Kit Nails It Again


Kit’s perspective in this post is dead on accurate. I pulled away from the whole “III%” thing well over a year ago, and from the “Militia” BS a few months ago. Why would I do that, considering the amount of effort and free time I’ve expended in those areas? It’s simple really. In the first instance, I refused to identify or associate with a group that contained so many publicly known disreputable characters (as Kit pointed out in this post).

In the second area mentioned, I realized after being involved off and on helping with the training and organization of some militias over the last few decades ( I guess that’s the definition of insanity? LOL), that most I’ve met are a sad, attention seeking, joke. The militias out there that are doing it right are the ones we don’t see on social media. They are the ones who are adding new members cautiously, and never making any kind of show for the public. They are the ones that if they are in public on a limited basis, they aren’t kitted up or wearing camo (especially the latest “operator” pattern, because….”OPERATOR”). They are the ones who take the advice given by those who are in the know, especially when it has to do with OpSec.

Keep in mind, not all “III%ers” back in the 1770’s were rebel militia, but all the rebel militia were “III%ers”, and you weren’t a “III%er” till you actually did something. If you are posting pics of your “militias” doing “FTX’s”, you are a fool. If you are imbecilic enough to then TAG THE PEOPLE IN THOSE PICS WITH THEIR REAL NAMES, you are a special snowflake of a fool, and just put a crosshair on that individual’s head NEEDLESSLY. Unfortunately, this seems to be the majority of the “moolishas” out there.

Keep it local, put together a Neighborhood Protection Team if you can. Worse case scenario is it’s just you and a buddy (well, I guess being by yourself is worse, but why are you by yourself?) Case in point, I have a friend who just had an accident and back surgery last week. He’s concerned about his ability to deal with the violence he sees as impending after the election because right now, he can hardly walk. I told him to assess his abilities and make a plan for protecting the house that is based on him and his Wife working as a team and taking into account the reality of his “less than mobile” state.

He can’t carry any extra weight so I told him to store a ton of extra mags (along with first aid gear, water and some snacks) in the positions he establishes as “Hard Points” in their defensive plan. I told him to have multiple fall back plans and routes within the house if possible, and to have a well fortified, “Last Stand” area designated, and that it was important to have the ability to quietly communicate implementing those different plans between him and his Wife.


It’s that time again: the time when I say something uncomfortable that no one likes but if you think about it really hard you realize it’s not as far off as you really want it to be. I understand that sentiment, because I’m feeling it myself after reading a certain comment made by someone to the media today. I’m not linking to it, and I’m not going to tell you who said it yet. First, I’m going to tell you WHAT was said, then we’ll discuss it, and then I’ll tell you who said it.

Here’s the actual comment.

Another reason [for growth in the III%], he said, is that it’s become “fashionable” to be a Three Percenter.

“The Three Percenters are almost as much a marketing phenomenon as a movement,” he said, “with literally thousands of Three Percent-related products — from babies’ onesies to gun accessories — being marketed and sold.”

Let’s think about the first part of that. Is it really ‘fashionable’ to be a Threeper? Has the III% become a social club and fad, instead of a movement? If so, is that a good or bad thing?

According to Google, there are 327,000+ results for the exact phrase “III%.” Even after removing certain contextual words and running a very distinct Google string to parse out specifically the results I’m looking for, the phrase “The 3%” has an insane amount of hits (more than a million). Facebook has thousands of groups and pages; national orgs with state and county pages, pocket groups here and there, other pages run by people on the side. Image searches bring up thousands of memes. Claiming the III% label is definitely the “in” thing to do.

And how does one ‘get into’ the III%? According to several national organizations, you just have to “want our country back,” or be angry at the current state of things. One group says that “if you believe in liberty, and in the Truths upon which this nation was founded,” then POOF! You’re a member.  (Then again, that lax standard also might explain how they got infiltrated by Mother Jones, and why their “training” involving habanero-coated sex toys and cattle prods got blasted all over the internet.) Another group says they “welcome all that may join in our mission.” In short, at this point, the Three Percent—that initially honorable and amazing idea that was chained to principle—has become a farce, filled with every type of unsavory character known to man. Prominent in the III% right now are an extortionist, a bank fraudster and con man, scammers, people with ties to white supremacy, thieves, abusers, drunks, adulterers, brawlers, and that’s just some of the so-called “leadership.” Anyone who’s been in the movement long enough can attach at least one name to each of those things. It’s known. Is this really what you want to identify with?

It’s unpopular to point this out; the kneejerk reaction for most threepers when they read something like this is to assume that I’m the latest version of Tokyo Rose, telling Americans that the war is lost. (Yes, I’ve actually heard that.) But here’s the thing: those people often drown out the ones who are none of those things. There are solid, good, trustworthy men and women of integrity in the III%, and yet their public image is the same. They’re lumped in with the crazies, the criminals, the disgusting individuals who claim the label without even caring about the principles that it was all founded on. It is fashionable to be in the III%, because there is no standard anymore for those who are in it. And if no one calls it out, no one says “Hey, wait a minute, this isn’t what it’s supposed to be,” then isn’t that silent assent? How is it that the exact same people who believe so strongly that elected officials must be held accountable, don’t even hold their own movement accountable? How is it that the same people who are so willing to rail against Hillary’s corruption are the same ones who turn a blind eye to the things going on within their own ranks? Their own ‘leaders’? If you ARE a person of integrity, and if you DO believe in the principles that the Three Percent was founded on, you may think that you can clean it up from the inside. You might think that you can change it all, or maybe you don’t even think it’s that bad. Sure there are a few folks here and there who are scum but you think for the most part it’s okay. But think about this: how many times just in the last year have you heard of an action by a ‘fellow threeper’ and thought, “Dear GOD how stupid!!” How many times has someone mentioned a name to you and you instantly thought about the stuff that person does that you know is wrong? Eventually, you come to a point where you realize you can’t fix the masses. You can’t stop the insanity, you can’t expose enough corruption and filth. No one cares; they’re too busy buying the hats and stickers and buying into the watered down version of rhetoric. They’re too busy posting memes, or putting on their face paint for their next FTX. Never mind the principles, they’re Taking The Country Back.

Speaking of the hats and stickers, what of them? Is he right when he says that the III% has become “almost as much a marketing phenomenon as a movement?” Cafepress has 15 pages of Three Percent products. and a Google search for “III% shirt” brings 61,000 results, with “threeper gear” bringing over 300,000…and on and on. Even counting duplicate results and crosslinks…that’s a LOT of III% stuff. If you go over to one site, you can even buy a garrotte with III% on it. (See previous description of prominent figures.) Is it “bad” to buy gear? That depends on how ‘gray man’ you are trying to be, or how much you value your security in a world that’s getting increasingly dangerous for those who believe in limited government. Ask yourself what the reason for III% gear is. If you’re honest with yourself, it’s pretty simple. You’re advertising that you identify with a certain belief system. You are announcing to anyone who sees you, that you are one of those people. Some folks get off on that; I was one of them for a long time. It’s like the ‘patriotic’ version of a teenager dying their hair blue and getting a lip ring. It’s saying, “I am different and I want you to notice that.” Except…are you? With some groups saying their own membership is over 50,000 members, and others saying anyone can get in…is it really that exclusive a club (and why would you ADVERTISE THAT ANYWAY)? And when you have so many people wearing the same label as you are while they do things that you want nothing to do with (like trying to blow up buildings or assaulting others or defrauding families or stalking random Muslims in the area or trying to get folks to start shooting elected officials), do you really want to still be a part of it?

You can make a difference without a label. If you believe in individual liberty, then be an individual. Band together with your neighbors and make a solid plan for what’s coming. Work within your community. Train in every discipline you can think of, and then train some more. Test yourself; have someone drop you off and see if you can get home—without getting spotted by surveillance cameras and without taking your phone. Be an individual agitator. Be a mole. Engage in all manner of things that further the cause in subversive ways—many of them are even legal! Set up a listening post to find out what’s going on in your area. Know your AO—and I don’t mean the forest you have your FTXs in. You do not need a label to do any of this. Why put on the yellow armband yourself? Why openly identify as something that has become so perverted, so infiltrated, so completely overtaken with people who are morally bankrupt? Why be associated by default with people you already don’t trust and don’t agree with?

By the way, the guy who made the comment was Mark Pitcavage. He’s a worthless individual too, with zero integrity…and yet that one comment is correct. The Three Percent IS fashionable at the moment. It IS marketing. And it IS NOTHING LIKE it was ever intended to be. Even a cursory read of its founders’ writings can tell you that; hell, some of the groups themselves admit they’ve strayed from the original point. Not that most people care at this point.

When someone like Mark Pitcavage can make a statement like the above and it’s factually true,that’s a problem—and it’s a problem only the members of the Three Percent themselves can fix. If they’re truly smart and truly focused on the cause BEHIND the marketing…they’ll fix it by either cleaning house or walking away from the label.

You still have 5 days.


MDT Basic Survival17-1.JPG

Got survival skills? Got YoYo? Wilderness skills are just one area you need to be proficient in as a Survivalist.

Don’t be “Fashionable”, be “Formidable”. One of the most formidable aspects of an enemy, is the unknown (putting all your crap on social media is a dead giveaway concerning your competence and ability). If you don’t know what the enemy’s capability is, that is FORMIDABLE. Don’t be “Fashionable”, be “Realistic”. Reality dictates that no amount of high speed gear or camo pattern will get you through combat unless you have the proper mindset, physical ability, and training to overcome the hurdles presented. If you have two of these, you can probably fudge the third (the Friend I mentioned earlier has the proper mindset and training, and the ability to figure out ways to get around his physical limitations).

Train, Prepare, PRAY. I believe it’s gonna get bumpy. It looks like the time may be upon us to put into action the preparations we’ve made. Good luck to you.



American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE



16 thoughts on “Kit Nails It Again

  1. Looks like just about the right amount of “Jesse”.
    The smart folks have already distanced themselves from the whole III% “group” thing,most of us gave up on the “militia” thing long ago as well.
    SFC Barry was right when he posted the “keep it local…” thing- I believe he first posted it at WRSA a couple years back?
    Kit’s been on a roll with her last half dozen or so posts,even mentioned the garrotte idiocy this time.
    Hopefully,those who have wised up about the above have been focusing their efforts on their families and close friends-and have ample supplies stored up.

    • Reading the article made me spit out my drink…had to laugh…hard…really. Notice how long their group name is? The longer the group name is, usually, the lesser the probability they can do what their name says they can do. First tell: The ‘family BBThen, another ‘tell’: 2 of the 3 pictured in the frame where the ‘leader’ is speaking are smoking. How far do they think they’re going to get ‘runnin’ and gunnin’? ROFL!!

      How many of their group are CI’s? 80% or better? Malheur had 15 CI’s that were ID’d post incident. Basically 2 for everyone arrested. These guys? Could be the ‘leader’ is the only one not clearly a CI….maybe he’s just a provocateur…who knows?

      What I do know is they’re ass clowns. Even if, like many, some of them have their hearts in the right place and have good intentions, their minds and demonstrated skill sets (OPSEC, INFOSEC, etc) invalidate any ‘good intention’…and as many of us were taught, “the road to hell is paved with ‘good intentions.'”

  2. I have to ask bro. Were you a Ranger? Like served in Ranger Regiment? Your beret is pretty close to the tan Ranger Beret and your long rifles scroll is clearly based off a Ranger Scroll.

    • So let me get this right. You read what Kit wrote, and instead of some intelligent comment about the content of her piece, you start asking questions about this pic of the brown beret with the MDT flash and crossed rifles and the “Mason Dixon Longrifles scroll patch? During the question, there was inference that I was using symbols that were “obviously” from the Ranger Regiment, and the implication was similar to “I hope you were a Ranger.”.
      Beret and Scroll
      OK. let me make this easy for you with pictures (obviously that will be easy for you to grasp unless you’re color blind) Both Soldiers in this pic are Rangers both before and after the ACU’s were issued. Note that the tan beret of the Ranger Regiment is very close to the tan in the BDU’s, while the brown beret in my pic is very close to the brown in the BDU’s. Still trackin’?
      Now let’s talk about the scroll patch, since it is clearly based off of the Ranger Regiment’s scroll patch. Tell me, which Ranger Regiment scroll patch does it look the most like in this pic?
      Don’t be a jackass and waste my time again with your “stolen valor” BS games. Go talk to the guys using terms like “Jedburgh”, “Militia Commando”, and Colonel’s rank as a badge of course completion. If you want to know what I did in the Mil, read my “About” page. The rest of it generally stays with me, my family, my friends, and those I actually served with.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that I received permission from Civil War veterans to use the blue and the gray in the MDT flash, and Zuess gave me permission to use that lightning bolt. Also I sent the Ministry of Defence a request for permission to use there Khaki infantry beret color.
      Khaki beret
      Damn….I guess I should have just used one of the beret colors I wore in the Army, huh?

        • Yeah, I get sick of fucktards trying to play stupid games with shit like that. I wanna just say “Really, It looks like the Ranger Regiment… would you know, from pictures?” If he was from Regiment, he wouldn’t have asked the question, because he would have already known it’s not the same color. Then the scroll crap….. The scroll is about as generic a patch shape as you can get, and it harkins back to martial heraldry, and he says “It’s clearly based off the ranger scroll.”. Hell, I use the name “Mason Dixon Longrifles” for my OpFor, and someone is trying to holler “Wannabe”. They can eat a dick and go train with “Blood agent” LOL.

          • Honestly, if someone wants to not get there comment printed, doing stupid shit like this and not even commenting on the post is one of the quickest ways. I have very rarely ever censured or banned someone from the blog, but looking for crap to make issues about concerning me or my background without cause is a sure way to get it done.

  3. You are a pougue ass leg. “If he was really from Regiment”…fuck off with your clear wannabe Ranger gear. Know how I know you were a leg? All your gear pics, how you wear your gear, and your “advice”.

    But hey, put a cop in multicams and he’s CAG. 🙄

    Simple question that you got butthurt about. Jackass.

    • Clearly you must not have been in combat arms, since you don’t even know the definition or spelling of certain terms you just used. First, what you called “Pougue” is actually POG, and it means “People Other than Grunts”. Second, while I did serve in a “Leg” Infantry Battalion at one point in my 14 years, my first two units were both “Airborne” in classification, and I was on jump status (you know, the little cloth oval that is worn behind your jump wings on the Class A’s) in both. Kinda hard to be a POG Leg if you’re Airborne Infantry, isn’t it? What I do find ironic is your accusation of “Leg” because of my gear pics. Let’s review some facts. Let’s say you were in Special Forces while on active duty, do you now still have access to aircraft so you can continue to be on “jump status”? I doubt it. While on airborne status, my gear was set up a certain way due to wearing a parachute (nothing or very little on the shoulder straps). When I was no longer on jump status, it could be modified because it no longer needed to reflect that requirement. The gear I use now, reflects what I feel is the best way of carrying gear based on my present needs as a Survivalist, not an “airborne” requirement that I no longer need to adhere to. Of course my gear now reflects a “Leg” status, we are all “legs” now , Dumbass. If you are waxing nostalgic and wearing your gear according to what airborne status required, you are stuck on the “stupid loop, and probably never made it past E-3 (they don’t think past the nose on their face, they just do what they’re told). Here’s something I used to wear on jump status, of course it also reflects the “Old School” gear that was normally used at that time.
      Although I still have that LBE and use it sometimes
      , the rig (LBV/LBE) I usually use now is better for the needs I have as a Survivalist (most Survivalists are “legs”) not Airborne Grunts. Here’s my final comment on the matter. If you were in the Ranger Regiment (2nd Batt if your handle is any indication), get over yourself, and go look for some stolen valor wannabe to play games with. It wasn’t a “simple question”, it was an implied accusation based on what, the fact that you are color blind (get your MK1 eyeballs checked)? Guys like you are a dime a dozen on the web, and it doesn’t matter what someone does, you’d find fault somewhere. Would you wish that I would have made my patch and beret reflect a unit that I served with (boy, wouldn’t that be ironic), I bet you’d find fault there as well? You wanna find fault? Fine, come take a class and tell me what is done wrong. My beret represents excellence and professionalism in the Survivalist training arena. My green scroll patch is worn by my MDT OpFor/AI’s and also represents professionalism and dedication to helping others learn what is needed to survive. The smaller tan scroll patch is given to students upon completion of MDT Tactical classes. The “Bushbastard” tab is earned by students (nine so far out of the 30 that started it) who pass that course (Bushbastard) to a required standard. Until you decide to show up for a class to criticize, sit in NC and play your internet games with someone else. Hopefully, you’re not the guy in his Mom’s basement with a bag of doritos and an orange dick playing MW3. We’re done here. BTW, it’s not called CAG anymore…LOL

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