So Now We Need To Dress You?

Charlottesville and all the other recent or upcoming protests are not combat ops into Mogadishu,

How to dress for a protest1

“Blackhawk Down”

It was/is walking into a non-permissive environment which still has a number of the appearances of civil society.

How to dress for a protest2

“13 Hours”

You should dress accordingly.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

12 thoughts on “So Now We Need To Dress You?

  1. With this I am in complete agreement.Attending the whole Boston event I was dressed in shorts/t-shirt/day pack.I had no say bill of rights shirts/maga hat ect.(I also had no communism will win signs/death to nazi signs/shirts ect.).That with the long hair looked like a older college student/teacher at Berkley School Of Music ect.I was able to walk around the whole area with ease though stayed out of the middle of crowds,just wanted to personally witness as did not feel the media would cover honestly.

    I will say leaving area about 6 blocks away from the common was called a racist!I heard a guy asking someone for a light and offered up my lighter so guy could light his smoke.A guy then called me a racist,said a white dude giving a black dude a light was trying to kill him,he was smiling and obviously joking and then said weird day in Boston!

  2. I thought about this same thing today as I set aside some of my old 3 color desert pants and some well worn OCP for a garage sale. Seems that subdued colors (grey, brown, tan, green) would be better for many social situations than a modern camo pattern.

  3. This isn’t rocket science. Civilian clothes in the local’s style. Covert video. Wouldn’t take much to create a fake social media profile for either side and get on some mailing lists. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

  4. I guess it depends on what you’re going into the area for. If you just want to get a thrill hanging out in a dangerous place or take pics and gather intell without Antifa bashing your head with a flag pole than, yeah local looking civies are the way to go.

    But if you’re going in there to fight Reds than you need something different. In C’ville we needed helmets, goggles, and shields. Protective masks would have been good to have. Steel or composite toe, 8″ tall boots were good to have. Lots of pockets for water bottles, medical gear and important EDC were useful and came in the form of cargo pants and tactical vests.

    If you’re walking into one of these non-permissive environments for any other reason than to make a difference you might has well stay home where it’s safe


    • This post was directed at the multicam tacticool “moolisha” crowd that said they weren’t pickin’ a side, and just wanted to support everyone’s Constitutiinal rights with thier AR’s. They were “AR’d” and camoed up to look cool, but had no means of response other than deadly force,…. AT A PROTEST! Going to a protest lookin’ like you’re a kid playin’ Captain America isn’t much better. If you have to dress that way,it’s not a protest, that’s a prepositioned riot. How are you gonna make a difference when you don’t even know who’s behind the event (I know, I know, they thought they knew….), and what the goal is? Everyone that was there was played.

      • You’re right it was more than a protest and required more signs and candles. It was a street fight where we actually got to fight godless international Communism on our own streets. Get ready for more of the same and dress accordingly.

    • I support Mikes view. Wars are NOT won by those hanging in the crowd… Being “covert”… In other words… Cowards blending in… Wars are won by MEN… Who go into COMBAT… Wearing clothing that makes them recognizable by thier allies… And of course this makes them recognizable by the enemy as well… This is a calculated circumstance that MEN understand and do NOT shirk from.

      • Ok, I’ll explain this so you can understand. To quote you, ” Wars are NOT won by those hanging in the crowd… Being “covert”… “. No, wars are won by a team, not a large group of individuals. Being “covert” is the default for someone who is surrounded, but feels like they are on their own (no team). They are no more a coward than a LRS team that gets compromised on a mission and always defaults to breaking contact as opposed to a conventional Infantry Squad who makes contact and goes all “Squad Assault” (1A) on the bad guys. Ok Manly Man, tell me about your combat experience with a stick and a trashcan lid…..we’ll wait. A recognizable uniform is worn by a group, and is the same (uniform) for EVERYONE. A uniform denotes that they are all ONE. “ONE” does not just apply to what they are wearing, but also to their ideology, and their ability to work as a unit, not just as a bunch of individuals. You can’t show me one group out there right now that knows how to fight in the old school “phalanx” type warfare (Hell, they can’t even do D&C), and if you can’t do it as a group, all the participants are nothing but street brawlers who might get lucky, and that fight is only won by the group with the “mostest”, and that isn’t you. You show me a group that can fight together in the old school way and which also has discipline and leadership (two other things that are lacking in the “right”), and I will show you a group that will clean antifa’s clock. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the moolisha will protect you with their guns. That is unless thwy’re kissin the BLM’s ass because they were called racists.

      • I’m always fascinated by people who want to play Army Dress Up. Fascinated, because such people invariably want nothing whatsoever to do with the obligations of duty, discipline, organization, and subordination that go along with the uniform. And never mind that uni means “one,” which means rugged individuals are a menace to the unit.

        And I have to ask, “recognizable…” as what?

        If you feel a compelling urge to wear Army drag (which you’re not authorized to wear) to be a manly combatant there is simply no hope for you.


    • They are but not of you and your ilk. After reading some of your blog posts, I realize you and you’re type are a big part of the problem.
      “What we have learned by this past weekends events in Charlottesville is that the Southern man still has some fight left”
      Ok Twatwaffle, here’s the problem. You’re too stuck on the whole “The south will rise again” BS to realize that the good things that were on display at Charlottesville (not much) was from people who were freedom minded (not, “Southern minded”), and had about as much in common with your idea of the “Southern Man”, as you POS slaver ancestors (saw that on your blog) do with Rosie O’Donnell and her assault spoon. They were American’s doing what good Americans do. You might want to look to your goat smellin’, ignorant swamp ass and pull your head out of it. You and your ilk is what will destroy the “right” before they get on a roll. Do us all a favor and stay in your primordial ooze.

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