No Rights Without A Duty



A good friend told me something a while back that has stuck with me and needs to be impressed upon everyone who thinks their “Rights” are due you just because you draw breath. You do not have a right, until you have a duty. Think about it for a minute. Here’s two examples. Does a child have the right to speak their mind when their parents piss them off? No. Does a child have a right to own and carry a firearm for their protection? No.

Why don’t children have those rights? Well because they are children, and haven’t become mature enough to be heard (children are generally “parrots”, nothing more) or carry something that can kill another human being of course (we’re not going to talk about a specific age here). When you become what society considers and “adult”, you reap the “rewards” of that status. But here’s the thing. With that “status”, a civil and just society expects you to take on certain responsibilities.

A Civil and Just Society

You are expected to support yourself and those you are responsible for and not be a burden on society. You are expected to follow society’s laws, especially those of the “malum in se” type. You are expected to be able to be called upon in times of danger to support and protect your society from attack (the original purpose of the militia) “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”. You are expected to be civil and responsible in your speech, or reap the consequences, whether that’s a punch in the mouth from the husband of a woman you just disrespected, or locked up because you yelled “fire” in a crowded theater when there was none, and people were injured because of your actions.

All the rights you have are surely yours, but they go hand in hand with a duty to be good stewards and not abuse them, because that abuse ends up being detrimental to society. You don’t give a shit what society thinks? You’re an anarchist and don’t like governments? I guess you’re “judge”, “Jury”, and “Executioner” then? Where do you get your rules from, the Bible….the koran maybe? Does society have the right to take away the life or freedom of an individual? How so, if you think your “rights” are permanent and irrevocable? If you violate the rights of another, does that negate your rights? Who determines that?

I know what I believe the answers to these questions are, but have you asked yourself these questions? I find it funny when I see some “Hood-Rat’s” mother talkin’ about her right’s being violated, or her son’s right’s being violated. They have been nothing but a burden on the same society who has done nothing but take care of them from cradle to grave (they act as if this is a “right”). They haven’t taken their duty as a member of society seriously, and in a lot of cases, they have completely mocked and abused that same society and the rights that society has tried to honor, even to it’s own detriment.

Your children don’t have a “right” to self defense till they are of a certain age/maturity level, simply because they don’t have the ability. The parent has a duty to protect their children, and with that goes the “right” to do it any way they see fit. Are there youngsters out there that have shown they are mature enough to handle weapons to protect themselves? Sure. We are not talking here about the exception to the rules, we are talking about the “standard”, and the standard “child”, especially these days, is a sad sack of entitlement, disrespect, and irresponsibility.

Your children don’t have the right to speak in public about how to go about maintaining or fixing issues in that society, because they don’t have the understanding, experience, or maturity to give effective council, and it is the parent’s responsibility to advise them to be seen and not heard when in those situations. The ridiculous and embarrassing situations we have seen in the last two weeks (last year really) can be laid at the feet of society, starting with the parents.


I was encouraged the other day when I saw the FedEx guy use a fire extinguisher to put out an American Flag that some protesters had lit, and he took it to make sure they didn’t disrespect it further. I was further encouraged even more when FedEx said they were not going to fire him (didn’t take the PC route), as many thought would happen. I don’t know what his story is, but if I was to guess, I’d say he was a Vet. Why do most Vets (especially Combat Vets) get upset over these people “exercising their rights”? WE have all lost people who died for what that flag represented, and have seen it drape their coffins. You will not disrespect the tangible representation of what my friends died for, period!


Quit acting like your rights are something that don’t require any responsibility. Your right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” comes with a duty to respect the rights of others, while still holding yourself and others to a standard of conduct that a just society demands to be able to work correctly. “God, Family, Country” is the list in my order of precedence. For a lot of people, the “God” and “Country” parts have been severely lacking of late. If you don’t believe in a Creator, that’s your problem, but if you’re an American and want to disrespect the good things that this nation has done, is doing, and hopefully will do, that is our problem. We Veterans signed a “blank check” to the people of this nation. The nation took a little from all of us, a moderate amount from some of us, and ALL from a few of us. Respect that and there won’t be a problem.



There were two types of big marches over a week ago, The Woman’s March, and the March for Life. The “Woman’s March typically had two type of participants. Those who are ignorant of reality, don’t want to know the truth, and believe everything they are told. Then there’s those who are bitter about everything in life, so they want to make everyone around them miserable, because they don’t have the balls to commit suicide, but they are more than willing to murder the most innocent among us. They exercise their “rights” without exercising the “duty” inherent with those rights. Their “You can’t tell me what to do!” mantra sounds familiar…..(anarchist much?) Ironically, their were Pro-Life woman who wanted to participate in the Woman’s March, but they were not allowed.


Then you have the “March for Life”. A polar opposite of the “Woman’s March” in almost every aspect except the walking part. These people understand that with “Rights” comes a “Duty”. The “Woman’s March” participants (they wouldn’t allow “Pro Life groups to participate) believe they have the “right” to CHOOSE what is life and what is not. To this I ask “How would you legally charge someone with “double murder” for killing a pregnant woman (two lives taken, right?), but if the same woman chooses to abort the child it’s OK because it’s just “A clump of cells”? It is “Double murder” because it’s a life, not a “choice”, and it is murder if only one of those lives is taken as well, correct. When a society determines that they can dictate when something is life, and when it is not, that society is damned. What’s to keep those in authority from saying someone is no longer “a life” after they are put on a life support, or reach a certain age?



Your first duty as an adult is protecting the most innocent among us. So you tell me, which group is taking their “duty” seriously and deserves to be able to exercise their “rights”, and which one is full of self righteous, selfish carbuncles on the ass of society? If you’re not willing to take your responsibilities and duties to society seriously, why should society recognize your rights. Your words can have serious power. Weapons have serious power. Power and responsibility go hand in hand. A society that doesn’t recognize and encourage that, will not remain and organized society for long.

As with my earlier post, I wrote this two weeks ago and decided not to post it because it was too “Insensitive”. Over the last two weeks I’ve realized that “Insensitive” is exactly what a lot of people out there need right now, whether they like it or not.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


8 thoughts on “No Rights Without A Duty

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  2. As you recognize, there are a lot of questions about rights that are hard to answer. That is because they are a religious notion. Personally, I think when you really start thinking it through, you will come to the conclusion rights don’t exist. This sounds bad, but replacing fantasy with reality can never be a bad thing.

    Where do the rules of society come from? They come from self interest, and from our genes, after millions of years of living in societies. We all pretty reliably know what is right and wrong, even if some reject that knowledge and choose poorly in serving their self interest. It is in our interest that society be decent.

  3. Boss, keeping laying it on the line with these people. The truth is like a breath of fresh air, and a shot of EverClear, to a man trapped in the mine of idiocy that passes for society nowadays. The Left is PLAYING at life, and they only seem to know how to take life, or screw it up for everyone else, in the name of their childish ideas. I’ve had to swallow hard, and take it on the chin in my life several times, because I was wrong. The Left wants to make stupidity and deadly error into a profession. Speaking the truth, right in their faces, and ours, runs counter to their even worse trait of wanting to silence anyone against them. Don’t never change, and keep on fighting the good fight. I’ll be fighting too.

  4. ^

    “… when you really start thinking it through …”. Oh. Thank goodness you did, because the author was just running his mouth *without* thinking it through….

    If you believe that you are the accidental product of random genetic mutation, then you have come the to the correct conclusion. It must be admitted, though, that this isn’t because of your superior intellect or because “science”, but because you have a different brand of faith: one that relies on stretching the limits of credulity with “multi-verse” theories, as well as the utter disregard for physics and “maths”. There isn’t enough matter in the known universe to allow for the random creation of all the diversity that exists on this planet, entropy is a ‘thing’, and ‘dependent development’ can’t very well be explained randomly.

    This isn’t to disparage your faith: you may think it’s ironic that I said, “… stretch the limits of credulity …”, when I believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world, and plenty of people have a laugh about the Christian ‘Baby God” who offers himself as a blood sacrifice to absolve us of our sins. So be it. Meanwhile, it is our faith that such a God can, in fact, imbue his creation with such things as Rights – even if we turn our backs on such concepts or choose to ignore them completely.

    I’m only pointing out that if, in fact, there is a God, then God-given Rights probably exist. If there is no God, and we came from the swamp, then nothing exists; all of these philosophical discussions are mental masturbation, we should do as we see fit for the expression and distribution of our genes, and a “decent” society is only tangential to that goal – see Vikings and Mongols historically, and modern Muslim/Arab ‘conquer by birthrate’ for examples.

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