The Special Snowflake First Class Award Goes To…..

So Snoop Dogg has something to say,

Snoop Dogg Quote, “Jiggaboo Ass Niggas”?, “Uncle Tom Ass Niggas” (oh my goodness, JC actually typed the full words that the “special” upset black man said about other black people), really? I don’t think you’re gonna “roast” shit Snoopy. Whatcha gonna do dawg, talk about them in a song? Hey, maybe he’ll call his Crip gang buddies to “Take care of dat Ol’ Uncle Tom”.

Here’s a thought. Maybe the “Uncle Tom” comment is actually you Snoopy. Looks like you’re the one trying to push an anti freedom agenda (We all know you supported Hillary) for “Da Man” Clinton. Considering the alternative to President Trump was that Socialist/Communist-Progressive whose hero was Planned Parenthood starter, Margaret Sanger (you know, the woman who wanted to kill off as many black babies as possible by convincing black women that abortion was a good idea, AND APPARENTLY THEY’RE STILL CONVINCED IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, because by the percentages, they are the biggest users of that Planned Parenthood service), I think you’re support of “Da Man” Clinton, by disrespecting artists who are willing to show support for our new President, shows that YOU are the “Uncle Tom” still serving “Da Man” Clinton in this instance.

Tell you what Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., Crip member. Now’s the time when you and your gang bangin’ buddies better wake up and smell the coffee (hopefully it’s Black Rifle Coffee Company coffee….awesome stuff). Things are gonna change, and the BS that the “Commie Muslim Sired” POS that just left the White House allowed, are out the window along with him (Yes, we threw THAT baby out with the bathwater).


The “Special Snowflake First Class w/ Crossed Lollipops and double diaper pin device”

I’d award you the “Special Snowflake First Class award with crossed Suckers” but I know somehow, you’ll say it’s racist, and I’m oh so scared of that label, especially now that it apparently applies to anyone who voted for President Trump. What the Hell. I’ll award it to you anyway.

“Be it known that Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. also known as Snoop of Doggy Dawg, is awarded the “Special Snowflake First Class with crossed Lollipops and Double Diaper Pin device”. This award is for parroting the race and party line in the face of extreme uncomfortableness, and being willing to rise above the norm of the average Snowflake, by calling anyone he disagrees with, a socially unacceptable title.”


It is now 1204 hours on January 20th, 2017. Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Mine, Yours and everyone’s, whether you like it or not. I salute all the Loser Snowflakes who have shown their inner character. Congratulations.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


14 thoughts on “The Special Snowflake First Class Award Goes To…..

  1. Damned if you do – damned if you don’t. If you weren’t invited to play at the inaugeration, its because it was racist decision maker that hates minorities. If you do decide to play – you are an Uncle Tom. So either way, hate wins. Is that how it works Snoop ?

    Hey Snoop – cheer up. Now that a Republican is in charge again, you can bet the media are writing / making up stories of how unemployment is already up because of Trump, and how Chicago is (surprise!) a cess pool of violence. Homeless and underemployed citizens will (again) be heard from – I thought they all disappeared, you didn’t hear much about that in the past eight years. No doubt – its all because of Trump, right?

    The Dems can stop playing defense and now play offense. Just don’t expect everyone to pay attention though – we’ve heard all of the excuses before. Its pretty much why Trump was sworn into office today.

  2. I find it funny that the snowflakes hate what D.T. says about women but when a rapper says the same thing -and more- it’s great.

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  4. Reblogged this on D. M. Hutchins and commented:
    I love this post. In fact, I was just commenting on another post about how stupid it was for people to even give a damn what this “Uncle Tom” thinks about anything. INFOWARS was reporting on this, like Snoopy was a politician or something.

    This Black Man is in the polices pocket, and he has been for decades. If I wave a gun and say that I am going to kill someone, my white ass would be in prison right away, but Snoopy here has been producing volumes and volumes of “I Kill Cops” rap songs for thirty damn years, and they never bother him? Interesting isn’t it. I guess I’m not the right color, or their aren’t enough zeros in my bank account. Its a shame that Snoopy claims to represent black people, because he embarrasses the hell out of some fine black people that I know. You know the type; they speak properly, they love and defend their families, they pull their pants up, and they can spell the word “Constitution”.

  5. Why any one cares what a entertainer/pol/what have you says about your personal decisions is beyond me.Usually unless really doing something dumb(I am known for that!)I really will listen to others ideas but when it comes to putting me or my actions down for dumb reasons could give a rats ass,tell em to screw.

    I am a very jaded person when it comes to politics,will give a 100 days and see where this admin headed,really fighting for the people/country or just another trojan horse selling us out to the reptilians

  6. ROFLMAO!!!! Too much!!! “Be it known that Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. also known as Snoop of Doggy Dawg, is awarded the “Special Snowflake First Class with crossed Lollipops and Double Diaper Pin device”.

    I spit out my celebratory beer!!!

  7. Prefect J.C.. I needed the laugh! Maybe that will spur dawg and his to grow a pair, go burn down a few cities. (just to get back at us rednecks slavers!). Aaaaah, yawn! Thanks.

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