10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Jedburger Idaho

  1. More visual proof that the Industrial Revolution negated ‘natural selection’….absolutely NO chlorine in this idiots gene pool….

  2. ’tis a shame that he hasn’t eliminated himself from the gene pool yet…
    But I am confident that he’ll be successful in the near future.

  3. hahhaha by the grunts and groans while your vag leaks, I don’t think you think it was fun, huh? Idiots like this will be the first ones eaten in the zombie apocalypse…

  4. That’s a whole ‘ nother level of stupid.
    He maybe accidentally lost a pound or two due to this idiocy- mostly due to powder burns/ scorched fat cells- which he has an abundance of, and moving something other than his hand to his mouth-( with or without eating utensils.)

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