Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade, 2017. The Show Must Go On

Gettysburg Parade 2017-05

So most of you have read about a number of the threats that have been directed at a number of Civil War reenactments or other events involving memorials or parades, and yesterday’s Remembrance Day Parade in Gettysburg was no exception. A credible threat was received a little while ago, and the Law Enforcement agencies responsible for Gettysburg made sure they were prepared for any possibility.

Various Federal agencies (it is a National Park), the Pennsylvania State Police, the Gettysburg PD, and the Adams County Sheriff’s Department were all in attendance, and the show of protective force on display was enough to make any person in attendance feel as safe as is possible in that type of atmosphere.

Gettysburg Parade 2017-04

Ironically, local moolisha types are claiming they “kept all of us safe” after they “coordinated” with the local Law Enforcement and deployed for their “Op”. Funny thing is, I was there, and there were no militia to be seen (I didn’t see any “militia” and family that was on the sidelines said they didn’t see any of them either, and they walked the whole route). Well, that is except for the Civil Air Patrol Cadets that I saw while in one of the shops. Wanna hear something ironic, the moolisha is sayin’ they didn’t deploy with uniforms on this “Op”. LOL.

Dingayingaling BS04

The only ones who “Stepped out and put it on the line” at the parade were LEO’s and those who marched. You guys didn’t do jack.

OK, so let’s review,

You’ve got a ton of uniformed and plain clothes LEO’s in a relatively small area. The LE contingent includes a number of PSP Troopers on horseback, about three to four times that number of Officers on foot (a number of them were actually checking the trash looking for IED’s and other threats). I saw a number of K-9 Officers patrolling with their dogs, and last but not least, there were a number of snipers in several elevated and tactically sound positions.

Gettysburg Parade 2017-06

Now you have a guy claiming he is coordinating the use of his untrained and unidentified (no uniforms, remember) group with the local law enforcement to respond to a credible threat of attack. I don’t buy it, and I’m gonna call “Bullshit”. What self respecting Law Enforcement Commander would allow any of those moolisha morons to be involved in anything to do with the safety and protection of this event? The answer is “None of them”.

The point of this post isn’t to point out that there are a bunch of wannabe LEO’s posing as moolisha trying to make themselves look like they are the “protectors”, when they are nothing but attention whores. The point of this post is to show that it is important for people to stand up to the assholes making the threats. The point of this post is showing that there are some law enforcement agencies that are stepping up and doing the right thing to protect the people of their area.

As one of the marchers, I was grateful that the people who lined the march (more than normal) route were very vocal and very supportive. The support that was shown was even more than the years past that I’ve attended and It was a thumb in the eye to anyone who wants to intimidate Americans who value their history, and want to honor those who have come before us.

Ironically, in this situation, many of the marchers were better armed (and I’m not talkin’ about muskets with bayonets) and ready for a response to anyone trying to hurt us than any group of wannabe’s who say they inserted themselves into a serious situation. All the moolisha group did was prove they just want to get into a fight (like all the other times they’ve been present at protests and rallies), and not actually protect anyone.

Anyone who was there that had an ounce of common sense and a “clue” about the tactical deployment of troops would understand that using your guys in that over saturated and uniformed LEO environment would be tantamount to employing the polish firing squad technique. But of course we’re not talkin’ about guys with common sense and an understanding of the tactical, operational, and strategic deployment of troops, so it’s a moot point.

In summation, all I can say is this. Thank you to those that stood on the sidelines and gave encouragement to those of us who marched. Thank you to the Fed LEO’s, PSP, GPD, and the ACSD for your support and cover in a less than optimal situation. Thanks most of all to those that stepped up and marched, even with an unknown threat hanging over your heads. To the moolisha who only came to play “Protector” here’s a thought. Next time, why don’t you come to support what we were marching for, not just come to try and get your name in the paper.




Here’s the moolisha prepping for their “Op” at their “Morning Briefing” (the other pics don’t show them doing squat). How many professional cameras do you see filming their activities? Can you hear it…..? “Hey, look at me.”. Looks like it’s more about getting attention and less about protecting the public, doesn’t it? Wonder where the LEO’s they coordinated with are, shouldn’t they be there to know what to do?


From what I’ve seen on social media, they are bitchin’ about standin’ out in the rain all day, and then people askin’ “Why?”. EVERYONE stood out in the rain, everyone was soaked. Out of the march participants, the supporters, the LEO’s, and the “moolisha”, the “moolisha” was the only ones that had no reason to be there (unless it was for the attention), so that just makes them stupid, not noble. The term “Quiet Professional” can never be applied to them, since a quiet professional would show up, do his thing, and as long as the situation didn’t go “South”, leave without credit or attention being given or expected. That’s a “Clue” for anyone that might be planning to do this in the future. 


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


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    • Of course you did Alfred, but I don’t have the balls to do something like that because I don’t have a blog like you.
      That’s all you’re impressive alpha ass can do Alfred is be a real man and do alpha male things. (edited for the enjoyment of all, I can do this all day Cav Hummus Fuck Cuck).

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  2. Fuck you, you freedom loving, role model.
    Moreover, fuck the jackboot police state which convicted, sentenced and imprisoned my hero and lover, Kerodin the extortionist and thief.
    Now that he’s a treasonous fedgov informant, he’ll get you all. I live to suck it! My new IP is and email is info (edited for everyone’s enjoyment).

    • Think about this CavHummusFuckCuck. Kenny and I have “owned” the site (his oldest blog) for over a year, and Barry and I “own” the IIIPercent wordpress site. I can say we “own” them because everything there is about us, and no one cares what he has to say about us. We beat his ass with his own internet “back fist”, and any validity he had, went out the window with his “Courtland Grojean” antics, and his multiple losses in court. Ol’ Pink Hands Sammy is a puss pocket that has been evacuated. Is he still tellin’ the other morons (you, Muccinex, Tone Death, and LT) they are the “III Officer Corps(e), and “militia commandos”? How’s the “Jedburger Inn” thing goin’.

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