The Kernal And “General” Admission Flatt (not) Part 2


CA Moo Kernal B Hunt04

So a friend send me this link to a “Ninja” blog, and low and behold, there’s an interview with the guud Kernal. This is mostly gonna be screenshots with a few comments here and there. Have Fun (especially you Jim LOL).

CaliMoo Kernal14

“Be warned he is very professional and so you will see much leaked information, if any here.”. Uhhhhhh?

CaliMoo Kernal10

State Commander by “Congressional” appointment? Medical Commander for the Minuteman Project? That explains A LOT! The Kernal was at Bundy huh? I bet that can be verified real quick by those that really were.

CaliMoo Kernal11

“Freedom is not a spectator Sport.” “General” Will B. Flatt (doubt it), Defense Secretary fourth CC (Retarded). There you have it, straight from “General” Admission’s mouth. I guess the guud “General” is a Jackie Robinson fan. The quote is “Life is not a spectator sport.” moron.

CaliMoo Kernal12

So Ron Collins, aka “Black Drag on Ninja”, aka “Drunken Wolverine Ninja Kung-Fu“, aka “Black Dragon Ninja Sniper“. Nope, I’m not kidding) has even written an “Anti Terrorist material”? Wow sounds like someone else we’ve had dealings with in the past. I wonder if he’s looked at how bad the terrorism security is at shopping malls? Here’s one of Ron’s “famous” fight videos…..LOL. He’s got the ability to be a Jedburger Officer fo sho! By the way, you “Lone wolves” out there need to recognize the “authoritah” and “command structure” offered by the Guud Kernal. It’s for your own good….honest.

CaliMoo Kernal13

So you don’t have any delegates yet for the 4th CC is what you’re sayin’? What, No war stories? This is my shocked face! I bet “General Secretary” Gorba….. I mean School can give us the answers we need, huh fellas?

CaliMoo Kernal15

What? The lighting is bad in here…. and where is that red pen?

So ends this block of instruction. I hope it was enlightening, and more importantly, entertaining for all.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


22 thoughts on “The Kernal And “General” Admission Flatt (not) Part 2

  1. I’m definitely following up on this Klown IRL; I drive by his neighborhood, FFS.
    It’s not as even as far as a trip for some good fried fish & chips hereabouts

    As he’s the web admin for his imaginary CC, appointing his butt buddy from five states away pseudo SecDef was child’s play, and promoting himself to Kernel no harder than that.

    This will not end like he had hoped.

      • I find the term “sovereign citizen” to be an oxymoron. “Sovereign” means “to rule, or have ultimate power over” (in this case, ones self), and “Citizen” means, “A person who is a member of a nation or state and owes allegiance to that entity and is entitled to its protection”. You can’t have ultimate power over yourself if you owe allegiance to the nation/state you live in, now can you? It’s about something bigger than yourself, that’s why you give it your allegiance. You can’t believe in serving your community (no matter the scale) and claim you are sovereign. Service doesn’t count when it’s easy and convenient (anyone can do that. Example: look at Obama in a soup kitchen with all the cameras around. LOL). It counts when it’s hard and extremely inconvenient (death is very inconvenient). The more BS I hear from ungrateful Turd artists, entitlement abusers and Mil wannabes, the more I think the “Starship Troopers” idea of “Service guarantees citizenship” should be put into place. Then we implement some old rules like you can only vote if you are a property holder and/or you served in the mil. Imagine how much crap that would weed out? Of course everyone would have a gripe as to why they should be the exception to that rule so……

  2. I’m impressed that the master shinobi wrote technical manual “TM 715-25” and managed to steer it into being an anti-terrorist handbook. Can someone let Mattis know of this valuable government publication?

  3. FWIW, I dropped in on the soup sandwich that was the MinuteTards in CA, for about a week when festivities opened here in CA.
    1) There was no “medical commander”, period.
    2) Certainly not Kernel Klownshow.
    So I’m pretty sure he got that job the same way he got to be in charge of Congress, and his Kernelcy: he just made shit up out of thin air.

    The MinuteTard fuckwits in CA had their hands full not getting bounced by the 2005 version of Antifa, the Indy Media la Razistas.
    The effort brought publicity to the issue, mostly the cleat-marks in your junk kind of bad, but not a lot of IQ points, and were a lightning rod for every con-artist and whackjob Walter Mitty trying to jump straight from recruit to General on the basis of watching war movies and playing Call Of Duty.

    Seeing that Kernel Klownshow claims to have participated in both that clowncarnucopia of fail, and the Bundy’s Tard Army escapades, google Tommie Lee Jones and “my shocked face.”

    This doof is a knucklehead, Grade A, extra large, with minty whackdoodle frosting, and nonpareil BS sprinkles on top.

    I also note from the opening closeup of Shaggy McSnaggletooth that personal grooming regs are somewhat relaxed in the Fucktard Mulisha, and razors seem to be as hard to come by as toothbrushes.

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