UW Gear’s Thoughts On Bugging Out

My friend John Ammons from UW Gear has posted a few videos (2015, 2017) with his thoughts on “Bugging Out”, and the problems inherent with that decision.

Pay attention and think about what he’s saying.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

3 thoughts on “UW Gear’s Thoughts On Bugging Out

  1. I see this obviously that everyones situation different,in my case far from homelands working,may make sense to stay where ever I am,may make sense to get home.Home itself always a ?,no matter how prepped you are something beyond your control/ability to deal with like a nuke plant melting down make necessitate “bugging out”,trying to be ready with options a good idea/having other places to go and multi routes ect.,that said,major life changing events seem enough to deal with without also being on road/hoofing it but having a bag ready in vehicle especially when traveling for work does give me a little piece of mind.

    Seems hard as hell these days to get state road atlases,grew up and traveled with them,now,a pain to get I guess due to computer/gps ect.The upside of computer is ease to get topo maps of areas one may be in and print them,so ,a double edged sword it seems.

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