Identification Trumps Speed


This will be very a very brief post. I was asked a few weeks ago what my thoughts were on various speed drills that different instructors were using with the rifle and pistol. My friend asked what I thought of one from a particular instructor concerning the rifle. My response was what I have been saying for years. If the drill is designed to induce stress and help with training the individual to become better and more proficient, fine. If the drill is to reduce the time between shots and targets, that’s only OK to a point.

The mantra I have used for years is simply this. “No matter how fast you can shoot, you can’t responsibly shoot faster than you can target discriminate”. Great, your split times are measured in 100ths of a second. Sorry, you can’t ID a “Shoot”, “Don’t shoot” target that fast, so it’s a moot point, right?. Target discrimination has to be part of the training, or you are failing the student. It doesn’t matter if you can engage a target in an 1/8th of a second, if you can’t determine that it’s “shoot” or “don’t shoot” in less than a quarter second.

“Take your time in a hurry” is the appropriate mindset to have in a gunfight. Think about how fast you can identify a threat, and train to be slightly faster than that.100_0606-3


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6 thoughts on “Identification Trumps Speed

  1. Good post. When I was teaching one-hand gunfighting to my sniper students the way I phrased it was, “Make haste slowly.” In other words just be focused on what you are doing. Of course, in our case, target discrimination was “he’s in front of you.”

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