The Expectation Of Being Taken Seriously.


So here’s the question, “How can you be taken seriously as an inexperienced, but aspiring, combatant, if you get upset over general admonitions that might not even be directed towards you?”. What’s the answer? “Well, you can’t.”. In a number of posts written by myself and others over the years, it has become apparent to many of us, that a large group of civilians (primarily in the “publicly advertised” segment calling themselves “militia”) who aspire to learn fighting skills, will always think that they are the target of specific admonitions directed towards a specific segment of that group.

Mean Sergeant2

A while back I was told by a civilian wannabe, that I was probably a “Mean Sergeant” in the Infantry. My answer was “Yup, but  ‘one’, my men weren’t emotional pussies, and ‘two’, I didn’t lose one man under me in combat.”

It doesn’t matter how “sterile” I make an admonition, a number of you out there will always say, “Why are you saying this TOO ME?”. It has been said that “If the shoe fits, wear it.”, and to that I say, “Yup, and if you think it applies to you, it probably does.” (I’m sick of getting messages and emails asking if I was talking about “Them”). In training you cannot advance unless you know “Where you want to go”, “What is your motivation”, and “What you are capable of”.

Self and Group assessments are very important in determining 1) Where you are at in capability (experience, training), 2) Where you want/need to be in capability (what’s your mission?), 3) What you need/are willing to do to get to that goal (what courses are available, do we just need to train harder on what we already know?). If you cannot truthfully and accurately acknowledge your shortcomings, you will never get past the level you are at now, and more importantly, you are probably not at the level you think you are.

There’s a reason the Mason Dixon Survivalist Association uses the motto “Be a Survivalist who is a “Jack of all Trades”, master of some (preferably the life saving and life protecting arts).” That reason is that your ability to survive is contingent on the plethora of basic and advanced skills you have acquired over the years, but if you are not at a highly proficient level in the “life protecting” (gun skills, empty hand combatives, and tactics), and the “life saving’ (first aid, trauma treatment, and follow on care), you are in for a steep (read that as cliff) learning curve.


Do I like being the “Mean Sergeant”? No. Will I continue doing it? Yes. I really don’t see that I have a choice. I’m a firm believer in helping those who need it when and where I can. I look at it no differently than I did when I was an NCO in the Army. I was given a group of young Soldiers to train and lead, and by God, I made sure they were ready when the rubber met the road.

Although you are not my “Soldiers”, and I most definitely am not your “Leader”, I still feel responsible to help all that I can as you get ready for what is to come. The mission is no less serious than what my Soldiers trained for, and honestly, I feel the “mission” is more important (our families) than mine was as a Soldier. If you disagree, just scroll up to the “Butthurt” form. If nothing else, filling it out might be cathartic…..



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

10 thoughts on “The Expectation Of Being Taken Seriously.

    • “Mean Sergeant” comments are more than anecdotal proof that feminism has nearly destroyed American manhood. Someone might say, “He’s a real sonofabitch if you don’t do your shit right,” or “He hates fucking everyone, so don’t fuck with him.”

      But, “Mean Sergeant?”

      Snowflake alert.

      Probably wears skinny jeans….or upside down stars with a fucked up, untrained beret with name tapes 2 inches too high off the chest pockets…but loves to stand around looking like he’s ready to eat something…most likely a large pizza, based on size…(yes, referring to the post after this one….LOL)

      • Exactly. The same guy who said that (mean Sergeant) had asked me about two months before which character I would be in the movie “Platoon”. He said he thought I was like the “SGT Elias” character (cool, laid back, hang with the Joes type). I told him, “No, I would be SFC Barnes. (The hard ass who kept the platoon together, taught the cherry LT how to lead and fixed what he screwed up during combat). I didn’t care if my soldiers liked me. I only cared that they learned how to survive and made it home if possible. I was their “parent”, not their “sibling”.

  1. Appropriate level of Jesse.

    I recently ran into some of the “militia types” who were part of a group a Ranger Staff SGT friend of mine tried to help out with training back in 2009-2010 or so.
    I think they are actually worse off now than they were back then. The food storage units got bigger was the main difference I saw in this group.
    My friend- who is usually very patient and really tries to help guys who are willing to learn- gave up on this bunch after the third weekend of trying to conduct actual training.
    I told him to give up on these idiots after the first day- and I was only the “camp cook”.
    That and I was the guy with the key to the gate and permission to use the property where the training was supposed to take place.

  2. Eh,never expected anyone to take me seriously,am comfortable with that.I just muddle on and do what I can to be a little better ready things go very wrong along with trying to do a bit better at work/just life in general while enjoying the moment.I have taken to a little harder hiking as,sigh,well…..,gained about 10 unwanted pounds over the winter,need to lose 5 of em and turn the others into muscle!Hmmmm….,perhaps time to mow the lawn with the molle on again,I actually did that once just for s’s&g’s.

  3. HI JC!!,
    ‘God I love this post!! ‘Thing is, “Which Branch??” Each “Branch” has their “BOOTCAMP” that separates the “MEN FROM THE GIRLYMEN!!” ‘Back when, in the daze of “ROUND PARACHUTES (28’ C-9’s with a high cut elliptical 7-TU cut in it!!) and IRON MEN!!” there waz 4 “Branches,” “ARMY, NAVY, MARINES (which although are looked at as a separate “group” are actually part of the US NAVY) and the US COAST GUARD. NOW!!…. each branch can “Wield Hell!!” upon recruits and all do!! to an extent!! Some more so than others!! Well, step out of the ranks of “Military” these daze and come to “SKYBILL’s FIRST JUMP COURSE!!!” (note: I really like that “INSTRUCTOR” Tape with the “AIRBORNE WINGS” above it at the top!!) I don’t have to Yell at anybody at the top of my lungs to get their candy ass out of that door!! I point to that hole (the door) and wink!! “They salute and SKYDIVE!!!!!!!” I give them the ability to ‘walk point!!’ and any of ’em will because thru my training I gave them the ability to become part of “THE TEAM!!”

    • Hey Bud,
      I have a small job for you! Go to Youtube and find “Larry Thiessen’s Videos” from his time at Raeford.(1993-97).. (that place that Gene Paul put on the map so we could go “OFF POST” and skydive!!) Find (Raeford Parachute Center Part 005) and at the 1:40 mark… that is a very”Fresh” US ARMY CAPTAIN!! Bob Burmaster…so he shows up and said,”Hey Guyz!! I just made ‘Captain!!” Tony Thacker..(Gene Paul’s son) said,”Well, Hell let’s do Something!!!!” So we Organized an 18-way set of “FLYING CAPTAIN’S BARS!!…just let the vid go at the 1;50 mark, the guy in the blue suit is …”ME!!!!!!!!!!!!” and at the 3:13 mark ….(The song) and after the dive (BLUE SKIES, BLACK DEATH!!!!) Nobody but!!
      You are Cordially invited on “ANY OF MY SKYDIVES!!!” If ya’ can “Hack the slot!! far out… if you’ve only been out the door on Tactical ops.. well yer’ off and running.. we can have ya’ flyin’ fine in about a 1/2 dozen dives we have the “Technology!!”
      PS I need yer {email addy!!} you know mine (… Yer maybe thinkin’ “WTF’s an “SCR??” google “Bob Boquor Memorial Star Crest!!” I am #2034….
      PS……..I did NAVY Boot …05DEC1966-04MAR1967….. Sandyeggo!!! That’s another story.

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