A Flag Burning Perspective By Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe nails it with this commentary. I know, I know, burning the American Flag is supposed to be “free speech”. Guess what, you need to “express” yourself some other way. I don’t believe the Founding Fathers would agree that burning a representation of our country and it’s founding ideals is free speech, and if you wanna quote SCrOTUS, I’ll go ahead and quote some other things like this that they got wrong. I know men who have died for what that flag represents.



Here’s the Hampshire College link for Fed Financial Aid that he spoke about. Irony…..It’s a bitch, isn’t it?

Well said Mike, keep ’em comin’.


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

8 thoughts on “A Flag Burning Perspective By Mike Rowe

  1. Well,with protests of vets and ticked off citizens seems Hampshire college flying the flag again.To the few studentswho believe in rights the flag stands for there behind enemy lines(there are a few,I have faith!)keep an eye out for it,that said,the flag always has plenty of reserves if one falls.

    I never understood the folks who burn the flag,tis the symbol of the rights that,ironically enuff,allow one to burn the flag,thus,you lose any message you may be trying to convey.I understand the folks flying upside down as SOS who feel country in danger,but,they still treat flag with respect

  2. The problem is those that do that have nothing invested in this country so they hold everything in contempt and value nothing except their feelz…They are the lost generation and have no purpose other than to destroy… They will do everything they can to bring this nation down…The question is will we let them?

  3. No,but short of genocide which am not recommending how do we get to these folks.The only thing I can see useful is to work locally to change govt. and encourage folks taking risks business wise/getting rid of some much duplicity in laws/regs that actually do harm and not good and showing freedom is a good thing but you are still responsible for your own actions,be they good or bad.
    I also see this would allow for folks to become more self sufficient personally and locally would be a result of my before mentioned ideas.
    I will say have really considered perhaps this country does need to divide/break up a bit,let folks vote with their feet how they want to live,how to do this not sure.

  4. Flag burning should be made a “hate crime”. If they want to censor us, then we can do the same for them.

  5. Outside of watching the TV, I have not actually seen in person up front someone burn the American flag … don’t believe that I want to. Not sure that they would want me to see them do that … not sure what I would do or how I would react. But I am sure, in the end, it would not go well for either them or I.

  6. With regard to Rowe and all those wanting to criminalize a behavior that’s equal to flying the flag upside down to show distress (which has gotten people illegitimately arrested IMHO), I am no fan disrespectful flag burning and would most likely have to be restrained should someone attempt to burn a flag in that manner near me. However, criminalizing the activity or classifying it as a ‘hate’ or other intangible category of criminal behavior is tantamount to what the cultural Marxists do on a myriad of subjects. We should not become that which we loathe and begin to legislate political behavior, because make no mistake, disrespectful flag burning is, in fact, political speech, and that is precisely what the First Amendment protects, whether I, or anyone else, likes it or not.

    Flag burning can easily be made unacceptable behavior again (much like it used to be before the 1968 DNC in Chicago) by the eschewing of people/businesses/organizations that allow it and steeping our children and grandchildren in respect for the national symbol as also used to occur by and large. That said, it would be nice to see an outcry against those who spit on and eviscerate the limitations on government intrusion into the rights of the States and the People (yes, I’m aware of the election results, which is a great first step) and hold them accountable under the law. IMHO, that would go a long way, both nationally and internationally, in restoring respect for the flag.

    The fact of the matter are these: The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and as such, must be protected as well as enforced. The flag (and I served under it for a career and have strong feelings regarding it) is, in comparison, a symbol that may be changed by congressional action at congress’ discretion. Given a choice between the two of which should be jealously guarded, I’ll take the Constitution in a heartbeat.

    My .02…

  7. Just have a question DTG and if you have thoughts on it MDT chime in as well hell Sgt Barry can even chime in…When does desecration of the flag by burning, defecating, flying another countries flag above it become an act of war/aggression…You and I both know the commies want to extinguish us and every act they do is on war footing whether we want to admit that or not…Are we as men going to allow them to crush our symbols and spirit which they are so happily doing right now? Look back at history Tyrants don’t all of a sudden start killing people they soften up the opposition first by crushing any means of resistance whether that be spiritual, emotional, or physical… They started a long time ago doing all three and they are ramping up as we sit are we going to wake up in time to mount a defence of the Good or are we going to allow evil to take the day…Let me know your thoughts…

    • In my opinion, if said desecration is done outside of our borders by other actors, be they provocateurs or state actors, it is not an act of war, per se. It is, however, a good indicator that said area/region/country has issues with the US one way or another, and that civilians, including corporations, might look elsewhere for travel opportunities.

      A quote from Reagan, in 1947, at the House Un-American Activities Committee, says it better than I can: “In opposing those people, the best thing to do is make democracy work….we make it work by insuring everyone a vote and by keeping everyone informed. I believe that,as Thomas Jefferson put it, if all the American people know all of the facts they will never make a mistake.” [Note: If it were me, I’d replace ‘democracy’ with ‘the Founding principles’, as the Founders abhorred democracy.]

      Or, in other words, as I said earlier, we make the behavior unacceptable by natural consequences of their actions. We teach our children; we vote with our wallets and our networks; we have nothing to do with anyone who sponsors those activities. Actions have consequences, but we don’t go totalitarian on them and make political speech a crime, no matter how much we disagree. Dissent must be allowed so that we may all do so no matter who’s in power. OTOH, should someone get an ass-whipping for defending the flag as a symbol of our nation when some idiot is trying to use it as toilet paper, the person applying said ass-whipping should not be arrested for assault/battery either – it should be dealt with thusly: “Well, don’t want your ass whipped? Don’t go shitting on the flag around people who revere it….” (presuming, of course, the ass-whipping is merely that, and not a thinly veiled attempt to beat someone to death; that is an abomination in my book, because ‘love of country’ is being used as an excuse for criminal behavior).

      Others may disagree, and that’s fine. I honestly believe our Principles are strong enough to withstand these childish tantrums, especially when consequences for actions are not outlawed.

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