck,the world perhaps a chance for a better future.

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