A Brief Reprieve



Tuesday’s election results have given normal people (it’s just like firearms magazines, a 30 round rifle mag is normal capacity not “high” capacity, just like being conservative is normal thinking not “extreme” thinking) some breathing room. How long this “breathing room” will last is anyone’s guess. We are seeing protests and riots across the country based on what the sore losers feel was “their win”.

Facts are funny things. Fact #1, those who are protesting now didn’t seem to have an issue with the “unfair” electoral college till it slapped them in their “collective” (literal and figurative) faces. I can see both arguments “for” and “against” the electoral college, but for this election it is now a moot point. Fact #2 involves those who are protesting and rioting thinking they’ll get their own little “Liberal Spring” here. Ain’t gonna happen! We are not the weak minded of Egypt, Libya, etc.

Fact #3 revolves around the demographics of the Clinton supporters, in comparison to the Trump supporters. Clinton supporters carry a soy mocha frappichino double whipped latte and the newest smart phone, while we Trump supporters carry our Glock 30’s (or 19’s) and three reloads. They have their Netbook with accessory carrying sling bag, while we have our AR-15 and a low profile battle bag. They have their skinny jeans, while we have out Tru Spec cargo pants (because extra ammo, tourniquet, level 1 gear, duh). They have their web surfing “urban survival skills”, while we have out range time “urban survival skills”. They know what shops have WiFi, while we know what kind of planter is cover versus those that are concealment.


Although this map is correct, it is misleading


Obviously, we surround them, so they are screwed because they are not Paratroopers

Trump supporters are not surrounded as the liberals would have you think with their antics and tantrums. We surround them. Right or wrong, we’ve been way too tolerant of the way in which they have been allowed to conduct themselves. I understand that conservatives have always been long suffering to the point of responseless persecution. I understand that if we respond in a certain manner to their words it makes us just as juvenile as they are. I understand that with great power comes great responsibility (ownership of firearms). I also understand that I will not make nice and be inclusive with those who are ignorant imbeciles and downright malicious collectivist scumbags that voted for Clinton!


Are you preparing? They apparently are.

You know what else I understand? I understand that if someone threatens the well being or life of myself or those I am responsible for, I not only have a right, but a responsibility to crush their attempt with every fiber of my being. The majority of those out there spewing their rhetoric are just overheated windbags with a right to gripe (that whole First Amendment thing, remember?) and no back up to the claims. There are some however that truly believe if we (Trump supporters) were not here, the utopian world of their collectivists fantasy would open up and hug them with open arms.


Bold talk, but with someone like this do you have any other choice than to take them seriously?

As of right now, our American nation has been given a reprieve, or a “Stay of Execution”. It is only a “Stay”, and not a “Pardon”. We have a chance to see some good things happen in a sea of bad. Trump has said he would drain that cesspool of a swamp known as “Mordor on the Potomac” (Washington DC). We shall see. One thing I do know however, is that the immediate doom that would have been presented to us if Clinton had been elected is no longer in our face.

Those who wish to annihilate us are preparing. What are you doing for you and yours. Have you put back at least a few months of food for you and your family? Have you trained with your firearms to respond to the threats that have been made if they are presented to you? Have you trained to be able to respond to a threat without an immediate escalation to deadly force (empty hands combatives)? Have you made a plan of response with your friends and family? Are you at least doing some minimal PT to be able to fight those threats and not immediately go into cardiac arrest upon exertion?

The threat is real in our nation. It doesn’t have the numbers needed to prevail (remember, we surround them). Guess what? Even if they only had 5 guys, if those five guys are attacking you, would you care if they can take over the nation? Hell NO! You only care about getting out of your situation alive! If Trump does just 25% of what he has said he would, he’d be further along than any president that I can think of.

I haven’t said a lot on the blog about the election. I posted here and here, gave my two cents, and let the chips fall where they may. I was happy to hear from some friends that my last post was helpful in their decision making process, concerning why we should vote for Trump. I was pessimistic leading into election day, and figured we’d get more of the same screwing that we have gotten for years because we have losers who act like they won (Democrats), and winners who act like effeminate whipping boys (Republicans) in congress, and with Clinton it would be business as usual.


I had a hope, which I had expressed to a number of friends, that Trump would pull a “Ronny ’80”, but since we have been let down so many times by conservative voters, I was not optimistic. I am proud to say that my state of Pennsylvania squashed the vote coming out of Philly and Pittsburgh and it went to Trump. This was a first since ’88. There are those out there in the blogosphere talking smack about others who thought Clinton would win. I find this hilarious, considering the individual in question couldn’t even vote himself, so his is really a moot point in talking shit about those who believed in a negative, realistic reality.

This is a reprieve, we need to use the time we have in the most efficient, way possible. Prepare, Plan, Train, and Pray.


Way to go PA!


American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



26 thoughts on “A Brief Reprieve

  1. Very good post JC, You are correct that we have been patient, that we do not act in the same infantile fashion as they. But if physically attacked I, you, we must be prepared to embrace the violence that we have to bring at that time.

  2. I am currently stuck in 97% democrat Washington DC. I have noticed that anti-Trump
    radio and TV shows have tripled since the election. I believe you are spot on with your

  3. Kind of jealous PA had the stones that VA didn’t. 60k felons didn’t help, but hey I guess if a felon wants to vote there’s a place to do it now. I don’t buy the BLM big talk, but I wouldn’t ignore it either. Secession seems to be the only thing both sides agree on…could be something to that. 👌🏼

  4. I would say will live as always do,enjoy today while prepping a bit for tomorrow.I would say believe most of the protests and rioter thugs hiding within will end soon but won’t count on that.I believe writings like the one mentioned here by Charlie usually drunken/pissed off rants,had a few meself in drinking days but nothing to that order(and was among friends who just shook their heads,not a threat to the country at large online) !Still,will be as always keeping a eye out.

    Time will tell whether Trump follows up on campaign ideas or is just another of the 2 party nightmare,will though give him a chance.Elections like this and the Brexit at least give a little hope.Many across the pond wished us well and I wish Wilder and the Netherlands well along with France and La Penn plus the upcoming legislative vote in Italy.Yes,we need to take care of our country first but good to have others who believe in their own countries/heritage.

    Who knows,perhaps Trump can get the shackles off and perhaps others will see and take part in building better lives for themselves and other citizens,that said,world wide debt a huge issue,not just here,that is something we need to keep an eye out for,best of luck to us all,if our will and determination hold,a little luck just may get us through.

  5. MI finally declared for Trump. 13K over HRC. First time since 88 as well…

    And yes, we should take those seriously who spew shit like ‘Mr. Charles’….

  6. Our major concern at the moment should be the electoral college. There seems to be a lot of pressure by the libs for the electors to vote for Hillary.

    We shall see what we shall see.

    Lock and load.


    • If they play those those games, “Constitutionally allowed” or not, we will know for a fact the “Banana Republic Democrapcy” has arrived. Just like the BS with the democrap delegates during the primary being able to make the decision and not just represent the will of those who chose them, certain things should not be left to an individual representative to decide on their own. They are not “Representatives” if their choice doesn’t represent those from their state who selected them. They democraps already stole the primary election, and now they’ll try to steal the general election. Imagine that.

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  8. JC, being a PA resident as well I feel good that our state came through. While not going red, my own county, Bucks, at least was able to come through with almost a 50/50 split (light blue). Hopefully this trend will continue when Wolfe comes up for reelection. I don’t hold out much hope for Philly or Pittsburgh but if the rest of the state can continue to negate their vote, I’ll take it

  9. Why did you block out Charles Walz last name? It’s already out there. FB users should be finding his address and posting it.

  10. Some say we are in damage control, however, the reality is we (The Republic) are in a survival mode. Don’t be lulled into thinking all is well on the Potomac, remember the Republicans had a chance to block and defeat Obama and his unconstitutional actions but did nothing. Trump already said he is not going after Hillary and they (The Clinton’s) are “Good People.” There is the first flip flop and in my book one of the most important. This sets a president that allows the elite and wealthy to be above the law without any form of justice. Trump should be going after Soros as well. Just my 2/100ths of a FRN

    • IMHO, the pubs in congress did not go after O&Co on his taking liberties with the Constitution because they were afraid of being called RACIST™ and did not have the fortitude to stand up to thugs and bullies. I agree that we should be prepared for contingencies discussed, no matter what. I detest Mitch McConnell and all he stands for, but Trump will have to deal with him, being constitutional and all. We will see who can play the game better. Here in Alaska we have to plan for contingencies and natural disasters. We have earthquakes and avalanches, wild fires, and the remote chance of strikes on the barges from Seattle to Anchorage which would break the 5 day reserve for supply chain esp for groceries. Being prepared for the threats to your community and family is now of the first priority. Hopefully you have neighbors of similar bent, with good stocks of food, water, and kinetic tools and supplies. You never know, we may need them if things get tough.

  11. Even assuming Trump survives the electoral college vote (remember, the whole point of the electoral college is to reject presidents-elect who are not acceptable to the ruling class), there is no reprieve if history tells us anything. The oligarchy runs this country, and a president can only nudge things a bit one way or another. If Trump does nothing more than avoid nuclear war with Russia, that will be all we can expect from him. Trump’s own personal history does not inspire much confidence.

    But your other point is a very important question. When does blowing off steam become an actual serious threat that must be terminated? I don’t know the answer to this question, but it certainly calls for research and discussion. Of course if this country goes down the shitter (which is in our future anyway due to debt and currency destruction), the trigger point for response to such threats goes down significantly. Maybe free speech is a luxury available only in a stable and decent society? I already question the whole notion of rights as it is:

  12. The Republicans’ NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights. I believe that surely we would go the Declaration of Independence route. We did jack. That was 5 years ago.

    Maybe waiting longer, perhaps to the point of anarchy is a better idea. I don’t know. But I agree, “This is a reprieve. Prepare, Plan, Train, and Pray.”

  13. I am breathing a great sigh of temporary post election relief and for once in a great while, my wife & I are going to enjoy these upcoming Holidays seasons with true thanksgiving and humility. But my guard will be up nonetheless.

    Good vs, evil have and will always exist. Having lived through these past 16 years of constant tyrannical turmoil, I will still be vigilant and prepared for whatever comes my way. Like JC mentioned, “You know what else I understand? I understand that if someone threatens the well being or life of myself or those I am responsible for, I not only have a right, but a responsibility to crush their attempt with every fiber of my being”. I am but an average God loving person who has no ill will for anyone. However, I have been awakened & I have been hardened by these past 16 years. I have been trained. I will do what is necessary if some pretard violates my area.

    I laugh outwardly at the snow “flake” images and videos of Clinton supporters wailing and sobbing uncontrollably. Inwardly I weep for those lost souls who were massaged and coddled by the leftists then given false hopes with ideological narratives by a corrupt media. If they should be angry, it should be at that same media who spoon fed them the lies from which now they are sickened. For those who cannot contain the rage of being “set-up” and take it out on peoples property through rioting, they are misdirecting their anger; they are burning and destroying the wrong stuff.

  14. Here is another interesting fun fact. You will find that some “blue” counties would have gone “red” to Trump if not for the votes for Cruz and Kasich. San Bernardino county, being the largest county in the nation, and formerly a solid “red” county, is one of them. And upon further research, I find if S.B.C had been split into a Mojave County East of the San Andreas, it is actually “red” and everything “down the hill” in the cities, is blue.

    And then, if people had not voted Bernie as a protest vote against Hillary, and used it to vote for Trump as a protest against Hillary, she would have lost by a land-side against Trump in many counties.

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  17. Hm. I take Chuckie’s rant as my cue to leave dem-dominated urban areas for American territory.
    Given how electricity, food, and water to dem-dominated urban cores could be disrupted, I would think twice about spewing such rants were I Chuckie.

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