Fair Is Fair


Over the last week, we have seen people in Texas, the surrounding states and even other states in the U.S. come together and kick ass to help those who needed it the most. Whether they call themselves the “Cajun Navy”, the “Monster Truck Brigade”, or “Militia” (I don’t know if any group involved in these actual rescue operations called themselves “militia”, but the “militias” out there should take notice of what these guys did and apply it to what they train for), it doesn’t matter, because their deeds have spoken for them.

Fair is Fair post2

If you call yourself a “Militia”, but all you do is play war games in your multicams and plate carriers, you are missing the big picture. You guys actually being able to operate as an effective, offensive military force is slim and none (I’m not talkin’ about your ability to protect your group). Operating as an effective rescue and logistics support group however, is well within your abilities, and has been demonstrated a number of times over the last week.

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Does your group have , or have access to buildings/areas to house victims of a natural disaster? Do you have the means to give them basic bedding while they are in that housing area? What about sanitation?

I have had a number of less than complimentary things to say about a large portion of the people out there that are calling themselves “militia” these days, but in this instance, fair is fair. There are groups that have stepped up in a big way to help with everything that is going on in Texas. Whether they call themselves “militia” or not, they are performing a function that should be the primary focus of those groups that use that title, because the bottom line is that they’re supposed to be there for their community, right?

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Yes, you should practice defending your group by getting as much training in group defensive tactics and techniques as possible. Practically speaking, you should train in rescue operations based on natural disaster scenarios that could effect your area, and also train in the real time and follow on logistics required in a support operation for those that were displaced, whether that be with the housing, proper sanitation, or food, water and clothing distribution.

Fair is Fair post5

Does your group have, or have access to vehicles to move large groups of victims during a natural disaster?

Should these guys that were involved in boat rescue ops have been armed? Obviously, they were shot at and had attempts made to steal their boats.  Does that mean they had to or did dress like a commando to effectively conduct the mission? No. (Imagine falling overboard with your 40 lb. plate carrier, having never practiced using the quick releases)

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Considering that a number of the scenarios that are encompassed within the category of “Natural Disaster” involve large amounts of water (whether frozen or not). It would behoove you to prepare your clothing for these operations accordingly. this only applies if you are actually planning to do something, as opposed to just training for the “imminent” government takeover.

By the way, for you groups that have gone to the effort to collect food, water, clothing and other necessities for the victims of this storm, well done! One of the added benefits that this will do for your group is give you some real time experience in logistics. Logistics isn’t the sexy side of preparedness or military operations, but without it, you will fail.

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Note the “obvious” racial tension present on everyone’s face in this pic.

Collecting money to support your “Protest attendance hobby” is obvious BS, but doing it for these types of events is a real world application of the correct reason to raise money. Oh, for God’s sake, if you are collecting actual money, make sure all collections are recorded, and appear correct and above board. That’s all you need is being questioned about “where did the money go?”, especially if you have no accurate records.

Fair is Fair post8

You want to get “authority” from the local LEO’s or NG to actually do something? Show up at a natural disaster prepared to help and have the proper equipment (in this case boats) and obvious competence to use it (in this case a worn “Bass Pro” hat, not a multicam plate carrier), and 9 times out of 10, I bet you’ll get it, and they’ll be glad to have you.

Fair is Fair post1

The “Organized Militia” (Texas National Guard), performing one of it’s primary missions, which is Natural Disaster Rescue and Recovery.

BTW, as a side note, I do know of a group that I’ve had dealings with in the past which has done rescue, support and protection operations in their community during natural disasters. That group is the Ohio Valley Minutemen. Knowing that, it would be unfair of me not to point out when someone gets it right.


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8 thoughts on “Fair Is Fair

  1. Texas does in fact have a militia, I think (don’t know for certain) they are called the Texas Militia. They are under authority (the Governor of Texas) and they are unarmed. Essentially they are an auxiliary of the Texas National Guard (The Militia). Natural disasters, etc., are one of their functions. North Carolina has a similar State organization. I’m pretty sure Virginia does also.

    • They are usually called State Defense Forces (SDF), and the one I’m familiar with was in MD. It was comprised of a bunch of Doctors who would be called upon in a State emergency. I know the Ohio SDF and the Texas SDF used to be armed and get weapons training, but I don’t know what they’re up to now.

      • Y’all were both ‘close’ – it is the Texas State Guard which is the third ‘leg’ of the Texas Military Department along with the Army National Guard and the Texas Air Guard. It is comprised of an Army Component, Air Wing, Maritime Regiment and a Medical Brigade. And yes, many were recalled under the authority of Gov. Abbott to do rescue, shelter ops and any other duties as needed and assigned.
        BTW, NOT an auxiliary of the NG, totally separate entity with its own structure.

  2. Additionally, even if you cant be there in person, donations would go a long way. Can you imagine having lost everything and being able to put on dry clothes with a simple note folded inside. Or can goods with a message scribbled?

    • Donations are badly needed (in spite of JJ Watt raising something over $4 million – so far) Any reputable charity can use the money. I’ll suggest both Samaritan’s Purse or the Salvation Army, they tend to give the best bang for the buck. NOT disregarding the Red Cross but the other two tend to be more focused on local needs………….
      Thanks for any and all help.

  3. This action by citizens gives one hope for the country.I was a kid during blizzard of 78 and all the folks with snowmobiles/4×4’s ect. helped folks get around/deliver supplies/med personal ect.That storm was my first view of a unimog,have wanted one ever since!Sigh,one day in the future work/the fates willing.

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