I’m just gonna leave this here……..

Yup, that’s generally their M.O.. Whether it’s “Field Training” (don’t forget to bring the huge gas grill into the woods, cuz….gotta eat well…..)  or “Operations” (We’re a “Cunsteetooshunal Moolisha”, without the “Constitutional Compliance and Authority” part), they’re a “Soup sandwich without the bread”. Sad that……


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

14 thoughts on “And……..Fail

  1. That little douchenozzle wearing the Technical Sergeant stripes along with the USAF name tape is A: Not old enough to BE a TSgt, and B: In flagrant violation of federal law by wearing same as he can be perceived to be impersonating a USAF active duty or reserve member.

    That kinda shit flat out pisses me off.

    • Yup. The rule of thumb was take the Service identifier Tape off the uniform ( above left pocket) and the unit patch off the left sleeve and you’re good. Any awards you earned (combat patch, skill badges, etc.) while you were in the service are allowable after ETS, and of course the complete uniform can worn at certain events if you fall under certain Veteran Status such as retired, combat Vet, etc). Honestly, the first thing I thought when I saw that guy was, “I bet that would piss Tom off!” LOL

      • Why would anyone give the douchnozzle any uniform clothing that still had USAF name,and rank attached?
        Or the douchenozzle could have just bought the stuff on the ‘net.
        I had a friend give me some BDU’s that no longer fit him- he took everything off except the USMC globe and anchor that was printed/ stenciled on blouse.
        The moolitia douchnozzles wouldn’t take a gas grill into the woods- cooking is work, and food takes up room in cooler that could hold Bud light.
        They would just get Pizzas delivered since they don’t actually go into the woods.

  2. Oh, leave the cosplayers alone to have their BBQ. They’re not hurting anyone as long as it’s all consenual and they use protection.

    But I’d draw the line at the USAF DCU. I wonder if he knows where that might have been :/ . Speaking as a former 2A751, I have an educated guess, and I hope he washed it before putting it on.

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