The Requirement For, And Application Of Standards



1. something considered by an authority or by general consent as a basis of comparison; an approved model.
2. an object that is regarded as the usual or most common size or form of its kind: We stock the deluxe models as well as the standards.
3. a rule or principle that is used as a basis for judgment: They tried to establish standards for a new philosophical approach.
4. an average or normal requirement, quality, quantity, level, grade, etc.: His work this week hasn’t been up to his usual standard.
5. those morals, ethics, habits, etc., established by authority, custom, or an individual as acceptable: He tried to live up to his father’s standards.
 Over the centuries, society has had many standards of which one of the big ones was “Conduct”. Many will dispute this, but the fact remains that Western society is based on the standards of conduct that are espoused in Christianity. Look at Europe. Why are they having the issues they have now? Europe has gotten away from the standards by which their societies lived for centuries. Without the standard that Christianity originally provided, they are at a loss for where to turn now that they are under attack by others that not only have a standard, but apply a standard that goes against everything Christianity (their original standard) stands for.
 Starting at a young age, I was required to comply with a standards of appearance, conduct, and training. In school, in the military, and in my LE career, I was expected to comply with standards of appearance (uniform, personal grooming), standards of conduct (rules of conduct and discipline in school, the Uniform Code of Military Justice in the Service, and codes of conduct as a law enforcement officer), and standards in training (State and private institution educationally required standards, training requirements for different Military Occupational Specialties and the ever present physical fitness requirement in the Service, and the Federal and State training requirements as a law enforcement officer and a LE training instructor).
Societal standards consist of everything from what is considered proper etiquette when a man takes a woman on a date, all the way up to what is considered criminal in the eyes of that society. Not only have the standards of interaction between those of the opposite sex, and what is legal or illegal (and the punishment for breaking that law) in society become less regimented or strict, they have also come to practically mock the Christian heritage from which a lot of them were first derived.
 “Malum in se” law is Latin referring to an act that is “wrong in itself,” in its very nature being illegal because it violates the natural, moral, or public principles of a civilized society. An example of this would be murder, rape, burglary, and robbery. Although they are still on the books as “Malum in se” crimes, the standards and punishments these days for things like murder, generally do not reflect what would have been the punishment 200 or even 100 years ago. Death for murder was the standard back then. These days, it is unusual to see someone get the death penalty even for 1st degree murder (premeditated), and thus shows a lessening or lowering of the standard that society uses to judge those within it.
 “Malum Prohibitum” is Latin meaning “wrong due to being prohibited,” which refers to crimes made so by statute. Speeding, running a red light, using illegal drugs (alcohol legality or illegality in the 18th and 21st amendment) fall under the category of societal prohibitions. If you’ll notice, most of the regulatory violations used for community revenue enhancement haven’t been reduced in severity like the malum in se violations have (I wonder why?).
 I was recently made aware of a situation at a local private Christian school that in a number of ways, shows how society really doesn’t understand the purpose of standards, especially as they apply in an educational environment. At this school, the high school students and their parents sign a pledge that the student will, among other things, not participate in premarital sex, or the use of illegal drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. A female student became pregnant, and through her Father (the President of the Board), made the principle and the Board aware of it back in February.
 The student was placed on suspension during the period that the Board decided (two days) what punitive action would be taken, and after two days of talking it over, the parents and the Board came to the decision that the student would step down from her leadership position in the student societies that she was a member of, and she would not be allowed to walk on graduation day. The student, who has a 4.0 GPA, was not being expelled or barred from graduating, she was just barred from walking across the stage during the actual ceremony.
 Then the liberal news finds out, and all “Hell” breaks loose. The school is being vilified for trying to “shame” the student because “Who in their right mind would punish a high schooler for getting pregnant?” right? A few of the things I’ve seen people say are “Jesus said, he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.”, or “Mary and Joseph (the parents of Jesus) had to stay in a stable when Jesus was born because she was pregnant and unwed.” OK, for the record, “Google Scripture” is not the place to get your come backs for this type of argument. In the first place, Jesus was stopping men from STONING TO DEATH a woman for committing adultery (because that situation is so similar to this student, right?), and second, Jesus was born in a stable because the Inn was full, due to it being tax time (No room in the INN).
 A number of people have made ridiculous statements like, “Well, you know the other students in her class are having sex too they just didn’t get caught, so none of them should be able to walk.”. That is one of the most asinine displays of “Logic” I have observed in this situation. Because we “Know” other kids are or have violated the rules, they should be punished just like the girl who got caught.
 Tell you what, think about your own life and the multiple times from childhood on that you got away with something, whether it was a rule violation, or a crime. Now tell me how it should have been handled if the world was “Fair”. I am no saint, and have made many mistakes in my life. I have gotten away with breaking the rules, and I have been caught violating the rules. The difference between being a responsible adult and being a juvenile is accepting responsibility for your actions, and THAT is what this school has taught for decades.
 The whole point of enforcing the rules with children is teaching that for every choice in life there is a consequence. Choose to follow the rules and you generally will reap the rewards. Choose to violate the rules and you run the risk of getting caught and being punished. That is what the student in question did. She chose to violate a rule she was well aware of, and she will now have to comply with the consequences the institution imposes on her due to her violation. It’s not about whether you agree that they should or should not have had that rule to begin with. The time for dealing with whether the rule was fair or not was at the moment of signing the pledge, not after violating it.
 The main stream media is trying to vilify this school for enforcing a standard that everyone involved was aware of, and also signed that they agreed to. The only reason the MSM is attacking them and making it a headline is because it is a Christian school. If this was a military prep school that had a similar incident in which a student signed a pledge and then violated it (no matter what the act was), it wouldn’t even make a news story, let alone one of national significance.
 I keep hearing people screaming “The school needs to show ‘grace’ to this student.”, or “Yeah, but if it was a guy, the school wouldn’t have done anything.”. The irony of the situation with this Christian school is that I know for a fact that if the school had followed precedent, they would have expelled the girl. I believe they did show “grace” by not expelling her and I think they did it for two reasons. First, her parents and her told the administration about it early on (they didn’t try to hide it), and Two, she is obviously a very conscientious student, having a 4.0 GPA. I actually know a guy that was kicked out of the school as a Junior because he had gotten a local public school student pregnant, so there goes your “Discrimination” against her ‘because she’s the girl” scenario.
 This situation isn’t about Christianity, it is about having standards that are adhered to. The student and her parents knew about and said they’d comply with the standards in the pledge they signed for years (this wasn’t her first year there). If they didn’t like or agree with them, they should have spoken up then. The Christian school in question has maintained a high standard for decades, and shouldn’t be vilified for continuing those standards simply because people that are not Christians don’t “Get it”. Even as recent as 30 years ago, public schools didn’t allow pregnant students to walk in the graduation ceremony, so get over your perception of how archaic this Christian school’s rules are. They didn’t deviate away from the “Norm” society has, out of convenience and expediency.
 Allowing our society to fall away from it’s Christian heritage and rules for societal interaction is going to be the death of our civilized society. We are seeing it now in spades in Europe, and we are starting to see vestiges of it here. No one is saying you need to be a Christian, but I will tell you that if our society gets back to what Western society was founded on and follows a number of the basic Christian principles that are laid out in the Bible, non-believers will be far and away better than the chaos that will ensue if something like sharia law or the “Rules for Radicals” becomes the norm.
American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE
This weekend is the time we remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. It matters not whether you agree with what our nation has, does, or will stand for. The bottom line is those that have died in the service of our great nation at the least, deserve our respect, if not our gratitude and affection.

10 thoughts on “The Requirement For, And Application Of Standards

  1. Well said. I agree.
    I believe we would be much better off as a society if we all lived our lives according to Christian “standards”.
    We would also most likely be better off as a society if there were a larger number of Christians, while it’s certainly true that there are plenty of people who’s moral values are damn near identical to Christian moral values who are not Christians- the point is they are living according to Christian morals/ values.
    There’s been a lot of wrongdoing associated with organized relgion in the past- and currently. Not just the Christian relgion but all religions- granted some have more wrongdoing associated with them than others and some continue the wrongdoing and even support it.
    Churches used to be a big part of people’s lives and they did- and still do- many good things for the communities in which they’re located.
    The leftists/ Marxists have been trying to destroy both relgion and the traditional family with steadily increasing efforts for decades.
    They’ve made a hell of a lot of progress,and we are living through the effects of this on our society.
    Just look at the behavior of the feral “yutes” in the big cities as one example.
    There were far fewer crimes and criminals when almost every child was raised in a two parent home- with the influences of both a mother and a father.
    Churches also played a role in young people growing into adults who had morals and did the right thing most of the time.
    Between parents, the church, and the majority of society living their lives with Christian morals and values-people did not tend to engage in immoral and/or criminal behavior.

  2. As to Jesus stopping the woman from being stoned, so many people “tend to forget” that he followed it with ‘go and sin no more.’ The Left loves to cherry pick the scripture just as much as they accuse us of doing the same.

  3. Too bad that many, many churches today have changed their focus from teaching Scripture to ‘ enhancing revenue through out reach balanced with providing platforms for aspiring bands to lead, ‘worship.’ Rock concerts are fun, and you can sell a lot of graphic t shirts and other memorabilia.

    In my humble opinion, by and large, the so-called standards seen in practice do not differentiate one iota from the secular world. Parents routinely turn a blind eye to their childrens’ dress and behavior, excusing it with, “God isn’t done with Johnny/Sally yet….”

    And we wonder why younger generations fall for anything out in front of them…. we, as parents, failed to teach the importance of those standards and the consequences for violation from birth. The, “do over” syndrome….

    Yes, I’m aware i probably sound like a grumpy, old, curmudgeon… however, the post struck a chord.

    My most sincere wishes to all for a well spent Memorial Day….”Lest we forget…”

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