4 thoughts on “HAHAHAHAHA “Save The Snowflakes”

  1. Hmmmm…..,a hair dryer,would that not,well,cause fear and harm to the snowflakes dropping on your site background?There seems to be a mixed message here!

    You know,for years hearing the phrase”It’s for the children”has annoyed me,so,perhaps we can start a new phrase”It’s for the snowflakes”,eh,that seems annoying already!

    I will say am annoyed that puppies and kittens are being abused for these folks,those cool little critters need love and care from folks who,well,give a damn about more then themselves.The colouring books and playdo fine as they can take care of themselves,but the little critters,eh,stick a safety pin (large one)in these damn snowflakes and wake em the hell up!

  2. Hi JC!!!,
    Thanks man!!! I needed that !! What a hoot and the followup vid by Britt. Just think?? Had Hilery won…..there would not have been a run on Pampers and there would still be diapers on Wal-Mart shelves for “The real babies (Humans 2yrs old and under) !!!!!!!!!!!” Amazing how as we say at the “DropZone”…”It’s the way the “Prop Turns!!”….Good Fun, ..now I have to go fix a fresh Whiskey….
    skybill-out….for now

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