Jedburger Padawan?

Kenny has an interesting post from Wisco Dave over at KDMLA. Obviously, this kid was a “Serious paytriot”, Hell bent on “jumpin’ off da porch”. Hope he had his “Lil’ Orphan Scammy III Officer Corps Kaper Kit (with OTP decoder ring)” to help him escape his bonds. I wonder if the water pistol was actually a tactical IIIKoccolube dispenser?



A 19-year-old college student was arrested after entering Trump Tower with weapons and fireworks, police sources said Tuesday.

Alexander Wang was busted after strolling into the heavily guarded building at 721 Fifth Ave. at about 6:35 p.m Monday, the sources said.

When Secret Service agents checked his backpack, they found a large knife, handcuffs, water pistol, M100 firecracker and a garrote, the sources said. It wasn’t clear what the garrote, a weapon used to strangle a person, was made of.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

5 thoughts on “Jedburger Padawan?

  1. I’ve just looked at the iiiarmscompany site they have gone up to $140 (but he does say “No Background Checks!” so they must be worth it), Kerodin must need the money.

  2. Sooooo….
    Is the “m100” for those tight spots where the m80 just won’t get the job done?
    A particularly stubborn black ant defensive fortification? Maybe a 1:72 model of Bismarck, instead of the more common 1:144?

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