Go ahead and explain the difference.

Moolisha Pics Antifa

Moolisha Pics Consteetooshun2

Moolisha Pics2

Moolisha Pics Consteetooshun4

Moollisha Pics patches

Moolisha Pics1

Moolisha Pics Consteetooshun3

So what happens when the guy you just put your hands on beats your ass with his stick? You gonna shoot him with your “chamber empty” rifle (go ahead, give THE PRESS your “readiness condition” to broadcast far and wide) after you initiated by putting your hands on him first? Who or what gave you the authority to touch him in the first place? here’s the video, it’s at the 42 second mark. BTW, is that Moolishaman on the left wearing a mask? Why?

By the way, if you’re gonna comment about what the differences are, show your work. Here’s a good piece by Kit concerning her thoughts on the subject at hand.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

18 thoughts on “Moolisha

  1. Fuk the Militia….
    I been dealing with the Milooney-Tune Militia for years.. always the same assholes, just running off different paranoia flavor of the week.. The only good thing about the militia is that when they all drop dead from diabetic shock or cardiac arrest after the hammer drops there’s gonna be plenty of free kit laying in suburban driveways cause that as far as they will get..

  2. I see I made a good decision when I said I will no longer be a part of any III% group/org.
    These morons made the “III%” and the “militia” look bad-worse than bad-made both look like total assholes.
    I agree-there would be plenty of free gear laying around in the ‘burbs,because most “militia” members would drop dead dead from the exertion of getting their gear from the house to the car.

    • Between the joke that the majority of “militias” have become, and the IIITurd with his scams of The Citadel, The Jedburgh Academy, The Short Bus, The IIIPSFA, and on and on (read about it here at Kenny’s, ) , any good intentions the original organizers of the III% idea (and I know/knew all three, two of which are very good friends) had were diluted, monetized and bastardized to fit the ideas these morons fantasized about (you’re supposed to adapt to the ideal, not adapt the ideal to your desires). Recently (in the last day or so), someone told me that IIITurd was talkin’ smack in comments about my “failure” as a trainer (well, he is the “failure” expert I guess), and belittled my pushing of the “Survivalist” theme in my training courses and writing. I found this funny, since, not only are my courses still available and being taught (and I actually teach adults), but I am expanding into other areas of tactical and self reliance training. This is primarily due to the availability of training assets that were not available before. I have always been a Survivalist (God knows I’ve written about my childhood start and continued lifestyle enough), and started pushing that theme more, because it is a lifestyle no matter who is living it. As much as some would like it to be, “III%” isn’t a lifestyle, it ends up just being a number describing a percentage of people who ACTUALLY fought for independence (this is why it isn’t a lifestyle, you can’t really be a “III%er” till you’ve fought for the liberty of this nation). The III%er theme wasn’t supposed to be an excuse for buying cool gear, weapons, and running their piehole/keyboard on line quoting cool combat or freedom memes that they don’t even understand. It was supposed to be something to aspire to and to eventually become a part of once you did your part in the fight for freedom, and that’s it, and that’s all.

  3. I’m surprised the III Turd still has enough $$$ to pay for internet-can’t be many HVAC jobs in St. Maries. Of course,he’s probably living with one of his 3 “allies” and using their ‘net.
    What’s wrong with using survivalist?? I’m pretty sure many,if not most of us started out as survivalists,and now realize that’s what we should’ve been focusing on all along.

    These moolisha morons are going to be the reason for the next “gun control” push.
    They’re also making those who have their sh*t squared away look like crazed racist rednecks to the “normies”.
    The Marxist media will play clips of these ‘tards over and over and over-claiming they were armed with automatic weapons. (I read that claim at least a dozen times today while reading articles on the ‘net.) The people who don’t know any better will believe both the automatic weapons claims,and that all militias are exactly like these morons.
    They’re worse than the “open carry” idiots wandering around the grocery store with A-R’s or A-K’s,and drop leg holsters for their Glocks. Just because you can legally do something doesn’t mean you should.

    Charlottesville could have been a success-if there were no Nazi or KKK types there-or at least not people openly supporting either group,flying their flags-or wearing white sheets and hoods.The ‘tards from the moron militia with the half III% half confederate flag patches didn’t help either.Had it been a bunch of people of all ages,with no Nazi flags flying,no tiki torch marches chanting “Jews will not replace us”,no armed mooslisha morons that were openly racist,no KKK klowns in white sheets-then the left would have looked like the douchenozzles instead of the right.
    Anyone planning any kind of rally/protest would do well to heed Aesop’s advice…

    How long ago was it when your friend Sgt. Barry wrote “keep it legal,keep it sane,keep it local?( I think there was a little more to it-but that part is the point)
    That’s what will help people the most-combined with learning how to use firearms correctly to defend themselves,their families,their homes,learning about first aid beyond boo boo repair,and having enough knowledge in enough areas to become as self sufficient as possible.
    A community of people is going to fare much better than a small group,the lone wolves will just become refugees.
    People need to get this working together nationwide we can change everything in no time crap out of their heads-it ain’t gonna happen. Far better to work on making your community as friendly to liberty as possible,work to get politicians that share your views elected. Then move on to county,then state,then fed government.
    That’s the only way anything will change without things getting to the point of civil war.
    The left got to where they are by working their way into government jobs,K-12 public education,then colleges and universities,and they became active in politics. All started locally-the left didn’t just take over all at once-they put decades of effort into it.

    • He has shut down almost all of his websites, so I guess fundage was an issue, even with three supporters….LOL
      That was my main concern about the impression those morons were leaving. Perception is everything, especially in a situation like this, and I personally know some of them, especially the leadership knew better. They wanted the public to see a squared away group of apolitical, highly trained, Constitutional badasses, but what the public (with the MSM’s help) saw, was a group of “neo-nazi”, redneck, wannabes with delusions of authority and capability (not all of these perceptions were incorrect). These guys have NO training to deal with situations like this, even if they had the authority, which they did not. All they were carrying was lethal force options (firearms, knives and I even saw a tomahawk LOL). If they knew what they were doing, they would have given themselves some “Less lethal” and “Less than lethal” options.
      SMB’s quote was, “Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.”. It’s on my sidebar.

    • No, faggot, the treasonous Uniparty
      dictatorship of D.C. is responsible
      for any and all anti-gun dictates, crimes and fedgov seizures.
      You stupid mutt.
      (Hey Hummus/Cav, you know your writing style gives you away, right?)

  4. I saw and see the 3 % as a state of mind,and a example of what it means to me was displayed by the good folks of the Cajun army and navy during the last bad storms in Louisiana,saw problems/folks who needed help,and just went out and helped,that is 3% to me.

    • The 3% concept had nothing to do with being a good neighbor, it was purely about a need for civilians to have a similar level of combat readiness that the militias of old did. The majority of militias today are abysmal failures at this because they are too wrapped up in the minutia of gear, weapons, and selfies with their gear, weapons and group on social media and they can’t see the big picture. These pics prove this out. The militias of old didn’t have that great a rep to begin with (don’t listen to the hollywood BS), and today’s jokers make them look like a deployed Ranger Batt. by comparison. Most can’t get experienced Vets to stay (from what a lot of them have told me, they get there, look around, laugh and leave, and the ones who usually stay are not Combat Arms, but always wanted to be) because they are more concerned with the perception of lookin’ cool, than the reality of being hard. If you look at most of the militia unit’s leadership at the beginning of the Rev War, they were either Vets of the F&I War, or were seasoned Indian fighters. Most civilian moolisha wannabes don’t want to hear that. Hell, that’s even depicted in “The Patriot”. Who was out killin’ Redcoats while the “Cherries” were learnin’ how to load and fire from the French Officer? The Vet’s, that’s who. Now we are in a situation where the III%,,the moolishas, and to a degree, the Oathkeepers have given some tyrannical thugs in congress a reason to think being in public and open carry, especially with a long gun and your kit, is a threat to public safety. Will they be successful in passin’ laws to stop it? Who knows. What I do know is it could have easily been avoided if they had gone discreetly armed and dressed like actual “Quiet Professionals” in a non-permissive environment (think “13 Hours”, not “Blackhawk Down”). What you described in your comment are good neighbors, not the III%.

  5. My idea is that folks that act that way in a natural disaster by not waiting is I believe the same mentality that would make up folks who fought say a outright violent dictatorship/invasion of country,how that turns out for them depends on history/training ect.

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