A Helpin’ Hand


larrys-daughter1Starvin Larry emailed me two weeks ago, informing me of the accident his Daughter was involved in on Feb 2nd. God’s protection was evident when you look at the pictures. She was hit head on in the early morning (4ish) and had to be cut out of the car. The other driver died in the crash and, unfortunately for Amy, he did not have insurance. She is going to have a long recovery due to injuries she sustained. If you can find it in your heart to help with the monetary end of things, I know Larry and his family would be exceedingly appreciative. Here’s the Go Fund Me account for Amy.



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4 thoughts on “A Helpin’ Hand

  1. Thank you for posting.
    Amy talked her Dr’s into letting her finish her rehab at home,she’s now at home.
    She went to Dr appt Fri,and had the 54 stitches removed,and was informed she will need another surgery on her ankle.
    She’s mostly stuck in a wheelchair-kinda hard to walk with a shattered right ankle,and fractured left tibia.
    She is allowed to put weight on left leg only to take a few steps using a walker,so she can get in bathroom,and shower.
    We still have the two older kids with us,they go home on their dad’s days off since it would be next to impossible for Amy to care for 4 kids,especially with the baby in diapers.
    Some friends of mine are letting me subcontract smaller jobs so I can pick up some extra $$ to help Amy out with bills.
    She had the better paying job,so they took a huge hit on income,plus son in law can only work part time hours now because Amy still has to have help at home.

    Thank you to all who have donated,and to anyoine who can contribute a few bucks.

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