The “Special Snowflake Second Class” Award Goes To……

This is Trent. Trent is a Millennial. Trent is a “Special Snowflake” of the liberal variety and he apparently owns a gun (I know, scary isn’t it) and want’s “Fascists” (Trump and his supporters) to know he will protect those who he thinks will be persecuted by Trump.




I’m curious what Trent thinks Hillary (he probably was a disenfranchised Bernie supporter) would have done with his “privacy” if she’d taken the field on Nov 8th? What about the muslims who aren’t your “friends”, and have vowed to kill you (the western devil) Trent? “Marginalized”, you mean like Christians, heterosexuals, or Americans with a Southern Heritage were in the last eight years? That kind of marginalized? “Immigrants”? You don’t mean immigrants, you mean “Illegals”, don’t you Trent? “Refugees”? Like the ones who have murdered or raped how many Americans in just the last year?

Do you even know the answer to the last question Trent? Of course you don’t, because you get your information from social media and/or MSM outlets that were proven to be biased before, during, and after the election. Tell you what “Snowflake”, you might want to check your enthusiasm at the porch, before you jump off of it. (At least his gun isn’t blue….right?). Generally, the shotgun you have there would never be considered an “Assault Shotgun, simply due to it’s limited magazine capacity ( but it is good for squirrels, BTW).

Before you try and take your Modern Warfare 3 fantasy into the bloody, scary reality, I’d suggest you consider taking up airsoft or paintball. It will give you the thrill you think you’re looking for, without the finality of someone ending your participation in the defense of some of the criminal elements you so admire. There is no “Participatory Award” in the real world Trent, and the fact that you believe Trump and his supporters are fascists, shows that you are not ready for that kind of a reality check.

Here's something a Buddy made using my description LOL.

Here’s something a Buddy made using my description LOL. The Special Snowflake Second Class w/ Crossed Diaper Pins

“Special Snowflake Second Class w/crossed Diaper Pins” is about the closest you will come to an award in our world. The sooner you and your type accept the reality I’ve spelled out, the better and SAFER it will be for you. We will no longer tolerate fools. Realistically, that’s what this election was about. Unfortunately, along with the entitlement crowd, your generation has shown it’s ass, and the adults in the room are now taking over. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Trent!



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


76 thoughts on “The “Special Snowflake Second Class” Award Goes To……

  1. Outstanding commentary on the idiot-he went full retard with that post.
    Betcha he’s never been in a fistfight,never played football with the neighborhood kids without pads and helmets, never played any competitive sport and probably couldn’t handle the recoil if he did fire his “assault shotgun”.
    What a douchenozzle.

    • “Assault shotgun?” Looks like a two hundred dollar five-shot Mossberg with a cast aluminum receiver and a “tacti-cool” M4 buttstock to me. One normally sees such things in the hands of a different demographic, one that is notably clueless about firearms and a lot of other things, and which really likes nickel-plated Hi-Points–oh.

      • The liberty movement trashes itself by using the same Communist rhetoric and polemics the “left” uses. It’s easy to point out the obvious about the liberty movement if one knows the subject matter.

        Nations win or loose wars. Soldiers fight the wars. Win or loose for a soldier boils down to: Me and mine are alive and they are dead. Very simple.

        Or as we used to tell the female transvestites when they infected the Army: “Go home and clean something.”


        • No, nations may “loose” wars; it is only then that it’s determined whether they win or lose them.
          When I served, I didn’t care about “win or loose”. I cared about “tight or loose”. I cared about win or lose, but then, you never mentioned that.

    • +1. Yes, it would appear their hypocrisy knows no bounds. They’ve flipped the script to portray themselves as the guerillas on the right side of history for the coming hunger games. Yes, I’d like to know where they were 8 years or even 4 years ago too, but I would respectfully submit most of them would have been way too young to even contemplate a vote until this year. Their are people in his cohort who have gone a different path though. The two twenty something’s from Colorado who were killed fighting with the Kurds against ISIS a few months ago come to mind.

      As you correctly pointed out, the anti-tyranny talk so marginalized before the election has found a convenient outlet and suddenly is not so fringe although it’s clear the nation thinks the people espousing it are. However if that’s so, that would mean the voting majority previously also believed such fringe talk, but did not espouse it. I want to be wrong, but the coming reset will be so epic in its utter totality, it will be hard to believe anything existed before it.

  2. I noticed he didn’t trim the forend extensions off either. The fancy little wings that come back and extend along the sides of the receiver are handy for trapping slings, vegetation, coat sleeves and binding the action at inconvenient times.

  3. Well,assuming Trent made this instagram and not friends/enemies screwing with him will cut him some slack,he is in many ways a kid still.He says he will defend his friends/family/property of neighbour(hope it includes neighbour!),he is not threatening to go on attack but defend,believe there is hope for Trent as he becomes more awake,and heck doesn’t have his finger on the trigger.Heck hope folks leave Trent,and well,all of us alone.

    Churchill said something to the effect if you are 20 and not a liberal you have no heart,if you are 40 and not a conservative you have no brain,always agreed with that a bit.

    • The problem is that we probably don’t have the time to give the “Trents” out there the benefit of the doubt when things go hot. They are playing a dangerous game without the opportunity to “reboot/reset” when it doesn’t go there way.

      • Actually,while I know life is unfair and all that,in some ways feel bad for the millen crowd in that we left them with such a for most part lousy education system/a world were for a large degree corruption/criminality the way to get ahead it seems/endless war it seems with huge debt ect.Yes,their basics covered in that fed/roof over head but many I believe see no real future.

        I would like to help those interested learn a trade/get out of electronic world to a degree and back to nature a bit/help them find the satisfaction in being a little more self reliant,i.e. get em out of the “safe space “mentality a bit without them having to get their face smashed in when a harsher reality hits.I guess basically show tis ok to try things/challenges and ok to fall down/brush off the dirt and try again.I have met some millens who are hard workers/good kids(I’m old,OK)but get the feeling they see no real future even though they are trying,just like to give em hope,if I can,open some doors for em.

        • Yeah, it would be great, but our reality for theost part isn’t that. It starts with parents and other influential family and friends. Yhe kind of friends you allow your teenager to hang out with also has a critical role in your kid’s choices, especially if your child is easily influenced. Most generations always pay for the mistakes of the previous generations, and the millenials have a huge “tab”.

    • Posts like this happen when you don’t have your phone password protected and drink too much beer at the local place.

      We have to remember that “muslim” is not a race of people, it is a tyrannical political/economic/mind-control system masquerading as “the religion of peace”. Like the Borg, the message is: assimilate or die. My response is: no.

  4. Looks like diaper boy “Trent on Me” is full of shit. It appears to me the shotgun he is holding (if that is actually him in the photo) does have a pistol grip and collapsible stock.

  5. You shouldn’t underestimate a desperate man with a shotgun. No matter how “soft” he might be now. No matter how untrained. If he hardens his heart and resolves to fight to the end, he can become an opponent worth respect, and a deadly killer. You shouldn’t hold that 870 in contempt ether. At 50 yards that scatter gun can put 49 .30 call balls in the air in less time than your carbine can. Bullets don’t care who you are or how much you train, and that boys eye and trigger finger work just as well as any.

    • No one was assuming anything Ray. He is a typical entitlement loving, America hating, millennial bitch. You are correct however that if he survives the fall from “jumping off the porch”, he could become a threat. Why is it you think I hold the 870 in contempt? I’m a fan of the riotgun, but I also keep it’s capability in realistic perspective. A tubular fed, low round count anything, doesn’t fit the criteria of an assault weapon. Between the weight of the ammo, and the low mag capacity, the practicality of a riotgun as an assault weapon is very low. The main determining factor however is “The nut behind the butt.”.

  6. Well,would say you find any millens amenable try and take em under your wing a bit.I knew it all as a kid and look back now with gratitude the patience some showed me when I was younger.I will try and help in any way I can the younger folks as well,they are the future for better or worse,like to play a tiny part in making it better.One thing I have noticed getting older,first I knew it all,then I knew a little,seems now I know less then ever!Damn,life has strange turns in its road.

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  8. He’s far more than a momma’s boy, can’t you see that Tea Towel wrapped around his neck to show support for the horribly oppressed members of ISIS? You know he voted for Hillary several times cause: Racist! and Female Oppression! I have a suspicion he was cheering when that Skinny was hacking away at OSU. Nope, this is the kind of guy that will hide the shotgun and build bombs so he doesn’t have any face to face time w/ the horrible American Crackers who used slaves to build their single-wides

  9. I’ve been trying to help “kids” learn building trades for years.
    Most have to be taught how to read a tape meaure.
    The thought of some of these kids with power tools is frightening.
    Over the last 7 years I found exactly one kid who wanted to learn and who I didn’t have nightmarish thoughts about using power tools.
    He was the best worker I had over those 7 years-too bad he graduated college the following spring. He was going to work that summer for me-but he found a job in the field he went to college for.
    My oldest daughter said the next time she hears someone talking shit about millenials-she’s going to remind to foilks my age-(57)- that it was my generation that carpeted over perfectly good hardwood floors.
    There are some millenials who have their sh*t together-too bad they are few and far between,and most are like the spoecial snowflake above.
    I still believe he has fired less than a box of shells out of his “assault shotgun”.
    Yet he and his fellow socialists,Marxists,leftists,libtards,SJW’s,enviro-nazis,animal “rights” whackos,eco nutsos,Birkenstock wearing,granola eating,vegan/vegetarian climate change cultists want to start a “civil war” with the dirt people.
    Several of his fellow whackjobs stated just that on multiple tee vee newsertainment shows.
    Sgt Barry is right-these whackjobs sound a lot like many of the whackjobs in the III%/Liberty/Patriot “community”.
    How would this proposed “civil war” thing work?
    See who could file the most butthurt reports?
    See who filed the most creative butthurt reports?
    Who had the best camo facepaint?
    Tag-team big time wrestling matches?
    Cage fights with oversized boxing gloves,helmets,and full sets of pads so no special snowflakes get hurt?

    Let me know when the snowflakes decide to kick off their “civil war”
    Foods on me-we can have a huge BBQ party and watch the festivities while eating a plethora of great foods-with popcorn and beer while watching the brodcast live on the tee-vee “:civil war”

  10. Looks like Trent took Joe Biden’s advice and bought a shotgun! According to Crazy Uncle Joe nobody needs an assault rifle for home defense.

    The commie wannabes are so outgunned and outclassed if it ever came close to what Trent is pouting over that his little whine is a sad mixture of laugh-out-loud funny and pathetic.

    However, there is nothing funny about the engineered divisiveness that is ratcheting up to something like a civil war or revolution in the FUSA. The real crime is the cretins fomenting this violence are never on the front lines.

    • I think he bought a cheap shotgun because ARs cost too much for an unemployed millennial like Trent. Christmas is coming. Maybe his Gam Gam will send him some cash. Then he can shoot himself in the foot with a respectable assault weapon.

      • Correct. A bottom-of-the-line or an okay used AR will set a 15-hour a week income back about 6 weeks after taxes. Without the minimum 2 dozen magazines, cleaning kit, tools, spare parts, or ammo, it’s not going to run very much. This assumes assistance by someone who already knows AR’s (buddy back from US Mil?) or ability+willingness to read FM’s/TM’s on the topic, otherwise it’s going to be much more costly.

        Trent will figure things out after a while. I’m wishing him enough time to get that far.

  11. I can never understand why American fools support and welcome the invasion of this country by foreign nationals. This ‘tard Trent wants open borders. No borders. No country.

    Today, the only decent jobs are in government. The private sector has all but disappeared. Yet the Trents out there want more importation of poverty. In the meantime a native born American cannot find a family-sustaining wage job in fUSA.

    I cannot understand it.

  12. Trent is one of the ‘participation trophy’ millennials who has been indoctrinated to believe that what he ‘feels’ is what matters. Trent and his raggedy ass Mossberg best stay in mama’s basement lest some hard ass patriot butt stroke him with it.

  13. He will probably be an Islamist running down college students, shooting up gay clubs, or flying off to an Islamic country at war to get his underage sex-slaves in no time. ‘Cause he believes in justice, ya know./

  14. It’s funny that I think of paintball as having taught me lots of bad habits that will get me zapped if I use them, but one thing that it WILL teach is the importance of magazine capacity, and why if you can still easily move and make your march, you are should probably carry more ammo.

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  16. You know what’s really ironic Trent doesn’t realize we are coming after his kind because once they are out of the way the rest will scatter like cockroaches…

  17. Um, what’s the point of disparaging this guy? Sure, we can snicker because he’s a bit hard to take seriously, but one has to start somewhere. At least he is making an effort. Everybody should be armed, even Millennials.

  18. Perhaps your buddy who designed it could add a few silver oak clusters. I’m sure this isn’t the first display of snowflakery above and beyond.

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  20. Youd think if this lad was so concerned with oppressed arabs, he’d get himself to one of twenty or so countries and put his money where his mouth is. i hear the kurds will find a place to put that big bad gun of yours to use, trent. go get em, tiger!

    virtue signaling- boss level 55.

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  23. This Douchnozzle thinks that he is just the Elite Soldier, does’nt he?
    I especially like how this fool is wearing his “palestine” (made up word) solidarity scarf.
    These type of people have no idea what is headed their way if they continue down this path.
    Pussies like this fool will voluntarily walk themselves into the running tree shredder which is, Pissed off Americans.
    The only thing idiots like this will do, is be a target of oppurtunity for people like me.
    And I hope he decides to bring that “Assault Shotgun” with him.
    To everyone else,
    Keep your powder dry.

  24. Got some news for ya Trent ..

    Seen you coming for a longgggg time, yet you hardly know guys like us exist.

    I’m willing to shoot you in the face too, and guarantee I got a whole lot more experience than you do.

    You wanna redeem yourself you POS ? Start protecting your own tribe, start learning who the real enemy are, start getting your shit together (mostly your brain), and lastly, get in line and STFU.

    Short of that, bring that “assault shotgun” along. My band can use another.

  25. Nope. Not intimidated at all. He is sporting a nice enough shotgun. I trust that he does know how to take care of it. Some body will appreciate it once they remove it from his “cold dead hands”. I will give him credit though; he is entertaining and at least he has enough sense or training to keep his finger off the trigger. It is too bad that he is too clueless to realize that the Muslim “friends” he wants to defend from us “fascists” will the very ones who will slit his throat for being an infidel. I know that it is very popular to label any who does not agree with you as a fascist, but I suspect that Trent real does not have the slightest clue as to what the word means both from a political system and as an economic system. Fascism is a variation of socialism. Meaning you are a lefty and NOT a “right winger”.

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  27. Message for Trent, do a little more research, take your emotions out of the equation. With a little reading and an open mind, you might find that you have been lied to and used. Then you have the right to be pissed off and are ready to focus your energies. Welcome to the party.

  28. Cheap Mossberg with the safety on the tang, pistol grip attached,

    Um hey son, how ya gonna put off your safety?

    J. Smith

    • Safety makes distinctive plastic click, then you can put left hand back on forward stock. Or, be “un-safe” with bolt closed on empty chamber. If he can keep alive in cold weather and has a firearm, that’s something. If he keeps his mouth shut and weapon in a safe direction, he’ll probably be okay long enough to learn why to do this. No more Twit-Face-Gramming to the general public!

  29. Very thoughtful of that nice young man to haul that scattergun out into the field. That way, if I need parts for mine, “there’ll be plenty lying on the ground.”

  30. Trent is definately a wannabe jihadist. Neck beard? Check. The first people he (a white snowflake) vows to defend? Muslims.

    It’s only a matter of time until we’ll start to see a pattern of attacks by disinfranchised snow flakes fighting against “fascist” conservative white males in the name of Islam. Afterall their college indoctrination courses have all but justified violence against “white priveledge” while blindly supporting anything related to Islam, including Jihadism.

  31. Dismiss him at your own peril. How many looked up this kid online? Millennials like to put their whole lives out there for people to see. His is on Instagram. It reveals that he is a Libertarian who worked on the Johnson campaign (which means he doesn’t really understand what Libertarianism is, because Johnson and Weld sure are not Libertarians), plays rugby, wears a skirt (yeah, some of you call them kilts), and has a pretty attractive girlfriend.

    Is that a III after his name, as in III%? Is he one of special k’s sycophants? Has he banged his head on the floor with his ass in the air in a mosque, yet? If so, he may not be too far from an episode of SJS – Sudden jihadi syndrome.

    I’m not defending his position, but I am sure keeping an eye out for him those like him.

  32. You know, that might be the answer – to act boastfully about something we ought to be ashamed of. That’s a trick that never seems to fail.

  33. Re: Snowflake Award

    Snowfwake patch suggestion

    Marvin the Martian in a pink diaper, left hand holding a rainbow blankie over his left shoulder, pointing forward w/ right arm/hand

    Version #1: Top: You’re making ME/Bottom: Very Very ANGRY!

    Version #2: Top: I’m Very Very/Bottom: ANGRY!

    Background: Lavender w/ falling small rainbow snowflakes

    Patch border: Forest Green

    AIRBORNE rocker on patch top w/ a rainbow border, black background, pink lettering

    It’s highly unlikely that Leftist Warner Bros would allow one of their characters to be used in such a manner, however, it wouldn’t be too surprising if some enterprising individual/group of same created/mfd/distrbtd such a patch……PURELY as an expression of The Sacred Rahts Of Free Speech & Protess That Ah FUNDAMENTAL To Owah Democraseh, of course.

  34. Lessee now, things that fwighten Lil’ Trentumz/himz fwendz EVERSOMUCH are,:

    1.: A Fascist taking control of the U.S. Govt
    2.: Muslim registries
    3.: Forming internment camps
    4.: Violating privacy even further
    5.: Giving more power to police while making them less accountable

    One wonders how Lil’ Trentumz/himz fwendz would respond if he/they were presented w/ evidence (from appropriately ‘Progressive’ & therefore unimpeachable sources) that people of himz/himz fwendz politico-social persuasion have been suggesting/demanding FOR YEARS that the acts (& worse) he condemns as Fascist be used against 2A supporting ‘bitter clingers’? One also wonders how such would react if confronted w/ the ‘inconvenient truth’ (from other appropriately ‘Progressive’ & therefore unimpeachable sources) that people of himz/himz fwendz politico-social persuasion have/still vehemently opposed/oppose groups like Pink Pistols/Natl African American Gun Assn/Armed Females of America/J.P.F.O.?

      • You are wise beyond your years my friend. The far Right and the far Left do have a lot in common. Patriots should be protectors and defenders, not reactionary and vindictive.

  35. This medal concept is a HOOT! My GOD, do I know a few who would qualify for this award!!
    Thanks JC, you have made my day with this post. Still LMAO!!

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