Kenny Sends

Kenny had another “Over 1,000,000 hits” month in November, and good for him. Here’s the post. Here’s something he said that rings true with my stats as well is this,

“I do know my hits shot up when I quit posting III Percent shit all the time, you can see that for yourself by the graph above. That just tells me that even hardcore Patriots get tired of broken promises and threats from the likes of the III Jesus Kerodin”

We figured out that he needed us posting about him to stay relevant in the public eye, beyond all three (III) of his followers. We removed that variable and now his stats are in the toilet, and have been for months. Mission #2 accomplished. Now for Mission #3 LOL.

Meanwhile, at the alleged Jedburger Academy…..


Because #IIINinjaSniper, #IIIMilitiaCommando, #IIIGAYrote, #IIIKaper, #WetIIIbeltbuckle, #IIIPorchjumper, #IIITurd


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

9 thoughts on “Kenny Sends

    • I think the hits he does get are from people looking for entertainment by seeing what his latest bullshit scam is- garrottes, caccolube, stickers, painted gun parts etc. etc.
      I check out his site once in a while when I’m bored.
      Hopefully he isn’t scamming too many people with the “IIIPSFA” other than his 3 followers.

      • Funny thing is most of his sites that he had like “One time pads” etc are now shut down. Even his “Courtland Grojean, Citizen Journalist” site is shut down. Does that mean that the book he promised about me that was supposed to be released this past summer isn’t happening….? Damn, there goes my shot at fame LOL. You know it’s bad when he didn’t even post anything about either the August or September patCON he was supposed to have, nothing, nada, zilch. That’s some funny shit right there.

        • Maybe is shut down too- I can’t access the site- something like you do not have permission to access this server pops up on my screen.
          Scammy never thought we would all talk to each other- which helped put a lot of pieces together.
          People still believe a lot of his B.S. like his 17 straight years in the “dojo” and training through a cracked sternum. You know it’s bad when he can’t even keep his “martial skills” fake resume lies straight. Still don’t know what martial arts discipline he gets his “skills” from.
          Or where he was when he started his 17 years in the dojo- one version he daid he was in San Francisco’s Chinatown.
          How did he have time to get training and licensed as a HVAC mechanic?
          Or get wet at belt buckle

  1. …by talking about Kerodin in less than glowing terms, we risk invoking the wrath of the stone cold killa… the silent ninja deathdealer… the belt buckle range gayrote old school spy… we must recall – “he’s learned much from such men”.
    Nice to revisit the history of comedic stupidity every now and again.

  2. …true brother, those gummy bears are dangerous and should be outlawed. even the blue practice ones can kill, if one is not cautious. or trained in the old school way of the ninjgumi… you know: special sacred spiritual bonding with the gumi – one bear at a time, over 17 years without missing a day, high speed breakfalls on concrete are rough on the gumi….
    Perhaps we can commission a pink handed gumi…

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