And They Wonder “Why?”

Militia general

Meet “Major General Court Martial” of the “Para Mil”, out for a leisurely stroll at the supermarket. There is no amount of help for guys like this.

I was perusing FaceBook this morning, and a friend tagged me along with this pic, asking, “Didn’t you just post something about this guy?”. I laughed my ass off, then responded with, “Not him specifically (don’t know or know of him), but yeah, I’ve posted about his type. Let’s see, right off the top of my head (or in his case, his head), headgear on inside, head gear is maroon beret (that no one helped him shape) and he’s not Airborne, shades on inside, winner of a “penmanship award”, just………….where’s Negan when you really need him?”.

You guys that want to wear rank you haven’t earned (I know one local militia that took my previous suggestion, and voted recently to stop wearing mil rank and start using “duty position” to determine authority within their unit.), this is what Vets see when you are noticed. As my Wife called him, he’s “A soup sandwich”. AT THE SUPERMARKET, REALLY? You’re tryin’ to impress with your high speed dress, and you don’t even know how to wear it. My Buddy also pointed out that his stars were upside down LOL.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

7 thoughts on “And They Wonder “Why?”

  1. He appears to be concealing a large food storage unit with the oversized clothes-and his arms.
    Several years ago,you did a post titled kernal of corn-(or similar title).
    That was the first post I had read where someone called these clowns out for the idiocy with rank.
    They’re almost always all officers,where are the troops?
    Looks like he’s from one of the area militia groups around here.
    The guys I ran into that my friend tried to help with training are like this guy.
    Your wife is right about the soup sandwich,that’s how I describe the majority of militia groups around here.
    To be fair,there are a few groups that are actually squared away,but they’re not in grocery stores dressed like this guy,they don’t use ranks,and they’re not on Farcebook.
    Keep calling these yahoos out,maybe one day they’ll get it.

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  3. Yeh funny..I think the only thing I have patches on are my M 1938 field jacket (repro) and a few on my reenacting uniforms. I stopped at Wal-Mart in my M 1941 field uniform (WITH LEGGINGS!) and had some wannabe “Vet’ern” start berating me for “stolen valor”. I tried to explain that in order to have actually worn the “uniform” while it was in general issue I’d have to be north of 90, when my buddy (an actual NG Major) walked up and said “forget it Ray you can’t fix stupid” and we left. Some people just crave the attention, like the guy in the photo or the guy who berated me while dressed up like the homeless guys you see down town with the “feed a vet” signs and dripping pins patches and flags. Like the asshat above he wasn’t more than an annoyance. So why get worked up about it? Guys like them are like bad weather. They will always be around and there is nothing any of us can do to change it. Guys like them have the same mindset and I don’t think anything I say could change it.

  4. As well as all the other stuff y’all pointed out, let me add in my two cents. He’s also wearing what looks to be a USMC uniform(it’s hard to be sure from the pic) with 18th Engineer Brigade combat patch. One, the 18th is an ARMY unit, and two, Marines don’t wear combat patches.

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