Vault 7’s Corroborating Witness

Considering the recent revelations of the Vault 7 Wikileaks, I thought this would be a good place to put this video from an NSA whistle-blower. A friend had sent this to me and considering it was made around 2014/2015, the facts stated here are backed up with the Vault 7 info dump.

An informed decision concerning a response can’t be made without being aware of the facts.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

3 thoughts on “Vault 7’s Corroborating Witness

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  2. I was surprised that so many were surprised about the” internet of things” and how home devices that seem innocent enough can spy on you and that some modern cars can be taken over control wise from a distance,this info. has been out awhile.

    I also use articles/leaks to keep asking friends if I can take off me tin foil hat,what I have been mentioning is happening/same as the warnings and truths ,I spoke about in regards to the economy,me dad who was actually a honest investor for the little people and yet still did very well and was well known in finance world warned me and actually left the business due to the lies and schemes.

    I will say to a large degree nothing surprises me any more,feel folks will think this gets us to the bottom of govt. intrusion in private lives and actually just leads us to the opening of the rabbit hole.

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