An Open Letter To The Present Powers That Be.


A group of us decided we were going to list the steps necessary to address some grievances that we (and pretty much most of the people I know) have with decisions that have been implemented in the name of “The People”. Some of the names at the bottom of the letter you might recognize. I did not come up with the idea or write the letter, but I am endorsing it as if I had. At this point I have a reluctant optimism, which is tempered by my understanding of the prevalent, greedy human nature in our government. I also understand that words are not deeds, and President-Elect Trump needs to “Show me” that his bold words are always followed through with honest deeds


20 December 2016


An Open Letter to Republicans:


America has been granted a reprieve.  You are being loaned one.  In the name of whatever you wish, such as ‘Making America Great Again,’ do the following with dispatch:



All immigration for 25 years.  After that time, resume at 1950 levels, in accordance with the pre-1965 standards and enact a point system.  See also, Australia.
All Executive Orders issued by the Obama, Clinton, and Bush administrations.  Both Bushes.


The Patriot Act.


The FISA Court.
The Affordable Care Act. Enable cross-border purchase of insurance, to include internationally.
All subsidies, to include abortion and contraception.


Government licensing, subsidies, and any other interference in marriage, to include tax breaks.


Dual citizenship for elected or appointed officials, lobbyists, and staff members.
All departments except State, Defense & Treasury (exception – BATFE – they need to go).  Start with BATFE and Education.


All bureaus except the FBI – for now – we’ll revisit that one in a couple of years.  Should you need to pursue terrorists overseas, give it to the CIA and tell them to call Fort Bragg.


All agencies: In the meantime, while that’s being done, disarm all agencies save for the FBI and CIA, and that part of the Treasury Department necessary for the protection of the President.
Diversity initiatives.
Affirmative Action.


The National Firearms Act of 1934 and subsequent gun control legislation, to include ending gun free zones.


Abortion.  If it’s really about choice, then you have chosen poorly. The grownups will now take over.


The war on drugs.


The war on poverty.


Private prisons.


Stop and frisk.


Civil service protection.


All environmental legislation should be replaced with bills specifying CY 2017 as the baseline, all emissions to hold there, with a hard-science peer-reviewed/open source review to be conducted five years after passage as to any outlier emitters/emissions requiring action, along with cost/benefit of same. 


Special prosecutor for treason/corruption as far back as statutes of limitation allow.  We ended both the Clinton Crime Family and the Bush Crime Dynasty, now you prosecute.  Investigate all living presidents and administration lackeys, with specific concentration on the relationship with the Saudis, going back to Prescott Bush.  RICO applies here. Commute their sentences, if you must (except for Treason), as needed for “healing” but it is imperative to restore the Rule of Law to America.  Do not pardon anyone.  This is decidedly not a case of, ‘some pigs are more equal than others.’


Pass the Hearing Protection Act.

Nuclear power generation on DOD property by 2022. We think sooner:
Drill, baby, drill.  Then frack.


Re-open all coal burning power generation plants.

Build refineries and enable manufacturing.

NATO members pay treaty obligations, to include back pay.  With interest.


Immediate deportation of illegal aliens.  This may be accomplished by ending any .gov benefits they are receiving and enforcing existing laws with regard to employers.


Draconian penalties for employers of illegal aliens.  Start with Tyson, in Arkansas.  That should help your RICO case.
Health savings account limits up to $25k/yr offset versus income– $500k lifetime, self-directed (think 401(k)), with tax-free transfer to next of kin per state estate law. 


Don’t steal.  Don’t hurt people.  It’s not that difficult.


Investigate George Soros as a Nazi war criminal.



Mike Smock                                                                                                                                                    CEO – Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc.

J.C. Dodge,                                                                                                                                         Owner-Mason Dixon Tactical LLC

Randall A. Bartlett,                                                                                                                                  Little Rock, AR

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET,                                                                                                          Natural Bridge, VA

MSgt Thomas E Randall, Jr, USAF RET

Peter White                                                                                                                                                Former Assistant District Attorney                                                                                                        Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York


If you feel as we do that these things need to be addressed, please place your name and info (as much or little as you want) in the “comments” section. Disseminate this far and wide, and when you copy and paste it in/on your emails/social media, etc. feel free to put your name at the bottom of the letter with ours.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

100 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Present Powers That Be.

  1. Definitely 2 term limits and after service the same as everyone else that served. VA benefits-that’s it. We need elected officials that want to do good for our country not pad there pockets for personal gain. Redefine rules of treason to include accidental or unintentional dispersion of classified material via ANY means -NO EXCUSES. Responsibility requires accountability. This is a really good start but I’m afraid there are already way to many snowflake/commies to ever see this come to fruition without a fight, but if we’ll never get anywhere if we don’t start somewhere! Sign me up!

  2. Jon R Tickner, USA, Regular Enlisted, 1963-66, no particular distinction or heroism. So sue me.

    But I would risk my life for the general tenor of all the goals listed. I would add that be removed from any and all funding or control of education, K – Infinity. No quid pro quo to the states, no influence on curriculum, no student loan “guarantees,” no “teachers union” props…
    indeed no “union” lobbying, vote buying or thug peddling of any kind, educational or otherwise.

    The $Fed, ie: nationalized banking, has got to go as well… up against the wall, if necessary. Wall Street and corporatocracy can take its chances along with the rest of us. Free The Market! No protection for the individual officers of corporations… you fuck up? No golden parachute for you!

    Constitutional Amendment(s) providing specific and serious penalties for malfeasance in office and treason, with detailed definitions of the same, with automatic and inviolable recall procedures for elected representatives at the federal and state levels. Penalties apply equally to unelected bureaucrats, state and .fed as well. This last is a very real dagger in the heart of the deep throat state.

    How much do I want it ALL?

    More than I can succinctly express.

    How much confidence do I have that much of these will come to pass?

    It all depends on how far we, each of us, is willing to go, now that we have been given a slim chance.

    I want to see Trump, and every g-d damned one of you, held accountable to carry out this:

    “When I feel the Heat, I see the Light!”

  3. Sounds good, but I would add something about gutting some of the unconstitutional crap we see in the various NDAA’s: “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, Pub.L. 112–81. This NDAA contains several controversial sections (see article), the chief being §§ 1021-1022, which affirm provisions authorizing the indefinite military detention of civilians, including U.S. citizens, without habeas corpus or due process, contained in the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), Pub.L. 107–40.[6]” -wiki

  4. I agree, most of the government from Ike up has been mostly corrupted and needs to be removed. Look at it like a Windows reboot. A pain, but sometimes you just have to do it.
    Ex-USAF lowly Sgt.

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  6. Add me in support. You have to start somewhere. Where would we be if the founders had been easily discouraged? Good ideas, all.

  7. The Federal Reserve and CIA need to be totally eliminated along with the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and NDAA. The EPA, Dept. of Education and FDA as well. Military intelligence will do. Military downsized made more cost effective and efficient. FDA reformed in time.

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  9. OK,I looked into setting up a white house petition,seems too obama admin related so at moment not a good option,that said,there is a petition to name the next navy ship the “USS Deplorables”,might want to sign it!

    Any here know how to go about setting up the letter on a site what have you that folks can sign,send it the 21 of Jan. with a bunch of signatures,am looking into Trump perhaps having a page could be set up but open to any ideas.

    Maybe the best option is we all copy and e-mail the new POTUS on the 21,give him a day to get settled into office.

    I do believe we have a lot of folks of generally the same mind set given election and now would be a time to act.

    • Better to send it to your reps: State and federal. The Republicans now hold almost all states. They could use a little stiffening as well.

      One could tweet it, I suppose, one idea at a time to POTUS. Send it to local papers as well.

      Reformat and use it to make flyers. Go crazy.

      • Randall,agree with that and am e-mailing folks /linking this page to other sites,tweet,well that/face ect. do not do,but to those that use that medium please push there.I am trying for a petition ect. to get more national attention on one spot,a lot of sites great but we have one spot to send folks for a one concerted push along with state and fed level hopefully get some traction.I just feel the time is right in that no matter what Trump does we have a large part of the country in basic agreement and thus a good environment for something of this nature,I really have me teeth in this and am going to work it to best of ability,thanks for getting this started along with others.

  10. The above recommendations for change are over due. This will step on toes that should already been stepped on. Also make certain that the first, second acne fourth amends are emphasized.

  11. Get rid of the EPA-or at least eliminate their ability to make regulations.
    Get all the enviro-whacko and animal “rights” groups/individuals out of EPA,USFS,USFWS,BLM.
    No more “sue and settle” bullshit by the enviro/animal “rights” groups.
    Start over on fed. regs-scrap the thousands of pages of garbage.
    Stop prosecuting peoiple for stupid shit-stop making so many laws/regs a “felony”.
    Go back to a “felony” is rape,murder,assault with intent to kill,armed robbery,kidnapping,
    This crap where everything is a felony is bullshit-back to the basics.
    End the fed-no more central banks.
    Cut taxes to no more than 10% of income for anyone making under $150,000.00.
    15% for those making over $150,000.00
    No more tax “loopholes”-everyone pays their 10-15%.
    No more sales tax.
    State and city taxes no more than 2% of income,no more than 1% of property owned.
    No more fed dept of education,eliminate all fed law enforcement. Get rid of fed agencies that do the same thing as other fed/state agencies.
    Allow timber sales,logging,and oil and gas drilling on all state and national forests and BLM lands.
    No new national monuments unless approved by congress.
    No more lifetime ban on gun ownership due to a “felony” conviction. If a person is too dangerous to society to own a firearm or three-then they should have never been released from prison.

    Is someone going to type out a letter or petition from all the ideas expressed in all the comments? Here,and at other sites/blogs that shared this post?
    If no one else is willing-I’ll do it.

    • I would say get rid of all income and property taxes and only have a sales tax on all manufactured goods and have an import tax…

    • Game,how do we set up a one site go and sign petition,am pushing this as far as I can but feel one site hit would be the thing,does one need a “web page”/what have you to do this.I am willing to cob something together,just really do not know how to do it,you do it would be great you have the know how.

      On a side note,does it ever stop snowing here?

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  13. I forgot to mention……get US out of the UN. Invite the UN to leave US territory and convert the building into a casino.

    Close all military bases overseas. Consolidate all the armed forces. Military force used only to protect US interests (re: Barbary Coast). The USN/USMC would be sufficient.

    Did I mention eliminate the Federal Reserve?

    I believe a lot of the problems will take care of themselves once the economy goes to s**t.
    Then It’s just a matter of survival and taking care of your family. In about two generations we should be able to rebuild once the smoke has cleared.

    I can only speak for myself, whoever is left standing, I’ll see you at the finish line.

  14. Who came up with that last line? George Soros can be attacked for the evil we know he has done in recent years without trying to claim he’s a nazi. Is that a filterman thing?

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