And The “Moolisha” Strikes Again

Antifa Moolisha Ohio

Huh….they have a “Lt. General”, a “General”, and a “Captain”. Sounds like a scary bunch….

This is why you are not “The Militia” unless you have the actual State or Federal authority to back it up. What, you think you are the “real” militia because you believe you are representing the “Founders Intent”? This is why the requirements were put in place by Congress and it gave guidelines for “The Militia”.



Without authority, the only difference between a Somali militia and an American militia (whatever side they are on) is their experience and firepower (the Somalis have you beat on both). If the founders wanted just anyone to have the authority to form an actual militia without State or Federal consent and organization, they would not have laid down these rules right off the bat.

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress; ”  ARTICLE I, SECTION 8, CLAUSE 16

Antifa Moolisha1

Ahhhhh, the ANTI Fa Fa moolisha

None of you have been appointed to anything by your State. Whether it’s these Antifa Shitbirds pictured in this post, or you guys who think you’re gonna help LEO’s (the Secret Service, State Police, City PD, or the Sheriff’s Dept.) with security at a Presidential rally, and then try to BS people on social media about being armed with the OK of the State Police (Yeah, the SP’s would have let you (an unknown, unvetted, non qualified entity) carry concealed and have long guns in your vehicles while you “pull security” at a rally for the President. If you were armed, the SP’s didn’t know about it, and the Secret Service definitely didn’t know about it, because you’re still free on the street).

A Mosin Nagant huh? Obviously, you’re the sniper, right? LOL

At this point, I don’t care what you call yourselves anymore, but understand, that these antifa jackoff’s took their cue’s from those who put their moolisha crap all over social media. If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for them. None of you have any more authority than that of the God given right to protect yourself and your loved ones. You have that right because you have an obligation and a duty to do it, nothing more (No right without an obligation/duty).

Antifa Moolisha5

Antifa Moolisha6

A while back I started telling people they needed to get away from using the term “militia”, because if they were a militia, it was only in the same sense as a Somali militia. or any other rag tag group of people supporting the local warlord. They cried that “No, we are a Constitutionally authorized militia!”, and at that point I showed that they were not authorized according to historical documentation.

Antifa Moolisha2

Must be a state where they can’t own 30 round mags. Nice High Point LOL The irony of Che supporters hating what they call “fascists”.

I had said you should call yourselves a “Neighborhood Protection Team”, a “Survivalist Group”, or even a preparedness group, because I saw terms like “militia”, and “III Percenter” being abused by those who are either ignorant of it’s true meaning, or maliciously using it to manipulate a certain segment of the “Liberty” movement for monetary gain. Using the NPT, Survivalist, or Prepper moniker actually describes what you actually are, not what you’re posing as.

The pic I posted on this post shows a moron moolishaman who thinks he’s military. His name tape on his left side (hidden under the penmanship award LOL) says “PARA MIL”. This is what he thinks he is. This is what the Moolisha thinks it is. You are not “Minutemen” (this isn’t the 18th or 19th century). If you think you are a “minuteman” and are so much of an irresponsible shit that is willing to risk losing your job (the one that you support your family with, remember earlier “Right/Obligation”), simply because your moolisha “commander” or social media group is telling you something is “Breaking News” (ala Fox news) or a “Liberty Emergency”, you deserve what you get when your boss tells you, “Shove it up your ass and get in the unemployment line!”.

Antifa Moolisha4

Dropping his plow in his field to the sound of a call to arms during a war (or threat of indian attack at that time) in his community is not the same as leaving your job mid shift to run to the aid of some sensationalist blowhard looking for attention, and using social media to get the word out.

Responding to an “Active Shooter” situation as a responsibly armed civilian is not being a “Minuteman” in the traditional sense (and that’s what all these guys want to point at, “Tradition”, right? It is being a responsibly armed civilian responding to a situation that is thrust upon them (they’re in the middle of it), and even then you could have serious problems. Civilians don’t run to the emergency call on the other side of town, trained LEO’s and EMS do it as real “First Responders” (something that wasn’t available in the “Minuteman” era.

Go ahead, insert yourself into a situation where you don’t know who all the players are. You guys have a hard enough time IDing your own people when you’re all wearing the same Mulitcam uniform in the field, let alone IDing the undercover Cop who won’t be in uniform (this is why LEO’s practice against “Shoot”, “Don’t shoot” targets), and because you weren’t on the LEO comms, you were not even aware of his presence.

I see people are being called to a situation that is developing in Nevada at the prison the Bundy’s a being held at. I read a post by TPHS on a video some Bundy supporter posted, and from what I read, Kit Perez is spot on. Ammon Bundy has been lying to people from the git go at Burns (remember the “The Feds have the way to the refuge blocked” BS), and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he was lying about his treatment, and trying to start up some more “Oh whoa is me” manipulative crap to keep them front and center in peoples minds. Some of the comments about her post that I’ve seen just prove that there are way too many hero worshipers out there, and not enough people objectively analyzing the facts.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



25 thoughts on “And The “Moolisha” Strikes Again

  1. I may be off base but methinks volunteer firefighters have more authority and power than the militia.
    In that case, if you want to serve your community and want authority with a rank structure, join the fire co. They have standards, certified training & cool equipment most of which is taxpayer funded.
    However nothing goes pew pew pew.

  2. Well said.
    These morons are in Ohio too-a couple hours to the south,where there’s plenty of colleges.
    They’re all going to go train on 125 acres in South Dakota? WTF?
    Plus this-they’re all going to be trained to the level of “special forces”-
    a special kind of stupid force maybe.
    But they have a general.

  3. I have never understood why any group what ever their beliefs political or otherwise would publish themselves world wide on the net as seems to make them across the board targets for those opposed to them with pics of firearms ect.,keep your people to yourselves.

  4. I’d like to be watching first time that toad in that afu pattern store bought g suit racks that pump and wedges a bunch of his suit between the receiver and that extended forend.
    That’s all those damn things are good for, that and making it harder to clean.

  5. I’m interested if anyone has gone the NGO route. A creatively worded charter and a small fee, if you’re not looking to go 501(c)3, and you’re in business. It would seem easier to do it that way for legitimacy that trying to petition your state to start a militia, which consequently means you’re signed up to do the bidding of someone like Governor Moonbeam or Terry Mcauliffe. Not to give them ideas, buuuuut if I were antifa I’d be trying to convince CA/NY ect. to resurrect the idea of a militia and packing it full of their ideological brownshirts. Call the state militia out to deal with the ‘radical racist Trump supporters’ and you’ve given them the color of law in places like Berkley. Either way, sporty times are ahead.

    • No clue. Yeah, it’s surprising that they haven’t done something along those lines. The problem with the “legitimacy” thing is that if you are part of a small group, you have all the legitimacy you need to protect the group. It’s when these guys want to go beyond their group and property with “authority” that it becomes a problem. Like the problem you mentioned, if a militia is given the authority to defend an area by the community, they are also subject to following the wishes of that community, and these guys don’t want a “civilian” telling them what to do. They are ignorant of reality in that regard. Anything else in that situation is Warlord 101.

  6. Your observation regarding ‘legitimacy’ and care of the community granting that authority is 100% correct. The only situation gaining that legitimacy is through service under the charge of the elected Sheriff in most jurisdictions, at least in the South. Anything to the contrary is a fantasy and a nuisance at best. Certain requirements are to be met based upon community needs, and a non-qualified door kicker is usually NOT the best answer. They won’t be calling up the 300lb camo-clad blowhard with no skills and an unteachable attitude nor the dumbass screaming about anarchy while on the political Right. Small-level protection among large jurisdictions is another matter, but even then, there’s a litmus.

    This noted surge from the left need not answer any such authority; being revolutionary, they seek to break the existing order. And they don’t need any such consent- they take it through force in every case. The appropriate response is to bolster the capabilities of one’s local infrastructure.

    As far as Bundy & Co are concerned, objectively it serves two purposes; 1) a data point supporting that people are angry enough, and 2) like the John Brown Raid at Harper’s Ferry as our Leftist friends are so haplessly self-labeled, a stern lesson in what NOT TO DO.

    Excellent post Brother, as always.

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  8. Even in the colonial times, the militia was formed by the Governor of the colony. It’s Officers were appointed by the Governor.

    The closest in present day America is Civil Air Patrol and various Police Reserves.

    • I have been suggesting for years that a true militia would be a ground version of CAP, an Army auxiliary.

  9. Good read and spot-on, as usual, MDT. Let’s look at history, names, and their relevance for a bit.

    Here in Ohio I’m vaguely aware of this “John Brown Militia” outfit. They should be so lucky as to receive the same as John Brown’s ultimate “reward,” which was the necktie party by the Commonwealth of Virginia. It charged him with multiple murders, treason, and inciting insurrection. Charged, tried, convicted, and hung by the neck until dead. Moldering in the grave? Nope–he’s in a very toasty place for eternity; hope he put on his asbestos britches before he pulled his last stunt.

    John Brown–what a specimen. A failure at everything he did. Liar, cheat, and terrorist. Here in my AO he couldn’t even run his own tannery–trapping and pelt business– which flopped necessitating him into bankruptcy and to skedaddle–his usual MO. But not before he was arrested and jailed for resisting the foreclosure of his home for nonpayment of the mortgage.

    Thank you again, Col. R. E. Lee, Lt. JEB Stuart and the USMC for your service. May we hear the exact same concluding words of Col. Lee’s after action report as to the end of this newest John Brown Militia:

    “The result proves that the plan was the attempt of a fanatic or madman, which could only end in failure; and its temporary success was owing to the panic and confusion he succeeded in creating by magnifying his numbers.”

    Q: Was George Soros around in 1859? Just askin…

  10. Taking Malheur as a template, their ranks will be something around 40% federal informers, and a notable number of “commanders” will simply be U/C LEOs setting up the entire operation to get all the nuts and flakes together, ID them, and simplify rounding them up at the first opportunity. For the bargain price of $30/mo.
    They’ll ID the “national command structure”, pass that along to federal fusion centers, and take the whole plant out top to bottom one Sunday afternoon, and try them in batches.
    Mainly because OOPSFor (not a typo) has no more clue about opsec than a pig has about whistling opera choruses.

    This is nothng less than the first real-life recruiting poster for the Keystone Kops.

  11. Nice of them to post “If you have [X], you’re a target.” Cool, any such person can now claim to be in reasonable fear of their life should any antifa ever be around them. From a self-defense standpoint, that’s no small thing.

  12. Before writings posts such as this, a really good look at the Militia Act of 1792 would be in order. While the Act does specify militias to have the same organization and equipped essentially as the regulars (militias had the option of being equipped with rifles, while the regulars had none, and Troops of Horse were found only in the militia as the regulars had none). In should be noted that the following language in sections 10 and 11 “X. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the brigade inspector, to attend the regimental and battalion meeting of the militia composing their several brigades, during the time of their being under arms, to inspect their arms, ammunition and accoutrements; superintend their exercise and maneuvres and introduce the system of military discipline before described, throughout the brigade, agreeable to law, and such orders as they shall from time to time receive from the commander in Chief of the State; to make returns to the adjutant general of the state at least once in every year, of the militia of the brigade to which he belongs, reporting therein the actual situation of the arms, accoutrement, and ammunition, of the several corps, and every other thing which, in his judgment, may relate to their government and general advancement of good order and military disciple; an adjutant general shall make a return of all militia of the state, to the Commander in Chief of the said state, and a duplicate of the same to the president of the United States.

    And whereas sundry corps of artillery, cavalry and infantry now exist in several of the said states, which by the laws, customs, or usages thereof, have not been incorporated with, or subject to the general regulation of the militia.

    XI. Be it enacted, That such corps retain their accustomed privileges subject, nevertheless, to all other duties required by this Act, in like manner with the other militias.”

    The founders were clearly OK with privately raised militias, having a history of having done so, from Benjamin Franklin organizing a regiment without approval of the government of Pennsylvania, to the service of John Hancock as the commander of a company of private militia (Boston Company of Cadets), to George Washington’s body guard which was privately organized in 1774 (First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry). The tradition continued to the War with Spain being the last time a privately organized military unit was accepted into the service of the United States.

    BTW, similar language on private militias, is still in the US Code and Militia Act of 1903.

    • Uh…yeah, I’ve gone over the Militia Acts of 1792, 1795, 1862, and 1903.
      The 1903 Dick Act didn’t cover private militias, it said anyone who is not NG, Reserves, or Active is “Unorganized”, which means it’s not a “Private Militia”, since that (PM) would be organized, correct? It was the Feds giving themselves a “draft poole”.

      • From the Militia Act of 1903 Section 3 – “And provided further, That any corps of artillery, cavalry and infantry existing in any of the States at the passage of the Act of May eighth, seventeen hundred and ninety-two, which, by the laws, customs or usages of the said States have been in continuous existence since the passage of said Act under its provisions and under the provisions of Section two hundred and thirty-two and Sections sixteen hundred and twenty-five to sixteen hundred and sixty, both inclusive, of Title sixteen of the Revised Statutes of the United States relating to the Militia, shall be allowed to retain their accustomed privileges, subject, nevertheless, to all other duties required by law in like manner as the other Militia.”

        Also keep in mind 32 United States Code Section 109 – “(a) In time of peace, a State, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Guam, or the Virgin Islands may maintain no troops other than those of its National Guard and defense forces authorized by subsection (c).”

        So, if you are interested in the history of the US Constitution, the Federal Government has done exactly what the anti federalists feared – established a select militia in the form of the National Guard and disarmed all other militias. Therefore, the states no longer have the military power required to maintain the US Constitution from usurpation. This is what the 2A was designed to prevent according to the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers. See especially in Federalist #46.

  13. Liberals use to scoff at conservatives who started militias now they are starting militias? Trump has made liberals so crazy to the point where now the “rational” left is running around the woods with guns wearing cammo acting just as crazy as the radical right. 😄

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