Jedburger III Cav/Mech

Here’s one for the Moolisha Kernals, Moolisha Generals, and the IIITurd. Wonder how long it will be before this is an offered class at the “Jedburger Inn”.

H/T Wisco Dave

For reference, the IIITurd (wasn’t he gonna go Cav in the Army before they caught him lying and banned him from entry?) was already fantasizing along those lines years ago, but he called it “IIIMechanized” LOL. Most all of the web sites shown below (there were many more) are gone now, and even the “” site that listed all the other sites is open for sale now. Guess they got expensive, huh?


III Mech Kerodin's One time pad site2-1

Of course for nostalgia purposes,  I’d love to have the ASV I actually used and roamed Iraq in ….Just sayin.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

13 thoughts on “Jedburger III Cav/Mech

      • Absolutely!
        It takes a “IIIturd” like Beck to know a “IIIturd” like Kerodin.

        Friday, July 25, 2014
        J.C. Dodge: III Percent Society

        I met J.C. finally at Brock’s last PatCon, along with his wonderful girlfriend.

        I know many of you have met him and trained with him, many want to train with him (you can), and many, many of you read and trust his word.

        J.C. has published a piece regarding the III Percent Society, here.

        He’s accepted a seat on the Board of Directors.

        He’s offered a discount to all III Percent Society members for training – that is how serious he takes this Society. We are not a club. We are not Oathkeepers or NRA. We are not even JPFO, a group many of us hold in high regard.

        We are III.

        You know what that means. You know our responsibility.

        We are John Parker.


  1. Saturday, September 20, 2014
    J.C. Dodge: Fundamentals

    J.C. Dodge offers another excellent post on the fundamentals that must be considered before Americans begin candidly expressing their political differences of opinion on a daily basis. J.C. is one of the few trainers who takes the time to share his knowledge of the basics. A post discussing ruck mods, or combat smocks, is hardly as glamorous and “cool” as post after post discussing 600-yard kill shots from a slick & tricked AR. But if you die of hypothermia in the woods because you didn’t think about what pants you’d wear during extended operations in a cold, wet spring or fall season – well, that would suck. J.C. takes the time to truly educate Patriots on all aspects of what they need to know – not simply SUT drills and where to stick a knife into a bad guy.


    Twice used toilet paper, baggies of diarrhetic shit, and Kerodin, peas in a pod.
    That which all of you pretend to be the blood enemies of, are unmoved by your posturing bullshit.
    Moreover, statist cop suckers like you
    are the flip side of the coin the communists ride.


    J.C. Dodge & the III Percent Society
    Posted on July 21, 2014 by Kilo Delta Actual

    Have you got what it takes to earn your Mason Dixon Longrifles Tab?

    JC Dodge: More Goodness
    Posted on February 24, 2014 by Kilo Delta Actual

    If you are on the eastern seaboard, remember he provides a host of tactical classes in the mid-Atlantic area.


    The III Percent Society For America

    DTG: Why The III Percent Society?

    • It’s funny that he posted the things that we wrote before we found out what he truly was and what his true motivations were. We were willing to support the vision he had, even with his background, but we were wrong. His vision was another scam, and he used us for our bonafides because he had none of substance. What people knew of him was a sham, made up in the head of someone without the guts or mindset to actually accomplish those things in real time. The phrase “Good story Bro.” comes to mind lol.

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