The Neighborhood Protection Teams And Ignorant, Defeatist “Know It Alls”


I recently was made aware of an experienced (no mil background but apparently he’s just always looking for the next “One” to follow) “Rookie” that had all manner of “good” (not) things to say about the “Neighborhood Protection Team” concept. He was poo pooing the notion that an NPT could be formed during or right after a SHTF event, and actually do some good. From what I understand, this guy is very “well off” and has the ability to house all of his friends at his “retreat” during a SHTF event, and that is where they will run their “Ops” from. Great! Awesome! Good for you! Now let’s talk about the typical reality most normal people face.

The reality is that most people are lucky just to have a “Battle Buddy”. Reality is that if they are part of a group, most of the group fall under the “Non Combatant” or “Less Combatant” group member heading. These “Non Combatants/Less Combatant” members can generally assist with defense/security/observation of a fixed point, but will not be going out on the presence patrols conducted around the retreat or neighborhood. How do I know these facts? It’s simple, the people that come take my classes tell me what their reality is in their neighborhoods and areas.

Although I have had 4 man groups take some of my classes like RTTC  (Rural Team Tactics Course) and “The Bushbastard Course”. The majority (about 85%) usually take the RBTEC (Rural Buddy Team Essentials Course) because they have only one other person to rely on and/or attend with, and/or the others in their group just can’t afford or get time off to attend (I don’t want to hear the BS from people about “What’s your life worth”, some people just can’t afford it). I guess this guy’s “fact or fantasy” filter is inoperable, because very few people have the opportunity to set up a “Todd Gray” “Patriots, Survive The Coming Collapse” capability.

This guy wasn’t just randomly using the term “Neighborhood Protection Team”. I believe he has a hard on for someone that uses it in their training. I’m not sure if it’s me (Doubt it, I don’t know him, and don’t care to) he’s trying to make look stupid/incompetent, or one of the handful of other trainers out there that use the NPT term to describe the organizational template and methods we advocate. He obviously doesn’t “Get it” when it comes to realistically assessing problems and coming up with common sense solutions for the average person.

Some of what he posted makes sense (a broken watch is right twice a day, right?), but the fact that he is posting something that basically tells people “You have no chance if you don’t have a group you train with RIGHT NOW!” or “If you don’t go to __________’s tactical course, you obviously don’t care about your loved ones.” is an exercise in defeatist thinking usually said by the typical rookie “Know it all” with delusions of his own competence and experience. The mindset of the “If you’re not doing what I’m doing, YOU’RE DEAD!” imbecile, shows his experience and mindset only lies with the “I’ve been to some tactical courses so I ‘Know’.” crowd. When training civilians in small unit tactics and defensive measures, I advocate planning on the “possible” outcomes, not the “probable” outcomes. The outcome of the Revolutionary War was a “possibility”, not a “probability”. Hell, the outcome of this election was a “possibility” not a “probability”….correct?

Why am I bringing this up? Am I trying to make him look bad? Not really. If I was I’d have said who he was, and I’m not going to do that. The point of this post is to show the ridiculous mindset of certain types who think they’ve arrived (Cuz I gots da trainin’), and believe they can now talk shit about what some instructors have put out. Unfortunately for the “Rookie Know It All”. he still has only a thimble full of the training and experience compared to that of the average PFC Rifleman in an Infantry Company when he’s half way through his enlistment  (By the way, why didn’t you go in the military if you have such a hard on for infantry stuff now?). This guy’s problem is probably that his ego has gotten the best of him (Cuz he’s gots da trainin’) and he isn’t concerned about the facts concerning his actual ability in relation to an Infantry Soldier (that he wishes he was).

As I’ve said many times, “You are not a commando, but you don’t have to be.”. Are you screwed if you don’t have an NPT right now? No. You might be behind the curve somewhat, but you are not screwed (you do need to get squared away though) unless you give in to the defeatists out there. Having a small cadre of people in your neighborhood (a friend you’ve trained with, two or three vets, etc.) is all you need to set up the beginnings of an area defense. The whole point of the book “A Failure Of Civility” is to show the validity of the NPT concept (I hear a new printing is in the works). Garand and Lawson (who have real world experience, not this guy’s “I went to some classes.” BS) make a good case for the NPT concept, and give well thought out details on how to accomplish it.


Those who think they’re gonna form up their “trained” squads and go out to conduct their idea of “Operations” (that fantasy probably involves them ambushing a Gang version of an infantry squad), are stuck in their “Modern Warfare 3” fantasy and are in for a rude reality check . If your people are separated by more than 10-15 miles (that’s being generous and counting on a vehicle), they might as well be on the moon when you need an immediate response. “Defend in Place” operations might not be the sexy “Deliberate, Point, L-Shaped Ambush” Op you think you want to perform, but they are realistic and based on what has happened to others in SHTF situations.

Hopefully, this guy isn’t running the show in his group (probably is since it his “Bat, ball, and part of the field” they are “playing” on), because he strikes me as the type that doesn’t like to be disagreed with and apparently, his opinion is the only one that matters in his mind. When he’s controlling “His” retreat (as opposed to a neighborhood where all of you live and have a say), you know you’ll have to tow his line or else…..right? Don’t let jackasses like the guy we’re talking about get you down. As long as you have a plan, you are preparing, you are doing PT, and you are training in some way, you are ahead of 99.5% of others out there. This guy probably has fantasies of being a warlord when it hits the fan, and he’ll be running from firefight to firefight in his mind. Yeah……about that…. Next time you decide to criticize (especially regarding a specific term that obviously is implying the incompetence of someone with whom you are not a peer) , do it about something you have standing in. Several tactical classes does not make you a competent critic, just a vocal amateur.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE


15 thoughts on “The Neighborhood Protection Teams And Ignorant, Defeatist “Know It Alls”

  1. The thing about training is you have to go out and do it-all.the.time.
    You have to do PT daily,not once a week.
    You can not learn how to “run the show” after taking a few classes-hell we had a year and a half of at least 2 weekends a month,sometimes 3,of training our-( at the time)- 5 man group by a Ranger Staff Sgt. and any .mil unit would have most likely killed us all.
    That’s reality.
    We certainly could have protected/defended our little neighborhood.
    This guy-whoever he is-would end up giving his well stocked retreat up to the first well trained,real world experience guys who came along,be they civilian or .mil.
    Sometimes,reality sucks.

  2. Dodge raises some critical points here — numbers, distance, and training. In reverse order, a weekend dressed in Army drag “shooting and scooting” qualifies you as cannon fodder. Two people separated by 10s of miles are no help to one another (and besides — they’re living in separate neighborhoods!). And numbers (most likely just you). The other problems, logistics, authority, etc. (especially authority — nobody asks the question why anybody should put their lives in your hand), compound quickly./ S//

    • Could you comment on how one would work toward establishing moral authority and credibility should that question be asked by completely untrained neighbors in such a scenario?


      • Presence. It has to be natural and unaffected.

        Example: I moved into my AO 11 years ago. I was automatically tagged as “not from here.” Two years of simply observing and listening. One year of lurking on the fringes of the “old men discussion groups” at the local general stores. (All the while “flying the flag” of SF stickers on the back window of the truck — yes, they do notice such things.) Spread your money around: i.e., buy beer at this local store, buy cigs at that local store, buy other things at other local stores — and especially things at local farmers’ markets and co-ops — but keep your money local and spread it out evenly in more or less equal amounts. A couple of years of that and you are “reliable;” so when you ask a favor (id. est, “Will you stock this for me?”) they are happy to stock “what Steve likes,” because Steve is consistent and will buy what he asks them to stock… regardless of mark-up. In a year or so you are invited to opine in the recent controversy of the “old men discussion groups:” then you are “in.” In the mean time you are “chatting up” the cashiers at all the local general, country, and other stores where you are spreading your money. You are consistent, you are reliable, you have “interesting” chat during the sale — you are establishing presence.

        Then, one day, while being reliable, you comment to a somewhat aged cashier, “When I retired from SF I ran a thing I called, “Little Old Lady Gunfighting School; my personal opinion is that things are going to get very shitty very fast; do you think any local women would be interested in such a thing?” Four out of four cashiers in one day responded, “Oh! Yes!” (Word is spreading quickly.) And now I have to follow through.

        But what is going to happen? Indirectly (through the Little Old Lady gunfighters) word spreads that Steve taught Little Old Ladies how to kill in one afternoon. Locally, somebody is going to ask one of the Little Old Ladies, “Why do you use a handgun that way?” And the answer will be, “Because Steve said.”

        And there is the beginning of (local) authority.

        “…establishing moral authority…” Morality follows authority.


  3. Did you read his words personally, or are you getting your information second hand? I believe you missed the whole point and much seems to be lost in translation.

    Like this little bit:
    “In real life however, their may not be time for that “learning curve.” The “learning” will likely happen quickly but the “curve” could be death or grave injury. It’s best to learn these lessons NOW while you have time to seek further training and practice.”

    The point was to train! Untrained groups, thrown together will not rise to the occasion. They will regress to their training, or lack there of!

    • Sorry I didn’t post sooner. For whatever reason, your comment was in the spam folder. I read what he said alright, and the majority of my beef was his unrealistic assessment of most people’s ability to get with others and what they can afford. Another problem was this quote,
      “A group that regularly trains together, with members more or less on a similar plane as far as training and experience goes, with motivated leadership would EASILY roll up any ad hoc thrown together group of survivors that just randomly got together. So the “neighborhood protection team” BS and the “I’ll join a group AFTER TSHTF” plan is once again shot to pieces with these findings.
      Yes, your ad hoc “neighborhood protection team” comprised of a handful of people from your subdivision that don’t have a lot of experience and training working together ARE going to get rolled up handily by an experienced crew. That’s a fact jack!”

      The Neighborhood Protection Team concept espoused in “A Failure Of Civility” was about helping the average person, not the handful of a fraction of a percentage that attend classes that “John Mosby”, me or “Max Velocity” teach. Part of his point was to train, and that’s something we all encourage, but another part of his point was talking shit about something that has legitimacy for the average person who might not be able to afford our classes, or get more than one or two neighbors “On board” right now. You asked if I read what he wrote, and I said “Yes”. My question is “Did he read AFOC?” and even make himself aware of the point behind an NPT. He’s got a group, good for him. That is a very small exception to an overall large group of people that want to do something, but don’t know where to start. He could have used any term, but he chose “Neighborhood Protection Team”, and I called him on it. He doesn’t have the experience, background or training to talk shit about what is good for the average person, when he is not in the situation that the average person is. Our job is to encourage those out there that want to do something, but are financially, physically, or demographically limited in what they can do. We don’t need a rookie knowitall bringing them down before they even get the ball rolling, just because he now thinks he’s the voice of experience. He was spot on about the “Retreat Sniper” crap, but needs to be more selective in the terms he uses when talking shit about the preps of others, especially when it is a term in common use by several trainers.

  4. I would say any one who accepts that things can go wrong on a large scale right there ahead of 90% of people(would be glad to be wrong and more aware),from there,anything you do to train/prep/perhaps work with trusted others just increases your chance of survival and perhaps even helping others.

    I would say all this also helps one in a personal disaster whether financial/emotional/physical,not all problems are huge man made/natural but can be on a more personal level.I went through a period were a lot of folks close to me died,hiking/fishing/hunting ect. helped me get through it mentally and kept me in decent shape when all I really wanted to do was sit around and have a drink,still do aforementioned and more excepting the drink.

  5. I recently picked up a copy of “Failure of Civility” via ebay. $50 and the seller’s username at least lead me to believe it was one of the authors.

    • Mike,I just ordered yesterday and by T-day was already shipped,same sellor though cost 55,amazing what on the bay and big A selling for in some cases!For those who cannot afford or interested in looking into before buying a 90 or so page pdf is available for free online,book itself a littl under 400 pages.Will give a read and any interested will give me thoughts on it,looking forward to it’s arrival.

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