It Boils Down To The Allowance Of “Mental Marijuana”


Recently we have seen an uptick in the amount of “In your face”, blatant attacks on conservatives, whether it be attacks on our beliefs, or actual physical attacks on us, whether a citizen on the street, or someone who we elected to represent us in Congress. Why now? There are a number of reasons I believe the physical stuff is happening, and there is most definitely a reason why there are so many different types of attacks on our beliefs. Simply put, we are breaking them.

Attacks on our beliefs are nothing new, but the ferocity of the rhetoric being espoused has escalated, and the numbers of these attacks has gone through the roof. The desire here is to so overwhelm you senses to fight back, as to make any response from you seem futile simply due to the sheer number of responses you’d have to give. The Soviets were planning on doing this to our intel gathering apparatus back during the cold war, and the present day commies are doing it now. IT IS POLICY!

As to the actual or fantastical attacks on our persons, whether it be “Joe Snuffy” or a State or Federal Rep, the communists (and that’s what every one of those scum sucking leftists are in their hearts) are trying to desensitize your “Give a Damn” to the point where these things are not only common place, but that you think only “Glad it wasn’t me or mine.”. “Calculating” is definitely something that can be attributed to the commies, but here’s something they have not calculated correctly, “GUNS”. I guess to be more specific, “Those not only unwilling to give up their guns, but actually are prepared to use them when they think they are in a ‘do or die’ corner”.

Weapons, specifically in this case “guns”, are tools that can be used to make someone a slave, to keep someone from becoming a slave, or can help set a slave free. Jeff Cooper said this about rifles (the rifle is the most powerful and capable of hand held, personal firearms for protecting someone in a violent encounter). “The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” Willingness to use a gun to protect your life and freedom is something that separates the men from the boys. Personally, I’m not a”Meme Cowboy”, but I do deal in lead friend.

Ask yourself these questions, “Why are they making actual physical attacks on conservatives now?”, “Why are they making threatening pics and plays depicting the murder of our President?”, “Why are they faking news footage of protests?”, “Why are they chasing accusations of misconduct that have already proven to be dead ends, then trying to perform a re-engineered “2.o” of the same investigation?”. The answer is simple. FEAR! They know President Trump is our last, best hope at turning some things around (I know, scary right?). They know if they do not control the narrative, not only will “narrative control” be lost to them, but they will be held to account for ALL the things we have proof that they did.

I’m not just talking about Hillary Clinton, and her crooked cabal of murdering, sociopathic, communist elites. I’m talking about the whole wreckin’ crew! From the elite scam artists in Congress and the Courts, to the embedded Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama bureaucrats in all levels of government. I’m talking about the media moguls and their minions that have been instrumental not only in forwarding their agenda but thwarting ours at every turn. I’m talking about the elites in Hollywood who actually believe their opinion about politics is not only valid, but warranted, and haven’t figured out that they are only there for our entertainment. Finally, this extends to the academics that have purposely indoctrinated our children of all ages to believe that communism is good simply to make them even more willing slaves when the time comes.

What “side” am I talking about being the good guys? I’m talking about the side that has and has had an historical precedent that started with the predecessors of the founders of this country. I’m talking about the ideology that was the foundation of the Western world. The Christian beliefs that spawned the establishment of a civilized society which brought about all the advancements we enjoy today. By all means tell me what any of the third world societies have advanced other than Aids, and the “AK around the corner” firing technique. Hell, if you got rid of everything else, just hygiene would be a big step up for all of them.

I’m not talking about “republican” or “democrat” (is there really a difference anymore?). I’m not talking about “Conservative” or “Liberal” (seems to me there’s too much emotion on either side in a lot of the issues). I’m not even talking about “left” or “right” (That’s a side of the aisle, not a belief) . I’M TALKING ABOUT “RIGHT” OR “WRONG”! I’m talking about having convictions that are based on moral guidelines which are well defined in the Bible.

This isn’t a diatribe about why you need to be a Christian to be a good person, but here’s a question, “If you do not believe in a higher power, and you believe there is nothing after your time here on earth, how can you say something is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’? How can you even say you have free will if your decisions are only based on your genetic makeup and the external conditions you exist in?” That’s not free will at all, because you can only make one decision in that case, and it’s already made for you. The video below breaks it down.

Here’s some points brought up in the above video. If there is no God, things like rape, theft, and murder are all subjective concerning whether they are wrong or not. “Not only if there’s no God, is there no objective right and wrong, there’s also no free will. remember if there’s no God, the only reality is material, it’s called “materialism”, that’s the only, you and I are just a bunch of neurons, nerves, and you know, a brain that is a purely physical thing, there’s no such thing as a mind, it is all brain so if we act bad, it’s not because we made a choice, it’s because of either our physiology, our genes or our environment. In either case, I didn’t choose, there’s no “I” in the secular world. “I” is a euphemism for environment and genes, that’s it. That’s the reason, by the way, the folks who believe that don’t really want to punish criminals, because in their heart they don’t believe they are responsible for what they did.” Well that makes understanding a bleeding heart commie a little easier, doesn’t it?

“Secularism is great for government, but in every other way, it is the termite of society. It eats away at the foundations of society.” Secularism is the gateway drug for socialism then communism. Basically, secularism is “Mental Marijuana”.

“With all of it’s mixed bag history, Christianity has at least given, I mean not at least, has given us Western civilization and, there have been eruptions of evil, but it is the best thing that has been made yet. It is the only place that has established the idea that human rights come from God, that freedom comes from God.” I’ve said many times that I do not need a constitution to advise me of my God given right to own, train with and use weapons for personal or common defense. I don’t need a constitution to tell me I have the God given right to responsibly speak my mind. I do not need a constitution to tell me I have a God given right to personal privacy.

“And this very much goes to the marxist argument that dysfunction, I guess what they would call immorality, but dysfunction arises from a lack of resources, you know Wow, if you grow up poor. They completely ignore the Appalachian mountains which are very poor and have incredibly low crime rates.” Saying poverty causes crime goes back to the “Spoon made Rosie O’Donnell fat” mindset. Bad choices cause crime. Lazy people choose crime. Jealous people choose crime. Hateful people choose crime. I know too many people who grew up in abject squalor and poverty, and in spite of that, made a moral, ethical choice to do the right thing with their life choices and became successful, to even consider that it’s about poverty.

“The smaller the God, the bigger the government, that is the state of the Western world. I’m not talking about the muslim world. In the Judeo-Christian world the bigger the God, the smaller the government.” First off, I believe that Islam is an ideology, not a religious endeavor. In a nutshell, their “higher power” isn’t a God, and to those of that group who are not the “live and let live modern islamic” types (they are out there) it is an excuse to conquer, rape, and steal from those who are not of their group, or group members who are violating the rules. While I am big on treating everyone as an individual, I also realize that it is in the best interest of any nation to think long and hard about allowing this group into their country, because I see what it is doing here (even to the chagrin of the “Live and let live” types), and how the secularist/socialist/communists are manipulating their absorption into every social group.

A good quote they mention in the video from G.K. Chesterton is this, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in everything.”  Why is this? Because nature abhors a vacuum.

A Biblical point that was made was that secularists will never advocate the line, “Those of you who love God, hate evil.” If they did, they’d have to make a stand that appears…..religious, wouldn’t they? Think about a commie calling something “evil”. If the reality of communism wasn’t so tragically sad, that situation would be funny.

There are a number of other things that are talked about in that great video that span from “The Traditional Family”, marriage, taking a stand and sacrifice, to environmentalism as a religion, and “cause and effect” of things like minimum wage. What should those of us that believe in  a standard of objective morals, ethics, and personal/civic responsibility do in the face of all the different types of attacks we are seeing on a daily basis? Below is a brief list I’ve compiled.

  1. Identify the local threats to your personal, family and group well being. Who cares about a play in D.C. if you have local BLM, BAMN, or Antifa’s acting out violently in your area, right? The play isn’t a direct threat, but those local groups are.
  2. Identify those who are funding the threats against those of us that believe in Western values, and the principles that established civil society.
  3. Identify the entities that are advocating violence against those like yourself. An “advocate” today is a probable future member or leader of that group tomorrow.
  4. Determine where your “Line in the sand” is, and what objectives will need to be accomplished once that “line in the sand” has been crossed.
  5. Determine what skills are necessary for your survival and the #4 “objective” accomplishment in all scenarios you think could occur based on your threat assessment.
  6. Determine what logistics are necessary to survive and also accomplish your #4 “objectives”.
  7. Begin gathering those of like mind together to train and prepare for the scenarios you’ve determined are a priority.

I’ve talked about how you can start out in a number of posts, but here and here are good places to begin. Get ready, because it’s just going to get worse, they will see to that. By the way, of all the things listed above, determining your actual (not some fantastical idea about being a tough guy) “Line in the sand” is the most important. Without this being defined, the rest cannot be realistically planned and trained for.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



6 thoughts on “It Boils Down To The Allowance Of “Mental Marijuana”

  1. I concur…those who’re desiring to set our Republic aflame are doing
    so because they have absolutely no values, other than to their
    selfish desires…when folks desire their own way, rather than God’s will,
    they’re demonstrating man’s sinful nature…which is the reason why our
    world is in the shape it is…Only Christ can set men and women free
    from all which would bind them…”So what are we to do ?” one might ask…
    Just what we were commanded…evangelize the lost, those who’ll listen…
    As for those who won’t listen…pray for the Holy Spirit to convict them of
    their error…and Lastly, just as the author has laid out in his article…
    Prepare, for we know what’s coming at us….
    “It’s time for the men of God to stop avoiding that which is in front of us…
    It’s time for the men of God to stand for Truth and Righteousness…
    It’s time that the passion for what’s right and the rule of law, to come
    into view on the plane of Truth and Reason.” – B.M.C.

  2. My line in the sand and has been for a long time when I see true evil inflicted on others and cannot turn my head,be it rape murder ect.,and,even if survival odds against me will try and fight it to best of ability and even if I can eliminate the evil.

    I had a long conversation a few years back with my dad and this came up,we talked for hours and though as any dad feels does not want to see their child hurt/killed he understood my reasoning,in that I could not live with myself walking past/pretending I do not see it happen.I am glad to say he was actually happy with my thinking though sad I had to even think a bout this,this was unbeknown to us at time our last in person conversation,glad we really hit some serious thinking together.

    I believe I recognize evil,that said,do not consider myself a Christian or follower of any of the more well known or lessor known religions,just some personal beliefs.

  3. Well stated, JCD.

    Youre absolutely right; it’s not about left, right, or any of the other indentity-pandering mind-corrals thrown at all of us to dice us up into bite-sized nuggets. It’s about being a decent human being.

    I never, in my life, would have thought that Americans would move beyond civil discourse, and descend into overt political violence. The type of behavior that’s become, “acceptable” in the political arena of ideas, is chilling.

  4. Happy Independence Day!Yes,we have a lot of “issues”facing us,still,the mere fact that we recognize this and try and prepare/change things at any level we can means we still have some freedoms,while living for today/planning for tomorrow lets use those freedoms we have wisely.

  5. It’s good to see Stefan talking respectfully and finding common ground with a Christian. I might even have had a small role in nudging him in that direction:

    I don’t think I completely go along with this conversation though. After all, I am not religious, yet I don’t find any problem discovering morality. One might argue about *where* morals come from, but it’s not very plausible to argue that morals don’t exist. Christians might suggest that rejecting “morals come from God” is the same thing as “there are no morals”, but this is simply untrue.

    Nor is it true that rejecting morals from God means that it’s all relative, all just about feelings. That’s just another way of saying morals don’t exist.

    Stefan has had a long-term project about finding a rational basis for morality, with only modest (in my opinion) success. I have his book but it looks like a lot of arm waving to me.

    My personal opinion is that morals are genetic. It took humans millions of years of tribal society to learn how to live together; the societies without morals were simply less successful than those with morals, and generally died out. Our brains have incorporated those lessons. It’s also clear, like everything else in evolution, some people don’t have that lesson firmly incorporated.

    About the “do you save a man or your dog first”, these are just corner cases that philosophers like to dream up. Supposedly, as in Physics, such corner cases serve to illuminate the operation of physical laws, and to make them more understandable. But human relationships are not like Physics. Looking as corner cases does not help:

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