The November 4th “War Games”?


After receiving a number of, “What do you think?” and “Is it realistic?” interrogatives from several people concerning the supposed November 4th “Antifa War Games” kickoff, I decided that maybe going over some basic preps and realities might be in order. First, let’s go over some questions that might be asked.

  1. Is it realistic to think that Antifa communists and their misguided minions in Black Lives Matter will do anything of substance on November 4th, and should it be considered a serious threat to the average civilian?
  2. Who is at risk initially?
  3. If it is a threat, what can I do to eliminate or at least mitigate the threat to me and my family initially?
  4. What are the immediate and extended concerns and preps I should have if this event does go even close to what they’ve got planned?
Antifa Commies

I think it is supposed to read “Cast Aside Delusion, Retribution Until Constipation”

Question number One, “Is it realistic to think that Antifa and their misguided minions in Black Lives Matter will do anything of substance on November 4th, and should it be considered a serious threat to the average civilian?”. Do I think they are a threat and should be taken seriously? Yes. Do I think they have the ability to accomplish their goal of overthrowing President Trump? No. But, If you doubt what people like this are capable of, read up on most of the communist revolutions throughout the twentieth century.

Antifa Moolisha7

And the award for “Minion Third Class” goes to…….

Better yet, if you want a more parallel historical situation, look at what happened in South Africa. The communists used racial issues as their primary focus, and that was the beginning of the end for the country of South Africa as we knew it. Wanna know the big difference between South Africa in the 90’s when the communist Mandela took over, and America today? Whites in SA at that time were 12.5% of the population. Whites in America today are about 70%. Yes, a number of them are communist retards or millennial imbeciles, but the majority is who elected Trump (and there are plenty of conservative minorities), so it’s not a lost cause by any stretch of the imagination.

Moolisha Pics Antifa

Aaaaaaaand….commie moolisha

Here’s a few my thoughts on the whole “threat” thing. If they try to do what they say they are going to do, I think most of them will die horribly while trying to push their guts back into their belly after being shot by a guy or girl with a deer rifle or a bird gun. If the antifa turdburglers have a gun, most just picked it up less than a year ago. The huge majority don’t know how to run it at even a basic level.

Although they might think the rule is just “Bring a gun to a gun fight”, what they don’t know is that within that rule it is implied that you are able to properly load, accurately fire, properly reload, and properly move with the gun in question.  This does not however allow YOU to be less vigilant in your preparedness.

Question number Two, “Who is at risk initially?”Well, primarily, I think it depends where the citizen in question lives. If the citizen we are talking about lives in a big metropolis or urban area, sure, they could be adversely affected by anything these groups do, simply because their actions are pretty much always in urban settings.

If the citizen lives in the more rural areas, I think immediate effects will not be felt by them. However, if the situation goes on for any length of time (a few days or more), it will more than likely be felt by them because most probably have jobs in an urban area. Even if they don’t, going to the store for food and sundries, generally requires a trip into town.

 I believe these are the demographic groups at risk in order of highest to lowest risk (A-E) with “F” being a “wrong place, wrong time” situation. A) You are a conservative politician, Gov official, or Law Enforcement Officer, especially the ones who have spoken out against Antifa, BLM, Bernie Sanders, and communism. B) You are a known civilian advocate for President Trump, and have publicly spoken out against Antifa and the BLM. C) You have things around your home or on your vehicle that show that you affiliate with President Trump, conservative groups, or are anti Antifa/BLM/communist. D) You are White in a mostly minority populated area which has serious racial issues. E) You live in a metro area that is conveniently located and will probably see attacks/riots. F) You happen to be driving through an area that has protests/riots going on.

Question number Three. “If it is a threat, what can I do to eliminate or at least mitigate the threat to me and my family initially?” For the urban citizen, your best bet is to A) Have the means to protect yourself close at hand (keep a handgun on you at all times and have ready access to a long gun). B) Have provisions which include non grid reliant heat (it will be November), food that requires minimal prep (cook it on your heat source), lots of stored water, first aid supplies, and a full tank of gas in the car with a planned and map marked evac route (if your neighborhood is being overrun this is the last ditch step albeit a somewhat foolish one. If you can leave, you SHOULD leave at the first sign of trouble, not after they are inside your secure area).

Home Preps

Last but certainly not least (some would argue it’s the most important) is commo. A good AM/FM/Shortwave can’t be beat for getting info without an internet hook up. If you have internet/cell service, you should be keeping track (probably some live streaming going on) of any area within your locality that is having problems with these types. You should also have a few hand held radios (FRS/GMRS type) to be able to communicate at a minimum within your home. You also need to consider commo with others in your neighborhood if you can rely on them for support.

Food post1

How easily can you move the canned goods you have stored?

For the rural citizen, the situation is probably less dire, at least initially. It is still important to show caution, and the steps above are still applicable to the rural dweller. Although an evac for the rural citizen isn’t probably high on the “necessities” list, having someplace to go that is even more remote is always a good idea. One of the good things about being in the country is your ability to have harder defenses and greater line of site observation (LP/OP’s), than you generally can get in the city. The rural citizen might want to stock up on gas for a generator as well, because there is always a good possibility that the “Antifarts” will try to go after grid infrastructure. (Note: I didn’t mention a genny for the urban dweller because if it’s that bad in the city, you really don’t want to draw attention to yourself by running a noisy generator).

Compact Rifle post3

Compact reliable carbines can’t be beat for protection.

Question number Four, “What are the immediate and extended concerns I should have if this event does go even close to what they’ve planned?” For “B-E”, there are really only two choices you can make. One is to remove yourself from the area before hand. Two, if you have the personnel available, is to set up defensive measures around your home that discourage or at least funnel an attack. Considering the kind of threats Antifa (don’t forget, it’s now listed as a terrorist organization) has been making, having your property set up to repel attackers with deadly force is not overstepping the reasonably allowable use of force requirements. I’d suggest you have a few “less than lethal” or “less lethal” alternatives available (bean bag and pepperball rounds for shotguns, etc.), and have the means to video tape EVERYTHING that goes on at your property.

Bayonet post1.JPG

9 shot 12 Gauge Mossberg 590A1 with pig sticker. With this you have “less than lethal” or “less lethal” options, you can stop a car with a slug, or you can shoot standard shot or buckshot. As good a home defender as ever there was one. No, it’s not something to carry in your vehicle.

Primarily, “Extended” concerns for the urban dweller after the initial violence would be having more of the aforementioned supplies to provide heat, food, water (can you move your food and water supplies easily?), first aid supplies, protection, and we should now add to that, “shelter”. Having the ability to live out of your vehicle with a good tent, well made, warm sleeping bags and something like a “Mr Heater” to heat the tent, can not be overlooked as a temporary safety measure in the event that your house becomes unlivable due to fire or because your area was overrun and is occupied by bad guys and is obviously not safe. This is where having someone in an unaffected area comes into its own as a fall back plan.

Extended concerns for the rural dweller are pretty much summed up above under the answer to “Question Three”, you’ll just need more of those supplies. Regarding “Question Two’s”, category “F”, and the immediate concern about driving through an protest/riot area and being caught off guard in the middle of a situation. This issue is easily mitigated by being aware of what is going on around you (situational awareness), and the locations of the problems. In this instance, if you have the ability to legally carry a firearm on your person or in your vehicle, I highly suggest you do that. This is actually a situation where the AR type pistol (along with your regular carry pistol) that I wrote about in this post might be a huge advantage in the “defensive measures” department.  In the worse case, you can’t carry a firearm, so I’d suggest you have a nice straight claw hammer, or maybe even a nail gun (for that last minute repair work at a “friend’s” house) available for use, spur of the moment.

Commie Scumbag

Commies everywhere! Ranger Battalion, Graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point…..They aren’t all illiterate, untrained, “Snowflakes”. Prepare and act accordingly. By the way, if he wants to be like Che? I say, “Make him like Che……”

Do I think the Commies are gonna play their games on November 4th? Who knows, maybe. Would we be foolish not to “wargame” our options and prepare for them in case of that eventuality? Yes, we would! As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Make preparations in advance … you never have trouble if you are prepared for it.”. This is the essence of the Preparedness and Survivalist life style. I guess in the fantasy you could always wait for the Moolisha Kernals to show pick a side (yeah, right) and then save you….right? I’ll go with option “1” thanks.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



14 thoughts on “The November 4th “War Games”?

  1. I think anything these idiots do will be confined to the big cities.
    Maybe it goes to inner suburbs of whatever city.
    If they start a bunch of sh*t with weapons other than the water bottles full of piss, bricks, rocks, etc that they have been using-the big city PD’s simply ain’t gonna put up with open warfare on the streets.
    Antifa will be done and overwith by 11/5-11/6 at most.

    • Me either, but I think it is important to put the basic info out there for those one or two people who might not have a good handle on a plan. As I’ve been told many times, to you and I this stuff is second nature, to most, it’s Greek.

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  3. Some of the concern’s I have living in central Ky. The LEO’s and KSP officers in my subdivision (12 homes/with officers) all bring there cars home and park in the driveway. Most fly “thin blue line” flags 24/7. I have been repeatedly “confronted” by SJW types in local Wal-Marts and Kroger’s for being white, middle aged and armed, so we know these people are in the AO and active. The police here seem to feel safe….. I don’t. ——Question: Do you consider the “shockwave” to be a good “in car” SD weapon? I have a Commonwealth CDWL so it is legal for me to “car carry” any way I want too. I carry a 1911A1 but I’d like more OOMPH! in my line up.—Ray

    • If you can legally carry it in your car, Hell yes it’s a good car weapon! I don’t think most can, and that’s why I recommend the AR “pistol’ for those with pistol carry permits (or a lack of needing one), a reg that says they can’t carry something like the Shockwave.

  4. Most people have no idea what’s brewing and have not even begun to prepare accordingly. Normalcy bias in these circumstances will be a fatal affliction. Wasn’t it Leon Trotsky who famously said, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in YOU..”

    That’s part and parcel of the mindset of who we’re dealing with.

  5. Good suggestions/ideas that I believe any who have been trying to be prepared for a man made/natural disaster already to best of ability have said plans in place.I will say having seen the antifa types in action that are willing to be public really felt without a big crowd would not be a huge risk,saw in Boston at least they fed on crowd support and believe from what I saw that crowd support/just the crowd itself would disappear pretty quick in times of real violence,as to who in antifa like groups has stayed in the background and what their resources ect. do not know.Some issues I have considered that worry me a bit are others taking advantage of this situation to push their own goals including govt. at different levels that may declare say martial law/other groups that want to engage in violence large scale for whatever reasons including foreign countries possibly if things got really active using it as cover for their own activities.

    I hope the the 4th of Nov. just a nice late fall day and this is all bluster but like any potential bad times never hurts to be ready.

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