Pushing An “Envelope” That Is Ready To Bust

There are 2.4 million Iraq and Afghanistan Vets in this country (all trained personnel of which a percentage are the true “Combat Arms” fighters), and this figure doesn’t include the VN Vets still physically able. There are 2.5 million service members in this country (all trained personnel of which a percentage are the true “Combat Arms” fighters). Although there is some overlap in those two numbers, which way do you think the gross majority swung in the election. The CIA and to a lesser extent the FBI have showed there hand concerning how they feel about Trump and his plans. This isn’t November 22nd, 1963, and we are not the ignorant, “patriotic”, dupes, of which the majority had an all encompassing trust of the government at that time. We have way too much info available to us to be that “America”.

Any attempt on the life of President Donald Trump, whether successful or not, will now be looked at as being orchestrated by the CIA, the FBI, and the Military Industrial Complex that we all know exists. Do you remember the “Battle of Athens” circa 1946? The American people have made their desires known, and we are following the peaceful steps required to change some things that are wrong. We all know Trump won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote, no matter what subjective spin is placed on it by the main stream media. When you negate the Demo-rat votes by “Illegals” (the POTUS encouraged it didn’t he? start at 3:24 in the video), people who voted Demo-rat multiple times, the stuffed ballot boxes (all the dead people get to vote Demo-rat too don’tcha know), and the hacked electronic election machines in multiple states, he won by millions of votes.

Between the “Soy latte infused Snowflakes“, the Black Lives Matter (unless they’re cops) retroactive abortion candidates, and the socialist/communist endorsing, islamic apologist elites in academia, the media, and politics, WE ARE DONE! If you don’t know how to properly act in public and towards your fellow man that might disagree with you, I believe you are now gonna learn some hard lessons, whether the situation goes “hot” or not.


Will The CIA Assassinate Trump? Ron Paul Warns Of “More Powerful, Shadow Government”

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Submitted by Mac Slavo via SHTFPlan.com,

It isn’t just that Donald Trump routinely thumbs his nose at the establishment, insults media figures he sees as unfair and bucks conventional wisdom.

It is that President-elect Trump is defying the will of the deep state, military industrial complex base of ultimate power in the United States. That is why he is treading dangerous waters, and risks the fate of JFK.

Trump publicly dissed the intelligence community assessments on Russian hacking; they retaliated with a made up dossier about the alleged Trump-Putin ‘golden shower’ episode.

Russians have compromising footage of Donald Trump paying prostitutes to piss on a bed 😱https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3259984-Trump-Intelligence-Allegations.html 

Photo published for Trump Intelligence Allegations

Trump Intelligence Allegations

Source document contributed to DocumentCloud by Jeremy Singer-Vine (BuzzFeed).


While it may be a silly falsehood, it may also be serving as a final warning that they get to script reality, not him.

Perhaps they want Trump to feel blackmailed and controlled by alluding to fake dirt, while reminding him of the real dirt they hold on his activities (whatever it may be).

Insulting the credibility of the intelligence community in a public way – as the man elected to the highest office in the land – is liable to ruffle a few feathers, and it could provoke a serious response.

Trump knows the power of the people he is taunting, but he may not be aware of where the line is between play in political rhetoric and actually irritating and setting off those who control policy.

There is plenty of Trump misbehavior that can be simply written off, or trivialized, but cutting into the war and statecraft narrative of the shadow government steering this deep state is a deviation too far.

It is one thing to play captain, but another to imagine that you steer the ship. They are happy for Trump to take all the prestige and privileges of the office; but not for him to cut into the big business of foreign conflict, the undercurrent of all American affairs, the dealings in death, drugs, oil and weapons, and the control of people through a manipulation of these affairs.

If President Trump takes his rogue populism too far, he will suffer the wrath of the same people who took out Kennedy… there are some things that are not tolerated by those who are really in charge.

And now leaders in the Senate are warning President-elect Trump about the stupidity of going against the national-security establishment.

As Jacob G. Hornberger warns:

In a truly remarkable bit of honesty and candor regarding the U.S. national-security establishment, new Senate minority leader Charles Schumer has accused President-elect Trump of “being really dumb.”… for taking on the CIA and questioning its conclusions regarding Russia.


“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you…. He’s being really dumb to do this.”




No president since John F. Kennedy has dared to take on the CIA or the rest of the national security establishment […] They knew that if they opposed the national-security establishment at a fundamental level, they would be subjected to retaliatory measures.


Kennedy… After the Bay of Pigs, he vowed to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the winds. He also fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, who, in a rather unusual twist of fate, would later be appointed to the Warren Commission to investigate Kennedy’s murder.


Kennedy’s antipathy toward the CIA gradually extended to what President Eisenhower had termed the military-industrial complex, especially when it proposed Operation Northwoods, which called for fraudulent terrorist attacks to serve as a pretext for invading Cuba, and when it suggested that Kennedy initiate a surprise nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.




Worst of all, from the standpoint of the national-security establishment, [Kennedy] initiated secret personal negotiations with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and Cuban leader Fidel Castro, both of whom, by this time, were on the same page as Kennedy.




Kennedy was fully aware of the danger he faced by taking on such a formidable enemy.

And to the extent that President Kennedy consciously stood up to the system, he paid the price for his attempt at independent wielding of power from the Oval Office.

It is a shuddering thought. A sharp lesson in history that must not be misinterpreted.

The implications for Trump are quite clear. If his refusal to take intelligence briefings, or follow CIA advice is serious, then serious consequences will follow. If Trump is serious about peace with Putin when they insist on war, there will be a problem.

There are several powers behind the throne that have wanted to ensure that presidents don’t let the power go to their head, or try to change course from the carefully arranged crisis-reaction-solution paradigm.

True peace is not good for military industrial complex business; true peace, without the persistence of grave threats, and plenty of sparks of chaos to back it up, cannot be tolerated.

As things have progressed today, making friendly with Putin, and calling off the war with Russia may simply be impermissible. If Trump is attempting to negotiate his own peace – and sing along with Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” at the inauguration, then he is in for a very rude awakening.

If, on the other hand, he is the Trump card being played by this very same establishment, then things may develop according to the same ultimate objectives, albeit through a ‘wild card’ path styled after the ego of President Trump.

With Goldman Sachs and neocon advisors filling up his administration, Trump may be simply nudged in the right direction. But the intelligence community is not willing to take many chances – and there are clearly contingencies in place.

As SHTF has previously reported, the continuity of government “Doomsday” command-and-control planes were brought out after the election as a public show of power to Trump and the American people. The shadow government is real, and for now, maintains dominance.

View image on Twitter

“Mysterious” plane circling over Denver was “just” an E-6B Mercury “doomsday” plane https://wp.me/p2TYIs-awT 



You know, we look at the president, we look at what he said, we look at what he might do, and we look at his advisors, but quite frankly, there is an outside source, which we refer to as a deep state or a shadow government. There is a lot of influence by people that are actually more powerful than our government itself, our president and on up. I mean, you take for instance how our government gets involved in elections around the world, whether it’s in the Middle East or Ukraine.

Trump is reportedly retaining his own private security, bucking the protocol of Secret Service detail… and this clearly a sign that he and his team have thought through security issues and the possibility of an inside job.

This is prudent, but these deep state guys have access throughout the system at every level. They are anywhere, and everywhere. Probably someone that Trump trusts. There are certainly many threats.

For the sake of the stability of this country, and President-elect Trump’s own life, let us hope that they stay several steps ahead of anyone who might want to do him harm.

This is eerie, but real.

*  *  *

On a personal level, it seems wise to prepare for the possibility of widespread unrest due to political instability.

Tread carefully at the scene of the inauguration, and any high profile political gatherings or demonstrations.

Riots at the inauguration, or in cities throughout the country are possible, maybe even likely, as is an attempted assassination. Even if this scenario is a long shot, and taboo to even discuss, the role of the CIA in past coups, revolutions and uprisings is enough to warrant taking precautions.

There is an element of chaos present during this unprecedented transfer of power to the 45th president, and a wounded animal in the defensive-attack posture.

If you are at a protest, either as a participant, or as an observer, remain aware of the larger actions of the crowd, identify potential provocateurs and stay away from points of potential violence. Police could use anti-riot gear and spray the crowd, fire rubber bullet, use microwave heating or auditory devices, make mass arrests, or block off large portions of the city.

If anything significant happens, use any available phone or camera to film it, but be prepared for confiscation or technologies to wipe phones. An EMF shielded bag could block this; live stream or upload instantly to as many video platforms as possible, but they have been known to jam cell phone signals at mass gatherings and demonstrations. Make copies and store a physical copy, and several back-ups.

If you are at home, do not wait for the all clear signal from the authorities, shelter in place and prepare to ride out a storm, if something sensational or deadly takes place and panic spreads. Do not trust the media; and try to take notice if a coup has taken place, and constitutional authority subverted.


Are you ready?


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

15 thoughts on “Pushing An “Envelope” That Is Ready To Bust

  1. I sure hope he has an order ready to fire off the minute he is POTUS that gives the green light for law enforcement to start busting up any violent protests with like measures. Force begets force. I know it will not play out well on the fake news cycle but if he is the law and order president, non of that crap should be tolerated. Peaceful demonstrations I have no issue with.

    • In the scenario that would involve forceful management of violent protests (I agree with too) the left, media and other actors would present the “Trump is a fascist” narrative in order to further destablize the country and push for a removal of Trump from power.

      Ironically, the best case scenario may be for him to willfully allow the protests to turn into rioting (which they most likely will) so that he has leverage on his side, e.g. Trump tweet “see what the leftist really want: violence and destruction”.

      The vast majority of U.S. citizens (i.e. the ones who pay taxes, vote, etc.) will not tolerate, for long, widespread destruction of private property, violence, and disruption to schedules and everyday life regardless of whether they are for or against Trump. He can use that to his benefit.

      That being said, I would avoid any area that has large populations of people that do NOT vote, do not pay taxes, etc. as there’s a 98% chance that they will be engaged in rioting and violence against a perceived enemy.

  2. I gind it interesting the number of high ranking people who normally would be at the innaugeration who are passing on being there.

    Also noticed Rosy on twitter calling for Obama to declare martial law and prevent Trump becoming president.

  3. “If you don’t know how to properly act in public and towards your fellow man that might disagree with you, I believe you are now gonna learn some hard lessons”

    Quote of Day

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  5. JFK:


    Shadow Government:

    U.S. Oligarchs – Shadow Government:

    Everything your government does, it does to complete the globalist agenda. That is the default mode that your government operates on. Nothing has changed.

  6. I’m shocked he is still breathing seeing how he is pissing in the faces of the global elitists. They may be waiting to see if he shoots himself in the foot and has to step down.

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