A Tale Of A Kernal, The Fluffy “General”, And The “4th CON CON

CaliMoo Kernal01

This was on Sept 17th

So the other day, a friend tells me about this “Kernal” who is “Legally and Lawfully” in charge of the “California State Militia”. So, being somewhat bored at the time, I go check out his page. To say that I hit the jackpot of the “perpetual moronic moolisha meme” (PM3), is an understatement! So many places to start, but why don’t we start with the good “Major General” Flatt who “promoted” him.  He is not a General and he is not flat.

Major Genderal W Flatt

CaliMoo Kernal04

“Defense secretary” Flatt. I didn’t even bother to look up who “Secretary” school LOL. I just want the Kernal to misspell “Continental” one way. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently, “Major General” Flatt (not) is an Indiana Moolisha “Senior Brigade Commander” with HQ INDMILCORPSe, and under the “Authoritah” of the office of “Defense Secretary” of the “4th CONtinental CONgress” can dispense promotions across state borders and God only knows what else his “position” allows him to do. Here’s a problem with “General” Flatt though, he’s not even following the rules of his own Indiana Minuteman Basic Handbook . On page 11, it specifically states that a “Senior Brigade Commander” holds the rank of “Colonel”. Basically, these guys can’t even follow their own made up, fantastical rules and regs, all for the want of a higher, more cool sounding rank.

Next up, the “Red Ink Oath”.

I remember hearing a while back some BS about “Continental Marshals” ( I would take nothing less than a title of “Planetary Marshal”) and some moron who tried to use his CM “credentials” to go somewhere he was not allowed, and thus, being arrested for it. Here’s the turd sandwich that some are trying to sell as legitimate info under the guise of being “official” because it’s a “Red Ink Oath” (don’t forget your gold pen too!).

Red Ink01

Red Ink02

Red Ink03

This is written by M. R. Hamilton

What more can be said about that other than I guess if Tolkien could think up “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”, these imbeciles can play their sovereign citizen BS games and think up all the little things to make them “appear” legitimate. Of course…. “Red Ink Oath”….sounds legit…..  The problem is, we know LotR’s was fantasy, and these jokers are serious.

On to the “4th CONtinental CONgress”.

So the “General Secretary” (communist much?) of the “4th Continental Congress” endorsed the appointment of Kernal Hunt to his position as State Commander of all California moolishas? Hrmmm, that’s funny, because from everything I’ve read, there has yet to be any 4th ConCon, whether by these jokers, or even a legitimately held one. Here’s something from the Kernal’s forum showing that nothing has yet been confirmed on a 4th ConCon this year.

CaliMoo Kernal03

“patriot and soldier” huh? From what I’ve seen with your other moolisha ventures, I doubt either one very much. Lot’s of questions there from what I hear.

Here’s a site that has also playing the BS “4th CONtinental CONgress” game. Take note of what they will be “authorized” to do once the 4th CC has convened. Sounds like THEY will be the “4th ConCon, doesn’t it?

CaliMoo Kernal and the UAMAC BS01

In the second paragraph of the pic above I noticed that these guys apparently want to reinvent the “militia” wheel of all the previous Militia Acts, but this time, they want to be the ones calling the shots. Here’s an example , “will become the training consultant and militia standards certification authority for all Constitutional militias of the several States”(because your background to do that is what?)I’m curious if any of the perpetually ignorant ever read ANY Militia Act written since 1791? That was the point of the Militia Acts, and the 1903 Dick act especially.

“This means is that UAMAC will give its accreditation of qualified militia units to the Congress based on established standards, officially declaring that the militia unit in question is in fact, but not limited to, lawful, Constitutional, properly equipped, ready for service”. Here’s a question. How can a group who has no authority and is meeting (4th CC) under what appears to be nefarious circumstances (not following the rules), determine that a group is “Lawful” and “Constitutional”? The whole assembly of the “4th Continental Congress” is not “lawful” or “Constitutional”, correct?

Bottom line with these characters is this. They want to call the shots in the militia (sounds like all the other Kernals and “generals” in the moolisha), and they don’t want to do it within the legal confines of the “Organized Militia”. Today according to the 1903 Dick Act, the Organized Militia is the National Guard (that would be too real, and too inconvenient).

There is no 4th ConCon, and if they held one, it would not be representative of the people of the States (which is the first requirement of a Continental Congress if you’re serious and not seditious), it would probably be representative of the UAMAC. You wanna watch a good depiction of the ConCons of old and how delegates were selected? Go watch the 1st (1775) and 2nd ConCon (1776) meetings depicted in the movie “John Adams”. Below is some more “guidance” from the Kernal along with an award he apparently “earned”….

CaliMoo Kernal02

CA Moo Kernal B Hunt09CA Moo Kernal B Hunt10-1

CaliMoo Kernal08.jpg

This level of delusion usually requires medication….

I know, I couldn’t stop laughing either. Here’s a gem that I put together concerning his thoughts on Officer training.

CaliMoo Kernal06


Why do I continue to show the ridiculous within the “Moolisha” movement? Because these guys are going to write checks we will all have to cash (remember “lawful and legal red ink oath guy” above?). Some group of Jackasses is gonna do something really stupid, and claim they have the “Constitutional authoritah” while they do it. That is going to be picked up by some leftard, commie congressman lookin’ to make a name for himself, and then they will try to ban the unorganized militias (that’s what you are according to the 1903 Dick Act) across the board.

CA Moo Kernal B Hunt05

When they get the go ahead to ban all of the unorganized militias, they will try to tie the ownership of guns to that ban, because you guys are always sayin’, “The second amendment allows us to have guns because MILITIA!” The second amendment doesn’t allow anything,! If it did, the 1968 GCA and the 1994 Gun bans would have never been able to happen. You don’t need a second amendment to be able to own guns or train to protect yourselves, you need guts. It is an inherent right given to you by God, not the government. Keep pushin’ the I’m a Constitutional Militiaman” paradigm (none of you are following ANY Militia Act guideline, and that’s an extension of the initial Constitutional militia guidelines), and they will probably try to jam it down all of our throats.


Of course, you can always call the Kernal’s “Militia Judge Advocate General’s” office or the 4th Con CON reps. I bet they can help.

CaliMoo Kernal05

Apparently, the Kernal is unaware that most states actually have what is called “Militia Law”. Militia Law , not UCMJ, is what a state’s NG soldiers are charged under if they violate the law while on a drill weekend.

Call these wannabes and BS artists out for what they are before we get painted with their “Brush”.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE





52 thoughts on “A Tale Of A Kernal, The Fluffy “General”, And The “4th CON CON

        • Dude, I was just readin’ his website http://31stffheadquarters-csm.weebly.com/supply-and-logistics.html , and came across this gem concerning “supply and logistics”,
          “These Units must adapt their M.E.T.T. to fit the urban system as well as mountain and desert. State Command is currently examine all options based on recent deployments and the logistical mistakes that were made and observed during those deployments. Basically Colonel Hunt has come up with a better mouse trap; a more profound solution.”

        • The radio’s pure shite, but to be fair, the guy who builds the box is a legit jet-fuel genius:
          He bonds a bottom-cut Pelican clear-top case to the top of a mil ammo can, and you get a bombproof, waterproof housing for any plastic-bodied transceiver (brackets welded inside the can to fit), with controls and display you can read in a monsoon, access with gasketed flip-open ease, and also get a place to mount a 12V motorcycle battery for a power supply, all safe from the elements. Add a small solar panel, and you have off-grid commo safe from any hazard short of shrapnel and small arms fire.

          Obviously, Kernal Klink (the real-life Walter Mitty squeaky voice in the vid made my day even more than his bio) bought one of them from the guy who makes them at one of the Costa Mesa mega-gun shows, and went with the craptastic piece of hardware you linked to.

          98% sure he’s probably rocking small arms from Kel-tec and Hi-Point too, and the finest edged weapons and tools the Bud K catalog has to offer, natch.

        • nope no ranger tab I didnt earn that or any connected to the US military so I dont wear anything that *I didnt earn other than my HQ patch on my right sleeve and the Us Civil flag unlike CSM that sports the US Military flag that is not proper for a Militia uniform

    • I love how they call themselves a “Constitutional Militia” and their planned gathering of patriots a “Continental Congress”. Neither is “Constitutional” and one sounds seditious. They don’t follow the guidelines laid out by the Constitution and the Militia Acts. It’s not about whether you like the rules and regs (I get it, the Governors generally don’t follow through on what the militia acts say they can do for organizing their militias such as appointing Officers and prescribing training etc.), but you have to adhere to those rules and regs to be able to use the term they say they fall under. They remind me of what Antifa does. Antifa is “Fascist”, but they call themselves “Anti Fascist”. They do it because using the term “antifascist gives people the PERCEPTION that they are the good guys fighting the Mussolini like fascist hordes. Claiming Constitutionality, but following none of it’s strict guidelines for implementation, is a sure sign of an ignoramus or a charlatan.

  1. Stop, man….stop…please, mercy, I fell out of my chair laughing half way through!
    Oh, my sides hurt, geez, what pain.
    And this @$$clown is relatively local.
    I like that he can’t decide whether the red beret or old woodland USMC cover is the uniform standard, but either way, I’m pretty certain they’re both covering a fairly serious head injury scar, and likely the lumps for the screws holding down the installation of the steel plate.

    At least one of which is clearly loose.

    Thanks for “Stolen Valor: Short Bus Version, Episode 1”.
    If anyone wants to know what the windows on the bus taste like, Kernel General Hunt is the go-to guy.

    • Here’s something else, this guy puts that “Tactical Medic Care Under Fire” patch as his avatar on FB and under “work” it says “EMS” then “self employed”. He is saying he’s the “State Medical Commander” and oversees the “Medical Operations Section”, but no one can find his creds (like most of the Ass clowns like him). You’re a Med guy, that’s kind of a big deal if he’s tellin people he’s “X” when he might not even be a “letter”, let alone an “X”.

      • I’m willing to bet he once, in a galaxy long ago and far away, might have taken and barely passed a work-sponsored Red Cross class on basic first aid, long since expired. Likely during the Ford administration era. The bar is always pretty low there.

        Pretty much his entire life is a walking example of criminal fraud, but nothing some scrutiny from actual officialdom wouldn’t sort out in about a heartbeat. FB bios are a lot less fun when The Man comes knocking on your door to chat you up.

        He’s just local enough to me that I plan on sending letters to the local D.A., the state AG, and the state EMS agency (and probably both the state NG and CSMR, an actually-constituted state militia, by law and in practice). I haven’t looked into the applicable federal statutes he’s gotta be butt-raping wholesale, but a CC to the local Fibbies likely wouldn’t fall on deaf ears either.
        The folks hereabouts are not above getting their fish via shotgun at the local rain barrel, and such demonstrated sociopathology isn’t just funny, but an actual crime, where state licensure and certification kicks in.

        Anybody with a HAM license should pile on and write the FCC; that one’s still outside my scope at the moment, or I’d add it on for free.

        This doofus is the textbook definition of 90% of most ballistic targeting problems tracing back to a “loose nut behind the gun”.

        Stay tuned.

        • Oh, sweet jeezus, it gets worse:
          Kernal Hunt invented the “4th Continental Congress”, and he has a website:
          (No points for guessing how he got his military rank, for a guy who can pull an entire national congress out of his ass for web registration fees..)

          But the Internet is wonderful. I’ve just doxxed him: got his full real name, his address, his age, his phone number, his wife, and his other e-mails and business info.
          This is getting better by the minute.

          • OMFG
            So kernel Doofus was first an imaginary private, at the ripe old age of 34, (he’s 55 now) in another imaginary moolisha unit. That was apparently the full and entire service he’s seen, never having been in any actual military unit, at least nothing he’ll claim on his bio materials (because Bad Conduct Discharges, and mental health general discharges, don’t play well on a curriculuim vitae). He bootstrapped that into a promotion to looneytenant of the Klown Kommandos, then skipped captain straight to major, then after 14 years in that position, leapt over Lt. Kernel straight to full birdshit popcorn Kernel, all in a succession of imaginary promotions he and the other Insane Klown Posse members fapped themselves to as they all self-authenticated their ranks, titles, etc.
            Pretty much the same way US Naval Academy plebes get rank on their bathrobes, and steampunk airship commodores get medals and ribbons: i.e. whatever’s on sail in the crafts and sewing departments at Hobby Lobby.

            He had a (failed, surprise) company that died without leaving so much as fart bubbles in the water on the internet, and the HQ of the “31st Field Farce Tacticool Wheelbarrow Moolisha Continental Sooper Dooper Pooper Scooper Secret Squirrel HQ” is naught but a succession of apartments in and around Orange County, CA, and a number of corporate-covered websites.

            Just as anyone with 5 seconds in the actual .mil would guesstimate, to a 100% certainty.

            He has certified training in anything but self-promotion from Jack & Squat, LLC, both of whom are his co-fantasists in this fraudulent When-Larpping-Goes-Psychotic sociopathic fantasy.

            “King of the world, ma.”

    • Honestly, as much as this BS can be considered serious in certain ways, the post was done more as a “Humor” post than anything else. Glad you “got” the joke Brother. Maybe eventually someone will get a sighting of the “Unicorn” known as the “LST-TOC” (aka “Short bus” to those that know the owner) and we can do another humor post about how it’s been on blocks for over two years, and is used as a chicken coup.

  2. First I cant even begin to address all the half truths of the crap that was put out by this fly by night news rag. As for attacking my Medical credibility and Expertise I spent 20 years as an EMT registered both with Sacramento county EMS and Kern County EMS I don’t have shit to prove to you assholes as far as the radio is concerned it is a TH 9000 D and yes I had help from two primary gentlemen, that build those things for Uncle Sam. It hosts three antennas each with its own purpose I served in the Militia going all the way back to 1994 . I held a Majors rank for almost 20 of those years mind you, I started as private with a total of 30 years with five deployments I had been promoted when Colonel Joel Wilson Us Army retired was the State Commander under the old system Militias of California (MOC) as Medical Commander four years ago through 4th CC endorsed by UAMAC I became the State Commander Yes I took the red ink oath to uphold and defend the Constitution without red ink or you are either under admiralty law law of the seas or civilly dead according to the courts . You dont see me hiding either in the shadows unlike some people. You continue to put Militia or certain Militia down you will find you wont see us when you really need help. Currently contrary to bullshit put out by CSM of (which I am investigating and connecting dots to Charles dyer arrest CSM has only been around for roughly ten years and are falling apart). Which it not part of 31st Field Headquarters system we are mounting a re-supply operation into Texas it is taking time and I will not be bullied into leaving A) Until we have enough to make a supply run worth while B) I have accurate intelligence on certain sections of south East Texas .

    • first you assholes I never said I was in the US Military screw you idiots your all disinformation specialists , I started as a Private in the Militia of california get it right

      • “I never said I was in the US Military screw you idiots your all disinformation specialists “. It’s “You’re”. As to the “disinformation specialists” label, I find that ironic, comin’ from the guy who is a Kernal in the moolisha and his rank was authorized by the “4th Continental Congress” LOL. Just out of curiosity, K hunt, why didn’t you enlist? Was it all the double agents and provocateurs trying to usurp your “authoritah”?

      • You know, Bryan Hunt, you’re an exemplar of your class and breed.

        …need your help…yeah, right. As a matter of fact, the folks most critical of you here, myself flagrantly included, have all at differing times, tried to help YOUR CROWD, and were thanked in spades. We actually do know what we’re doing from real-world experience and YOUR TYPES keep showing up and shitting all over us. Everything from being annoying little fuckwits to being butthurt backstabbers to stealing personal information and threatening our families.

        Fuck you, yuck mouth. Explain why you deserve OUR HELP.

        Come back when you have a competent fucking answer.

        • To speak to the bereted and bespectacled “Tactigolum” in such a manner is “Continental Heresy” I say, he is “a ranking Colonel in the Militia” by God (at least that’s what he told the Pastor). You shall have a “Scarlet Letter” placed in your file Sir! (BTW, any particular letter you like over any others, and let me know if you want upper or lower case).

    • “I held a Majors rank for almost 20 of those years mind you, I started as private with a total of 30 years with five deployments ” but last year (June 6, 2016) you told “Black Dragon Ninja” and I quote, ” I have not served thirty years in the Militia its been 23 years since 1994 I joined the Militia as a PFC. became the unit commander after being voted in as a Lieutenant I was appointed as Medical Commander in 1997 ” So how could you be a Major for twenty years when you were promoted to LT 20 years ago? You can’t even keep your own story straight, which is it, did you start in ’87 or ’94? and I really could give two shits about whether you have any med training or not. As to your supply run, A) You made people think you were already on your way, didn’t you?, and B) You couldn’t identify accurate intel on a nail that you just sat on.

    • Bryan, serious questions: When will 4CC convene that we may follow its deliberations? I’m from Virginia; who is my representative? (I am unaware of any polling; was he appointed? If so, by whom? And if I didn’t vote for him, or he wasn’t appointed by somebody I voted for, how can he represent me?) What is the Common Law precedent for “red ink oath?” Was my signature on my enlistment contract null because it wasn’t in red ink? I have the professional military education of a Colonel of Infantry; so if I join your promiscuous — not a snub, after all you were promoted by somebody outside your state — militia, what rank might I enjoy?


    • Aside from the crossed eyes I now have after trying to make sense of your illiterate, puerile screed, I am really trying to make sense of the basic, bottom-line facts, which you do not dispute.

      1. You promised to take a load of donated food and supplies to Texas to help with relief efforts.
      2. You didn’t.

      That’s not even bringing into the mix the accusations being made by a number of people in a position to know, who claim that you allegedly stole MREs off a load in California, showed up to a pickup location in a little S10 truck to get a load you knew was several F-150’s worth. You admit you’re holding the load you were entrusted with, and now you claim that you’re not taking it down there until it’s worth your while? Was the $250 you received in gas money not “worthwhile” enough? Are you even cognizant of the lack of integrity it requires to make the kind of statements you’re making?

      As for your assertion that you need “accurate intelligence on certain sections of south east [sic] Texas,” I’ll tell you what. I have many close contacts in southeast Texas, who are at this very minute working relief efforts. What is it that you need to know, because I’m certain I could provide it for you. In fact, I know several people who could provide it and they are in the group you swindled, which means you’re either blindingly incompetent, or lying.

      I don’t care about your intertribal drama, or who wears what dress to the ceremonial circlejerks. If you want to go run around calling yourself something you’re not, that’s fine; there are people running around claiming they’re females when they’ve got dicks, so it’s not like you’re the only delusional one out there. But apart from all your posturing and the claims that some guy who looks like Santa and the Michelin Man had a love child, the bottom line is that you made a commitment, and you failed to keep it. It’s that simple. Your after-the-fact justification doesn’t mean jack. You broke your word, and you are a liar. There isn’t a uniform or patch in the world that can cover THAT up.

      • I wonder if the fire department will be available for comment after they put him out. Hell, he’ll probably give Freddy Krueger a run for his money after that burn he just received from Kit. It’s funny that I would have never even been made aware of the Kernal if it weren’t for all the rumors flying about concerning his unethical dealings over the relief supplies. Truly ironic.

    • “30 years with five deployments” TO WHERE?

      ” Yes I took the red ink oath to uphold and defend the Constitution without red ink or you are either under admiralty law law of the seas or civilly dead according to the courts .” CITE THE US CODE OR DOES THAT ALSO NOT APPLY?


      “You continue to put Militia or certain Militia down you will find you wont see us when you really need help.” YOU HAVE WELL EARNED YOUR HARSH TREATMENT. IF YOUR HELP CONSISTS OF THE SAME EFFORT YOU PUT INTO GOING TO TEXAS, I WON’T BE MISSING ANYTHING.

      In case you missed it, Houston is back to life. They even had a run-in with Antifa yesterday at a bookstore hosting a ‘punch a nazi’ workshop. I suppose your ‘intel’ didn’t pick any of that up? What’s your Commander’s Critical Intelligence Requirement (CCIR)? What is your S2 assessment of who the OPFOR even is?

      You will rue the day ‘it’ happens, guy. I promise you that.

      • HAHAHAHHA, Dude, check this out! Here’s a “santized version” of the “Commanders Log” for one of his “Border War Conflict” “deployments”.
        Quick notes. 1), I guess Chilli’s” is the official dinning establishment for the Moolisha of Cali” (CaliMoo). 2) I guess using 12 hour and 24 hour time interchangeably in a “Log” is fine. 3) Most of the people involved in this “Op” are related and go by the name “XXXXXXXXXX” or “IXXXXXXX”. 4) “8 State Troopers and 3 sheriffs responded along with the Department of Homeland Security Supervisor. Our security vehicle did not stop as the convoy was pulled over, we proceeded to the next exit to wait for reports from the convoy.” Apparently, they don’t know what the term “security” means. 5) “Prior to getting to the outpost we were assaulted by vehicles cutting in and out of the convoy, following and shadowing us through streets.” They are also unaware of what the term “Assault” means. 6) “Texas State Commander and myself addressed the convoy, telling them this was a battlefield that civilians had no business running around the border without training.” See…..it was a “battlefield”, you and your silly little Iraq and AStan. You know nothing of war! and 7) I bet in one of his “deployments” he was probably involved with these guys while he conducted one of his “border deployments”. http://www.azfamily.com/story/29765418/fbi-militia-members-moonlighted-as-drug-cash-rip-crew#.VcuTqozOZgY.email

    • But Bruce, it takes time to figure out how to move something when you have no actual plan or organization…….. By the time he’s ready…. Oh wait, he won’t be ready since he’s got to wait on his “moolisha infantry platoon” to escort him. No good deed goes unpunished buddy.

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